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How to Get to Space on the Cheap

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Relativity Space and its two founders - Tim and Jordan - have a plan to make rockets faster and cheaper than anyone else. To do this, they're looking to build every part of a rocket - its engine, its fuel tanks and its body - with giant 3D printers. In this Hello World short, Bloomberg Businessweek's Ashlee Vance goes to check out Relativity. Video by Brian Schildhorn, David Nicholson ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (173)
Alfredo Garcia (6 days ago)
sup! boi <333
zapfanzapfan (2 months ago)
Suddenly everybody and their mother is doing a rocket start-up...
The Shadow (2 months ago)
Unfortunately drawing, mapping, and computing aren’t enough when it comes down to actual structures. Just look at the luminosity project over there in Switzerland for example.
niva zero (2 months ago)
Pie in the sky?
Subzero (2 months ago)
Million people on Mars, that would be quite the achievement.
Bruce Campbell (3 months ago)
Seems like the "painter's pallet" of materials/material properties would (at least initially) seriously constrain weight to thrust ratio based on what one could economically print. Imagine, for example, building lightweight pressure vessels without composites.
Yash Hajare (5 months ago)
ISRO is Bestter and it costs less then Other Space Agency.
Thomas Chow (5 months ago)
Well if they can get that decent quality of 3D printing then obviously they won't just use it in the rocket business - that's inelastic demand. You wanna profit from increasing supply go for elastic demand markets such as manufacturing consumer products.
emacs john (7 months ago)
Those are huge WAAM machines, high strength but very low ductility. pretty much like all welded parts.
Ahasan Habib (7 months ago)
Only China do so chep
Dean Winchester (8 months ago)
This is super interesting.
jz Gurung (9 months ago)
we can sen trash to the spae.its unlimited
This rich Caucasian male really out here calling the most under-served communities of California grimy, I cant with disrespectful ytpipo
Gryffin Wilkens-Plumley (10 months ago)
Unfortunately by that time 7 million dollar per launch BFR will have flown, sending 150 metric tons to orbit. Maybe not the rockets. But Mars will DEFINITELY need these guys to build things like dust proof machinery and habs and everything else. Better to send raw material and printers than premade parts, more space efficient. Pun intended.
Mathis Pauwels (10 months ago)
Square literary relative qkhykf house closet property age guarantee bubble element.
codediporpal (10 months ago)
Printing materials that are supposed to sustain high strain? I'm calling BULLSHIT.
Satyajeet Panchal (10 months ago)
I hope after 20 years having rockets would be like buying cars today. Really a great idea of fully automated rocket manufacturing factory. Thanks Bloomberg for giving such a awesome news. 😘😘😘😘
Jezza Lenko (10 months ago)
I'm a total science geek... But the money spent on all these space shits should be spent on making living on earth sustainable
Tammie Riley (11 months ago)
So cool! Omg!
Diamond Williams (11 months ago)
Have either of them ever been to space would be my question.
CptMikeTango (11 months ago)
What? 90% labour??
gus bisbal (11 months ago)
Building parts has Nothing, NOTHING to do with having them function under RIDICULOUS loads. Loads that make the loads on a fighter jet look small. These are two guys that less than 10 years ago were doing home work in high school. If you think that all the knowledge of a full science team just gets picked up with a bit of work then you have no idea what a team of hardworking, committed, focused people did to make those other rockets work. This exists because someone with $5 billion dollars threw them $10 million dollars because he thought it would be fun. It has nothing to do with possible success.
Ambrose-adventure (11 months ago)
Is this intended to transport humans into space? while you're at it, why not try to build a hyper-drive instead of another rocket.
freeofavia (11 months ago)
Bloomberg, I know you think douchey hipster is in right now, but seriously, get someone else to do your voice overs. This guy sounds like he just woke up from a heroine nap.
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
marshalcraft (11 months ago)
At this point does considering long term goal of 3d printing on mars even have any meaning?
marshalcraft (11 months ago)
So is the plan to make idiotic goals and statements simply to invoke outrage in order to generate any discussion on their company. I guess bad is better than none ?
Ola Ruud (11 months ago)
Building a rocket on mars seems like a silly goal, if we fly rockets there then we would have all the rockets we need. A mars colony however would be critically dependant on 3d printing tech to manufacture and maintain domiciles, tools and vehicles on mars. That should be their goal, it is both necessary and feasible within our lifetime.
