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The Soy Sauce Bottle Designed to Bring Happiness

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Behind the Design is a series of sleek and concise videos about the design of everyday objects we take for granted. This episode tells the story about how a former Buddhist monk designed the soy sauce bottle seen in Japanese restaurants around the world. Video by Vicky Feng, Chiachi Lee and Leila Hussain
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SHI Moonmoonbird (6 days ago)
Der Pizzer (1 month ago)
I like the 1L bottles as well, because they contain 1L of most delicious soy sauce.
Father (2 months ago)
Can't believe it took 3 years to design, but yeah, I think it is a great bottle. :-)
Samuel Schönenberger (2 months ago)
I grew up with that bottle but once for 2 years we didn't have one which made us unhappy since the replacement was bad. When we got a new one of these, I was happy with my soy sauce again
Unboiled Egg (2 months ago)
Yeah, just put a soy sauce bottle in a museum of modern art
Rados Brzakovic (2 months ago)
This is fantastic, but 100 prototypes o.O ?
WINSTON SMITH (2 months ago)
I have 2.
Ron Villejo (2 months ago)
Design makes a difference: Kenji Ekuan wanted to convey happiness in the enduring, very popular design of the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle, especially after having witnessed (and survived) the devastation of the atomic bomb on his hometown Hiroshima.
I see this same bottle being used by many different brands, is it pathented or not?
Icecrusher (3 months ago)
Of all the questions about the design of the soy sauce, they didn't even touch the one I seeked an answer to most. Why the two openings?!
Ana Helene (3 months ago)
I love these
First Last (3 months ago)
is that why japan has high suicide rate? USA #1
Nugroho RF (3 months ago)
Howard Leung (3 months ago)
It is beautiful ( weep
DeepClient (3 months ago)
this made me really happy
Jeffrey Koelewijn (3 months ago)
I still have to try this soy sauce brand
Emily Pender (3 months ago)
WHATTTTT this is dope
Greed Unlimited (3 months ago)
Stone Zhou (3 months ago)
Siddhartha Kousik (3 months ago)
Assosiating a product with a subjective emotion! Pretty successful marketing technique.
lars goossens (3 months ago)
Italian talk suspect elbow alone inside compete acknowledge dry stir personally
Tracie E (3 months ago)
I’m weird but Kikkoman brand soy sauce is best with eggs. Yummy.
PaintingJo (3 months ago)
Designed to bring happiness? I dunno, man, to me, it's just a pain in the ass to place on shelves at the grocery store.
NO NAME ARTIST (3 months ago)
then find a better job mate .....
mellowman1001 (3 months ago)
The soy sauce sucks - the Chinese ones are much better.
Jay Pierson (3 months ago)
3 years and100 prototypes? LOL these days that's called an unemployable designer.
raymonko (3 months ago)
He passed on in 2015
pinkywinky222 (3 months ago)
I live in Japan and where I work the cafeteria food is sometimes bland and this bottle definitely brings me happiness everytime I use it 😁
Leon Tarkshina (3 months ago)
soyboy I guess I'm gonna say that word to fit in with everyone else and be a normie
Unfunny Profile (3 months ago)
I’m allergic to soy sauce, so.....
hasan junaid (3 months ago)
3 years seriously
William Winkle (3 months ago)
I was expecting the soy sauce to contain dopamine. It would explain why it makes people happy xD
Benjamin Man — iBenTV (3 months ago)
take a shot every time she pronounces "ekuan" wrong..... it's "e-ku-an", other than that, great video!
Trollonoa Zoro (3 months ago)
Male feminists love this...
Tomas Gregertsson (3 months ago)
Is the subs about 5 seconds out of sync for anyone else?
Rosie 47 (3 months ago)
Here...row...she..ma!!!!!!! NOT Her...row..sham...a!!!!!
Lou (3 months ago)
My big, hard to hold bottle of soy sauce is the cause of my depression
Hussein Naji (3 months ago)
and how is this designed for happiness ?
Kristine Willems (3 months ago)
Timeless and practical and elegant.
IamMe (3 months ago)
Using the bottle is a little moment of fun every time.
TehUselessGuiG (3 months ago)
The thought of the sauce itself makes me happy.
Hana (3 months ago)
Nice, fast pace. Brilliant editing.
waggy (3 months ago)
i love you
sarcasmo57 (3 months ago)
It always made me happy.
213213yoyo (3 months ago)
I was expecting the comment section to be cancerous.
Brittant Knap (3 months ago)
Doesn’t belong in an art museum tho. It’s supposed to be streamlined not arts and craftsy-_-
Tyler Ellis (3 months ago)
Yeah accept Kikkoman soya sauce is the worst soya sauce out there.
wheelzwheela (3 months ago)
It's a glass bottle that narrows near the top. And it took him 3 years? He's a genius for this. I'm in the wrong business.
