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Finally, A Better Poly Low Tunnel!

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Текстовые комментарии (99)
dude, you are not take the nonwovens as covers on your low tunnels. you need to check if you should that that kind covers, that cheap and less works.
Michael Densham (5 месяцев назад)
Hey mate! Just wondering what the specs are for your tunnel arches? Many thanks in advance
Bill Douglas (8 месяцев назад)
You might consider terminating the strapping at the 45 degree hoop, and connecting that 45 degree hoop to the rebar stake with a strong rubber strap or even strong bungee cord (this will maintain a constant pressure on the entire assembly).
Jeremy Ruwoldt (9 месяцев назад)
This will be my first year I wish I could afford your course I love watching your videos
icgindia (10 месяцев назад)
Chantal Gardner (11 месяцев назад)
I will be updating the new low tunnels. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing.
The Peeping Egg (11 месяцев назад)
otrot land (1 год назад)
I been watching many videos, some beds have fabric for weeds and some do not, how do you decide?
Jersey Shore Gardener (1 год назад)
What a fantastic idea. By the way, your videos are my new go-to reference for my Fall, Winter and Spring gardening. Such amazing content. Congratulations on such great work!
You Can't Eat The Grass (1 год назад)
Great solution, plus it will be so much cleaner to store when not being used
Earl Edmondson (1 год назад)
I live in north Florida. Would you recommend using insect netting the same way?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
connor Simmons (1 год назад)
Do a tour in Australia
Jordan Anderson (1 год назад)
how have the low tunnels been holding up with all this wind we've been getting lately?
PnB Homesteading (1 год назад)
Will the two beds that aren't covered by a low tunnel in the video get mulched or covered by something else and rested over the winter?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
Yes. Either fall rye and peas or we leave the crop residue on the bed.
ben dunn (1 год назад)
did you compose the music as well Curtis?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
No. The artist is always credited in the show notes.
OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY (1 год назад)
Always advancing ...good stuff 👊
AgsiSD (1 год назад)
Could you have two straps, one pulls tension one way and the other pulls in the opposite direction? I have no idea, just bouncing ideas 🙂.
Ingmar Meley (1 год назад)
Why aren't you using P17 floating row cover ? Maybe I already know the answer "because of the risk collapse with snow, wind... If not, would you use it on your farm ?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
I've talked about it many times. Search "season extension" in my channel.
Jeff Moore (1 год назад)
I'm just starting out with a about 1 acre,I've got a polytunnel and a garden for outdoor cropping....I live in Northern Ireland, I watch your video's all the time...
BarryH H (1 год назад)
If you weld a piece of steel plate say 6 x 4 abut 8 to 10 inches down on the re-bar so it is buried well into the ground and face it parallel to the hoops they will be much harder to move but still be easy to pull out.
J Freshtrader (1 год назад)
Hi Curtis Sorry off subject but how close can you get your paperpot rows. I'm wanting to use it for Baby Spinach.
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
2 inches. We're doing it.
Amy Kinnell (1 год назад)
Bryan Case (1 год назад)
can i double like this video?!
Tom Robertson (1 год назад)
A duh moment . Straps are becoming common place . Never in a garden context .
W Young (1 год назад)
Thanks to you Curtis I am turning beds as we speak for an early spring start. A video on how to harvest properly around low tunnels would be welcome. Thanks for all your help.
Josh Steel (1 год назад)
Sckookum, and simple.
DASH - (1 год назад)
I haven't searched for it, but I have big issues with fungus nats, vine borers, and white flies this year. I sprayed my yard garden and green houses with sf neematodes, but don't think I used enough. Plan to spray my pots and green houses with next shipment, and have some yellow sticky traps coming. I would enjoy a video on controlling garden pests without harmful chemicals and breaking the bank. I lack air flow in my small 8x12 hoop house with likely contributes to the white flies
Sonja (1 год назад)
Interested to see what happens when they get some snow load. My cat tunnel had issues this summer with wind causing the first hoop to slide/collapse in despite the strapping being wrapped around it. Ended up using a tech screw through the strap into the hoop to stop the slippage.
Jenny Watkins (1 год назад)
Is ventilation an issue with these types of low tunnels using plastic?
