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15 Ridiculous Facts That Turned Out to Be True

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We rarely think about how many interesting things there are around us that we don’t even notice. We're going to tell you about 15 facts that may seem ridiculous at first, but turn out to be true when you learn more about them. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (6608)
mickavellian (19 hours ago)
Where in GOD's name did you idiots learn English ? If it is a FACT it IS TRUE . I think you may have been going for : 15 Ridiculous Assumptions That Turned Out to Be True... Millennials aren't you ?
Jay (1 day ago)
The first one is why I'm vegan
TheAquamarine4 (1 day ago)
I believe in the hair one and i would say it could apply to girls and people just say it does not so that girls keep shaving. When you rub your hair, even unintentionally this is when you trigger brain to be stimulated. Now brain stimulation is not the same as straight up intelligence but it can lead to it. Also some hairy people may move less often and may not create the stimulation necessary to keep the brain more active. I think it’s viable. Then again, I have zero facts to prove what I say, so this is just a comment:)
Gong Tayeng (1 day ago)
I am an asian and love to drink 🥛 milk
Rada A. (2 days ago)
@brightside you misspelled the word ‘Spain’
Waterloo 121 (2 days ago)
Spain**. Not Span..
channelofstuff (2 days ago)
fact are true....
Gregina Witherspoon (3 days ago)
9# what?!!!!!
Andree Böhlin (4 days ago)
Honestly it should be called being lactose tolerant rather than intolerant
Reyando Raihen (4 days ago)
Dylan Seb (4 days ago)
Most things are logical not ridiculous.
kevoyy stewart (4 days ago)
So why can't ASIANS drink milk?
A you soft A** B***h you thought you were slick with that bee animation huh. Your a S***y
mdh6977 (5 days ago)
Why is it that most of the hairy motherfuckers I work with seem so dumb?!? To the point of being annoying and a drain on my energy...
1prairiedog (5 days ago)
15- not really true. If the "intolerant Asians" (like Native Americans and many Africans too!) would consume dairy products from childhood, they won't lose the capacity to produce the proper enzymes. But, culturally, these "lactose intolerants" did not consumed milk after breastfeeding- then, of course they would have problems when try to consume lactates as adults, after decades. BTW... Tibetan and Mongols, virtually all the Turk-Altaic peoples, always consumed dairy as part of their culture- guess what, these pure Asians are not lactose intolerant. It's all about training.
Ilyas Ghaffar (7 days ago)
Oscar Elenes (8 days ago)
Ata5ll. (8 days ago)
I got a kidney transplantation when i was 25, it's true, and removing old kidneys is alot more painfull then getting a transplant one in your belly
Donald Mol (8 days ago)
Are you saying that Chinese cannot drink milk because they are all Chinese are lactose intolerant if you are saying that then tell that to my mom she drinks milk every morning and she has not have any problems yet
BenjaminFranklin99 (8 days ago)
The bright side is not very bright.
Jeffrey Taylor (10 days ago)
"facts" that turned out to be "true"... yawn... facts that are true... yawn...
Nate Hoffman (10 days ago)
Most N. East Asians drink milk. This is especially true in S Korea.
During the transplantation of kidney it is not necessarily to keep the diseased kidney it's up to the surgeon to decide
Dario Volarić (10 days ago)
6:54 Another in span?
keggs73 (11 days ago)
4:45 He got interested in the penguin...Sounds suspicious to me, lol.
toamaori (11 days ago)
anyone can drink milk.. but not everyone can digest lactose
Happy Reaper (11 days ago)
#15 not entirely true. Our kids loves milk. And we all love soybean milk
Maestro Prodigy (11 days ago)
The looks I get when I tell people these things....
Brandy Wasay (11 days ago)
Im Asian (Chinese living in China) and I drink milk... as well all other Asians I know, i have never met anyone who is lactose intolerant.
Tech Shariq (11 days ago)
I watched your most of the vedios but one thing I dislike is that your vedios are longer... you speak slowly as well as introduction in starting of vedio which makes vedio longer, we people want information in less possible time otherwise we only watch half of ur vedio and move on because person loose interest in ur vedios after watching nearly half of it, So I recommend you to make vedios short and remove the introduction and background music also, and make ur speech less about the topic during vedio... this 11min vedio could of 5-6 mins,
zhang Harry (11 days ago)
ouikubb (12 days ago)
I don’t think so cats and dog also mammals that not only drink their mother’s milk.
iron monkey (12 days ago)
what does hair on back mean?
Sanny Khan (12 days ago)
Yah I’m intelligent 😍
ddjbb (12 days ago)
The hair thing is not right since East Asia people have higher IQ by average but they don't have much hair on their body
Sandile Blessing (12 days ago)
Then how come Africans can drink milk. Africa is a really hot continent and we drink milk. We are not lactose intolerant. Can you explain this?
