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How To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused | Tony Robbins Motivation

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New Motivational Video: Tony Robbins on How To Train Your Brain To Stay Focused and be more productive. How to be productive? Anthony Robbins also gives his productivity tips and be more productive. This motivational audio will change your life. Inspiration is the key to massive success. Motivation is what get you started, habits are what get you going. If you're looking for the best inspirational video or the best motivational video, then subscribe to get motivated channel. Every week you'll get new inspiring videos to get you inspired and motivated every single day :) Subscribe For More Anthony Robbins Motivation: https://www.youtube.com/GetMotivatedToday?sub_confirmation=1 Want To See Tony Robbins LIVE? Order Your Tickets To His Next Event: http://Events.TheWisdomOfTheDay.com Get 35% Discount on Tony Robbins Products so that you can have more motivation, achieve your dreams, have great relationships and be happier: http://Motivation.TheWisdomOfTheDay.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1)This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them) 2)This video is also for teaching purposes. 3)It is not transformative in nature. 4)I only used bits and pieces of videos to get the point across where necessary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *These links will be redirected to Anthony Robbins Official Website! DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to upload videos like this. Thanks so much for the support :)
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Get Motivated (11 months ago)
Watch More Tony Robbins' Motivational Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1PQvDwvLRsK-7iZrzLdI1cJ9-OVaYMys
TheVunger (3 months ago)
Amazing video going to buy the program once i have the investment
Tim Freeman (5 months ago)
The video is more about what to focus on, not how to focus more. The central idea is that you focus on something by asking yourself questions about it. Then there are lots of suggestions about good questions to ask.
David Simmons (5 months ago)
i can wake up both sides of your brain out faith in me king David
Sarena Hess (8 months ago)
The Questions Mentioned To Change Your State:  1. What are you most HAPPY about in your life right now?  What about that makes you happy?  What could you be happy about if you wanted to be?  How does that make you feel?  What else are you really happy about in your life right now?  What about that makes you feel happy?  How does that make you feel?  2. What are you really EXCITED about in your life right now? What could you be excited about if you wanted to be excited right now? What about that make you excited? Why does it make you excited?  3. What are you really GRATEFUL about in your life right now? What could you be grateful for if you want to be?  How does that make you feel? 4. What are you really PROUD of in your life right now?  What about those things make you feel proud? How does that make you feel? 5. Who do you really LOVE most in your life, and who LOVES YOU?  How does it make you feel to love that person so much? "Controlling your state through asking yourself effective questions."
Teri Ryan (8 months ago)
Fantastic. The motivation is like none other! Thanks, Tony!
Janet Vasquez (8 months ago)
Real as it gets human.....being
Janet Vasquez (8 months ago)
I am.a person that is not easily convinced but Mr Robbins is like Tim Sykes real as it gets and this comes from a real as it gets him an being!!!
Janet Vasquez (8 months ago)
Dr Phil should of helped anyway.... He makes millions on do many peoples problems why not try to help
Lester Herrera (8 months ago)
Thank you
Sabrina Beaulieu (9 months ago)
Thank you so much! It's will help me, in my new project! big change of field for me, way out of my confort zone :D
helen cake (10 months ago)
I should be on a diet...and yet I am listing to this video while eating jalapeno cheese cruls!
Run Fast (10 months ago)
Love this guy
Rosa Ruby (10 months ago)
This voice you cannot forget ( all words you can take into your mind ) can bring to your feelings good ( can refine all your pain and tired mind ,😱)
Rosa Ruby (10 months ago)
This Man I love my mentor in my life ( grateful man ) Sir Tony Robbins cheers 😇
Tina S (11 months ago)
Tony, people have different characters and in the same circumstances people would react differently. YOu are not addressing the real problems of the societies especially the societies in the west and I am sure that you know what the real problems of the american, Canadian, australian, most european countries are. you should address those problems and then most of the people will automatically become healthy motivated, enthusiastic and happy naturally.
Tri- Calm Relaxation (11 months ago)
This is true.
Needing Sobriety (11 months ago)
For these types of long motivating videos I put them on a cd and listen to them in my car :)
Katherine Jordan (11 months ago)
I value this and Thank you Tony!