StaarveyFarm (1 год назад)
Definately better, you could go one step further - I am going to try it on my caterpillar tunnel - is to use 2 or 3 black strap - a centre one like yours and the other 2 a bit further down giving a bit more stifening to 'roof' - and the straps are quite cheap. I don't get any snow - just lots of wind !!
Gavin Matthews (1 год назад)
I know you have probably thought of this, but what about running 12-19mm poly irrigation line down the ridge line with over head irrigation would save you taking the plastic off every time to water?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
+Gavin Matthews oh ya. Thought, planned and priced out. Not worth the effort in the fall. It would be in the spring, but we didn't need them this spring.
Tuppy Brill (1 год назад)
Why dont you angle the end hoops out like they are on the caterpillar tunnels?
Trenton Free (1 год назад)
Taking a wild guess but I think the reason they do that on caterpillar tunnels is mainly for room to work, not structural security. On the poly they have to remove the covers to do anything so there is no need. Just my guess.
bryan jacob (1 год назад)
Tuppy Brill that was my first thought when I saw that end hoop still wiggle.
mikemorrison281 (1 год назад)
Not that anyone else may care, but the music sounds like an intro trip hop version of the jazz standard "Here's that rainy day":)
interestingyoutubechannel (1 год назад)
Music by: Biocratic - http://birocratic.com Enjoy :D
mikemorrison281 (1 год назад)
W Young sounds like loops to me, but I love it. Curtis knows I was a musician for 30+ years. Played a lot of jazz during that time:)
W Young (1 год назад)
mikemorrison281 Not sure but I believe Curtis composed that. In case you didn't know.
Pvt. Pepe (1 год назад)
The purpose of these low tunnels are to protect from frost and cold over winters right? (learning).
Mio Giardino (1 год назад)
Having had things puncture through my shoes I HOPE your footwear was appropriate to keep your feet safe while pushing those end pieces in.
Mio Giardino (1 год назад)
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone I meant though the bottom, but good to know. 👍🏼
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
+Mio Giardino Verde. We don't wear spiked footwear. Not an issue here.
David Ulrich (1 год назад)
Each hoop on rebar both sides?
Rachel Gucker (1 год назад)
He has a gear list on his website that has a link.
T___T_L (1 год назад)
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone where do you get those sand bags?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
+David Ulrich no. Pushed into the ground. I have other videos on PLTs if you want the whole process.
Steve Cinelli (1 год назад)
That's all I use in Palmer, AK. I use 2' rebar, on 5 ft centers, and 3/4" plastic electrical conduit (it's made with UV stabilizers). a 10 ft stick covers two 30" beds perfectly, and it doesn't have to be bent like a metal conduit. Just poke the conduit over the the tops of the rebars. I used cheap 6 mil builders plastic. Works fine. I also use these spring clamps to hold the plastic down. You can find these spring clamps at Harbor Freight or online. this plastic conduit works good on two beds, but don't be tempted to put two sticks together and cover more. No bueno. I tried it and the plastic conduit isn't strong enough. I have my low tunnels already set up for spring. I did not cover them as we get bad winds in winter. Once 1-March and our thawing weather returns I'll clamp plastic over the hoops and get ready for my way early spring planting.
Rachid Mesbah (1 год назад)
Isnt it enough to tie the poly to the rebar stakes on both ends like Eliot Coleman does? It seems to work for him and he gets some heavy snow in Maine
Tasawar Hussain (1 год назад)
Low price but very nice
Sin City Farms (1 год назад)
I really dig that tune Curtis. Good chops. Perhaps a ratchet style strap holder would be even better as the soil may adjust the hoops & spikes. Just a thought.
Howie Dewitt (9 месяцев назад)
Masca Trails There are lightweight ratchets available that are cheap.
Masca Trails (1 год назад)
Ratchet would add weight and a mechanism to each tunnel that would over time require maintenance and break. Keep it just complicated enough to get the job done.
Annie Gaddis (1 год назад)
What is the actual covering made of? Looks different than what were using years ago. And where do I get it?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
+Annie Gaddis search Poly Low Tunnels in my videos for the original steps and materials. They're also listed in my book.
ohhowhappygardener (1 год назад)
Great idea!
Conservative Views by Christine (1 год назад)
That looks really good.
Jacqueline BERRY (1 год назад)
Rick Mitchell (1 год назад)
Why opaque plastic? I always see low tunnels with opaque plastic. Is there a reason for this? Does it matter if it's opaque or clear?
