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Breaking News - China set for 2018 mission to the far side of the moon

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China is set to send a radical probe to the far side of the moon this year, it has been claimed.The mission is the latest in a string of space breakthrough for China.The new Chang'e 4 space mission will launch in June, when a Long March 4C rocket will carry a 425kg relay satellite and place it 60,000km behind the moon.According to the Chongqing Morning Post, a container filled with seeds and insect eggs will be attached to Chang'e 4, China's second lunar lander, and will be sent to the Moon in 2018.  The container, which is made from special aluminium alloy, will demonstrate the growing process of plants and animals on the Moon.  It will also provide valuable data and experience for the future establishment of eco-bases on other planets. 'The container will send potatoes, arabidopsis seeds and silkworm eggs to the surface of the Moon. The eggs will hatch into silkworms, which can produce carbon dioxide, while the potatoes and seeds emit oxygen through photosynthesis. Together, they can establish a simple ecosystem on the Moon,' Zhang Yuanxun, chief designer of the container, told the Chongqing Morning Post.A second launch later in the year will send a lander and rover to the far side of the moon, which will be guided to a safe landing by the satellite.It will be the first ever landing on the lunar far side, an unexplored region of the Moon called South Pole-Aitken Basin, a vast basin in the southern hemisphere of the far side which extends from the South Pole to Aitken crater.The rover will also contain a 'gardening kit' to pave the way for a human outpost by examining how plants grow on the lunar surface.'The Chinese are pushing back the frontier with such a technically challenging mission,' says Brian Harvey, space analyst and author of China in Space: The Great Leap Forward, told The Guardian.China also announced plans to launch a space probe to bring back samples from the moon, in what state media cast as competition to U.S. President Donald Trump's ambitions to revitalise U.S. space exploration.The Chang'e-5 lunar probe is undergoing a final round of tests and is expected to be on standby for launch from August, the official People's Daily said last year, citing the China National Space Administration.The launch will involve new challenges for China in sample collection, taking off from the moon and high-speed reentry to the Earth's atmosphere, making it 'one of China's most complicated and difficult space missions', Hu Hao, an official from China's Lunar Exploration Programme, told the paper.Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for China to become a global power in space exploration.'Not long ago, the United States' Trump Administration revealed an ambition to return to the moon.'Our country also announced a series of deep space exploration plans,' said the official Science and Technology Daily.'The moon is the first stop for humanity's march towards deep space,' the paper said.In February, the Trump administration asked the National Aer AutoNews- Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5226529/China-set-2018-mission-far-moon.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
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dade arinto (8 месяцев назад)
you are so gorgeous will replace the rocket The easy way to eliminate gravity just spinning #FeelFree There is two kinds of vehicle what was ingeneraly used by human being in the life history in the world, there is: using momentumforce like animal, car, airoplane or ship: The other using centrifugalforce like flying saucer. The concerned animal is horse, camel,donkey, etcetera. And the flying obyect is all kinds of vehicle realized byhuman being technology included flying saucer. Earth which weight predict 600 trillion ton does not fall at theSun because of centrifugal in orbitting, on the contrary it does not be thrownfar go out the orbit line of hold by gravity at the Sun as orbit center.Gravity and centrifugal is equal called Equillibrium, thats why until now Earthwhich we was inhabited always rotate and circulate the Sun. Now we justly takeexample : how if the gravity used andcentrifugal is negated? The Earth will float far leave the Sun. So thatcentrifugal can be used to fly far away if gravity eliminated. Finally how toeliminate gravity? It’s way rotate part of aircraft byhorizontal. When that rotation faster centrifugal force getting greater and thegravity getting smaller, finally it lose the gravity and the aircraft startflying. Of course people would surprise: how the aircraft can keep rotatewithout fulcrums? Thats why we named that aircraft Shuttling System that isaircraft likes two disc adjoining attached in the midle as fulcrums: A. The Top part, we name Positive rotate toright, and the edges is getting thicker and havier. B. The Buttom part, we name Negative rotating toleft, and the edges is getting thicker and havier. C. Middle Part , we name Neutral, air crewplaced and also machine and everythings turning Negative and Positive at thesame time. The aircraft can liftup added with explosion from the engine. However that aircraft construction later, let the engineer doit it, and we are sure theaircraft will bulletproof and also waterproof.
Glenn Jensen (10 месяцев назад)
thank you kina in you are amazing ,moon base alpha will be chinese March base beta will be Chinese

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