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Tesla's Solar Roof Is Cheaper Than Expected

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Tesla will begin delivering its first solar roof tiles this summer at a price point that could expand the U.S. solar market. Bloomberg's Tom Randall explains how the tiles work, how they're priced and why Elon Musk sees them as part of a solar-powered trifecta. Read more about the pricing here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-11/tesla-s-solar-roof-sets-musk-s-grand-unification-into-motion ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (2159)
Justin D'Affronte (19 hours ago)
I've got SolarCity panels connected to PowerWall charging my EV and supplying all energy to the house, 100% renewable home and vehicle with annual refunds from Edison thank You Elon and Tesla Team!
Taner Burgaz (2 days ago)
Elon is so thicc😩😩😩
Ben McCaughey (13 days ago)
How can something yet to exist be "cheaper" (ENG Prof taught better word for business: "more economical") than expected? I had Solar City come out and they said these shingles don't exist, tried to sell me ugly panels to put on my beautiful house for a mere few bucks less a month than I currently pay for electric - added up the "20 YEAR! lease agreement" and it came to 60k for about 8k worth of materials that can be installed in a couple days- NO THANKS!
Alex Shuysky (20 days ago)
Well, I mean if Tesla put high price on it people wouldn't use it. We need long term solution and it's hard to do with manufacturer want profits only. It's great that Ellon Musk care more about the environment than just the Profit.
007 BaTMaN (21 days ago)
Couple issus like how do they compensate for heat and will it blind birds or planes like normal solar power panels. Why not put solar power panel strips on roads for potentially unlimited energy of course there is obvious issues that would need to be fixed but very high potential.
Haskalah (23 days ago)
Not cheaper than expected
nba dumboy (24 days ago)
Fuck Alaska amrite
orion khan (24 days ago)
I’m so excited that the new house I’m building will have a Tesla SolarRoof !! (Also two PowerWalls and a bunch of other whizbang renewable tech... 11 days without power after *Hurricane Irma* in the sweltering SW Florida summer is something I *_never_* want to experience again !!!)
BadChicken * (24 days ago)
Clorox Bleach (24 days ago)
Elon Musk is short for Elongated Musket Rifle
oooohyea2121 (26 days ago)
TESLA! I love what he's doing. Financially, I can't afford it yet.
Mark Basaj (29 days ago)
we have a bunch of solar panels on our roofs that can constantly power 20 homes. And our village has the most solar panels pre person in europe and thats why we'll be getting a 30 ton battery for the whole village! :D
Joseph M (29 days ago)
Tesla products is only for rich people
Louie Holgado (1 month ago)
Does it absorb power even when it' s raining?
Moons Parade (1 month ago)
Americans call tiles “shingles?”
PrisonEarth (1 month ago)
this is great, I cant wait to see all the crooked utility companies go out of business. They spent Millions in Florida to try and make solar panels illegal.
Dan L (1 month ago)
It's interesting, although the environmental argument is moot because of the sheer volume of rare earth minerals the current battery and solar tech require in order to work, and they're short lived, a solar panel loses efficiency to the point that in 30 years time they're basically spent and batteries as anyone who owns a phone or laptop knows has a few years at best and those minerals are spent and unreusable. and these rare earth minerals will run out even at present growth of solar and battery industry usage before oil does.
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
Finally someone thought of this, the roof itself is the solar panel(s) Smart !!
joel martinez (1 month ago)
Elon Musk should get a noble prize at some point in his life, for trying to save the Earth.
jaja smile (1 month ago)
How much population it cost to make solar panels systems . When you have to dig very big holes in the ground for the raw materials , transport , ship , manufacturer . * the real savings in green house gases . It's a scam
Rifqi Aji (1 month ago)
may I know where to buy it .I'm from Indonesia
AMEER H (1 month ago)
If somehow they can make it effortable same price as normal roof.
MachadoSwag (1 month ago)
The video literally just explained that....
Blane Fink (1 month ago)
Solar Roadways but useful and durable
Tony irediao (1 month ago)
Why keep it only in Tesla stores? To get these products out there fast and to make profits even faster why not have them available at Lowe's, Home Depot, other hardware stores and even Amazon? Selling them only at his stores is a dumb idea.
Ruben (1 month ago)
It's not at Tesla stores. You have to contact an official distributor or installer they order them and install them for you. There is no way an average person or company that isn't trained with these could install these. It requires a lot of electrical work and it's a structural component.
Tony irediao (1 month ago)
This will make him worth $100 Billion plus if he's able to hold off knock offs. This in my view will be far far more profitable than any car.
Kosova Ethnic Albania (1 month ago)
From this moment I fell in love with Tesla!
mario figueroa (1 month ago)
Yeah awesome but you guys don't understand that there's a agenda to install a smart meter to spy on us!!!
letserb (1 month ago)
All this whole idea is doing is creating a unstable electrical grid. Uncontrolled feed is unpredictable and results in increased brown outs. Ask people who live close to wind farms about the stability of their power after the turbines have been put online. Green energy, great idea, reality proves it does not work.
salvador r (1 month ago)
I wish elon musk and Steve Jobs were my dads
mkmm60 (1 month ago)
Musk is such a visionary genius! But wait, solar pannels on the roof, a battery inside the house and an electric car, all of them exist for years and can be bought all over China, Europe, Japan and now ... the US. Great. The US follows the world, or better said their messias.
alex snor (1 month ago)
I need that mini Tesla
Darth Vader (1 month ago)
Elon always has our backs.