Bun Ly (11 months ago)
Thanks but not I'm a rest focus dum hah😂☠
Breaking Through (11 months ago)
There are certain scents that help you concentrate. Peppermint is one of them. You can eat some candy or buy a scent candle.
Nurashid Noor Mohamad (11 months ago)
May I know this is from which Tony Robbins Audiobook?
Seamus De buitleir (11 months ago)
There are not only the conscious fears of which one is aware, but also those that are deep down, undiscovered in the deep recesses of one’s mind. How is one to deal with conscious fears as well as those that are hidden? Surely, fear is in the movement away from ‘what is’; it is the flight, the escape, the avoidance, of actuality that brings about fear. Also, when there is comparison of any kind, there is the breeding of fear—the comparison of what you are with what you think you should be. So fear is the movement away from what is actual, not in the object from which you move away. None of these problems of fear can be resolved through will—saying to oneself, “I will not be afraid
Angela ahollings2 (11 months ago)
WOW thanks for the reminder and affirmation. Thinking about what we think about plus changing/exchanging people for loving, positive, challenging people..
Single Mother Success (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Awesome
Spartan Ownership (11 months ago)
Very powerful advice. HOOYAH!
Viplav Mittal (11 months ago)
Does anyone have a link to the previous talk as is mentioned in the beginning of the video?
Conditioned 8ct (11 months ago)
Have to give it to you Tim Robbins or whoever named you are. You are businessman. Because you had all those famous celebrities about to the day. On your show. The only reason why you did that. It's so you can have the below-average client possible buying your material. The average or inclined person that's going to school and really believes what they can achieve by themselves. Why would they even bother buying your material. You are nothing but a brainwasher a manipulator and good at what you do.
Gabbi Solar Powered (11 months ago)
This is so old, he's taking about his ex-wife Becky... he's married to Sage now. I'm sure the content is still relevant but I feel weird listening to it bc I'm team Sage lol
Gabbi Solar Powered (11 months ago)
Nicole McCleary I agree! It's all part of the journey.
Nicole Maestas (11 months ago)
Lover Gabbi The first marriage contributed greatly to who he is and his message. It's all part of his path and very important! It's not about who's better. :)
Breaking Through (11 months ago)
team becky lol
Allison Lane (11 months ago)
What is the title of the video he refers to that preceeds this one? The one on changing your state?
YaLordTV (1 year ago)
Jeff Sieber (1 year ago)
Warning: The cheap trick of using the words "you" and "your" in this video over and over again is meant to hypnotize you.
Jeff Sieber (9 months ago)
I'm not judging the content of the message but I am suggesting caution with the very manipulative delivery technique used in this video.
Dan (9 months ago)
Jeff Sieber and Why is this bad
Jeff Sieber (10 months ago)
Just keep in mind that it is a 100% deliberate persuasion technique to make YOU think its all about YOU. It will leave you open to his suggestions and wanting more with out realizing why you like it so much.
Jitu Kun (10 months ago)
Jeff Sieber how so ? And how does it affect ??
Famm Vanllant (1 year ago)
Are you reading a book?
Gloria (1 year ago)
you are giving us a gift
EK P-G (1 year ago)
My suicidal adult children say that they don't love anyone or anything and think no one could love them. It breaks my heart. My 25 yr old says she has 7 personalities that want to kill and that she is a psychopath that could easily be a serial killer and that it's best to end her life. I try to gave her listen to POSITIVE THINKING videos or tapes or read books on ways to get over her past emotional and sexual abuse as a child but that only makes her more depressed and angry. I have tried counselors, doctors and suggested everything to her but she won't do it. The word CAN'T is big with her. She stays in her room only to leave to go on walks at night hoping to find a way to get the courage to jump into traffic or find someone to attack her or kill. I don't have any money to get her help, but even if I did, I can't do anything. She is an adult and I can't make her get help. I was so desperate once that I cried out for help to Dr. Phil on T.V. . His team called and offered to have us on the show in 2006 once, but she did not want to be on TV.
