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Your weight doesn't define you, and it doesn't determine whether or not you're beautiful. But this is something I needed for me and my health, to feel like my best self. Ladies, TRY CLUE: https://app.adjust.com/2c36tg WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpW4Ss5m9V0&t=1s MY PSYCHO NUTRITIONIST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leZHuQLipJE STEVE!!! IG: https://www.instagram.com/atighteru/ twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Zimfit facebook(s): https://m.facebook.com/steve.zim.92 https://m.facebook.com/ATIGHTERU/?ref=bookmarks book: http://atighteru.com/superhero-30-day-nutrition-plan/ gym: http://atighteru.com/ Hollywood Supps BCAA’s: https://www.amazon.com/Hollywood-Supps-BCAA-Capsules-3200mg/dp/B00YKFF5FG Hollywood Supps Melatonin: https://www.amazon.com/Hollywood-Supps-Melatonin-Gummies/dp/B01MFI1RAB/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1522530259&sr=8-3&keywords=hollywood+supps+melatonin
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Me Vs Another People (6 часов назад)
I'm not working out, eat 50/50 healthy. But my weight never gain. So I guess this is genetic
tamagazza (7 часов назад)
I really appreciate your honesty! You were so emotionally/mentally exhausted but kept going which is a LOT more than most of us can say! You should be so proud of your consistency and how honest you were being with yourself!
Shannon Wood (10 часов назад)
this is the second time watching this video. first time when i was just starting my fitness health journey and now at the best health of my life. still a work in progress as well. you inspire me <3
Jacqueline C. De Lacy (11 часов назад)
I really like her! Reminds me of Jenna marbles
Lara Ambridge (1 день назад)
This actually made me cry, I am SO happy for you❤️❤️
salma hassan (1 день назад)
Thank you Gabbie for deciding to make, and post, this video! This is going to sound really sad, but ever since I was 7, I'm 11 now, I've hated me and my body. There have been countless times when I've looked in the mirror and called myself fat, ugly, overweight, worthless, disgusting, etc. Because I hated my body. My sister, my parents, and some of my (now ex) friends and best friends, did nothing to help, actually telling me these things, doesnt help, ive gotten better because of you. Though those feelings aren't gone, ever since I've watched this video I've been doing it less, Though I doubt they'll never be gone, I'm happy you made this video, you truly inspire me. Love you Gabbie!
brooke squicciarini (1 день назад)
WOW!! So proud of you
Marissa Cordova (1 день назад)
This was amazing. I just started my transformation this week and this was exactly what I needed to see. Thank you for posting this.
Eva Palos (1 день назад)
Marina Baig (STUDENT) (1 день назад)
Clue never worked for me so..
Lia Reeve (1 день назад)
I feel the egsact same I'm super insecure and I'm not even a teen
seenisabean ! (1 день назад)
we back for our regularly scheduled 2 month check-in for motivation
Irene Ugalde (2 дня назад)
I have that up for about 4 years😂its a useful tool for females
Aniya McGrier-Howard (2 дня назад)
I'm starting to do sit ups in my bed and basically exercise in my bed to don't judge me I'm lazy😅😂
Kayleigh Arcari (2 дня назад)
Yikes, melatonin is not good for you! It causes your body to stop producing its own melatonin bc you’re supplementing so your body gets the signal that it’s producing enough/too much so it produces less and less and you have to supplement more and more. Don’t take supplements blindly! Learn how they act in your body and act with current medication!
Jade Lloyd (2 дня назад)
Her trainer look like a older version of Dylan Minnette😍
Jade Lloyd (2 дня назад)
Her trainer look like a older version of Dylan Minnette😍
Daniela Hernández (2 дня назад)
Girl do an update! Thanksss
Kelsey (2 дня назад)
girl what's on ur hand?
Katelin Holcombe (3 дня назад)
Hi lol I’m gaining tons of weight and I hate myself but I’m eating cake...
Panic! At the refrigerator Taco (3 дня назад)
I like = 1 more day I work out I would love to get motivated and start my own journey like Gabbie. Luv u girl!!😊😊
Tiara Tran (3 дня назад)
“I was going to keep working until my body became the body it wanted to be, and it wanted to stay there.” I LOVE THIS. So important.
maczobam (3 дня назад)
I think I've watched this video three times. This is awesome, so good for you!