Haroon G.C (11 months ago)
good job smart idea I wish you all the luck. i wish you get investors to support you.
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
when investors is mark cuban then sure
Shrek Thetroll (11 months ago)
This is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen. If you have the resources to 3D print this shit, you have the resources for injection molding, which is far cheaper, far more consistent, way faster and overall more reliable especially in large scale production. The fact that it yields a smoother surface on the product is enough of a reason to switch on its own - Look at those fucking surfaces! Do you honestly think _that_ is going to withstand atmospheric reentry?? That shit will produce more friction than a greek man's pubes.
Shrek Thetroll (11 months ago)
Hey dumb moron,,, Molding is the most conventional from of large scale production, not prototyping. These fools want to use 3D printing, which is for _prototyping_ to manufacture the final product. And did you stop to consider that perhaps molding is the most widely adopted production method for a fucking reason?? Idiot...
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
hey dumb genius,,,Molding is the most conventional form of metal prototype and 3d printing is more strong and cost effective and perfevt
Shrek Thetroll (11 months ago)
Maybe it's because you're unable to prove that a surface that's essentially made from many layers welded together is more structurally secure and aerodynamic than a surface that is seamless. Oh wait lol. It's because IT ISN'T!
gus bisbal (11 months ago)
ahh shrek.... I know your an expert and all but I am not sure you understand anything about manufacturing in metal what so ever. I can't even begin to tell you how many thing in what you just said are completely and totally misguided.
Simon Talbot (11 months ago)
SpaceX Manufacturing process is pretty efficient
LIBERTY for humanity (11 months ago)
Be very careful,remember China is looking at you,and they will still your idea and technology,good luck.remember China will be killing,Apple,Amazon,tesla,Ford,G.M.,solar panels made by American companies,in very few words they are buying corrupt people and very important companies all over the world specialty in USA,Germany,etc.etc.and if you're not thinking smart,Chinese will be owning almost every thing.
donut slayer (11 months ago)
How does two young dudes with such an idea get that mondey to fund such a project?
Joel (2 months ago)
It was Tuesday.
Lounge lizard (11 months ago)
He sounds just like Anthony Bourdain
MikeyBoi323 (11 months ago)
Protoss < 10m Rocket
Deuki Ray (11 months ago)
zodiacfml (11 months ago)
How can a 3D printed materials can be strong enough for such use? I think this company will succeed with rockets for other applications, like entertainment. Rockets for pyrotechnics, toys, or launching equipment into high altitudes..
Royal tw (11 months ago)
This doesn't really seem viable; Rocket Lab is about to put 150kg payload into LEO, launching every 72 hours for $5m. Granted this is for a much higher payload, but a 2021 launch is way behind the curve.
Royal tw (11 months ago)
I'm not really sure how their agenda's are too different, they both aim to be profitable space-freight companies, granted they are going about it in slightly different ways, however Rocketlab is using printed parts. I would love to see a source for the $6-7m figure if you have one, as Beck has repeatedly mentioned the $5m figure.
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
ur right but their agenda is different and rocket labs agenda is different and for your kind info....Rocketlab usually takes 6-7 Million dollars to launch a rocket....5 Million dollars was a publicity stunt
Alex (11 months ago)
But you also have to consider what much lower prices will do to demand. It opens up space to become more than just a sat market. In either case if you can eventually do both, 3d printing and reusability, you will be even lower than just reusable systems alone. It's hard to believe a company that is thinking this far ahead is ignoring reusability, but probably just easier to build an expendable rocket first. Saves years of R&D and keeps the rocket much simpler for 3D printing in the beginning. This is challenging enough, as is reusability, to try and do both reusability and full 3D printing would be too much for a couple of young kids with little experience. Would probably be too much for any company really.
Royal tw (11 months ago)
I agree with your prediction to some extent. However, the whole point of re-usability is that you don't need be super efficient in terms of build time and material cost. The gap in the market now is simply getting stuff up into space, I don't think that will be an issue in 2021 as rockets from SpaceX become increasingly reusable for larger payload and the myriad of other smaller payload companies start to launch. The issue with the car analogy is that it took years for the 'efficient assembly line model' we have today to even be needed. There was just not enough demand. If rockets are reusable, the demand will not be as high.