DACHAGS GO (11 months ago)
Tell her to listen to mojiji you should to type key words like suicede and mojiji he is a true guru with deep answers. you should listen to him as welll . Your state is not helping either and you are unhappy as well. Hope he helps you find true peace and your children as well
Breaking Through (11 months ago)
this is truly difficult because she is looking for the help. Can you get her to a group that she wants to be a part of. For example a workout group or book club. There are apps that help you find groups. The group will help her be a part of something. That would be a start. let me know if this helps
Kevin Gomez (11 months ago)
Damn bihh
Ray Mukhtar (11 months ago)
EK P-G This is eerily same situation my youngest sister is going through. I just didn't know until 3 months ago, but it's gotten worse for her in the past 6 years slowly... Fuck it's so hard to get to someone who refuse to allow people in.. They are very fragile.. Psychiatrists don't help, they just make the shit worse by having them revisiting their horrors and finding ppl to blame. Honestly, the only cure is to leave this crazy society for a while.. Back to nature. That is the only place that heals the soul. Unplug. Live the simple life for however long u need to. No drugs can help. Only nature can. Now if u can only convince such a person to do this sort of retreat... Please email me at reh.mukhtar@gmail.com. i think we are in very similar positions and can maybe help each other. All the best 🙏
suzi n (11 months ago)
Anmeldn Didn't u read what she wrote before making a comment like that? OBVIOUSLY she's desperate to get help and HASN'T found anyone who can make a difference yet or else she wouldnt be asking strangers. Give her some credit. It's just discouraging for her to have someone make a comment only to blow her off by saying go somewhere else. I don't think you realize that it's better to say nothing than something negative. I hope she can find someone out there that can help lead her in the right direction to help her daughter. You never know. -Respectfully, Suzi
Hi Tony can you please help? One of my friend's son has just been diagnosed with a tumour in his brain, next to his Pineal Gland! I actually suggested it was a tumour because of your story, about your accelerated growth rate due to your own tumour. My friend's son grew very quickly to 6ft 6 in a few months and he is only 15 yrs old. He was admitted to hospital with bad head pain. I suggested they look for a tumour but were at first, saying his burning head pain had nothing to do with any a tumour? but in the end agreed to do an MRI Scan after his mother insisted, as her mother died from an undiagnosed brain tumour. and she pointed out that he had grown larger and quicker than normal. Now his mum is extremely worried, she was told to take him home and come back in October as it was just a cyst. I asked to say it's not a cyst, they can't say that just from an MRI Scan, then they apologised and said it is, in fact, a tumour. He has now been transferred to Southampton hospital for blood tests and a lumbar spine fluid test. Tony did you have your tumour removed or treated another way, i e vitamin B 17? My friend is sick with worry about her son dying, can you please contact me to tell me, for her, what the outcome was for you. Like you, her son is also very intelligent. The tumour is almost the same size as the Pineal Gland! appreciate a reply from you Love and Light Mayan
Mayan Lynch (11 months ago)
Hi Daniel Thank you for taking the time to reply. Doesnt sound crazy at all. We are definately open to these suggestions. Thank you for your best wishes too. Sending you blessings from myself, my friend and her son x
Daniel Kasceev (1 year ago)
This video wasn't uploaded by Tony so he probably wont read your question.. I hope the best for your friend & friends family. Maybe check out the influence of vegan nutrition / cannabis / meditation / DMT (produced in the pineal gland) on brain tumors, I know that are crazy suggestions but please understand; this might save a life. So just stay open to those things - don't necessarily accept them and think about them what you want, but get some information!
live2raid (1 year ago)
great video thanks keep the good work up.
Joy Rigel (1 year ago)
We are what we are aware of. Thoughts, smells, sights, sounds, feelings... if we notice an atmosphere we become the atmosphere if we notice someone else's pain, we become the pain. We are also transmitting what we are aware of into the collective "field" of awareness. If we are wrapped up in our inner processes then we are transmitting that (chaos) back into the collective field. If we are aware of beauty and love, we are radiating THAT into the collective field. But what happens if we sync up our awareness with a SHARED focus? We can literally alter the fabric of reality. THIS is where we must focus if we are to heal the world. The time of the SELF is over. There is no healing the "I" Wholeness is found in the "WE!" Dance the NEW dream with me and we can return to paradise. Come find me. Come come come
Sunny612Spirit (1 year ago)
Title is misleading. This is more about the topic of being happy than how to stay focused...
