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Put Salt in the Corners of Your House, and See What Happens

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What will happen if you pour salt in the corners of your house? Spoiler: it will change your life. Here are the most unusual and powerful uses for salt. What is going to happen to you if you spill salt? Duh, it will bring you bad luck. We are sure you heard that, and you might believe it, or not. But have you ever wondered where that superstition comes from? Some people believe it is because Judas Iscariot spilled it at the Last Supper. Others find a more practical explanation: spilling salt meant bad luck and future loss because it was expensive. Expensive and precious. Yes, you heard it right. And why would salt be that important to anyone? It has some magical powers you might have never heard of. TIMESTAMPS History of salt 1:12 Salt was used in different rituals 1:50 Reviving shower 4:04 Good luck charm 4:46 Money attraction 5:14 Support in a foreign environment 5:35 Wash off the negative energy 6:15 Protect your home from evil visitors 6:40 Cast out the evil objects 7:02 The “witch bottle” 7:32 Good luck, peace, and prosperity 8:30 Salt has been around for thousands of years. You might see it just as something you add to your meals to add some flavor to them, but it meant much more to our ancestors. Harvesting salt used to be a long and complicated process, so only the rich were able to afford it. Ancient Romans even paid their soldiers with it, and the army appreciated that. It helped them preserve food, so that was fair enough. If you look at the origins of the word “salary” you will even see something salt-like in it. Yes, it comes from the Latin word for “salt.” Did you know that? If not, “like” this video to show you have just learned something new. Okay, it is clear that salt was expensive and highly appreciated. But that is just one side of it. From very old times, it was used in different rituals because of its magical powers. Ancient Egyptians, for example, would not set on a journey without performing a ritual involving salt. They burnt it on hot coals to scare away the evil spirits. Then, and only then, the caravans got on their way across the desert. We hope these tricks will help you feel better and live in harmony. If you found this video useful, let us know by giving it a like. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (4 days ago)
TIMESTAMPS History of salt 1:12 Salt was used in different rituals 1:50 Reviving shower 4:04 Good luck charm 4:46 Money attraction 5:14 Support in a foreign environment 5:35 Wash off the negative energy 6:15 Protect your home from evil visitors 6:40 Cast out the evil objects 7:02 The “witch bottle” 7:32 Good luck, peace, and prosperity 8:30
manizabayo eliezel (9 minutes ago)
this video is a waste of time
Kathleen Hart (15 hours ago)
I will take what you say with a grain of salt. Lol
rosalinda edet (1 day ago)
i have learnt a lot
Victor Guiomar (1 day ago)
Salt, always used for the seasoning of food and for the preservation of things from corruption, had from very early days a sacred and religious character. The Prophet Eliseus employed it to make palatable the waters of a well (2 Kings 2:19 sqq.). The Orientals used it to cleanse and harden the skin of a newborn child (Ezekiel 16:4); by strewing salt on a piece of land they dedicated it to the gods; in the Jewish Law it was prescribed for the sacrifices and the loaves of proposition (Leviticus 2:13). In Matthew 5:13, salt symbolizes wisdom, though perhaps originally it had an exorcistic signification. Its use in the Church belongs exclusively to the Roman Rite. The Ritual knows two kinds of salt for liturgical purposes, the baptismal salt and the blessed salt. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13403b.htm
JEventures (1 day ago)
This vid made me sleepy..🙄
Thomas Packard (1 day ago)
500 uses for salt.
I ate a whole salt bag help
gary krat (2 days ago)
I been doing for over a 2 decades, no bugs the house, no bad smell, plus 'I can use it on my tomatoes.
Michael Donovan (2 days ago)
I found that salt story hard to swallow. Good grief
Gilda Cholakian (3 days ago)
Brought to you by (blank) salt company. I can't believe I sat and watched this.....
Naomi Black (3 days ago)
Only God can save .Go to him in prayer.
