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Don't Eat These: 5 High Estrogen Foods To Avoid

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Everyone, men and women alike need to pay attention to the amount of excess estrogens that may be in the foods you eat. You want to keep your estrogen load low so as not to cause hormonal imbalance. Estrogen can also cause thyroid issues in men and women as well as reproductive issues. The first step to lowering your estrogen naturally is to pay attention to foods containing estrogen in excess. Estrogen rich foods: 1. Factory farmed meat: meats these days are treated with estrogens to get the meat to swell, and to keep dairy cows lactating constantly. The estrogen will typically pass through to the consumer via the fat in the meat or dairy. 2. Flax seeds and estrogenic lignans: lignans are found to be so estrogenic that researchers use them specifically as among the foods to LOWER testosterone levels in subjects. 3. Soy: soy has been touted as a health food, and is now in most packaged foods so it's quite surprising that it's one of the estrogen foods to avoid. It contains compounds known as isoflavones 4. Beans: researchers found beans to be estrogenic and goitrogenic . Legumes like chickpeas (garbanzo beans) red beans, black-eyed peas, green peas and split peas are also estrogenic and black beans pack 5,330 micrograms of estrogen per 100 grams. Hummus (from chickpeas) has 993 micrograms of estrogen per 100 grams. 5. Factory dairy Follow Me On Social Media: Website: https://truthnutra.com/yt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truthnutra/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truthnutra/ Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_christopherwalker/ Truth Nutra Products: Shop For Supplements - https://truthnutra.com/supplements Shop For Books - https://truthnutra.com/books Shop For Apparel - https://truthnutra.com/apparel Use code "YOUTUBE" For 10% Off! Find Out If You Have Estrogen Dominance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCBD39qf528
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Freddy Mendez (4 hours ago)
Dude beans!? Fuck out of here with that bs
brandon hendrix (2 days ago)
Christopher Walker (16 hours ago)
Check out the guidelines in thethermodiet.com to get the best layout of the optimal foods for hormonal and metabolic functioning
Jeff da Silva (2 days ago)
WRONG! Maybe a little with milk and meats, but beans are amongst the healthiest food you can eat and SOY DOES NOT INCREASE ESTROGEN!
Hernando Arrazola (2 days ago)
Hi Chris, how about lentils, supposed to be very healthy.
Charles Carpenter (3 days ago)
Plant estrogens don't act the same in body. Weston A Price foundation caught lying about soy n other things. See dr Bernard vids. He won in court. Hes a top nutrition watchdog. ORGANIC soy is safe. See Patrick B. Germany strong man who breaks world records. Beans increase sex drive etc. Blue zones show bean eaters live the longest. Proper soaking n cooking destroys phytates too, and phytates prevent cancer anyway studies show
Charles Carpenter (3 days ago)
Ask Dr Neil Bernard. Hes backed everything up in court. Those who drink milk n non organic meat is what we should focus on. Its not my study. Dr Greger is another . . I could go on but those who ate the most beans lived longer n had less cancer. etc.....Not sure how I can get the study but asak them n others. Pam Popper is another. However. They tracked diet n desease n they put the charts over top one another n proved there point. To many people use the things you oppose n have high testosterone n win awards in sports n break records. Forgot....keep in mind, too much T converts to estrogen anyway. AND CABBAGE JUICE FRESH CLEANS OUT EXCESS ESTROGEN. Try it n watch the results in appearance etc
Christopher Walker (3 days ago)
I would like if you could send those studies to us if you can.
Melanie Walton (4 days ago)
Main stream media is obviously on the in the plot to miseducate and help us to kill our selves with our mouths.
elchulo13agt (5 days ago)
I’ve been following your videos but honestly I don’t think there are any foods left to eat that you haven’t covered that are safe I wonder what your diet consist off ?
Ellenor Malik (5 days ago)
If I eat all the keto suitable foods on this list, you are saying I'll stop losing my hair, have less manly fat patterns, and need lower doses of estradiol when I go on HRT? I'm game. *giggles*
DonGabriel Lexandru (6 days ago)
Bro you fuked up, bad this video!
