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Looking back at swine flu

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Swine flu, or rather the history of the flu, is the topic of our discussion this month with Helen Valier, a member of our History faculty and Instructional Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Medicine and Society Program in The Honors College. Prof. Valier received her undergraduate degree from the University of Cambridge, and her masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Manchester. She joined the UH faculty in 2005 Her latest book is a comparative account of post-World War 2 cancer chemotherapy research and clinical research policy in the United States and the United Kingdom, for which she makes extensive use of local medical and public archives, this time in the Houston area. Her new book takes particular account of sources relating to the history of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the treatment of cancer throughout south Texas. http://www.class.uh.edu/enews/2009/05/index.html#discovery
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