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Carrying $1 Million in Cash Is Easier Than You'd Think

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Larry Summers proposed eliminating high denomination currency to help curb illegal cash transfers. Bloomberg looks at how this would impact a $1 million handoff. Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg Business on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg Watch Bloomberg TV live at http://www.bloomberg.com/live
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Text Comments (920)
Henry Higgins (30 minutes ago)
pretty sure crims have an app and internet nowdays . Does Larry Summers lives in a cave ?
LeacH Torrent (17 hours ago)
Oooohhhh nooo...i need another briefcase. better stop my successful criminal network now... Well, that's not how it work you dumb fuck.
ok i got the briefcase, now i just need to find a million dollars somewhere
hong lee (2 days ago)
as long as no black people under 32 years old are around you might be safe .
jones badboy (3 days ago)
kristikunxie (3 days ago)
Me: using paper money
Isai Karnadhi (3 days ago)
*cough bitcoin *cough
Thanks for giving me information ill never use...
Graci Henn (3 days ago)
Just use bitcoin, you can basically carry unlimited amounts of cash with just 12-24 words private key that you can even memorize and store on your brain. To spend, you only need a computer and an internet connection and you can basically use it anywhere or to anyone that accepts it. Screw the haters, crypto is the future and here to stay.
FIGNAS83 (6 days ago)
Thanks for this video, I always have trouble when leaving the house with my million dollars.
Joshua Cervantes (6 days ago)
How do you carry it if you don’t have it
BoomPerson (7 days ago)
lmao the fucks up with the comment section
RatingsFlyingInSpace (7 days ago)
I think he doesn’t know something called a credit card lol
seigeengine (8 days ago)
The reality is that this is a moronic idea, and we shouldn't design the world around fringe cases to the exclusion of the common ones.
Mritunjay Dureja (8 days ago)
How to carry a million dollars 1.Gather your million dollars me bails out...
Danny Sullivan (8 days ago)
Oh, Larry, you're right! If criminals can't fit their money in a single briefcase they'll just stop being criminals!
oof (8 days ago)
2 words: credit card
MaNameMaJEFF (11 days ago)
This is very inspiring to me..... And must be too to young people....
Offical teamNAT (11 days ago)
Kid this this is what a grown man does in his spare time when he has a lot of briefcases and paper
Random Wins (11 days ago)
Yeah your totally not foreshadowing that you are doing illegal things, ya not at all man.
Backup Channel (11 days ago)
Lol criminals don't use briefcases. They use cheap duffle bags full of used twenties.
extra salt (14 days ago)
Now i cam rob the bank
MeetTheMlg (15 days ago)
So I carry around 100,000 pounds?
Moreno (15 days ago)
Then the criminals will resort to block chain currency encrypted end-to-end, that will make the work for the feds harder.
Hurbii (16 days ago)
yay trees
Brohemia (17 days ago)
just get a duffel bag lmao
startykoala (17 days ago)
I have an idea. Debit or credit
Neil Madhood (18 days ago)
Anybody planning to rob a bank in New York?... Sign me in
Secret Person (18 days ago)
0:47 Lol his shirt came up!
ShadowGaming (20 days ago)
gosh darnit (20 days ago)
rip trees
jack barbour (20 days ago)
I didn't know that only criminals have a use for $100 bills
best gameplay (21 days ago)
1200dollars is 2 500euro bills
best gameplay (21 days ago)
U got 500euro bills
melonseverywhere (21 days ago)
Cool now i need to get $1 million
killer 1560 (22 days ago)
I would put nothing inside because I'm poor lol
Royale Gaming (22 days ago)
Why was I the 911,000 view
Goldenmud Suomi (23 days ago)
Credit cards
Zach Bradford (23 days ago)
Pyroman / (23 days ago)
That's why they got rit of the 1000 dollar bill and the 10,000 dollar bills could Carry a cupple million in your pocket
sameritaco (24 days ago)
And yet the swiss are doing much better in the face of the supposed opiod crisis. What a joke American drug policy is
Stynxes痛み (25 days ago)
hmm how much trees did u have to chop down to that many papers?
Tuqj (26 days ago)
Uhh when i was smaller i put toy cars in there
HoennDPN (26 days ago)
Criminals: Oh fuck we haven’t got a brief case, WHATEVER WILL WE DO
Mattias Tali (27 days ago)
Weres the real one
And trading carda
cooky monster66 (27 days ago)
I never had soooooo😎😏
Jiamin Zhu (27 days ago)
1 miilion CHF can be easily stored in a normal backpack
Valied Light (28 days ago)
Or use a credit card
Pain Peace (28 days ago)
If we use crypto currency ...then we don't need briefcase...
Cameron Morgan (29 days ago)
There’s so many jokes in the comments
Adam Barnes (29 days ago)
That's not a cheap method it's a stupid method. Getting rid of 100s would force us to print more money. Which would cost more. You want to stop most of organized crime. Legalize and regulate all drugs.