Righteous1 (7 days ago)
But every meat is like factor farmed, and every milk so how are we supposed to get natural meat and natural milk......
Panda Digital Love (7 days ago)
Fermented sprouted soy or beans products are fine.
ankontini (8 days ago)
The strongest and healthiest people on earth are the Shaolin Monks. They eat rice and legumes.
Jennifer Spencer (8 days ago)
Chao Zhu (8 days ago)
Are lentils estrogenic? Thank you!
sudhan chhetri (9 days ago)
What should I eat? Ooh I'm fucked.
southpawlibra nine (10 days ago)
Wanker shut the fuck up
southpawlibra nine (10 days ago)
Shut the fuck up you don't know jack shit. I eat all these things. I'm ripped and I look way younger than my age.
None (11 days ago)
Junk science. Your estrogen level is part of a common hormone panel any lab in the US can do for you. Either make your doctor write a prescription for one (which will obligate him to treat you if your actually do have low T or inappropriate aromatization to estrogen) or prepay Labcorp (which is dirt cheap). This is science not soy boy myth. What also is science is eatiing an all meat diet will improve your medically agreed upon markers of health. Which is why you should stop listening to fads and politically motivated leftist vegans and just test. Results talk. Lies walk. If you are diabetic this is not at all subtle. Even morbidly high blood sugars return to normal within 24 hours of an all meat diet.
What about lintils ?
Victor Jaexakt (11 days ago)
Oh fuck off with your broscience mate. This video is so freaking dumb. Tricking people into believing your biased opinions without sources is just plain evil.
Puši Kurac (11 days ago)
Fuck off!
SpikeLawliet (11 days ago)
I have followed this man for a while and he does a lot of research. So if he says that beans increase strogens I'm sorry but they do.
Knut SouthIsland (11 days ago)
I really dont think milk is bad for testosterone level. I drink milk every day, and my testosterone level is high. I know studies that says milk directly boosts testosterone level. I also know that the cows in Norway are some of the healthiest cows in the world. And milk outside Norway taste like shit.
Udecid444 X (12 days ago)
This is a crock of shit .
Marcus Conway (12 days ago)
I count 4 not 5? Red meat, soy, flaxseed and beans? What’s the 5 th one?
Pete & Pete (12 days ago)
I feel like he’s trolling everyone
bag o' toe tags (12 days ago)
I'm glad there are written subtitles in this video because with the noisy background from the wind and the un-necessary music you have some important information I want to know. Great context, terrible sound. I can mute the noise and your voice and still read the subtitles.
MrShaun42088 (12 days ago)
FFFFFFFUCK-- i have to cut out my chili??? It was my only cheat meal. FFS I cant eat anything!
Dorian Mucha (12 days ago)
Organic meat or dairy isnt better at all becuase it is still a cow lactating for its baby estrogen, insulin and igf1 levels are very high so u should avoid it all together. For meat it may make a slight difference but even grasfed meat has a lot of estrogen. U also fergot hops which has the strongest phytoestrogen known stronger than flax or soy or beans. The phytoestrogenes in legumes such as soy or beans are not very powerfull because the only act like insulin sometimes these foods lower the risk for breast cancer because this phytoestrogen is able to bond to the receptors but does not cause any further machanism like real mamalestrogen would. So the phytoestrogens only blocks the receptors for the human estrogen. This is also the reason to avoid animalfoods all together because they contain real mamal hormones.
KMӔ (12 days ago)
Soy doesn't have estrogen effects. The molecule does look like estrogen but it helps to delete the real estrogen. Actually the estrogen research for Soja was and is funded by the milk industry how ironic nah?
007 bobby (13 days ago)
The photo estrogen in plants, including soy, blocks excess estrogen in men, it therefore increases free testosterone in men. This video is uninformed bull shit bro science.
007 bobby (13 days ago)
Even grass fed organic meat is loaded with estrogen. Think about it fools, you're eating female animals! Use your brain!
MaximusX45-1911 (13 days ago)
What about soy lecithin?
felip uno (13 days ago)
The sebi food list is a good natural food list.
Anthony Montanio (13 days ago)
Where are your sources?
