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Put Salt in the Corners of Your House, and See What Happens

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What will happen if you pour salt in the corners of your house? Spoiler: it will change your life. Here are the most unusual and powerful uses for salt. What is going to happen to you if you spill salt? Duh, it will bring you bad luck. We are sure you heard that, and you might believe it, or not. But have you ever wondered where that superstition comes from? Some people believe it is because Judas Iscariot spilled it at the Last Supper. Others find a more practical explanation: spilling salt meant bad luck and future loss because it was expensive. Expensive and precious. Yes, you heard it right. And why would salt be that important to anyone? It has some magical powers you might have never heard of. TIMESTAMPS History of salt 1:12 Salt was used in different rituals 1:50 Reviving shower 4:04 Good luck charm 4:46 Money attraction 5:14 Support in a foreign environment 5:35 Wash off the negative energy 6:15 Protect your home from evil visitors 6:40 Cast out the evil objects 7:02 The “witch bottle” 7:32 Good luck, peace, and prosperity 8:30 We hope these tricks will help you feel better and live in harmony. If you found this video useful, let us know by giving it a like. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (6075)
Marteeno Simpson (1 hour ago)
Ur dum
Rhonda Davis (2 hours ago)
Jesus Christ is all the protection I need.
Isabel Ceron (2 hours ago)
This was a really salty video for sure thanks
Isabel Ceron (2 hours ago)
Why everyone waited it 8:41 WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU pour salt in the corners of your house ....your welcome
precision Brown (6 hours ago)
Put salt on a wound 💋
Missy Lou (7 hours ago)
It removed the spirits from your home.
SanDap Seepakdy (9 hours ago)
Yes yes i never know about salt can help ! Life beter luck !
frany alva (11 hours ago)
you're so full of sh..t
Bhaumik Gohel (20 hours ago)
People have enough water in Africa to bath?
Jason Thompson (21 hours ago)
I've never seen witchcraft brought about as if it's science. To Christians I'll say that you are the salt of the earth but if the salt has lost its flavor, how then will it be seasoned? Its so useless at that point you can only use it for people to walk on. Have salt in yourselves and peace with one another.
Aidil Gomes (21 hours ago)
Comments are hilarious. No need for salt Jesus Christ Does a better job with no mess behind.
Kinetic Confidant (23 hours ago)
Pier Luço (1 day ago)
more videos like this please... ✌
Eva Ahl-Waris (1 day ago)
Thanks, but really? Basic middleschool chemistry will tell you that salt is an important catalyst. Why, that's why people noticed it worked to preserve food etc in ancient times, and do even more... but this perspective is a bit weird... could it be more down-to-earth? Thank you!
Lydia Appelmans (1 day ago)
Jesus said that if you believe, you can move mountains. So this is the same, it will work if you truly believe it.
Wanda Daugherty (1 day ago)
Surely you gest! Let's just teach everyone to be a witch. None of this will protect you from the wrath of God. Think about this before you try any of these stunts. Read your bible save yourself from this intoward generation
John McConnell (1 day ago)
fast forward button... best invention ever.
I can't believe I had actually done a couple of those just by random thoughts that came to me during weird days. One day I was suddenly struck with the idea of drinking salt water after praying over it (did wonders defending against gall stones sent through an evil spell), covering corners of rooms with salt, bathing in salt, drawing salt lines on the doors's edges of the house and praying for fire to scorch any wicked trespassers!!! This is so weird, but it worked for me before. xD
Pearl McGee (1 day ago)
Can I use any type of salt to do any of these rituals? If not what kind of salt should I use?
Wilfredo Stretz (2 days ago)
it's not real, it's real maybe it's your imagination or someone else's imagination or maybe it's my dream or your nightmare maybe or maybe it's everything or maybe we are just a drop in an endless sea
Wilfredo Stretz (2 days ago)
words are missing for a reason
THERLOW POPE JR (2 days ago)
CHICKEN INVADER (2 days ago)
This video is salty....
Prisca Legentil (2 days ago)
2013 i was making horrible nightmare.sometimes was unable to sleep. Strange things happended to me. I talk about all these to an old women in my country. She ask me to put cristal salt under my bed and in every corner of my room. After that all these stopped.
Ram Kumar (2 days ago)
When someone says, "This might sound naive, but this method really works." IT SO BLOODY DOES NOT! Useless people.
