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Walking Exercise - Free Full Length 30-Minute Indoor Interval Walk/Jog

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LIKE THIS WALK? Be sure to check out our professionally produced DVD series! GET OUR "WALK ON: 21 DAY WEIGHT LOSS PLAN" ON DVD: ‪http://amzn.to/1HVVgyp‬ GET THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: ‪http://bit.ly/1vEMf76‬ Free workout video! Join Jessica and her mom Debbie for this 30-minute upbeat, fun indoor interval cardio session. Music By: 32mixes.com Level: All (high/low impact options) Equipment: None Intensity: Moderate RELATED VIDEOS: 30-Minute Power Walk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4IH12Piuf4 40-Mibute Indoor Jogging http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBrAbpOt-WY 30-Minute Stride and Step http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVkFoeNEizs SUBSCRIBE to join our community and follow on social media for daily tips & support: Instagram: http://bit.ly/1kHhpX0 Facebook: http://on.fb.me/196EUU6 Twitter: http://bit.ly/12qqPkl Blog: http://jessicasmithtv.com/ Shop DVDs: http://www.jessicasmithtv.com/shop/
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Текстовые комментарии (371)
Cheryl Bower (3 месяца назад)
I love this workout perfect blend of high and low :)
Patricia S (4 месяца назад)
Im working out on YouTube for 5 years now with you and I still find some I didn't know/do before. I've done one with your sister and now with your mom. And I love Peanut and the other dog around! Keep it coming Jessica. You're much appreciated, respected and loved in The Netherlands!!!
Amy Sherlock (5 месяцев назад)
great workout!
cmeeks528 (5 месяцев назад)
I know this is an older video but I wanted to ask about Megan. She looks like such a sweet dog. Is she your dog and Peanut's sister? She reminds me of my Chelsea girl (RIP, black lab) and my Bonnie the beagle girl. My girls both had/have such a sweet personality and Megan reminds me of both of them.I also wanted to mention that I love your workouts and do them almost daily. Please keep them coming.
Heike Allbrink (5 месяцев назад)
Jackie Mc (7 месяцев назад)
Really great routine and it my go to workout when I fancy a change from Interval Mix (Walk Strong 1) and Steady Ready Go (WS2). Everything about this is super. It is funny, the music is terrific and it has challenges. Now that what makes a great workout.
Carol Edwards (9 месяцев назад)
another fab workout - sure got me sweating and thanks "mom" for the lower impact alternatives! Us oldies occasionally need that alternative! Must remember the sports bra next time tho!!
Amanda G (10 месяцев назад)
I loved this cardio workout! I did it in my living room for a change of scenery. Lol. Tell you mom I hope you two do more together like this.
Jackie Mc (11 месяцев назад)
This is an awesome workout. Everything Jessica does is so varied and just shocks my body into fitness. I am currently doing her Walkstrong 3 programme and I partnered this with the Total Body routine this morning. If you haven’t checked out WS3 yet please do so. It is her best yet and I am so impressed. I love this workout too. Debbie is lovely 😀😀😀
Naomi Farrar (11 месяцев назад)
Thank You!
popi toto (1 год назад)
Hi,I saw you have came back,with the walking and yoga workout..so you are well and i am glad,keep with your workout!!
Banita Onyirimba (1 год назад)
Love her workout videos; they are relatively low impact but you are definitely tired and sweaty afterwards.
Amy Rebholz (1 год назад)
4,000 steps! And I didn't even want to get out of bed this morning:) Thanks for keeping me motivated, as always!!
Lainie Stewart (1 год назад)
Don't be fooled. This is a great do-able workout for anyone, but it is intense in a low impact way. You will sweat and get a great work out especially when you need to kick up your usual routine. I have worked out to many videos by Jessica, every day for the past 4 months and it is something I look forward to, we'll most days anyway. I am 60 and was not athletic ever, but retired and needed to make sure I kept moving. Jessica was the solution
Jacqueline McMullan (1 год назад)
I have done this workout quite a few times over the years and I just want to say how good it is.I always get a great workout and feel exhilarated afterwards. Debbie comes across as a lovely person and a terrific mom supporting Jessica in what she does both on YouTube and her Walkstrong DVD's. Now I need to work my Abs... see you in another workout soon💪
April Rogers (1 год назад)
Your mom is AmAzing!!!! Love this!! If I keep it up I'll look just like her. Thank you for this wonderful workouts; because of you I exercise every day!!!!
Pendharkar NeuroPsychiatry (1 год назад)
thank you Jessica! You are a great pivot for my fitness regimen
Ruth Ful (1 год назад)
Thank you!