Soy Boy Ahoy (3 months ago)
I slurp up a bottle a day, none of that light crap.
jackson flower (3 months ago)
Hey, I saw that exhibit!
eenhoornlover112 (3 months ago)
I thought after the atomic bomb he would design a bottle to 'reverse' that. So and upside down explosion mushroom cloud!
Ashanti71 (3 months ago)
I like the one who is not so salty. Really sweet with fish and shrimps 😋😋
The best soysauce
JanetFunkYeah (3 months ago)
It's nice to see that something good inadvertently came out of the aftermath of the horrific US terrorist attack on Japan; that one diabolical act that most US Americans constantly defend while simultaneously saying "9/11 went too far, bro".
Moe (3 months ago)
Okay but everytime you use it then put it down there's soy sauce that drips down from it and you have to clean it up every time
chrlsthmd (3 months ago)
egkwaan? tf?
Soia Sauce (3 months ago)
Anthony Stewart (3 months ago)
Yep, one is always in the cupboard, pantry or on the table!
Nur Hazimah (3 months ago)
Great video but the subtitles are not in sync.
n00bie (3 months ago)
Damn, just by seeing that bottle makes me hungry for sushi. Who else
Arianm09 (3 months ago)
Also, If you plug one spout with your finger as your pour out the other, you can control the flow of sauce onto your food/ bowl
The other Sarah (3 months ago)
vox? is that you?
Joona (1 month ago)
Valapa Sucharitakul (3 months ago)
WOW...so nice to know this. 😄💟💟💟💟💟
A E S T H E T I C (3 months ago)
It made me happy when I didn't know how to pour it but it was easy to use
Kevin Davis (3 months ago)
Awesome designer, great job on so many things. 👏🏻
guitar warrior (3 months ago)
3 years only for that???
NO NAME ARTIST (3 months ago)
100 years and no one even made better soy sauce bottle .....
ShroomWalrus (3 months ago)
It's easy to say that many decades after it's already familiar, but it's hard to design something that just works really well. Few would come up with this design if it wasn't already invented.
gelpy27 (3 months ago)
that title tho
Critical Role Highlights (3 months ago)
Kikkoman is also the best soy sauce ever made.
gang gang (2 months ago)
There r a lot of soy sauce on the market that have more flavor, color so I wouldn’t say kikkoman soy sauce it’s the best. But tastes differs from one person to another
Mirek Fe (3 months ago)
I beg to differ. Yamasa makes the best Japanese soy sauce.
Dave England (3 months ago)
Critical Role Highlights easily. There isn’t even competition.
superbleeder98 (3 months ago)
Trump = soyboy
superbleeder98 (3 months ago)
Soy sauce is for soyboys
Fresh MeMes (3 months ago)
Istvan Mikola (3 months ago)
He's like the Da Vinci of Japan haha.
Klijnsmit Guitars (3 months ago)
Kikkoman soy SUCKS. YAMASA soy FOR LIFE.
Mosey Burns (3 months ago)
Thanks nukes for the dope ass soy sauce bottles.
Oknarub (3 months ago)
What a fucking asshole
JanetFunkYeah (3 months ago)
Terrorism is never okay.
Adam Rasmussen (3 months ago)
Why would you pronounce Hiroshima like that? Why do Americans always guess instead of just looking it up. It is the simplest thing. You are journalists. This was otherwise researched I assume. Ridiculous.
TissuePaper (3 months ago)
Janet Take the stick out of your ass. Thank you. Now that you're a little more comfortable, you might open your mind a little. Why don't you go yell at every person in Japan who mispronounces English words because it's easier to say it wrong? I don't know any Japanese, but I can give you plenty of examples of transvocalization in Chinese. 伊妹儿 (yi meir) : "e-mail" 酷 (ku) : "cool" 汉堡包 (hanbaobao) : "hamburger" 比萨饼 (bisa bing) : "pizza" This happens in all languages.
pinkywinky222 (3 months ago)
Japanese news reporters/journalists always pronounce English-named places as how they would usually say it. For example Rosu Anjiresu for Los Angeles. I don’t see any Americans or Japanese complaining about that. And the way this person pronounced it wasn’t that far off and as a person living in Hiroshima presently I didn’t mind it at all. We just have to accept that there are limits to speaking a language not your own and proper pronounciation of Japanese words is not that easy to master.
TheMistLink (3 months ago)
Jara I was referring to the rules of pronunciation each language has
DrPhilFurry (3 months ago)
TheMistLink What ‘rule’ defines how Hiroshima is pronounced?