Juliet beauty (2 days ago)
I love this so much
Thomas Schick (3 days ago)
...Dah! Okay George!..
wayofthinkin (3 days ago)
Lol. Did he say " Resuscation of the Lord's prayer ' ? He obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word. Better get your ducks in a row before you try to teach us something.
D LOUI (3 days ago)
is to keep the snakes out....
Talila Dillon (3 days ago)
If I put salt in the corners of my house, my dog might eat it bcuz he eats everything including bugs. He's my personal pest control. Lol..
Tuffy Baxton (3 days ago)
A-salt-rifle... :0
Teofila Espurrez (3 days ago)
Rubbish! You want peace, prosperity and all that is good...open your heart, mind and soul to Jehovah God.
Kaye Pullen (3 days ago)
What a bunch of malarkey!!
Lizie Lue (4 days ago)
Why does it have to be sea salt?
Allen Coutinho (4 days ago)
Salt to frighten evil spirits? Just take your Rosary and pray and sprinkle holy water around your house and the evil spirits will definitely disappear. As for me I don’t believe in evil spirits. I believe only in god and have faith in god. Bless you all who is reading this 🙏
psycho (4 days ago)
Having a relationship with Jesus will prevent anything from happening. Whether the superstition is real or not
etimbuk eventus (4 days ago)
Finding it hard to believe this tho
E.J. Kelly (4 days ago)
I wanted time I will never get back watching this B.S. to add to that, the voice is freaking annoying. Oofa!
E.J. Kelly (4 days ago)
Cynthia McTyre (4 days ago)
How do you create a salt shower?
RACHEL HOBDELL (4 days ago)
Like. Thank you :)
Tanya Wieczorek (4 days ago)
"Resuscitation" of the Lord's prayer? 😂
Am Pm309 (4 days ago)
Not true it’s a cleansing agent ..spiritually
Fyori Soum Sium (4 days ago)
Jesus us our sever not salt,bleve in the neam off jesus you will be protekted
Orlando Sanchez (4 days ago)
youll get an ant attack
Taylor Martin (5 days ago)
leonidas 666 (5 days ago)
MALCOLM MALCOLM (5 days ago)
Why is there sugar lumps when it says 2
Occult New Age.
deltavee2 (6 days ago)
Black salt is also said to work for #1, supposedly.
lmendozahydes (6 days ago)
"the BIBLE WORKS BETTER" with prayer.
Pyrovolimeno (6 days ago)
Salt is an excellent pesticide. No ants, no crawling bugs in general will pass through salt and live.
Linda Jensen (6 days ago)
my mother said they sprinkled Salt on the bed to keep the fleas off the baby in San Francisco years ago
A. Osmond (6 days ago)
Superstition and paganism on the rise
Werner Stoffels (7 days ago)
Put salt at your doorstep to keep frogs out at night yah
Evan Taaved Pert (7 days ago)
Matthew 5:13 God knows Salt. So does Satan from God.... Lucifer Wanted Free Will like a human, yet retaining the power of Angels. The Word of God tells US. Parables for ANY and ALL... unenlightened. If the SALT is not salty any more, TOSS it. Trample the UNSALTY SALT in the DIRT because without saltiness, SALT is LESS useful than DIRT. LESS USEFUL.
Evan Taaved Pert (7 days ago)
YOU CAN SHATTER A CRYSTAL [e.g. a diamond, an amethyst, or a dry crystal of salt], yet YOU CAN'T SHATTER GOD. YOU CAN DISSOLVE NaCl Crystal's in water, yet YOU CAN NOT DISSOLVE GOD. "I LOVE EVERYTHING. Don't IT MAKE YOU FEEL SAD." - Cat Stevens
Evan Taaved Pert (7 days ago)
xiaosu liu (7 days ago)
Don’t worry I hate cucumbers too it has negative energy
DokterKnow (7 days ago)
Superstition and magic -- tools for the ignorant!!! I'll never visit Bright Side again.
Pourya (7 days ago)
I cant believe how many dumb people liked this video. They accept information without any evidence.
Greg Yochum (7 days ago)
Margarete Wojtowycz (7 days ago)
I loved it
Angelica Coles (7 days ago)
omg its like every simple thing you do is a sin doesnt matter if you didnt know or if its the tiniest thing
HRD HRD (7 days ago)
Humbug. Pure superstition. You don't need luck, you need the guidance and protection of Christ Jesus.