Rough salt or fine salt?
Shirley Wood (3 days ago)
If I put it on my front door will it keep those pesky Jehovah Witnesses away
Soha Ahmed (4 days ago)
do u know in Arabic countries we believe the opposite :) I mean salt can remove the bad spirit and such things..
Higher Up (4 days ago)
Thank you very much my pinch of salt for giving me a peaceful life.
Kingsley Jackie (5 days ago)
This is a basic form of witchcraft. Practicing this does not make u any different from a witch. In my opinion its even a quick way to get initiated into the dark side since you subscribe to their beliefs. Only the blood of Jesus can set you free. If it's not in the bible do not do it. Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes unto the father except thru me. Stay away from all these new age nonsense and do yourself some good.
Steven DeAtley (5 days ago)
if you want to change your life for the better get more Jesus in it,then you can put the salt on your food.
Sunmoon Stars (5 days ago)
This is luciferian sh*t, the light-bulb symbol being a bit of a clue. I watched it, because I thought there might have been physical qualities to the salt, to do with damp in the house, or something. Recently, my plumber bought special crystals in plastic holders from the hardware store, to speed-up drying-out after a flood, and it gave me the idea. However, this vdeo is all hocus-pocus nonsense.
Lovinsfun - er (5 days ago)
BOOGA - BOOGA BS !!! = What a Waste of MY F .... TIME !
Let me tell you! Last month I poured salt around my back yard and this month all my chickens and ducks died
Venus Sawyer (6 days ago)
Do not do this, you will trap evil spirits into your home and they can and will posses you!
Florah Angel (6 days ago)
Nonsense,such a waste of time
Jared jm Yassen (6 days ago)
Hannah Mensah (6 days ago)
Connie Barberi (6 days ago)
Google give me the Google give me the movie The Better movies free movies
Leng Xiong (6 days ago)
I did this and nothing happened. Now im just salty.
I lalt this vidio
Justine Simone (6 days ago)
You’re worth your salt! Thanks!! 👍🏻
Kimberly Smart (7 days ago)
i just rebuked this video in Jesus name. dont let the devil treat you like a puppet and start using salt for solutions rather than trusting in God
Christoph Rydzewski (7 days ago)
so because one uses salt to feel comfort its a issue. but you can drink the whine of christ and eat of his body but cannibalism metaphoric is not a negative idea of ritual? all i see of your prophets is seperation of peace and chaos up on brothers. if you believe in a god then believe in him. not humans
JANET (7 days ago)
Jessie Cage (8 days ago)
N v free 36/
trust, but verify (8 days ago)
amazing! i sprinkled salt in every corner of my home and immediately got a phone call from a guy named "gupta" that said i'd won a million dollars in the publishers clearing house sweepstakes!!! i only needed to wire him $1000 dollars to cover some export fee! he said i will get the money within 24 hours! i'm gonna be soooo rich!!!
Jamileh Asgharpour (8 days ago)
Every one has salt at home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but nothing happen .
joe egbert (8 days ago)
pound salt .......
patrick Wall (8 days ago)
I remember hearing this superstition, and the remedy was to throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder.
Ingrid Hamel (8 days ago)
Jayson Rebecca (9 days ago)
And if the devil is gonna show up im done
Maniwood Updates (9 days ago)
Salt is salty in taste
Thelma Carinio (9 days ago)
1:59 tilt slips fo life
Beth Buchanon (9 days ago)
Usually you offer valuable info... or so I thought... this one wreaks of superstition even witchcraft. ‘Unsubscribing’
Watch Virality (10 days ago)
Can't believe someone did this video.. actually, you have a mess in 4 corners of the house.. which is bad.. :))))
Jubi Jubiriya (10 days ago)
This is just like sugar if we kept sugar around the house what happens Ants came and take
addmilkmeinekneegrow (10 days ago)
Humans are a waste of life.