Cobra King (14 days ago)
Do not stop eating these healthy foods unless you have checked your blood to verify you have abnormally high or out of range estrogen. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
B Introverted (14 days ago)
I’m not interested in lowering my estrogen. My goal is increased testosterone. You body knows what to do with your dominant hormones.
manosdepiedra (14 days ago)
lmao what the fuck am i supposed to eat
chris sirhc (14 days ago)
beans ? this guy is a fucking retard or a disinfo agent.
Jaden Grant (14 days ago)
I'm just going to start drinking water. Water based diet and shit.
William Hansen (14 days ago)
good info. bad location to shoot a video.
Afirmando los Pasos (14 days ago)
Most animal products are estrogen loaded just because most animals people consume or that are sold on stores, are female. People generally don't consume bull or rooster.
Afirmando los Pasos (14 days ago)
Plant estrogens are not bad for men
Mark Kremer (15 days ago)
where do you found your info. I thought you where a good channel but is start questioning. Try to do better your re-surge because it is very dangerous to say to people to dont echt beans it is one of the most healthy foods in the world. And by the way you als dont look so alpha
Mat Winner (15 days ago)
Bunch of Brostuff; ALL longest living and healthiest humans eat beans every day
bomic bon (15 days ago)
dislike. ur a scrub
The Sageless Ranger (15 days ago)
You are really telling us not to eat Flax, Beans, and Soy??? Those 3 foods are amazing for us. Flax has excellent ratios of crucial fats and also helps our gut flora immensely. Beans have amazing macro ratios, great for gut flora, and are also one of the few foods that are universally tied to longevity. Soy has been linked to protecting against prostate and breast cancer and is a great source of protein. Yet despite all this, you don't place beer on the list, which has WAYYYY more phytoestrogens to worry about. Do more research before promoting people to stop eating healthy foods.
Great video, dude! Soy is in everything. Thanks FDA #FuckingDamnAssholes
Idylchatter (15 days ago)
People who have excess 16 hydroxy estrogen (the bad kind) can accelerate the conversion of it to healthy metabolites by using DIM. http://www.naturodoc.com/library/hormones/diindolymethane.htm Acquired estrogen imbalance.  This important form of estrogen dominance has to do with inherited problems in estrogen metabolism and influences of diet and chemicals on beneficial metabolite production.  Acquired estrogen imbalance affects both men and women. Almost 20 years ago, H. Leon Bradlow, Ph.D., a renowned breast cancer investigator, discovered women with breast and uterine cancer made too little of the 2-hydroxy or "good" metabolite of estrogen and too much of the 16-hydroxy or "bad" variety.(4) Since 16-hydroxy is an unregulated form of estrogen prone to behave like "super-estrogen," higher levels create a particularly unhealthy form of estrogen dominance.  16-hydroxy estrogens can result in mutations, abnormal growth (as in cervical dysplasia),(5) and an increased risk of future breast cancer.(6) Overproduction of 16hydroxy estrogen is also seen in obesity,(7) high-fat diets,(8) and exposure to a host of "estrogenic" environmental chemicals.(9)  Therefore, this dangerous form of estrogen dominance can result from inheritance, diet, and environmental chemicals. Q.  What benefits can DIM offer? A.  Supplementing our diets with DIM can shift the production of estrogen metabolites away from dangerous 16-hydroxy in favor of beneficial 2-hydroxy metabolites.  Taking DIM in an absorbable formulation encourages active and healthy estrogen metabolism. DIM supports estrogen balance by increasing beneficial 2-hydroxy estrogens and reducing the unwanted 16-hydroxy variety.  This improves estrogen metabolism and helps resolve all three forms of estrogen dominance.
benn61 (15 days ago)
I cant deal with the music...
MrJreed1000 (15 days ago)
Alright ..im done.. Im only eating air and unicorn hope now.. Nothing else is good
One Two (15 days ago)
I was just about convinced by this fella a while back. Then I realized some of the claims he makes are just flat out wrong. If he actually read all these studies he claims to read, he wouldn't be saying half of what he does. Truly disappointing because he does have a lot to offer.
moritz ashe (15 days ago)
U have a ton of videos what not to eat. Still couldnt find one on what to do eat. So u suggesting to not eat at all? Specifically one could take out the videos that u think organic, naturall animal products are good as protein sources. So the more specific queation is: what u suggest as non animal product protein sources? Thanks
Complaining Gamer (16 days ago)
Well thats stupid, at least do your homework since estrogen contained in those foods are different type , its not gonna make u a woman :D really eat your beans if u love them
Anas Takiyudin (16 days ago)
Just eat anything in moderation, mkay?
