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TWStuff - Chris Packham interview (19.06.09)

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The Springwatch star appeared on the show to talk about the series. All TV clips could not be included for copyright reasons. However, the full Jim'll Fix It piece can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5K1Mpef7W0
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Text Comments (5)
j pugh (2 months ago)
xhris looks so young here
mrjo2thec (2 months ago)
If she hasn’t got or had chemotherapy then FUCK OFF BALDY, you pretentious prick.
AstrogeoJay (10 months ago)
Oh dear Chris, bitten by a poisonous snake? I think you meant venomous!
Jamie Bond (11 months ago)
My son has Asperger like Chris am interested to find out is hygenie a trait
Becky Morris (2 years ago)
I like Chris Packham. Even more so now I know he had a mouse called Batty.

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