Alex (11 months ago)
But this puts $1,250kg in orbit. And if they are making 80% profit I think they are going to get a lot of investor money. Price doesn't mean cost to them. They may very well be able to undercut everyone since their cost of materials might be less than the cost of operating and refurbishing even a reusable. Then they can still make it reusable on top of this. I personally predict we are moving to assembly line rocket production, reusable, just like cars. This is just the first company to go that route and it's easier to do expendables first.
Sparks (11 months ago)
The privatization of the supply for space carrier by corporation will lead to a lot space crash and accident... why? Simple the rocket will be build according to the demand and by price so it will be good and no so good products Now all will sounds awesome but when the private space travel industry kicks off, get ready for this headline: "The survivors of the StartShip Jupiter might come back home in 2 years after 5 years lost in space" "The family are demanding to Chinese company JupiterFlights $US800 mm for damage..." "The space smuggling controls a trade network of 20 bn" "Trump the 3rd say it would build an earth shield for ilegal human born in mars" There's 5 millions of aliens dreamer (human born in outer-space) dreaming to one day to visit planet earth..." Emperor TrumpIII says "They're rapist.." " "They bring rocks" "They don't understand gravity.." "They never seen a butterfly... " "They never see and heard a covfefe can you believe that? A covfefe! And trust me when I say.... they are not here just for covfefe... "In congress 200 Democrats killed a bill for rising the budget for space defend" "Saying that money should be use for welfare program in the space colonies...." "The UN is putting sanction on Russia for allegedly build a death start in Saturn orbit.. The Kremlin denies it, such thing do not exist" "Congress approve Transalien- extraterrestrial- marriage... whatever that means"
Superpopem (11 months ago)
Cheapest and most simple way is to stream the star wars trilogy straight to your phone while sitting on the toilet. That's the closest anyone is ever getting into space!
Joel (2 months ago)
Hi idiot!
firexgodx980 (11 months ago)
where's the zerg love?
Vu Hong Quan (11 months ago)
the next problem will be the fuel. It's nearly impossible to launch a rocket by electricity, you won't have enough thrust power to push it through the earth's gravity. Basically fossile fuel is still a must and sadly, it's not unlimited
robert1235421 (11 months ago)
is the environmental damage from a single launch not enough to say we should not be launching anything non critical until we have a better way to get into space?
the3Dandres (11 months ago)
must rockets use hydrogen wich can be created!
Warrior Son (11 months ago)
Dude needs to get some sun on his face... 😦
depi zixuri (11 months ago)
Downvoted due to awful, annoying sound quality.
Alexandre L (11 months ago)
Obvious Starcraft fans here. 3D printer called "Stargate", Rocket name "Terran" and that big Protoss decall on the wall.
Heu Valadao (11 months ago)
Hey, Bloomberg! THE GRAPH AT 3:00 IS WRONG. You shouldn't use an ascending exponencial curve to model the business costs of the company. Maybe a descending one, "touching" the 10M line from above, in the long term. The graph in the video shows that the cost of each rocket will keep groing (exponentially!) after reaching the 10 milion line.
Heu Valadao (11 months ago)
STARTUP SCHEME! All I see is a basic kit to attract silly investors.
Frank Winterlong (11 months ago)
...and Spacex BFR launching cost should be around 7M.
Torjus HT (1 month ago)
If I don't remember wrong Elon said BFR non reusable will be about 350 million dollars.
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
It will cost a billion dollars but the reusability feature will get it down to 10M dollars
Chrissy Phan (11 months ago)
How about help cleaning space garbage? Stop wasting time
Floris Schmucki (11 months ago)
This is stupid. Why not make it reusable instead of cheap? A 200milion dollar reusable rocket is cheaper per flight than a 10 million dollar expendable rocket.
gus bisbal (11 months ago)
No you don't. That just what you make out that you do.
Floris Schmucki (11 months ago)
gus bisbal Its quite funny, you pretty accurately described my worklife in your sarcastic comment. I am an investor/entrepreneur, i literally sit around and come up with ideas and strategies, and then i tell my employees&partners to execute them.
Floris Schmucki (11 months ago)
hmm, so urgent nano sats is the only sustainable market. i mean i wish them all the best. gotta cross your fingers that spacex will not figure out how to launch 100 nanosats at once in one big reusable rocket. small packages don't get flown around in cheap small airplanes. They just put tons of them into an A380.
Alex (11 months ago)
@gus bisbal True, I will start by laying in a hammock next time I type on my laptop. Chairs are definitely not the way.