Kaz Mewitt (1 год назад)
Totally destroyed... Loved it 😀
monoos Taomar (1 год назад)
I like all your videos, I will start by this one ... thank you
Hannah Neal (1 год назад)
Wiebke Papenfus (1 год назад)
Loved this workout! Love the fact that you have your mom with you. Love the modifications!
Stina H. (1 год назад)
I love seeing your dogs in these videos...makes me smile every time.  They aren't the greatest motivators when it comes to exercise though, are they? LOL. I guess they are just "supervising" like you say in this video.
Becky C (1 год назад)
This was great! I burned 255 calories is 33 minutes. Not bad! Thanks Jessica, I love your workouts! :)
Tracy C (1 год назад)
how many calories does this excercise burn? I cant wait to show this to my fiends !
Kimberly Rose (2 года назад)
This one always makes me smile while I'm doing it. Usually, I'm with Debbie on the low impact, but damn I have fun!
George Torres (2 года назад)
Hi Jessica. OMG...I'm so happy I found your videos. You and your mom motivate me to keep going to the end. I'm still not at your peak fitness but I feel so good about continuing a daily cardio regimen. Thank you so much. I look forward to tomorrow.
Erin Rubesh (2 года назад)
Switched the schedule up a bit and did this on Day 2 of Week 2 Fall challenge. My hubby joined me since he injured his hand and couldn't swim laps. He enjoyed seeing the yellow lab waltz in to supervise! ;-) Way to go Jessica Smith and Debbie!!!
Erin Rubesh (2 года назад)
Day 3 week 1 done! Amazing workout --- I'm sweating and that's great!! Way to go Peanut!
LissaJo (2 года назад)
#Fallchallenge day 10 Jessica your Mom's a boss
Petrina Behlow (2 года назад)
#FallChallange. Loved this workout!! It was so fun
Maricela Munguia (2 года назад)
#fallchallenge day 10 completed! tysm, Jessica!
Amanda Hidrogo (2 года назад)
#FallChallenge day 10 done. This was fun.
Alison Isaacs (2 года назад)
day 10 fall challenge...love the option for high impact when I get a little burst of energy. thanks Jessica for making it a little easier to get back into my work out routine....getting ready for Jamaica # Fall Challenge
Angie Prandini (2 года назад)
Fall Challenge is going well at Day 10!! Thanks again for putting this together with the DVDs as well. Great mixture of workouts!! :) #FallChallenge
Jackie Mc (2 года назад)
Day 10 Fall Challenge - Really great to have this one on there. Getting stronger and stronger. Enjoyed this workout so much. Boy am I sparkling? I have energy for more and as Day 31 on my Walk Strong 2 Countdown Plan is Stride and Step and I don't have a step I will do another YouTube workout on your playlist.
Amber Meiring (2 года назад)
I absolutely loved this workout! thank you!!!
Diana B Rahmawati (2 года назад)
Finally I found easy-to-follow-moves in many ways! Your videos answer all of my laziness!! Thanks Jessica!
Diana B Rahmawati (2 года назад)
Finally I found easy-to-follow-moves in many ways! Your videos answer all of my laziness!! Thanks Jessica!
MooJoo5555 (2 года назад)
oh my gosh aren't you both adorable!
18Daisy Doll (2 года назад)
This was as much fun to watch, as it was to do.... Thanks girls🐾🐾and Debbie and Jessica👯
Seeking fitness, tips, and laughs (2 года назад)
As always EXCELLENT!!!  THANK YOU!!! LOVE your videos!!!  <3
ROSE HAMMOCK (2 года назад)
Thank you and Ms. Debbie!!!
jose antonio salinas vega (2 года назад)
Great workout low impact options are perfect for me and my bad knees and lower back, i sweat a lot and get tired but at the end i felt good.
Kate Bernt (2 года назад)
really glad i found this one i needed a quick cardio it was perfect !!!!!
Erica Neff (2 года назад)
Another great video from Jessica! Thank you for posting these great workouts featuring basic moves. I love your approach, and I find the absence of scare tactics and threatening "motivation" refreshing! Exercise is meant to be fun and you make it so! Thank you!
Emma Claire (2 года назад)
this one killed me! i'm trying to get back on track with my fitness since starting uni and this was ideal. totally got me sweating with the high intensity options and now i feel amazing!
soso80 80 (2 года назад)
love you mama 😍
Jane Jones (2 года назад)
Did this one in addition to Cardio Party for Day 1 of Walk Strong Phase II. Did all the high impact options and got really sweaty! Love how your mom hung in there with you!
TarheelFIT1 (2 года назад)
This is a favorite of mine! The music is so fun, especially Debbie's song, and both of you are so motivating in this one, as always!