The Seven Year Twitch (3 months ago)
JanetFunkYeah I can see where you're coming from but there are tons of English words that the Japanese and other countries have adapted to follow the rules of their own language. Ex.Makudonarudo= McDonald's Aisu kurīmu= ice cream It happens with globalization, cultural anthropologists call it transvocalization. In Japanese specificlly it's called gairaigo.
electrolinks (3 months ago)
It does.
AnotherGuyOnYouTube (3 months ago)
Dang soyboys
Schneeregen _ (3 months ago)
Great, now I want chinese...
Random Killjoy (3 months ago)
I fucking love the design, I never knew it was so revolutionary but I could just feel it through its simple yet genius form. LOVE IT, and the video too
Thom (3 months ago)
I keep Japanese and Chinese soy sauce by my oven for cooking etc. and I have this beautiful little bottle there, which I secretly refill with a 1 litre bottle of kikkomans I keep in the cupboard.
PNTHER (3 months ago)
Fuck yeah kikkoman soy sauce ftw. I love using this bottle everytiem.
Robbie (3 months ago)
Maxwell Koyama (3 months ago)
narrator doesn't know how to pronounce shit
That Guy (3 months ago)
You made his name sound mexican
legice (3 months ago)
the fact that a bottle of sauce took so long to design, from the anti drip, grip, size, feel, fall protection... this just proves how important design is and I shad a happy tear just there =)
lollycopter (3 months ago)
If you just pour, these bottles *do* drip (after you stand them up again). However, the trick to reducing that is to place your finger on one end of the lid to control the flow. This should keep everything pretty tidy.
themonkeyhand (3 months ago)
I was disappointed that the lid wasn't even really mentioned.
Sir Iodine (3 months ago)
Should have used Klein Bottles
RICOFURNITURE (3 months ago)
Thank you Murica for the atomic bombs ! 200 000 civilians will be grateful forever !
RICOFURNITURE (3 months ago)
Everybody`s guilty of something during a war but droping an atomic bomb on a city full of civilians? without any military reason ?
Alexander Christiansen (3 months ago)
RICOFURNITURE Know it's bad and all, but the Japanese also bombed a fuck ton of civillians as well
RICOFURNITURE (3 months ago)
i don`t blame you , stupid people often do not realize that they are stupid
Slappy826 (3 months ago)
japan brought it upon themselfs
Spoder Man (3 months ago)
Soy boy David Hogg
kaira Mishri (3 months ago)
From soy sauce bottles to bullet train.. 😶
Skylar K (3 months ago)
lol the way they pronounced hiroshima
BooBoo Bear (3 months ago)
And here I was, thinking it was pronounced "Kick a Man", invented by the feminist SJWs.
BooBoo Bear (3 months ago)
Janet, looks like my harmless comment (which could be taken to be anti-male, btw), triggered an SJW.
TissuePaper (3 months ago)
Janet, really, get the stick out of your ass. It makes me uncomfortable.
JanetFunkYeah (3 months ago)
Jean-Paul Sartre ; Ignorant joke from a pathetic man-child. Grow up and get out of your "ew, girls have cooties" phase.
aneaneaneaneane (3 months ago)
Jean-Paul Sartre bwhahahahahhaa
Nacho TV (3 months ago)
1:52 yea never knew that small moment of happiness took a long time to create
Frank Pieters (3 months ago)
And it's made in The Netherlands
Narvin Tr (3 months ago)
Is this Vox?
Anakin PH (3 months ago)
No,this is Patrick.
Jay Pierson (3 months ago)
It's gotta be vox with that cry-me-a-river b.s. about the nuclear bomb.
wdxyzzle (3 months ago)
Silvarret it is similar with vox video
Critical Role Highlights (3 months ago)
Nah. not enough political hatred for this to be Vox.
Silvarret (3 months ago)
No, it's Bloomberg. Can you read the channel name?
Miroslav (4 months ago)
Soy should be fucking ILLEGAL
Elliott (4 months ago)
I like the soy sauce packets in the shape of little fishies.
Maria (3 months ago)
Same but they r so bad for the environment so i feel kinda bad everytime i have sushi lol
Glue Sticks (3 months ago)
This is the most wholesome comment I've ever seen
Kitty on a Tree (3 months ago)
Elliott Those are the best!!!!
Sean (4 months ago)
I wonder did the Japanese make any superhero drama called Kikoman
Sean (4 months ago)
From being a simple monk to living the high life !
Midnight Phister (4 months ago)
true, something just feels "right" about that bottle, it's extremely well designed.
Mavicity (4 months ago)
Meanwhile in present time design firms, clients want 20 design options by Monday.
Pluto28 (3 months ago)
It definitely was, although Mavicity's example is hyperbolic. The bottle design went through over 100 prototypes, as the video clearly states.
MrEndzo (3 months ago)
Maybe it was the case back then too.

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