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
+Floris Schmucki They niche is Nano sat and spacex and nasa cant do what these company can do and that is custom launch for nano satellite whenever u wont at a bit higer cost than spacex but with more flexibility and i can say that due to the demand even if they sell 10x more cost than spacex they are gonna make it for like atleast this century........Lol but first they have to do their first successful launch
digg Itt (11 months ago)
Wow !
Cypir (11 months ago)
They should partner with SpaceX
totally professional (11 months ago)
GamerDerp Why?
oracleofottawa (11 months ago)
T LUCk COmpany (10 months ago)
the world is flat all this is just more cartoons
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
ur bigger bullshit
gus bisbal (11 months ago)
Sir, I was looking on how to respond, I understand the material science and the engineering complexities and after careful consideration I realise you have summarised my concerns. Thank you. Your comment was like poetry.
oracleofottawa (11 months ago)
kkg _47 (11 months ago)
oracleofottawa profound comment
John Le (11 months ago)
Lol. I like the huge Protoss emblem on the wall
Carlo Clores (11 months ago)
Fascinating! While many would hit the brakes right away, these guys put it to the test. They have a materials engineer and are in the R&D phase. Of course, the real plan so far is to R&D the hell out of it until we see the real boundary for their materials' capacity. You'll be on my watchlist, Relativity.
gthakur17 (11 months ago)
Just call isro for cheaper launch
ragnarox16 (11 months ago)
Umm... it's less than 60M unless you're NASA -____-
Asterio (11 months ago)
why isn't their company called Protoss ?? they are using the Protoss symbol through...
john15399 (11 months ago)
gg toss players
Mike G (11 months ago)
I certainly wouldn't bet on this start up. Far too risky.
Sadman Sadek (11 months ago)
No worries. The way space race is heating up, in two-three years, this company and their technologies will be acquired by ULA for ten times their current worth.
Travis Dring (11 months ago)
at the same time if it works the amount of money you could make is absolutely absurd
Daniel Billingslea (11 months ago)
"Relativity wants to sell it's rockets for $10 million each. Hitting that low low everyday price"
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
lowest rocket price is of rocketlab....They charge 6M per launch for 300 Pounds of payload to orbit
David Beppler (11 months ago)
10 years ago it was $600 million.
Samuel Hvidager (11 months ago)
3D printing the whole rocket will never work. The structural integrity is completely ruined for the combustion chamber and nozzle.
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
Rocketlab has already created and launched a 3d printed rocket called Electron,,so it works,,,,and dont critize before being educated about the topic
reeglyson escabal (11 months ago)
Thats what the peasants say.
Alex (11 months ago)
Look up RocketLab. They've already flown 3D printed engines. Not entirely 3D printed, but all major parts and the combustion chamber is one of them. Relativity claims they have already performed over 70 tests of the engine. The rest of the rocket is less complex than the engine.
kurikuraconkuritas (11 months ago)
Samuel Hvidager that was my concern when I learned about this. But to be fair, this 3D printer is not your average 3D printer. I don’t know how precise can it get, but it could be a challenge to be that much precise.
Samiullah k (11 months ago)
Hope all these missions do not turn out like the moon landing scams, where they just take ur money and dump ur bodies in space
Joel (2 months ago)
Moron!! :)
rowdy hill (7 months ago)
Samiullah k ,your a fucking pathetic idiot
Becoming Vincent (11 months ago)
Fantastic !
Brandon Geo (11 months ago)
SpaceX rocket cost: 60 million per launch Relativity rocket cost (est.): 10 million per launch If these two companies combined technologies, I’m sure the cost per launch could decrease to 1 million per launch.
Hitesh Kumar (24 days ago)
Brandon Geo cost of indian rocket launch is less than 40 million dollars
Pyroman / (1 month ago)
Not as low as 1 million the fuel alone is 2 million to 4 million per launch
Jxmmy2 Carbonel (1 month ago)
Call Tony stark
Dux Ducis Hodiernus (5 months ago)
@Brandon Geo Thats not how it works.
Brandon Geo (10 months ago)
They wouldn't, it was just a thought experiment. It's possible that Relativity could be bought out by SpaceX but unlikely.
Anon Anonov (11 months ago)
You can get that high cheaper: just smoke some weed
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
i dont know....Cause i am vegetarian
daniel rodney (11 months ago)
Bring back hello world !!!
daniel rodney (11 months ago)
Ashlee Vance great news!! Mr Vance yiu will write my autobiography relatively soon.