Laura Moldrup christensen (3 дня назад)
This video want me to workout🤩 im 14 and i am always fat which i always want to loose weight and this video changed me🤩🥰
Mees Wijers (3 дня назад)
"It's not like any of those buzzfeed videos"................"hi my name is Steve Zim, i'm the owner of a tighter u fitness."
geekly bo (4 дня назад)
1000 subs with 1 video (4 дня назад)
Lol no joke I’m eating chocolate rn 😂 Plot twist: it’s sugar free
Elise Van Leer (4 дня назад)
wait is she from maryland
Paola Chung (4 дня назад)
Lil Peyton (5 дней назад)
So proud of yoouuuuuuu
Ava Berselli (5 дней назад)
Gabbie, I’m really happy for you! You look amazing and I bet you feel even better. You’re so beautiful 😍!!! 😍😊😁
Ri Spank (5 дней назад)
Yass queen!
Lauren Lind (5 дней назад)
You look absolutely amazing! Tmw I’m changing my diet and exercise!
Omg girl i'm so proud of you! I can tell you're so much happier now! I feel so motivated but i'm literally sitting here eating a poptart lmao
Reid Nelson (5 дней назад)
this makes me feel inspiration. i’ve been working out at home and been eating healthy. i haven’t made my goals, but i’m getting there. thank you gabbie
Emilija Jekic (5 дней назад)
I love how unbelievably positive Gabby and Steve are during the video! They are so inspirational and I’m so proud of Gabby! Congratulations queen 💗💗💗💗
Jiana xox (5 дней назад)
jane schwab (5 дней назад)
I am someone who due to many people around me and my own image of the 'perfect figure' has always struggled with my weight and body image. Some people have tried to help but I always do it for 1-5 days before losing motivation. After watching your video, I saw all of the challenges that you overcame no matter how miserable it made you and your results are amazing. I now exercise daily and no longer live with an untrue body image. Thank you for your help even if you never knew you were helping!
Hopeful & Lively (5 дней назад)
Self tanner gone crazy
Lps kaddi333 (5 дней назад)
I have weight issues, but I am healthy. I am twelve and I weigh 237.0 lbs. My previous medicine made me gain 30.5 lbs. My depression made me bed ridden during the summer and the weekends. So I was not working out the 7 days a week as I did. I would do 20 lb weights for my arms, 15 times 4 on each arm. I also did 120, 10 times on my legs. I was 124 at the time. I felt great and I was happy but then the bulling hit me hard and I fell into this down spiral of depression. I stopped working out and over 5 months I gained 10 lbs and then I gained almost 50 lbs because I just gave up. Lastly I gained 20 lbs from medicine. Now I am here. Sadly. But I am going to go back to my old ways I just don't have a gym where I live. Soooooo..... That is my story.
Panic!At the Pilot Romance (6 дней назад)
Hmm....So here’s a question.Any tips for 10 year old to lose weight?i have multiple folds,I have a food baby.
CowThat EatsGrass (6 дней назад)
Look off topic thing but when ever she is in the room with the curtain, the curtain is the only thing I could look at because it distracting Lol anyone else?
Ishita Miglani (6 дней назад)
Semma (6 дней назад)
I’m incredibly unhealthy but yet I’m super skinny.. I have no butt tho 😂
TheMains2009 (6 дней назад)
What is on your lips!? It's so pretty and looks amazing with your skin tone!!!
Katy Rivera (6 дней назад)
Actually watching this at like 7 when I need motivation in my life and the end clip of Gabbie singing Megan Trainor is the absolute best thing ever after i cane from mykies body transformation I'm so happy that their happy 😊
Rachel Hover (6 дней назад)
You are truly a beautiful women inside and out , your an amazing inspiration , and a kickass role model Thank You ❤😊🌹😁🤘💚
Addie Reiswig (7 дней назад)
Gabby honestly looks SO good! Watching on November 9, 2018!
pysogat (8 дней назад)
That's great, you look great. Thank you for being honest about the emotional strain of weight loss. But come on 2 hours a day with an elite personal trainer is not a realistic plan.
cecil mckinney (8 дней назад)
I kmow this isnt what you mean but your basicly saying the bigger people are disgusting
Luna Stevens (7 дней назад)
No she wasn't. Gabbie always talks about how she hated herself for being bigger because people treated her horribly, so she wanted to change. She's not saying bigger people are bad, she was saying she was uncomfortable with herself.