Drew weir (16 days ago)
Did he skip number 4?
stannytwasswan (16 days ago)
LoL I eat all these foods regularly, I am a natural body builder and weigh 94 kilos with 12% body fat and they have never stopped me building muscle. I am having no issues with libido, my testosterone levels have not suffered at all and I''m 33 years old, eat what you you want peeps and just exercise frequently
RUS (16 days ago)
Just eat the right amount and vary your meal, you'll be okay.
exec9292 (17 days ago)
Ferson (17 days ago)
stopped beans and u became a woman. lame. beans are fine. go eat grass dhood
Hubba Bubba (17 days ago)
Gotdamn... blah blah blah get to it already. List em and be done with it!!!
Trump-a-tron 5000 (17 days ago)
He said beans are _not awesome_ and he is selling sh*t. I'm downvoting this video because I do believe we can keep our You Tube clean of garbage like this.
Kat Richards (17 days ago)
Thank you
VeganMukbanger (18 days ago)
plant estrogen isnt worth worrying about, now hormones from animal products is more compatible with our physiology were mammals not plants.
Fredo Melendez (19 days ago)
I cut out fast food and soda now this asshole is telling me my healthy food diet is harmful ... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
George Jungle (19 days ago)
I think I'd rather be fat and lazy and have cash in my bank account.
Cecelia pham (19 days ago)
what about chia seeds?
tjames (19 days ago)
Actually flax seed oil helps balance the hormones in the body. I would recommend anybody who watches this video to research carefully the statements he is making on your own seriously
tjames (19 days ago)
Supplement with choline and IC3 indole-3-carbinol. These two natural substances which can be purchased over the counter at any Vitamin Shoppe are widely known to reduce and minimize harmful estrogens from the system.
tjames (19 days ago)
However, the USDA does monitor meat from cattle for zeranol residues, a particular steroid hormone used to promote growth. Despite individual cases, it has not been scientifically proven that meat treated with hormones has any more estrogen than nontreated meat.
oliver kidula (19 days ago)
our body is meant to adapt and evolve for our own survival thats why we are living longer than the stone aged people .everything organic is heathy in moderation.just like technology our body's evolve to get the the mineral it need and remove what it doesn't need .everything should be in moderation not to overwork our body.very wrong to tell people never to eat anything organic like beans and grains for for century it has been consumed .unless its GMO BEANS AND GRAINS.BUT EVENTUALLY OUR BODIES WILL ADAPT CAUSE AS THE WORLD POPULATION GROWS WE CANT AVOID WAYS TO FEED US.WE ARE FOREVER EVOLVING SPECIES.
Keith Newton (19 days ago)
This is why American meat cannot be sold in the UK and Europe
Abbas Ali (20 days ago)
Today I eat beans
Julian Ascencio (20 days ago)
FAKE VIDEO!!!!....... TO DISSINFORM!!....... Flaxseeds and BEANS.....are TOTALY HEALTHY!!!........
Gil Padilla (21 days ago)
Do you have a diet plan ?
DF USA (21 days ago)
There is nothing to eat.
Mark Decoto (21 days ago)
Eating healthy is expensive. Go look at the prices of grass fed meats!
trained eye (23 days ago)
Hi Christopher, Very interesting stuff. Can you tell me where to find the science on these claims you have made? That way I can educate myself a bit more on the subject. Thanks.
Swole Turd (24 days ago)
You're an idiot, phytoestrogens bind differently to the estrogen receptors.