Ashlee Vance (11 months ago)
It's on the way back. We're doing some shorts and then full episodes coming in late December
Joe Marks (11 months ago)
We cry about the limited resources on this planet and continue to send more away. Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd and insane? Can't we just stick to real solutions? Congress could have implemented a negative income tax and administered pharmacological freedom decades ago, and they still can, as proposed by Milton Friedman. "The only difference between "propaganda" and "education", really, is the point of view. The advocacy of what we believe in is education. The advocacy of what we don't believe in is propaganda." -- Edward Bernays "Poison is in everything, and no thing exists without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy." -- Paracelsus "Its a moral problem with a harm which government is doing." -- Milton Friedman 911 was an inside job and addiction is no more real than is Sisyphus. Milton Friedman has a full lecture on here, but our prison industrial complex is more important; not to mention liberty and freedom for human capital: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJUXLqNHCaI Carpe diem.
Alex Povolotski (11 months ago)
80 percent labour? Or R&D? What is a rocket? A mere tube containing propellant and engine. That's it. Tube is no problem. Just use any pipe. I built rockets out of tin foil when I was a kid. So nothing to it. And i had no engine. Just a nozzle at the end of it. So it could be done very inexpensively of fuel is only 5% of the cost.
AJ Adkins (2 months ago)
Where do you think the phrase "it's not rocket science" comes from?
Ralph Caldecott (10 months ago)
Severe case of Dunning-Kruger alert!
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
i bet u build those homeade rockets made for fun....But when it comes to business things change.....Its business and yours are hobby
Sujal Mandal (11 months ago)
How many of your rockets left the Earth's gravity well 🤣
Louie Lapat (11 months ago)
I honestly can't tell if you're sarcastic or uneducated. Either way it's funny.
- - (11 months ago)
could the presenter sound any less interested/monotone?
freeofavia (11 months ago)
Right? I could do a better job than this douche
Mohit Shetty (11 months ago)
Isro is cheaper
Gábor Somody (5 months ago)
ISRO is not a private company but a government agency, thus heavily subsidized by the Indian government.
Troll Militia (11 months ago)
Shabib Akhtar LoL wikipedia is not a reliable source, spacey was in business 5-7 years ago 😉
Kartik Rathi (11 months ago)
+The Game well you can go to wikipedia and will get the actual costs because a project cannot be funded without numbers......Still isro is not cheaper....Its more of a showoff....Isro was cheaper 5-7 years ago but since spacex and rocketlabs have launched rocksts at drastically low peice.......Isro is out of business
Troll Militia (11 months ago)
shabib saoud nobody knows about actual costs Afaik which is higher than 30mil
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
it isnt,,,Isro rocket cost 30 million and the rocket these guys making cost 10
Matija Fucek (11 months ago)
protoss FTW
Matija Fucek (11 months ago)
Icy Knightmare i died laughing hahahahahah
Icy Knightmare (11 months ago)
It's a fitting SC reference, since Protoss structures build themselves. Now if only we knew how the Protoss were convinced to manufacture Terran rockets.
Dalton (11 months ago)
a move race
Matija Fucek (11 months ago)
Sean Kula (11 months ago)
Matija Fucek relativity rocket: "My life for aiur" SpaceX rocket: "I have returned."
KNO (11 months ago)
Fuck them. There should be a law that says you have to clean up as much space junk as you send up there. It's getting rediculous. They litter up there with crazy amounts of satellites at one go then just decommission them after like half a year.
shabib saoud (11 months ago)
looks like you visit orbit every day.......If u cant create,then appreciate,dont fuck around
firexgodx980 (11 months ago)
You're retarded
Chrissy Phan (11 months ago)
KNO agreed
Mc Muffin (11 months ago)
KNO if i was the president they'd be in jail!
Gabe Darrett (11 months ago)
Although space junk is a problem, I'd rather see technological progress advance more quickly. It's just one problem that needs solving. Are you next going to complain that we shouldn't put anything in space because rockets are expensive? Are you going to stop technological advancement because of *one* problem?
Paradox Witch (11 months ago)
rockets are nice and all but I'm still looking forward to having a badass cylon body
Yurriaan Van Duyn (11 months ago)
#MeToo ! To space, I mean...
Daniel Jenkins (11 months ago)
Lol @ on the cheap..
Indianclassicmusic1 (11 months ago)
Nice !
Lars Halvor Hansen (11 months ago)
First to say first

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