Alicia Heidenreich (2 года назад)
Great workouts!! You and your mom are adorable! I walk indoors with my mom, too. So nice to see. Keep up the great work and hope to see your mom in more videos with you! :) Thanks for the fantastic workouts!
Ann Goodman (2 года назад)
Jessica, I love you, your Mom and Peanut! I exercise to many of your videos--especially the ones with Debbie. Even though your Mom is much, much younger than me (67), I figure I might have a chance to keep up. I appreciate it when, during high impact moves, Debbie does modifications. Thank you for making your videos available on YouTube--makes streaming them on TV so convenient. I love the vast array from which to choose--whether I choose a 14 minute session or a 34 minute workout (which I just finished--still sweating). I love that you mix things up with different moves to keep our brains involved. Thank you Jessica for helping to make me fit and happy. Kisses to Peanut from my little Pom, Cooper.
Erica I (3 года назад)
Oohhhh mann... when you say 8 and you mean 16...!!!! BTW pleeease do some more interval WO like this one! Super effective and super fun! :D
Evelyne Juignet (3 года назад)
Merci pour toutes ces vidéos que je suis avec plaisir et qui me motivent!!
Suky Bee (3 года назад)
amazing workout. totally sweated! love your workouts Jessica. they're the best!! Thank you x
boss meeks (3 года назад)
great workout thanks jessica love that you workout with your mom she is beautiful .
HeyKim0012 (3 года назад)
This one feels so good when I'm done.
Christina Hoffman (3 года назад)
Just completed this workout to make up for day 4 of last week. Now both completed. I like the music in this one including the 'Hey Debby' song. Thanks!
Jackie Mc (3 года назад)
Love this one. I am much stronger now than when I first did it last year. I can even keep up with you and that is progress.!!! I love it when you work out with your mum. Thank you both for the work you are doing for us.
Michele Payne (3 года назад)
Both of today's Work it Out workouts done. My second time doing this one, I still had to go down to low impact a couple of times, but not as much as the first time I did it. Thanks for making me stronger Jessica!
Liz Beardmore (3 года назад)
Great start to the day! Well done Debby- I'm there with you on the low impact. I did manage quite a bit of jogging - low impact style! but no jumps. Thank you Jessica x
Sarah344 (3 года назад)
Great video!
sashapin02 (3 года назад)
This was fun, just what I was looking for...
Christina Woods (3 года назад)
love when you include your mom, she's a great motivator
ET C (3 года назад)
Love it when you exercise with your mom. She's really inspiring to those of us more "mature" ladies. I'm 60 years old, and couldn't quite keep up to Debbie, but I'll keep trying. She's in great shape and really has the moves. Way to go Debbie (and Jessica)!
Jennifer Lufman (3 года назад)
Chose this one today since I've never done it before! So fun! Jogged all the intervals but did the high step knee instead of jump. Think I can officially say I'm a sweaty mess!
Sarah Smith (3 года назад)
This was my first time doing one of your workout videos! I thought you were going way too easy on us but then you showed me otherwise ;). Great workout!
jessicasmithtv (3 года назад)
+Sarah Smith Thanks for joining us and welcome to our channel! I hope you will sign up for our email list here so you can get all the news and info on our free programs, etc: http://10poundsdown.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=84349224ef7a543ab038356d3&id=c2330f682e
melody kellogg (3 года назад)
Day 7 Summer Shape Up Challenge. Good workout did a couple short workout also. Feeling good, lasting longer and feeling stronger.
Chiquita Singletary (3 года назад)
This is awesome! I'm good and sweaty!
Kay Tee (3 года назад)
Did this for my cardio today - wow!  It started deceptively easily but then really went up a gear.  That's burned some serious calories! I'm happy that I could do the high impact - I don't think I could have done all that when I started working out with you in January.  Progress :-)
jessicasmithtv (3 года назад)
+Kay Tee Yes - we love progress! Great job :)
Mary Moreno (3 года назад)
I have been moving with your videos for aroung a month... I love them! I feel so energetic after each one of them! Have tried a few, & I think Im trying this one in the morning, looks so much fun! Thank you for your time & encouraging! BTW love to see your mom ❤✌
Babsi Hebeis (3 года назад)
Oh I so enjoyed this workout, so nice to have your mom in it with you, reminds me of my times exercising with my lovely mom. And I feel so energised and ready for the day.
jessicasmithtv (3 года назад)
+Babsi Hebeis Thanks for moving with us today :)
J Higgins (3 года назад)
You and your mom are adorable.  This was a great walking workout to supplement SC. Thank you!