Fyuri LeBlanc (10 days ago)
first, you should bury your "witch" bottle near your front door to protect your home. second, an easy ritual is to put a cup of salt in a gallon of water. shake it up good. then make a circle of the water around your home. this will put a protective barrier around your home. we use red brick dust as well as salt for good luck. but salt has many more uses. we use it as an earth substitute in some of the things we do. it has much of the same energies as earth. another thing about salt- especially himalayan salt. did you know that if you use a salt lamp, the heat from the bulb will release negative ions into the air? what negative ions do is make the air healthier to breathe. beeswax candles do the same thing. and there is a reason they use things like epsom salts for aches and pains and salt water for clearing nasal passages. our body is salty. we respond to salt. problem is, too much of it can make you retain too much fluid and hurt your health. lol so many think the old ways are simply superstition, however, did you know that "holy water" is made with salt and water and then blessed? there were a lot of scriptures in the bible relating to the use of salt and its value. go research it. good video.
Froyo Edits (10 days ago)
Ants will happen
Sarah Cole (10 days ago)
lot's wife was turn into salt
Johnanna Burke (10 days ago)
do not do this it is witch craft
balajee hills9 (11 days ago)
What is the meaning of A in our hand
Karen Baker (11 days ago)
why depend on salt to give you prosperity, good luck and protection, when Jesus can give it to you without all that?
Trust in the Holy Blood of Jesus and you will only use salt for your food. Holiness is what can keep the devil away from your Life because he know the bible but he cannot do what the bible says but if you will rely on the precious HolySpirit to help you live a Holy life, you will be free from attacks by the devil. The Blood of Jesus is sufficient for me
Sudhakaran m.c (11 days ago)
Emma (11 days ago)
Oh, and this reminds me of one time I made Mum an anti-stress charm of salt dyed with food colouring (looks like little kinda-precious Stones)...
Maria Herron (11 days ago)
Win my opion Jana much happier then having a lazy on top of her especially on this hot weather good for my Jana
Emma (11 days ago)
Glad you mentioned the SAFE rituals, there’s some bad ones out there! Also the sound of the salt being poured in this video is awesome, like getting a handful of beads or something in a video game! 💝
Mike Wasowskayy (11 days ago)
Mahdi Wadud (11 days ago)
This is nonsense “salt is a good luck charm” wow, it’s like we are still uncivilized
Musically Heros (12 days ago)
i want to put salt in your nose hahaha
Adam First (12 days ago)
many of these sound like witchcraft or idol worship... the others sound like non-sense..
James Garcia (12 days ago)
Key words. Ritual. Protect ,
Fay Elliott (12 days ago)
Thanks for the video , life is always a learning experience
Berdy Berd (12 days ago)
Salt is created but jesus is the creator, the creator is buter than the creation so in the name of jesus demon scatter
Sulma Calderon (12 days ago)
in 5:59 when you put the salt with water my mom saids to put the salt with water in every corner of your house or hotel so then if someone died in that room or anything evil happends the salt and water will keep away the evil spirits
Dark Logic (12 days ago)
....will it keep Trump away?
Maria Cruz (12 days ago)
Really!!! I Esther trust in the Almighty. Gee!! The world world be a perfect place if we use salt? Unbeliebable!!!!
lps knj (13 days ago)
I'm Irish and never new we did that if people where un😐😊 well
nick Ignjatovic (13 days ago)
Salt has many uses. It relieves aches and pains when used as a bath, it can disinfect wounds and cure people, people have used it to disinfect streams and wells, tastes great especially with meat,  it separates into positive and negative ions in a solution and conducts electricity.
Ashaima Alkholany (13 days ago)
FYI salt destroys or breaks u kidney
David Cataño Aybar (13 days ago)
this video is very fool because i waste 10 min of my life to understand the salt, it is just for leave the negative energy so dont look that :)
What the... Lord Jesus ... we are the salt of the earth. I have power over all the power of the wicked one in Jesus name. Now, bathing is epsom salt does feel good.
bob bob (14 days ago)
He said resist the "evil eye".. Good grief...
