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Natas - Be Careful What U Wish

105 ratings | 11110 views
Natas - Be Careful What U Wish From album Multikillionaire
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Shaun Lambert (1 year ago)
d town baby.. esham since 94 ho
Yeah..it's up there..love this shit!!!!
vincent racca (5 years ago)
i cnt pick my fav natas album but this is deff up there
Thizzy420 (6 years ago)
this is what everyone bites from... this CD. Rhymes to Rhythems. Innovative, Creative, & Original. New beats brought in by E, check the year and those who followed. (As in who came next in the "RAP"game w/ this type of style/sound. COLD BASSLINES and downright iLL MELODYS & SAMPLES. CLASSIC MATERIAL!
Tom Korop (9 years ago)
this is levi been down sins day muthafuckin one any muthafucka diss esham should be dragged outside and shot in his muthafuckin face he the realest and hope he reads this i rap just a local but i spits the wicked shit till i burn biatch

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