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The tech behind Godel (04 Aug 2017)

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Did Z (1 год назад)
a living legend! free our boy!!!!
XadaTen (1 год назад)
Why not go the GPU route first? It's much better at massive parallel processing versus the small number of CPU threads in a load of Amazon nodes (excluding the GPU oriented Amazon nodes). As long as the algorithm is not too memory intensive per batch of data, and all your recursive algorithms are converted to loop form... I've written an algorithm initially for single core (processing time ended up taking days/weeks), rewritten for multi-core CPU (time down to 10 hours), then finally rewritten for GPU (processing time down to 10 seconds). So, I know first hand the difference GPU can have over CPUs! It's worth checking out ;)
metallitech (1 год назад)
14:30 lol
roleat (1 год назад)
I wish I had the skill level to work with Shkreli.
Noah Jackson (1 год назад)
blue internet (1 год назад)
ethereum wooooo
christopherwillson (1 год назад)
Very cool
Shawn Simon (1 год назад)
cryptocurrency based on compute time is GRIDCOIN! look at BOINC projects

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