Ramona White (14 days ago)
They say that hear in Jamaica too
Dr Eka (14 days ago)
use the spiritual bathing soap, before using it speak everything about the evil people you want on it and use it to take your bath...That is what is called BACK TO SENDER.....Anywhere you are no enemy can stay there and when they see you in an environment, they will be afraid and they will go away never to see you ,,OK..A man mighty not no who are enemies are But with this back to sender soap, You will see who your true enemies are,,(dreka14demons@gmail.com
David Thomas (14 days ago)
Salt magic
David Thomas (14 days ago)
It sounds to me your selling salt!
Martin Uche (14 days ago)
Why not give glory to God for his creatures instead of giving honour to Satan. God should take the glory. It is neither a spell, enchantment, magic nor ritual. It belongs to God for divine purposes. Repent and give your life to Jesus Christ so as to be free from Idolatry. Jesus is coming soon. Are ready to spend eternity in heaven? Confess now, repent and accept Jesus into your life as your Saviour. Go on to live a Holy life.... God bless you
XKLUSIVE SOUNDS (14 days ago)
One Can't be believing in the blood of Jesus and supports these nonsensical myths.
Laverne Butler (15 days ago)
such an casino bus
Jenny Luna (15 days ago)
This is Satanic an abanomation against the Holy one! people don't do this.. it's an open door of a portal of darkness a door u can't ever close! This is no laughing Matter!! Protect your home and ur children's by picking up the Bible king james version....Jesus does not teach this Jesus Christ Is the way and the truth and the light, Jesus never teach us wizards or any of what this video is saying, Jesus said our body is the salt! But not that kind of salt shown in this video! Please in Jesus name Amen don't do this.....Jesus died for us for our sins.in trade...for his life so that we may live through him our creator our savior!.....god bless you all Amen.dont give the power to our adversary Satan! U will never be at peace nor rest...u will be torture by these demonic spirit's of darkness! Again may Our lord Jesus Christ Almighty Amen 🙏 ✝️ 🕊 protect us in Jesus name Amen 🙏 ✝️ 🕊
terry baker (15 days ago)
melinda camillo (15 days ago)
Cupcom5 (15 days ago)
0:23 I just found that slightly gross.
הילה מור (15 days ago)
If there is acupboard in the corner?
y1521t21b5 (16 days ago)
BS title.
Rho RhoTiss (16 days ago)
is this a witchcraft site? Don't spread evil spells.
Tomford love (17 days ago)
I Love This
TeryDeb6 Ono (18 days ago)
Munachiso Amefula (18 days ago)
I love the video thanks
Munachiso Amefula (18 days ago)
I love the video I will do it by nne
Annie Bobanee (18 days ago)
Answer?... you have pilesof salt in the corners of your house... The End😆
Austin goodwyn (19 days ago)
Salt it doesn't let the ghosts in.
salt from dead sea or black or mediterieneansea kept all of the four walls in the living room can cure lung diseases and is prescribed in ayurveda
The Flight simmer Guy (19 days ago)
If you want your house to be protected from evil if you use salt use a clean container and put salt wrap it and put it at the side not floor but window if poured the salt GOOD LUCK DYING
Precious Dass (19 days ago)
i pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop hfhcms h
MohammedPS Kamara (19 days ago)
Don't try it" or else you want some evil spirits to visit your home.
Eric Aarseth (19 days ago)
Mildly interesting supersites nonsense.
jesse tobias (20 days ago)
now its so cheap?????????
Jackline Ayodi (21 days ago)
how can I use salt to pass my exams
Sloopy .Dog (21 days ago)
My wife watched this and put salt all over the house. I am not happy, in fact I feel like i've been asalted.
cattycorner (21 days ago)
beware the evil cucumber!!

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