Modia Nefer Ra (1 year ago)
I agree. I think it should be titled,  focus on positive things and you will have a positive outlook on life. I stopped watching the news and this has helped me tremendously!
mj jelveh (1 year ago)
I continuosly laughed and clapped my hands while listening to this..
Ronald M Allen (1 year ago)
When I am focused I get thing done without any effort. When I am not focused, I have to work. I think I'll focus my energy on being focused to maintain the life I want for my family. Leverage, purpose and desire. Thanks Tony.
Classic Snooker DVD's (1 year ago)
I watched this whilst doing something else
LoveMe,com (1 year ago)
The power of focus, great video Tony!
Buda Bunda (1 year ago)
Would love to see Tony Robbins, prove the power of his teachings by making a living doing something else besides self help seminars books videos and audio. Starting from scratch with no credit, no cash, just an idea.
Buda Bunda (1 year ago)
I think Tony is outdated not relevant anymore. Time to hang it up. Do something else.
Maik Costa (1 year ago)
Hey! why the hell are you reading the comments? you need to stay focused, get back to the video! god damn it.
DACHAGS GO (11 months ago)
And I'm trying to find a different hints or questions or tips from valued viewers not just you tubers I'm trying to get all the information I can From everywhere I can good point though
Truls Busch-Christensen (11 months ago)
Maik Costa q. Dgmjh
Bun Ly (11 months ago)
Maik Costa you are bossy ya your are haha 🤗😛
Healthify My Life (1 year ago)
you have a point ☺👍
Modia Nefer Ra (1 year ago)
Omg thanks for the reminder. This is why I'm here. I need to learn to focus!
Sofoklis Sofokleous (1 year ago)
Anahit Pashaian (1 year ago)
I can't even listen to a 45 min video on focus. Feel doomed!
Akhil Tomy (8 months ago)
Hey that is pretty easy tbh, step one ask your self a question that will make you focus: say this in your mind, What can I learn from this video that i dont know about? What can i learn that is new? then you focus much better.
Wayne Phillips (8 months ago)
Anahit Pashaian LOL You're so right. It's something like how we're told to make lists of what we want to accomplish, but forget to look at the list!
james Matthew (9 months ago)
If that is your face then you are doing great and have that to fall back on:) good luck!
Daisy Castillo (10 months ago)
First thing to do is stop saying I can't. You can if you really wanted do. You can do those things you choose to do.
Breaking Through (11 months ago)
this is funny
TheGranti7a (1 year ago)
Referring to his former wife, Becky, dates this recording to at least, 2001. Making this N O T a very current recording, at all. Just be clear about this.
Damon Mason (1 year ago)
TheGranti7a Does it matter? The lesson remains the same.
Maureen O’Connell (1 year ago)
Practice concentration by turning off all distractions and committing your attention to a single task. Start small, maybe five minutes per day, and work up to larger chunks of time. If you find your mind wandering, just return to the task at hand.
sam farris (1 year ago)
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mtd076 (1 year ago)
Yes, It's called mindfulness...
Zach Thompson (1 year ago)
Maureen O’Connell Would it be inappropriate for me to ask you out on a date?
Osman Raja (1 year ago)
u mean meditation ?
Warren Van Niekerk (1 year ago)
This is what I do when my "To-do" list is too big to look at. Also......daily short (5mins twice or thrice per day) meditation, helps your mind to be more focused after doing it for a while.
Kristin Andreassen (1 year ago)
God Bless you Tony Robins and you that choose health and wellness.
Creative Diva (1 year ago)
My brain was ONCE trained/ focused before "Life happens". Am struggling to get back on track. And what better way to learn than from my heart throb "Tony Robbins"!
Ronald M Allen (1 year ago)
Continue to elevate your self on these kinds of input. Wayne Douglas Gretzky says, 'move to where the ball is going to be'. Think, act and focus on where you want to be and not where you are (pain). Your choice. In similar state of walking through our challenges too.
French Bebe (1 year ago)
Yes, this is hard to do...thank you
Nic (1 year ago)
Amazing video
Noah Guspini (1 year ago)
the question you have to ask yourself is: why?
rick debbout (1 year ago)
Chris (1 year ago)
The Quality of your life comes down to the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis. -Tony Robbins Manage your state!

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