Sydney Chakma (7 days ago)
Am I the only Buddhist? or is there more people with a different religion?
ctlynn lry (7 days ago)
ctlynn lry (7 days ago)
panza381 (7 days ago)
Bree (8 days ago)
Some of you aren't winning the salt of the Earth Award, not even by Jesus's standards.
Fay Elliott (8 days ago)
Thanks some of these i heard of my grandfather tells me
Audrey Orozco (8 days ago)
This is just superstition!
kingjim713 (8 days ago)
Why...oh why do you feel the need to play sound effects so often? It's a 10min video about salt...I do not need to be reminded of that with the persistent sound effect of salt pouring. Please stop doing that in your videos.
Zane Roberts (8 days ago)
Oh is that what you want Lana?!! Because that's how you get ants!
Radwulf Eboraci (8 days ago)
Cheezy voice.
Parsa Dorbeigi (9 days ago)
Aaaaaaand unsubscribe....
Razia Akhtar (9 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣soo funny
Zephro YT (9 days ago)
Tahera Faruque (9 days ago)
Unexpected video from bright side! I thought, bright side always update realistic video. But it's totally unrealistic and superstacious!!!
stuart taylor (10 days ago)
I drink only salt water and I feel great and energized.
Han Nguyen (10 days ago)
Lol “what would happen if u pour salt?” “Duh bad luck” lol that had me dead
Baz Keeley (10 days ago)
22 secs and I'm out. 🤦‍♂️
George Mercer (10 days ago)
It'll keep you from sweating when things gets warmed up
Try some water salt and see what happen
Gary Teague (10 days ago)
himanshu sojitra (10 days ago)
I wanna definitely try this..wuhahahaha.
Melbe Loperbk (10 days ago)
Sounds effect of salt is ggervtiting so Iquitwatchin
Sylvia Delgadillo (10 days ago)
I heard if u sprinkle salt in a persons shoe and make a trail to the door it will get rid of this over stayed guest once an fur all
Enrique Martinez (11 days ago)
does Epsom salt work the same way ?
Enrique Martinez (11 days ago)
Himalayan salt is the best compared to the white salt
Enrique Martinez (11 days ago)
Salt was traded as currency between the Jews I think it was not sure
OreoCookie MSP (11 days ago)
Im scared to stay home alone and i always hear weird sound also i feel something around me or like near me like Uhh its scary but i pray but its not working help
Because I don't want to use too much Salt Hey so I just did one room
Boom PaTuCara (11 days ago)
Also, don't forget... Pour salt on open bleeding wounds on your body, and it will bring you prosperity and good vibes...
David Lang (11 days ago)
What utter nonsense!
kensmithmail (11 days ago)
Belief is the most powerful thing in the universe, if you really believe that something will happen like it already has happened then it probably will, which is also the basis of the law of attraction, if you really believe that salt will protect you then it probably will, just like if you really believe it is a lot of nonsense then it also is. Just like if you believe walking under a ladder brings bad luck it probably will, this is also why if you are always negative negativity will follow you and if you are always positive you will have a much better life. Just like if you believe what I am saying is a lot of nonsense then it will be for you. Your life your choice, have a good day.
Jan Simms (10 days ago)
kensmithmail ... very WELL SAID hun ... 😊😊😊😊
Geeks generation (11 days ago)
Witchcraft! I resist!
Celia Gorleski (11 days ago)
I believe that salt is extremely beneficial. It does amazing things to french fries. It's like magic. If you don't use it they taste like you're just eating overcooked slices of potato. Everybody needs to try this. But I would recommend that you don't overdo it because you'll become extremely thirsty.
Christine Still (11 days ago)
Resuscitation (?) of the Lord's Prayer??? I think you RECITE IT so it is RECITATION of the Lord's Prayer!!! Unless you want to bring it bank to life! Even a computer should be able to read! DUMB so is most of the rest of it & those 'salt noises' are really annoying! Negative energy? This is 90% nonsense plus learn to read!!
Kevin Raper (12 days ago)
Any "Supernatural" fan knows about a salt ring as protection.
Tatjana Johnston (13 days ago)
this is creepy
God is Kind 123 (13 days ago)
salt is awesome
God is Kind 123 (13 days ago)
salt is awesome
Jimi Helms (13 days ago)
Love, love your site! NAMASTE

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