JMNeaves (3 года назад)
This is one of my favorites! Love your walking workouts when they incorporate something a little "extra" (intervals, light weights, etc.)!
lien ng (3 года назад)
I just wanted to say all your workouts are awesome! I think I've tried every one of them at least once. I had lost motivation to exercise for about a year until I discovered your videos. This was the first video I tried from you and it helped get me back on track. Now I actually look forward to working out with you at 5am every morning. Thank you so much!
shubhada ghaisas (1 год назад)
Same here.
jessicasmithtv (3 года назад)
+lien ng Thanks so much! So glad you are enjoying our workouts :)
Lara Sparks (3 года назад)
Finishing up week 1 of the #SpringAhead  Challenge with this walk.  Always a good one!  Onto some Strength in Stillness! :)
ssarge2 (3 года назад)
Nice workout, but you guys must be much shorter than I am.  I find the steps hard to keep up with.  my inseam is 36" and I find that many videos (particularly walking ones) are presented by people with much shorter legs.  am I right?  but yes.  good video.  thanks for making it available.
William G Collins Jr (3 года назад)
Love it
William G Collins Jr (3 года назад)
I am William wife doing these work outs
Do you have similar routine? I love changing intensity, greeting from Slovakia:)) all the best both of you Viera ps: This one is super too
Felix Garcia (3 года назад)
Love working out in front of my tv😜
SuthenGirl (3 года назад)
I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm so sweaty when I'm done but not exhausted. Thanks again for these workouts.
Alia Rashid (3 года назад)
That was nice you and your mom working out together !
Stephanie Schroeder (3 года назад)
Week 3, day 2 of #fitin15! Feeling wonderful!
SeaHorseStar1 (3 года назад)
Loved this work out. Thank you!
Darla Crosser (3 года назад)
I absolutely love this workout!  Your mom is adorable!
Cam Suber (3 года назад)
Another excellent workout.  Thank you.
Dawn Smith (3 года назад)
Love that you had your mother in the workout video with you. I love this interval walking routine. GREAT JOB!!
jessicasmithtv (3 года назад)
+Dawn Smith Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)
CoRdyKa (4 года назад)
Jessica, this is your third video i'm working after. I do one video whole week, cause i want to start on low, so i can continue doing harder ones too. Yesterday i did this video for first time, i was not that tired and wet, but today was much better ... it seems i have to get used on your excirses a bit, that it's sweaty. I love them, because you also involve stretching, which relax my muscles durring workout as well. Thanks for all this, you are great! 
jessicasmithtv (4 года назад)
+CoRdyKa Hi! Welcome! Hope you will join us for our Dec challenge: http://eepurl.com/9hTvb
אסנת בן ברוך (4 года назад)
you are amaizng! its good workout. thank you so much!!
Glenna Hackney (4 года назад)
Hi Jessica.  I had ear surgery a week ago and did your Interval Walk/Jog routine for a low-impact workout option.  It was a great workout and definitely sweaty to get back in the groove of working out.  Thanks!!!
Yogapazzo (4 года назад)
Loved this!! It's nice that you provide low impact modifications!!
Connie Nguyen (4 года назад)
Hi Jessica,  I have a problem loading your workout video on youtube, and also on your website, I don't have any problem a month ago, I don't know why? can you help me please, thanks
Latina Nicole (4 года назад)
Go Head Mom!!!! love it!
YogaMom (4 года назад)
Your mom is such a good sport! I can see your great relationship come through in the way you interact with each other. Fun and challenging workout! Nanci
Pam McKinnis (4 года назад)
Thank you, following along on the October 2014 schedule and this was a good one and I was able to do it.  Some with modification like Debbie :)
jessicasmithtv (4 года назад)
+Pam McKinnis Great job today Pam! Thanks for walking with us :)
Love this mother-daughter walking routine! Definitely sharing this one with my mom! #JSTVFIT #SweatPink
S (4 года назад)
Just loved this one.   Always fun to have your mom in the workouts!
Renah Bindner (4 года назад)
This workout is awesome, thank you for all your workouts. I love the way you're so real and your mom did great. Just a little funny thing, my mom's name is Deborah(we call her Debbie) and I have a sister named Jessica.
Dvine Lovin (4 года назад)
wow.. after a while i couldn't bounce anymore, but it was great.. I will be trying this again.. 
jessicasmithtv (4 года назад)
+Dvine Lovin Nice work!
Joan Ude (4 года назад)
My stamina building again with this high impact workout with your mum. Loved it! Thanks for all your encouragement Jessica.
jessicasmithtv (4 года назад)
+Joan Ude Great job Joan! :)

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