I (8 дней назад)
So happy for you but... what’s on your hands??
Palak Sharma (8 дней назад)
How do I do this without a Steve
Clarice Daniels (8 дней назад)
this video would have been way more bearable if she wasn't trying so hard to be funny and #relatable.
Maxx Woodard (9 дней назад)
Anyone know the music at 21:20 in the video???
Hailesbailes101 (9 дней назад)
I’m so fat I’m about 5 feet and 150 pounds I’m overweight and not confident at all
Athena (9 дней назад)
i started tracking my period two years ago and totally recommend it to all the women out there. there are many free apps, the one i use is called period tracker which is completely free. You can understand why you are feeling certain ways or dont lose weight even when you're changing your diet and working out hard during certain days of the month.
Carly Amanda (9 дней назад)
I love this because I feel like your journey is so realistic and so relatable
Kay Scribes (9 дней назад)
I’m so proud of you for finally getting your body were you want. Love you Gabbie.
Em Phoenix (9 дней назад)
I have been using Clue for a few years now and can confirm that it's a huge change to your life. Not only do I know exactly when my next period will be, I also spotted some patterns that I never could have seen before - like the fact that I always get my acne worse around the fifteenth day of the cycle. I can track the strenght and lenght, moodswings, pains in different areas and because I see the predictions based on this in a calendar then, I can plan my life around it, because I already know what will be happening in the next days. And it's for free. Absolute lifesaver.
Olga Rantalaiho (10 дней назад)
This is the video I watch when I need motivation to keep going
20 Something Club (10 дней назад)
if I'm honest I dint follow gabbie religiously, I've seen videos here and there, but I am OBSESSED with this video! this vide is SO FUCKING IMPORTANT! Thank you so much for keeping it so damn real gabbie, you are a serious icon
Bobbi Michelle cornella (10 дней назад)
Where would I even start to begin to get fit and eat healthy...theres so! Many different plans and regimens and foods... Its all overwhelming so I just give up
Jasmin Kassem (10 дней назад)
You have always looked good and always will gabbie
Sophie Taylor (10 дней назад)
I want to loose weight but I’m 13 I try to do crunches and run and I eat healthy almost all the time but it’s hard when your young because I can’t just drive to the gym or get a trainer or dietitians
ST.Kiana Gillingham (10 дней назад)
So inspirational love you girl <3
Kozzie (11 дней назад)
@23:30 Mikeyy :)
Tee lee bee mee Cee (11 дней назад)
I’m so proud off Gabbie I been with her threw this I love you and I’m so proud so proud and with her songs and the cloths she wears seeing her comfortable with her body makes me cry every time bc she has came a big way and even if you didn’t change I would still have loved you as I do now
Carlotta Trapani (11 дней назад)
What is on her hand at 8:34 ?
Mickaella Douglas (11 дней назад)
Idk how many times I’ve re watched this video. It’s so inspiring and motivating for me to keep going. I love you Gabbie ❤️❤️
Amber Bryan (11 дней назад)
8:15 gabbie wtf is on your hand 🤚
Amber Bryan (11 дней назад)
8:15 gabbie wtf is on your hand 🤚
Nell Trotter (12 дней назад)
Oh. My. God. I Love you, it takes such confidence to do something like this let alone share it with millions of people. I Love You.
