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I make little get together movie about Serious Sam 3 BFE - NO COVER. ALL MAN. Video taken from in-game cutsences. Music is from deluxe edition. This game is pure awesome old school FPS into modern. Coop is awesome. Full credits to CROTEAM !
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Narrat0r12 (6 лет назад)
SeriousMelih (6 лет назад)
Title : No Cover All Man The way I play : All Cover No Man
Dragos Constantin (6 лет назад)
Haven't played the game at all but I can see what you did there and I love it, great video!
StealthToast (6 лет назад)
lol, when the biomech growls/roars and when the technopolip falls on that chopper, and then it shows Sam just walking away, it seems like he's careless on their presence XD Same when Ugh-Zan IV rises...he rises, epically, and Sam just flies away. As if they're not worth of his time XD Good video anyways.

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