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Estate Planning Lawyer Maywood IL

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Estate Planning Lawyer Maywood IL Call us at (312)494-0183 http://rjarendtlaw.com Many people do not develop a comprehensive estate plan regardless of its valuable role in protecting the financial legacy that took a lifetime to establish. Estate planning is crucial to ensure the smooth passing of your assets to your loved ones, safe guarding of your assets from creditors, and the honoring of your wishes in regard to extraordinary medical procedures and end-of-life decisions. Greater Chicago Illinois Estate Planning Attorney Richard J. Arendt has been providing sound legal advice, solid estate planning strategies, and skillfully drafted estate planning documents for over 38 years. While some people are concerned about the cost associated with constructing an estate plan, this sum often is nominal when considering the cost of not having an effective estate plan. When a person dies intestate (i.e. without a will or trust), surviving family members frequently are saddled with the expense associated with contested probate proceedings and avoidable tax liabilities. Our firm highly values our clients and strives to provide great customer service for everyone we work with. We pledge quick responsiveness to your emails and calls and top notch service on all legal matters, with the hope that you will trust our firm with all your legal matters for many years to come. Our team is dedicated to making your work with us to be pleasant and comfortable, even when you are facing complex legal matters. We also assist in helping resolve legal issues regarding estate and probate administration that are faced by executors, beneficiaries, and personal representatives of someone who has passed on. Our office provides agressive representation whether your matter involves court proceedings or the transfer of a few family assets. Our Estate Planning Services can include any of the following documents: Revocable Living Trust Living Will Last Will and Testament Medical Power of Attorney Guardianship Designation Financial Power of Attorney Estate Planning Lawyer Maywood IL At the Law Office of Richard J. Arendt, we thoroughly analyze your goals and concerns which assist us tailor an valuable estate plan that protects your assets from your creditors or the creditors of your heirs upon your passing. A well-conceived estate plan also will include the necessary documents that indicate who you want responsible for your business and financial affairs, as well as medical decisions if you should become incapacitated by a serious accident or illness. Finally, a will or living trust can ensure that the estate that you have spent a lifetime building is transferred to your loved ones according to your desires when you pass away. Experienced estate planning lawyer Richard J. Arendt drafts critical estate planning documents such as wills and living trusts, which can save your family members money and time when they are coping with the emotional hardship|pain| of mourning your loss. When you die without a will (or a living trust), your family is forced to deal with the legal complexities, costs, and delay of the probate process with no clear direction regarding your intentions. Mr. Arendt will meet with you to discuss your goals while reviewing your assets and financial affairs, so he can devise an estate plan that provides financial security for you and your loved ones. While some people presume that they do not need an estate plan because they do not have substantial assets, almost anyone can benefit from asset protection and reducing the costs associated with legacy succession. Because an estate plan deals with such fundamental and important issues, the Law Office of Richard J. Arendt concentrates on personalized service and careful attention to your wishes and goals. We will evaluate your situation and determine your needs. Call us today at (312) 494-0183 to schedule your initial consultation.
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