Caroline Avila (12 дней назад)
Wow I have an eating disorder and been struggling so much cuz of how much I hate my body and seeing this just makes me want to change thanks you so much for sharing this you are body goals and I wish I could look like you
Kestin Gardner (12 дней назад)
Did anyone else see that guy in the abs in 6 weeeks buzzfeed video
Elizabeth Casillas (12 дней назад)
Good for you, not only do you look great, your journey during this transformation is very inspiring! Great job!!
freya allan (12 дней назад)
i’m in love with steve
10NobodyElse (13 дней назад)
I loved this video until I saw the behind the neck lat pulldowns which made me crawl under my skin
10NobodyElse (13 дней назад)
I still love it tho, I just care for your shoulder health :(
renee beckett (13 дней назад)
I LOVE YOU, you look great and pretty. I love you so much.
chicken nuggee (13 дней назад)
you look fucking amazing
ÉlizabethBobButcher (13 дней назад)
Steve looks so awesome! I want him to train me (even if this isn't earthly possible). Props to him for putting up with all your twerking XD That video was hella inspiring! Good job! :)
domi109 (14 дней назад)
That was one real video and story. I have enough of those new-agy, puking rainbow fake bimbos! I loved your story, this is how life really is. I resigned of my nutritionist services too, she was too strict and one-sided. And I had a psych-narcissistic therapist. I'm still looking for the best diet for me because everyone is different.
Nadine Blaauw (15 дней назад)
My father got me into the gym and i slowly fell in love with it, the problem with my age (15) is that people say you shouldn't diet ,that you shouldn't lift weights or diet, but i was at a terrible place with my body and i got into it. My generation has youtube, netflix and the internet. Most life off of processed foods, child obesity is a epidemic as of late. I didn't care if something was for adults in the gym, i did them and got results. I'm stronger and in the best shape of my life. Gabbie and Mykie have helped me alot along the way
jelly beans (15 дней назад)
Hey ,I have trouble with my weight,I'm 12 and I weigh 172 and I dont look,and one of the things my nutritionist told was to check the scale once a week, and it it hard, and I NEVER eat bc I feel like i gain sooich ,but I dont ,I love u sooo muchh
msnoahxlukefan (12 дней назад)
You're too young to even be on YOUTUBE let alone worried about weight.
Dawn Netsch (16 дней назад)
You’re beautiful
Im Not Helpful (16 дней назад)
I don't have money for that shit, guess I'll stay fat and miserable 🤷🏻
alina munir (17 дней назад)
I love u
Rachel Thome (17 дней назад)
Am I the only one who comes back to this video when I need motivation? :)
Savanah Gerstnecker (18 дней назад)
Hey I think my cousin bert gertnecker edits for you!!!!
Tony 2 Toes (19 дней назад)
That's a crock of shit women weight goes up and down with losing weight.... when my clients lose on average 16lbs a month for the complete 6 month routine. Women the only time it becomes difficult is really when you hit around 162lbs but even then you're still losing weight just not as quickly as before, most of this is mental and I can tell you something for free.... all you need is fresh food, run, kettlebell work out.... that's it
yandere cookiez30 (19 дней назад)
Mm.. Gabbie, u r gret but u need too saey welcome bak lowdar
msnoahxlukefan (12 дней назад)
Abby Boxrud (19 дней назад)
I love this!! I just watched your music video before i watched this and I thought “she looks so strong and healthy”. So glad you’re happy with your body now!❤️
spud the dud (20 дней назад)
You see its good to lose weight but not to a certain extent i was in your mind set all i could really think about was my weight even though ( this is going to sound a bit biased)I've always been relatively healthy and there is nothing i regret more in my life than losing weight. lots of weight and that made me have anorexia and bulimia for about a year guys dont do it if you thing not eating is helping you now honey you have a big storm coming
Zoe Macgregor (21 день назад)
depression is your body telling you to stop and think.
Chantelle Manning (21 день назад)
Ahh she looks so amazing. The way her body works and what she can do with it!
JLatham325 (21 день назад)
Digging those Maryland leggings girl! 😍
Hayden Daniel (22 дня назад)
Get a pet.
sam saleeno (22 дня назад)
Whenever I fall off the workout wagon, I rewatch this video lol
Mia Blossom (23 дня назад)
Man I need a Steve in Stockton lmao
Ellie Sarah (23 дня назад)
SHES 27!!
Roni Marie (23 дня назад)
I’m super late to this video- but I love this so much! I couldn’t do a push-up a few months ago, but I can do them now! My trainer has helped me get there too. :-)

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