Mark Bothwell (1 год назад)
Very nice system! I achieve a similar result at a much lower price. On the other hand, I do see advantages of the Curtis Stone system, and the cost, amortized over the expected life of the strapping, is pretty low. My system uses free, recycled polyester bailing twine as the ridge rope, uses rebar anchors just like described here, and achieves tightening using a trucker's hitch (power cinch knot), which every farmer needs to learn. http://www.animatedknots.com/truckers/ As Curtis points out, the key is to make sure that the two end hoops are securely anchored to prevent any movement.
Marsh Wetland (11 месяцев назад)
Trucker's hitch is good, but when you are hiring various people, the pull-clamp thing is failsafe.
Yep! 550 paracord with trucker's hitch would be perfect, quick, and easily adjustable.
Kirk Johnson (1 год назад)
Yes Mark, the truckers hitch is one of my favorite knots. Nice animation site if I want to learn some new knots. Thanks.
Annie Gaddis (1 год назад)
Thanks for the link!
Patchwork Gardens (1 год назад)
curtis, you can make them cat tunnels by taking S hooks and pressing them onto the rebar on each hoop, then run the string over. the extra plastic that drapes onto the ground will gutter with water and generally keep the sides down
Gary Weddle (1 год назад)
Hey Curtis, do you bend the hoops yourself? If so, can u tell me how long the pipe is?
Urban Farmer Curtis Stone (1 год назад)
+Gary Weddle use my channel search for Poly Low Tunnels
Rev John O'Toole (1 год назад)
so you are using the technique from the Caterpillar tunnels
EMF Minimalist (1 год назад)
Just when I thought you had it all dialed in, you go and improve your system once again.
country//420// farmer (1 год назад)
17th comment! I love the tunnels!
Carrie S. (1 год назад)
country farmer I got you beat! I'm the 32nd comment. Boom.
אליאל בן-דן (1 год назад)
Gives a whole new meaning to the term "getting ratcheted up".
myriadcorp (1 год назад)
How do the plants get watered in the tunnels? I don't know anything about farming but watching these videos is interesting.
Kirk Johnson (1 год назад)
He takes the plastic off to water and then puts it back on. I think he does it about once a week this time of year.
Jason Paul (1 год назад)
Would a Clove Hitch at each support work better than a couple wraps?
Trenton Free (1 год назад)
I was thinking the same thing.
Linda Readman (1 год назад)
This method is so much better! Thanks, Curtis.
Gary Loomis (1 год назад)
EMT conduit for the hoops?
אליאל בן-דן (1 год назад)
Gary Loomis They're cheaper at an electrical supply house but Home Despot sells them for sure.
Oregon Gardening (1 год назад)
Terrific Curtis!! Where did you find the rebar with the loop that you start with? Did I miss that?
Oregon Gardening (1 год назад)
Is that in Canada or the USA?
Rachel Gucker (1 год назад)
I've seen them with fencing materials at my local farm store.
shooterbc (1 год назад)
Seismic Cable strap ;)
tree pteradactyl (1 год назад)
That Richard Perkins farm is killer as well thanks for the suggestions.
Vee Mack (1 год назад)
Where you get those straps from?
John M Gibby (1 год назад)
I would recommend against nylon webbing. It stretches especially when wet. Webbing has come into extensive use in the hammock community. I would suggest you look into polyester or polypropylene webbing. It's cheaper and does not stretch.
Walt Lars (1 год назад)
I think I saw a Amazon box laying on the ground
M0hawk99 (1 год назад)
I got mine from Amazon. They call it Nylon webbing
Simon Mijatovich (1 год назад)
any discount fabric store will have full rolls like you see
David Ulrich (1 год назад)
I've seen a type of this strapping in rolls at a hardware store, locally. However, likely, to research for whole rolls online? Or, request the hardware store order you a roll or so, too? Otherwise...?
matt m (1 год назад)
genius. your full of so much invaluable information my friend. thanks as always! ✌
gkey63 (1 год назад)
That's a great idea. Where did you find those that long spool of strapping?
Rick Monaco (1 год назад)
Loved it! Thanks
Pagan Pride (1 год назад)
Oooo I like the idea of using strapping instead of rope!

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