Trish Truitt (13 days ago)
LACTOSE INTOLERANCE IS A FALLACY It's not the lack of the enzyme (lactase) that prevents humans from being able to digest lactose (the sugar). If you drink raw milk (which should always be from a farm that grass-feeds their cows and has good sanitary practices) it HAS lactase in it! Most raw foods come with a collection of enzymes that help animals (such as humans) easily digest them. In fact, there's evidence that humans have been consuming milk for at least 30k years (The Untold Story of Milk, by Ron Schmid and Sally Fallon Morell) So it's actually modern pasteurization that eliminates lactase (the enzymes) which makes digestion more difficult for those that are not able to produce additional lactase. So have some good-quality raw milk and you'll have no issues with lactose intolerance. https://www.realmilk.com/real-milk-finder/
Raj Kamal Vdm (13 days ago)
No 3 is wrong.my friend has his body full of hair but he not at all a genius
otokonohito1 (13 days ago)
if i see the atoms apple on a woman that's a dude, and i don't believe the amount of chest hair on men means they are smart, cause i'm like Chewbacca if i take my shirt off and not a smart man.
Infn E (13 days ago)
While the majority of Asians are lactose intolerant, you'll find milk tea, milk coffee and all kinds of varieties of milk based products consumed all around Asia anyway. Though that admittedly may come down to the juggernaut marketing prowess of the dairy industry. And the local microbes helping out some.
Guy 01 (13 days ago)
Twins may be able to have different fathers, but showing pictures of identical twins is misleading, as they would have to have the same father.
Laila C (14 days ago)
Asian people apparently have less hair, but they’re smarter...
Ken Chong (14 days ago)
Totally nonsense
Amal Srivastava (14 days ago)
I am an Indian(Asian) . I drink 3 glasses of milk and 400ml each every day
piano spike (14 days ago)
piano spike (14 days ago)
Yongjin Kim (15 days ago)
more hair means smarter??? so many of the asians have less hair but they are much smarter. i dont think that ones true
Manuel Ramirez (15 days ago)
Now you Know that being lactose intolerate is ok and all you WHO Likes Milk are cowie' s Babies for the Rest of Your Life.
Phil LeBorgne (15 days ago)
My cat drink milk...
Sherry Miller (15 days ago)
I AM NOT convinced more hair equals greater intelligence in males or anything else. But I am fairly certain the person who first came to that conclusion is possibly DNA connected to Chewbacca......
Eric Dumalanede (15 days ago)
You spelled "Spain" incorrectly. You spelled it "Span".
zebooker (15 days ago)
#15 You seem not to understand English. "Can" refers to ability and Chinese people are physically capable of drinking many fluids, milk included. Whether or not a given "Chinese person" digests a specified type of milk is not the same question as whether a "Chinese person can drink milk."
Kelsenpai (15 days ago)
A man with body hair usually means the man has a good amount of testosterone, which promotes competitiveness. That usually leads to stronger problem solving and an increase in intelligence. It isn't a 1 to 1 relationship of hair = brains.
Buddhi Dev (15 days ago)
Intelligence and hair, not relevant at all
SMW2016 SMW2016 (16 days ago)
Not true of all Asians. Lots of Koreans drink milk, cheese, and Ice cream.
HaoJingChangZai (16 days ago)
I only listened to the milk part and stopped at 1'24''. I think since my generation Chinese grow up drinking milk. My parents didn't drink milk to grow up because diary was simply not part of the traditional Chinese diet. Now older people also drink milk because they want more calcium. If you visit grocery stores in China you'll see milk just as you see it in European or American countries. I don't have any precise statistics for the population with lactose intolerance though.
Sakurai Mochii (16 days ago)
Tbh if you are a naturally born Asian, the thumbnail is a total myth, and the whole video, (if you think that asians aren't smart then look up "what race has the highest IQ" and it has Asians as the second)
Ubaldo Lucas (16 days ago)
the hair part is not true
Ubaldo Lucas (16 days ago)
a lot of bums and homeless are hairy. and im not blatantly pointing it out.
Broder Mibran (16 days ago)
Bright Side Just a question, How do you get this to be 10 pairs of twins?: One case in Poland 1 pair = 2 twins Another in Spain 1 pair = 2 twins Two are in the US, 2 pair = 4 twins And Two are in India, 2 pair = 4 twins That's 6 pairs of twins or 12 individual twins. I can't see how that can become 10 pairs of twins.
P Ciprian (16 days ago)
9:51 actually testosterone helps increase intelligence. Since men with high testosterone have a lot of body hair....
