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Natas - Be Careful What U Wish

110 ratings | 11964 views
Natas - Be Careful What U Wish From album Multikillionaire
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Shaun Lambert (2 years ago)
d town baby.. esham since 94 ho
Yeah..it's up there..love this shit!!!!
vincent racca (5 years ago)
i cnt pick my fav natas album but this is deff up there
Thizzy420 (6 years ago)
this is what everyone bites from... this CD. Rhymes to Rhythems. Innovative, Creative, & Original. New beats brought in by E, check the year and those who followed. (As in who came next in the "RAP"game w/ this type of style/sound. COLD BASSLINES and downright iLL MELODYS & SAMPLES. CLASSIC MATERIAL!

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