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Motor winding. Universal motor repair. part 1

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This is a series of videos in which I am exploring AC series or universal motor rewinding step by step. This motor is used in many home and industrial applications. This motor has some special characteristics which is making it unique and suitable for special applications. Those are very high speed and very high torque in a small construction.They are going bad frequently due to very high stress on them. They have wound armature and field winding which makes them a bit difficult machines. So I decided to rewind one and film it for an average DIY to get enough information so that one would be able to rewind it easily. I am not a professional motor re-winder but this was my first motor rewinding job to do. Hope this video series would be a nice starting point encouraging anybody to put leg in the motor rewinding work. If anything goes bad at first trial, has not meaning to give up. Actually that is the point where one starts learning and thinking process starts. In such a process one learns great deal of other things related or not related to the specific job but sure those details are helping one in one way or another. Dumping such motors as trash is not a good idea instead recycling such motor by rewinding is a more practical and cost effective way. The rewinding of such a motor costs very less as the armature needs only 50 to 80 grams of wire and other very low cost materials. Where as replacement of such a motor is expensive in some cases. But keep in mind it a labor intense work and needs much more time especially if you are doing it for the first time. The knowledge earned in the process is worth. Keep up watching other parts. A series motor should not take much current and the commutator should not spark too much. Also it should not overheat when in operation. If a universal motor or AC series motor is showing such faults, that motor needs a proper maintenance and repair. The motor repair is rewinding of the motor. The motor winding heats up sometime due to the passage of very high current through it. That high current heats up the motor winding. The winding insulation also gets damage. In such a case the motor winding wires touches to each other and creates short circuit. The short in the winding takes much more current due to low resistance and low inductance. such a high current overheats the motor further and result could be a complete damaged or burned motor. There are different types of motors like induction motor, synchronous motor, slip ring motor, squirrel cage induction motor, AC series motor, universal motor, servo motor, reluctance motor, DC series motor, DC shunt motor, wound rotor motor and brushless DC motor. Brush less DC motor is relatively new motors. They are common in DC electric fans. Sometimes they need special electronics to run them. Big motors need special arrangement for their starting. They need starters which is a way of controlling starting current. They limit the starting current for a motor. Otherwise the motor will fail due to very high current taken by the motor during start up.
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Plumpiś Olimpka (3 месяца назад)
It's bad you did't end test to show wrong resistance confirming faulty armature wiring.
LearningZone (3 месяца назад)
You are right but you can evaluate it from it physical condition and from its current draw. Best wishes and blessings.
Victor Bencosme (5 месяцев назад)
Dear friend Thank you si much, for teaching us, Finaly, I, find whats I was Lucking for, thanks you si much. From DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
LearningZone (5 месяцев назад)
Thanks for liking dear friend. If you learned something from my videos, it's really great then. Stay tuned and blessed.
Sanchez (11 месяцев назад)
Any word on the wind farms in India? Using refurbished Wind Turbines sounds challenging. I can only Imagine how difficult it would be to re-wind the extremely large electric motors.
Sanchez (11 месяцев назад)
Im trying to rewind one myself. do you have any videos on identifying the number of poles? also are the poles only on the stator or are they also on the Armature?
LearningZone (11 месяцев назад)
No idea but really a very small and a very large motor windings are sure very difficult.
Rashid Al- Rashid (1 год назад)
hi I live in Saudi arabia and how can I get a hold of you and may be you can train me
Vegan Beef (1 год назад)
In the United States we lack this kind of skill. The wages are too high for a business to value this knowledge. Its more efficient to just buy new rather than troubleshoot and fix parts like this. We waste good parts and good opportunities to learn. Thank you for the upload!
Kactapuss (1 год назад)
Thank you from the United States - Not sure who Vegan Beef is talking about but I value this knowledge! Thanks.
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Thank you very much dear friend for watching and liking. You may watch the other parts of the video series so that you will get more understanding of the process. Hope you will learn more by watching those parts. Best regards,
sajjad md (1 год назад)
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Thanks for liking video and subscribing on my channel! Watch other parts of the series and other videos on channel to get more understanding. Regards,
sajjad md (1 год назад)
Sir Plz Speak in hindi video
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Dear friend I have lot of viewers in USA, Europe and other parts of the world. They can only understand English. For you, you may watch any video of your interest on my channel several time then you will be able to understand.
James Thornton (1 год назад)
good video
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Thanks dear friend for liking and subscription! Watch other parts of the series and other videos on channel.
Mauro Ferreira (1 год назад)
good video!