João Marreiros (16 days ago)
I´m hairy and don´t shave, a man that shaves for a woman doesn´t deserve either the woman or the hair. Besides some women will like it some wont, lots of fishs in the ocean.
P Ciprian (16 days ago)
1:20 actually producing milk is very expensive so females have to force the offspring to stop drinking milk. So no is not normal to be lactose intolerant
P Ciprian (16 days ago)
1:07 wrong.
João Marreiros (16 days ago)
I´ve met a lot of asians, they drink milk. In southern Europe Portugal is one of countrys with more sun hours in THE WORLD, and they are one of the countrys that consumes more milk and dairy produce.
wang xiaochun (16 days ago)
你妈逼 我喝牛奶怎么没有问题? I'm Chinese I can drink milk !!! F***k you!
kaybronson100 (17 days ago)
cats love milk.
Kookie stan (17 days ago)
4:33 hmmmm army huh
TexasTen (17 days ago)
Africans and people of Mediterranean descent are lactose intolerant as well. I’m starting to think Bright Side has a racist agenda.
Dawn Hill (17 days ago)
We have seasons because our planet is crooked.
Pete Wichawetch (17 days ago)
This fact is not true. I come from Thailand and I drink milk everyday !!
Stef Don (17 days ago)
"Facts that turned out to be true." Congratz here's your thumb down.
Daniel (17 days ago)
"Send this video to your friends, so that they can learn something curious" what? Something can't be curious, people can be curious..
Help Me (17 days ago)
3:02 why lie i do!
Jovan Bebis (17 days ago)
number 13 is TOTALLY me
Just Add Water (17 days ago)
There are animals that drink milk from other animals. In fact many people believe the pork from milk fed pigs tastes better.
Li Carlos (18 days ago)
The first fact is not true I’m Chinese and I drink milk
Jacob Lan (18 days ago)
Welcome to bright side the channel that looks up stuff from Wikipedia just to make a video about it
M Másûm (18 days ago)
No 2: a Smooth (satanic) way to make people believe that women's also have Adam apple without giving any scientific proof in the video or in the description. But Adam apple is one of the easiest ways to spot modern days tranny/ tranny celebrity. Nice try *mic drops*
Lenick Orelien (18 days ago)
The world’s flat we live in a dome 🤦🏽‍♂️
Felix Koenigsegg (18 days ago)
I can feel pain whenever someone does have pain ...
阝火丨 (18 days ago)
Gorillas are smarter than humans
FreestylStudio (18 days ago)
Another in span
#3 is definitely not true I have no body hair and I'm a genius
Lascar Viorel (18 days ago)
I'm a number 13 I had no idea that's a thing. I thought everyone it's the same
Tony in Tasmania (18 days ago)
I prefer eggs from free range T-Rex. Caging T-Rex is cruel. Happy, contented T-Rex make tastier, healthier eggs
yijia chen (18 days ago)
yeah we don't drink milk. We drink your blood.
drix0404 (18 days ago)
I am one of those 1.6%, I swear! I honestly thought something was wrong with me
DaBlondDude (18 days ago)
No proof on chickens, sounds like correlation. Native Americans found body ad facial hair were signs of stupidity so there may be other genetic factors lol
braden7180 (19 days ago)
Correlation and causation.
Kristin Kulman (19 days ago)
Interesting the way that a racist idea that hairy people are smarter, seems so cute surrounded by all the other anecdotes.
DjGodaryD86 (19 days ago)
The more I watch these videos the more brain cells I lose on these idiotic "facts" that somehow they only apply in some idiot's imaginary universe far away from here because reality proves you wrong quite easily. I guess it's time to leave this garbage channel.
Michael Papadopoulos (19 days ago)
The Japanese are very Intelligent yet have no body hair
Sailor OnDaTea (19 days ago)
noone feels my pain.
HANDYMANNY lopez (19 days ago)
On number 9 you wrote "SPAN" It's supposed to be "SPAIN".
Mustajabur Fahim (19 days ago)
Hey dude.. My cat drinks cow's milk and it's a mammal. -_-
Xymo Nau (19 days ago)
Actually, adults only continue to produce lacatase because they were never weaned off the milk of another species. Once you stop for a long time, you become lactose intolerant, which is the normal state for an adult human.
DarkPhant0m13 (19 days ago)
Why did they flash a cow right before talking about women's adam's apples?? 🤬🤬
Steven Jarvis (19 days ago)
Somebody please revive American Top 40 and give the narrator of these videos the job as the DJ
The 93 Movement (20 days ago)
The milk exert is total bull.
Spencer Colling (20 days ago)
Number 12 and 7 don't make a bit of sense. Who wrote the script for this?

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