SparkyTheFox (28 days ago)
Adam Barnes It costs almost nothing to print money.
gamitstrike (1 month ago)
They owe me.... *ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! * if you get this, ur cool
Tyler Wright (1 month ago)
This just shows how far behind the status quo is. Any criminal worth their salt knows the last thing you want to do is attract attention. So what’s going to attract less attention? Brand new 100 dollar bills, or small denominations already in circulation.
Or just have a credit card
Net Work Production G (1 month ago)
Rich people problems. I'll have them one day
Deadly Pumpkin (1 month ago)
Does it work with monopoly money?
Ryan R (1 month ago)
Sp1nosu Ez (1 month ago)
Fuck you 15 seconds ad!And it couldnt be skipped -_-
fame TV (1 month ago)
Did anyone notice how much paper was wasted in this video?
Dark Duckie Gaming (1 month ago)
Use a credit card lol
SparkyTheFox (28 days ago)
Dark Duckie Gaming Yeah, because credit cards arent traceable AT ALL.
yor BOI (1 month ago)
ADA Home (1 month ago)
Then, there is Bitcoin
aynel (1 month ago)
Whats the point of having dollar bills when vbucks will become bigger than bitcoin?
aynel (28 days ago)
Lmao i just realized that. I'm such a dumbass lmao
SparkyTheFox (28 days ago)
But vbucks have a set price, which is dictated by epic.
Duploe15 (1 month ago)
Credit card.
Cartoon CN (1 month ago)
How to carry 1 million dollars. Step 1 : have 1 million dollars first.
Senator (1 month ago)
Then criminals would just use larger gym packs. thoes can get so much more money inside. also some already use thoes so no point
trollbreeder (1 month ago)
HOWEVER, that will eliminate convenience for the customers. Imagine having to pay exactly 143 dollars and you can only pay in 1 dollar bills.
The Citius Project (1 month ago)
Can you give me the money and suitcase? I think I need to practice
AJohnson0325 (1 month ago)
the whole thing about getting rid of large denomination notes because of crime is retarded. The european union is trying to do the same thing with the 500 euro note. Just go look at all the photos of the guns, money, and drugs taken from the cartels...it’s usually 20 dollar bills.
INoI GT (1 month ago)
*i wanna try it out, Anyone kind enough to lend me a million $?*
And even if you ban large bills for every single currency on the planet, you can still get a, say, $100 car to carry all of our money in. And if not, we can always use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
bob bob (1 month ago)
Rubber Band (1 month ago)
I have no problem carrying 1 million. However, 2 million can be tricky sometimes.
Logic Is life (1 month ago)
Basically u change it to a foreign money which has a more higher value
Cozy Brick (1 month ago)
Now at 1 million wow that’s a lot of subscribers
kevin player (1 month ago)
Well this is a pointless video.
no body (1 month ago)
Why am I even watching this?
piggypoo (1 month ago)
I'd say make everything coins and everyone must use leather pouches.
Roxling (1 month ago)
Just carry a check
Flex Offender (2 months ago)
Whoever said to make USD have lower denominations is a dumb fuck
Nicolas Melia (2 months ago)
Thanks needed this video tonight. All 975tho fit in just fine after watching. Didn't think I could do it.
Yee He (2 months ago)
But earning 1 million is not as ez as u think :D
Dravelen Hawk (2 months ago)
If time is money, then Monopoly is pay-to-win.
Patrickhh (2 months ago)
You can still use resources. 25 grams of diamonds is worth a million dollars
Saurav Prasad (2 months ago)
Great now I just have to find a million $
Forbio (2 months ago)
Or you can just use a bag, this seems like a pointless video.
Shaun Dreclin (2 months ago)
As usual this would only punish law abiding citizens while the criminals would keep committing crimes. They can use foreign currencies or crypto currencies to keep doing business as usual.
SCOUT (2 months ago)
Most smart criminals keep their cash in btc or monero..
Ryan McCauley (2 months ago)
No no nooooooo
Steve (2 months ago)
Meh they have bitcoin :)
Sentient2x (2 months ago)
Anyone ever think that those minimalistic paintings are actually just cash exchanges? Perfectly disguised, any amount, and people get to marvel at your blank canvas!
hahahaha (2 months ago)
Go to Singapore and get a $10 000 bill equivalent to USD$7337 a piece. Oh and u can launder your money easily there. Get some properties and it's done
Potato (2 months ago)
i dont care
val kommari (2 months ago)
Or just buy a bitcoin
Ezekiel Zachary (2 months ago)
Thank you and now i'm gonna rob a bank😂😂😂
BOOM Stuff (2 months ago)
did anyone see that the code was 666
Anonymous Anonymous (2 months ago)
How many microSD could you fit in a briefcase? They have value.
Anonymous Anonymous (2 months ago)
There is really no benefit to making banknotes weigh more than gold for the same value.
ViperCS (2 months ago)
Next time i will rob a bank i will ask them to exchange all of thier money to other currency in cash thanks man!

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