Simon Ritchie (25 days ago)
Come on seriously? You can't eat anything anymore because it ALL has some kind of negative impact on you. I stopped eating gluten and have limited options for food because of that alone and I eat Chipotle regularly which has beans in it. Fuck I have to suffer somewhere, it seems like every time I watch a video about what I can and can't eat, something else is on the list of things I eat. I though I was doing pretty good and now it's beans. Beans have been a good source of protein and nutrients forever and now this. Fuck these videos. You have to be rich to eat and eat healthy foods that don't have adverse effects on your body and to keep your weight on otherwise you can only eat air.
eric brufatto (26 days ago)
Bllah, blah, blah...opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one!
Zike Bucan (27 days ago)
Estrogen levels skyrocketed after watching this video
Banh Bao (28 days ago)
Stay hungry my friends!
Crypto Eddie (28 days ago)
Go Vegan, Buy Bitcoin.
TomateFourree (30 days ago)
80% bullshit (i'm a physician)
Alexandros Perrakis (30 days ago)
Bullshit alert!!!!
emanresukcuf (1 month ago)
Don’t tell an Albanian to not eat beans 😋
mrpower328 (1 month ago)
navy beans are excellent, don't listen to this bad info,,,,,, that research is bad
Kermit T. Frog (1 month ago)
Jesus. No bean? No soy? No milk? Is there anything that I CAN eat?
I’ve been told by my oncologist to stay away from these foods also! And I did some research on the beans and they’re saying to stay away from beans bcuz they have lectins, which is like poison to our body’s. If you like beans, then you need to pressure cook to kill off the lectins so that your body doesn’t absorb them.
Nathan Lemmon (1 month ago)
Nice music. How about some citations?
Jeffrey Chavey (1 month ago)
You will never stop me from enjoying hamburgers
Eric S (1 month ago)
I eat a full cup of black beans everyday been doing it for almost 3 years. My hormone levels are well within normal range. I have the lab work to prove it. Beans have tons of fiber are loaded with magnesium and zinc. Keeps my bowel moments regular too.
p246784 (1 month ago)
as a medical student , excess estrogen are destroyed by liver in both sex if thier is saturation of estrogen carriers
Martha Martin (1 month ago)
The Soyboys´ Diet Stop eating soy... don´t be a soyboy
Ben Dagostino (1 month ago)
Complete psuedoscience
Varekai (1 month ago)
Here is the actual truth on this matter backed by actual scientific research instead of all your nonsense: youtube.com/watch?v=b0fEDPQwN3Q&t=0s&list=PLCIgA77FH2D-XRMCY4ugl7y1wB0zaNkCV&index=5
Varekai (1 month ago)
Goodness what a load of bullshit. Do you do any research before making such accusations? Estrogens (found in humans/animals) and Phytoestrogens (found in plants) are structurally similar but that does not mean they are the same. There has been plenty of research to show that phytoestrogens do not have the same effect as estrogens in humans. "a review of available human research, published in the May 2014 issue of "Integrative Cancer Therapies," concluded that flaxseed consumption in women either had no impact, or caused a decrease in blood levels of estrogen. Additionally, one of these trials showed that 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily reduced levels in the women who were overweight, but did not significantly decrease estrogen levels in normal weight postmenopausal women." Also you accuse of beans and legumes as being bad....but cultures who have the highest levels of health and the least diseases around the world all have in common that they consume beans and legumes. Studies comparing levels of testosterone of vegan men with those who consume meat have actually shown that vegan men have HIGHER levels of testosterone. In fact you should check out channels of vegan body builders on youtube like John Venus, MuscleNMInd, Simnet Nutrition, Guilt Free TV, Brian Turner, Vegan Hustle TV, Hench Herbivore, and my personal favourite due to his use of scientific articles to back up everything he says, Cory McCarthy. All of them body builders, all of them are in top shape and have bigger muscles than you. All of them would have higher testosterone levels than you...and all of them if you watch their food videos you will see they consume all kinds of these "estrogenic" foods you mention. Please stop spouting nonsense.
Locrecia Pelham (1 month ago)
Love your videos. Thanks for keeping us healthy!
DB Pooper (1 month ago)
I've gradually come to the conclusion that it's better to hedge your bet and eat as large a variety of food as possible, rather than avoiding one thing and eating lots of another. Wait five years and some scientist will discover a flaw in the superfood and a hidden benefit of the boogeyman.

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