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Oxygen sensor. Bad heater oxygen sensor troubleshooting.g

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Toyota Camry oxygen sensor diagnostics and replacement. Dodge had accessible o2 sensor. Chrysler has older style o2 sensor. Jeep need special tools to open oxygen sensor. Chevy oxygen sensor wires are long. GM has good quality oxygen sensor. Ford has new style oxygen sensor. Nissan Oxygen sensor is wide band. Toyota had simple four wire oxygen sensor. Mitsubishi oxygen sensor has its own design. Lexus is sometimes using toyota oxygen sensor. Honda oxygen sensor has special construction. Suzuki is still using older days oxygen sensor in their cars. BMW Oxygen sensor is expensive. Volvo oxygen sensor is easily available. Audi oxygen sensor is more costly. Mercedes oxygen sensor sometimes going bad. Volkswagen oxygen sensor had its own value. Kia is using Korean oxygen sensor. Mazda is using Japan oxygen sensor. Subaru is using simple construction oxygen sensor. Hummer oxygen sensor waveform is easy to understand. Porsche oxygen sensor is very expensive. Hyundai oxygen sensor is same as volvo Oxygen sensor. Land Rover Oxygen sensor is in difficult location. Mercury Oxygen sensor is five wires. Lincoln is using old style oxygen sensor. Isuzu is using oxygen sensor on its diesel cars and trucks.
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Qazi Shahbaz Parviez (2 года назад)
If you are a Pakistani thn I salute to u :)
LearningZone (2 года назад)
Yes dear friend I am Pakistani and thanks for such appreciation. You may watch my other uploaded videos, you will get same quality of stuff on my entire channel. I would even upload more and more in future. Subscribe if you like it. Regards,
Daniel M (2 года назад)
Hi I have a problem with my toyota yaris mk1 engine 1.0 VVTI. When the engine is cool everything is great, it accelerates normal in low or high RPM, on lower and higher gears. But when the engine reaches its normal temperature there is a problem to move a car, the acceleration is very poor. Car behaves like it has 50% of its power. I push the gas pedal and it acelerates very slowly. There is no problem to turn the engine off and on when its warm, but the problem with acceleration stays until the engine cools off. There are no fault codes, the "check engine light" doesnt on. There is no misfire, the engine sounds fine. I've already cleaned MAF sensor, throttlebody, changed the engine temperature sensor. Do you have any ideas what to check next??
Idrees Nawaz- learn Islam (2 года назад)
my car toyoto camry 2006 too much drink fule plz tell what i do?full rank only 350 km
Mike Scudero (3 года назад)
Car is rusty as fuck all over.
LearningZone (2 года назад)
Get what is the purpose of the video. Don't try to fuck what is not meant.
GeneHeim1 (4 года назад)
Very nice!   You use an Oscilloscope to get a good Time Domain measurement of this sensor's function.
LearningZone (4 года назад)
Yes dear friend I am using oscilloscope for testing on cars. Normally car technicians have no idea to use scope on cars! but really they are very useful test equipment if to use in proper manner. They are a bit expensive and a bit complex also but their use and performance paybacks. Hope you will enjoy future videos from me! Regards,
Fahmeed Hanif (4 года назад)
Sir, I also have the same Camry 2006 (GLI) after I got change my Plug Sensors 4 of them. CHECK ENGINE  yellow light comes in meter & my car getting automatic acceleration by itself to 2 (RPM) and whenever I'm drive if I push full Accelerator and the (RPM) hits to 3 (RPM) the car stuck, shake and turn off by itself.. NEED HELP!!!
LearningZone (4 года назад)
As you wrote about your car problem, I could understand your matter a little not fully because as I didn't checked your car. Anyhow what you explained is, there is some series issue with your car and should be trouble shot by some experienced and qualified service personnel close to you in your area. You may take your car to someone good mechanic having scan tool (car computer) in hand and have good understanding about car systems. As there is check engine light, it is easy to take codes from the ECU and check the car according to those codes stored in car memory. Also one more thing you may subscribe my channel if not yet, I would upload a lot and lot of videos regarding almost every thing in technical world. Sure they would help you by all means. Regards,
LearningZone (4 года назад)
Watch, Learn, Subscribe and Share.
LearningZone (4 года назад)
+RockysRoadshow Your understanding to Electricity is great. Thanks for liking my video. I did subscribed you, would love if you may subscribe and in this way you will get a notification on each upload. Thanks for giving safety tip. It is always nice to be safe and do work in a nice manner! Waiting for video upload from you! Regards,
RockysRoadshow (4 года назад)
Greetings LearningZone....You did a Great job in this video of Yours....You provided a great deal of Information, along with a very clear, and easy to understand, way in which to Diagnose and Repair/Replace an Oxygen Sensor that wasn't operating as it should....I guess the biggest Clue, was noticing that the Non-Functional Oxygen Sensor was "Bent!"....A word of Caution, when working around Lead/Acid car Batteries is, Especially when the Engine is running, and the Charging System is Charging the Battery, that, there is "Explosive Gas" being "Vented" from the Battery, and all it takes is a "Spark" of some kind, to "Ignite" that Venting Gas!!!....You really do have a good technical background, and a great wealth of knowledge, when You are working on cars....Keep up the good work....Be Safe, take care, and have a good one.

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