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Thanks dear friend for liking and subscription! Watch other parts of the series and other videos on channel.
zammo ji (2 года назад)
Sir can u tell me why it spark on commutator..I have changed field winding and also changed armature and carbon but still it spark so much
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Check for carbon brushes and springs. If you changed both winding it should not spark then.
Monajit Saha (2 года назад)
Hi sir, it is really a great work you have done for the beginners, It helped me a lot. Thank you so much.
AmazGraz (1 год назад)
I don't know how my comment got down here, but that's ok.
AmazGraz (1 год назад)
Yes, I enjoyed seeing this, and also the fact that you made a video about it. I have thought about rewinding, but never have done it.
LearningZone (1 год назад)
It was a nice beautiful theory what you discussed in the above comment. In my motor case it was a bad armature winding. I replaced the winding and all done. The next part of the videos is illustrating winding process and further details of the process. Thanks for constructive comment.
AmazGraz (1 год назад)
Some arcing will always be present.
AmazGraz (1 год назад)
The brushes could be worn. That would cause excessive sparking; or the springs may be weak. However, some motors have adjustable brushes. That is, you can rotate them clock wise or counterclockwise. Because of the way that the magnetic fields work, this adjustment helps to accommodate the magnetic field collapse. When this adjustment is off, the collapsing fields (which are always reversing) cause arc to the next segment on the commutator. In other words, the energy is still present and it has to have somewhere to go. Depending on the type of motor, it may have what are called interpoles to aid in the collapse of the magnetic fields which are constantly reversing.
mizan rahaman (2 года назад)
thanks sir
LearningZone (2 года назад)
Thanks for liking and subscription. Regards,
shariq aziz (2 года назад)
Thanks you very much sir. Can i know your email or any other social media ID. Your knowledge is so deep
LearningZone (2 года назад)
+shariq aziz Thanks dear friend for liking video. geoharzaman@gmail.com
stuzman (2 года назад)
Hey Jahan..Are you planning to rewire the armature and field windings? How did you conclude the windings were bad other than the current was too high? Just curious...
Sanchez (11 месяцев назад)
He probably did a insulation resistance test with a megger.
ابوانس بن هيف (2 года назад)
Good job Thank you
hddm3 (2 года назад)
Thanks buddy
Tom OConnor (2 года назад)
Looking forward to see the rewinding process as I have never done it before. Recycling and less waste is the new way to go and can prevent global warming.
LearningZone (2 года назад)
+Tom OConnor You are right dear friend recycling of the motors is a must and thanks for looking forward for next parts of the series. Hope you will enjoy the series as I enjoyed it a lot while rewinding it. Regards,
zx8401ztv (2 года назад)
Hmm so unwinding a coil at a time and measuring the length/thickness of the enameled wire, then new compatable wire can be cut to the same length plus a few extra inches to allow for different path and soldering, then the boring task of slowly winding it back on can start. . Sounds easy dont it lol, but we know packing the wire it will be a pain. And the insulation material that keeps the wire rubbing on the metal former has to be checked as well. Not a job i would enjoy doing, you must love pain ha ha :-D :-D. . Ive had to rewind mains transformers, they are easy in comparison but still require close packed windings to get all the wire back on.
LearningZone (2 года назад)
+zx8401ztv You are right sir. I also started winding mains transformers and succeeded the job by winding hundreds of transformers of different sizes and specs. This was an opportunity to rewind a series motor so I didn't miss it and decided to film it for others to help them if they are like me and trying to start in the world of rewinding a motor. You stated all details of the work in above comment! great. For wire, I sized it and it was 0.4mm in diameter and having 18 turns in each coil. So I took some length of wire and rewind it on the armature. The next parts will cover details of the work. Regards,
Ahmed Ali (2 года назад)
فيديو مفيد وشرح وافي..شكرا لك استمر
LearningZone (2 года назад)
+Ahmed Ali شكر. الحفاظ على مشاهدة . أجزاء القادمة مثيرة جدا للاهتمام . نأمل سوف تتعلم الكثير
ukasha Khan (2 года назад)
Assalam 0 Alakum long time i was waiting like this video. thanks for posting this video
harun rashid (1 год назад)
We want a diagram of the winding please happy us.Thank you for your job.
harun rashid (1 год назад)
LearningZone I want a diagram please us thank you for your job.
LearningZone (2 года назад)
+ukasha Khan Yes dear friend and don't forget to watch the rest of the parts, they are of much more interest and knowledge based. Hope you will learn the tread.

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