Mad Killer (1 month ago)
This is great. I dont want those ugly solar panels on my roof.
August Lin (1 month ago)
I'm still waiting
Maydi Rizky (1 month ago)
Im indonesian... It is really use full for my country... Why There is no indonesian people think of this idea.. We have a lot of sun shine Everyday...
Sarcalogos Tortolero (1 month ago)
Yeah but will it get stripped by the damn hurricanes and wind storms I love it and want it to work but I don’t know if I can in this area
Rustin Shaw (1 month ago)
To bad to many oil and coal ceos line the pockets of people that will make rules and regs to make it impossible they will tax the sun and fine you for not using the the power grid then carbon tax for global warming they have an agenda $$$
Tyler Langford (1 month ago)
Okay cool, how about solar cellphone screens?
3Summanus3 * (2 months ago)
Beautiful! But ________ Might not enjoy! I say FUCK THEM!
Ankit Kumar (2 months ago)
Ia this product available in India
TokinDaily (2 months ago)
The government is probably already planning to kill him
Jefff (2 months ago)
This is the same guy who has mastered landing rockets.
Douglas Musya (2 months ago)
Joshua Buddha (2 months ago)
Love the concept, but seriously? That’s way to expensive, if u truly do care about the earth try making things more affordable
Germaine's Blog (2 months ago)
Who do you call to install them a roofer or an electrician?
Angelo LLC (2 months ago)
It's hilarious how hard the U.S. is trying to stop renewable energy. Bottom line is the corporations won't make money once vehicles go electric, homes get solar power, and gasoline disappears. I guarantee you these companies are paying Congress members under the table to maintain and protect their interests.
Wisnu Wiradana (2 months ago)
I'd rather buy cheaper products from china
Fernando Moreno (2 months ago)
Elon Musk = Tony Stark
Anand Popat (2 months ago)
WOW. I am excited about this!
HandyMan101 (2 months ago)
Of course it is. Capitalism is better than Government. Everything is cheaper and better.
Noo Bie (2 months ago)
They should make building exterior solar panel walls or a solar panel car body... would that be awesome?
YepYopYoop YoopYopYep (2 months ago)
The creepy hipster wierdo voice again...
BlackStar Senpai (2 months ago)
Jen Dark Energy 384400 (2 months ago)
Only rich people get to save the planet. Our system is shameful.
Ps4 all the way (2 months ago)
Fuck I had this idea 3 years ago
TE S (2 months ago)
I like the way he thinks.  Roof-mounting panels is my main deterrent to going solar.  Not only do they tear up your roof, when you need a new roof, you'll have to pay to have the panels removed and re-installed.  And then using the electricity to power your electric car...yes!. This, by no means, seems far-fetched.  I would definitely like this solar system before I rretire.
Valerie D (2 months ago)
Wasup Fool (2 months ago)
Buy and you will never live long enough to pay for it.
Wenzel Massag (2 months ago)
With the right amount of sun and enough storage, houses will be off grid faster than Warren Buffet can lobby politicians to stop it!
Razer Gecko (2 months ago)
this guy is changing the world fully respect + support
Andy Melo (2 months ago)
Tesla will be an equivalent to a paper weight in the near future, mark my words. Elon musk doesnt hold a an electric candle to Nicola Tesla!
Andy Melo (2 months ago)
A quality metal decra or wakefeild bridge steel shingles go for 7 canadian dollars a sq foot installed guaranteed for 50 years. ING DIRECT! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!! STUPID LIBTARDS!
Andy Melo (2 months ago)
How does it work with shady areas and long winter months with snow covered roofs? Where are the ice guards or snow breakers to protect the eavestroughs, people and property, seems like a failed California air head idea. Teslas are the worst cars to fix and repair after a collision, how would a tesla roof do after a tree limb fall or a lightning strike? Tesla is like apple, a niche market failing to a global supply with no future innovation and wild crazy stupid ideas of the future that the og star trek already predicted.
Morning Star (2 months ago)
I will have this roof. And a tesla car too. Can't decide ,I love them all!
science is awesome (3 months ago)
Tesla and solar roofs? Elon your amazing 😁
Kurt Smith (3 months ago)
This is what we all need to do. Tesla definitely has a plan for this century.
Joon - young (3 months ago)
Cheap my ass, lol l don’t even think my rent + bills for the next 20 years will reach this price tag. great idea lm sure it’s effective but in the end it’s just a scum
James Rafferty (3 months ago)
Yeeah...but Obama's solar power tariff transferred over for end user prices and people who buy and install ANY solar panels pay through the nose. It doesn't matter where the the panels are assembled if the components come from China or Chinese backed companies.
Rayzr (3 months ago)
It is 2018 and no tiles in New York
Valkarez (3 months ago)
hi 2018 person here! turns out model 3s still arent in stores and they also have $15k worth in options!
David (3 months ago)
In 1974 a man who had worked for NASA, during the so called energy crisis in the USA, said there is no energy crisis. He knew something many did not. He was a most straightforward individual. Keep on trekking Elon. Change the world for the better
loendsti (3 months ago)
and this this advert is sponsored by tesla
ranger1000 (3 months ago)
damn going green is expensive, not with this economy
matt knauf (3 months ago)
if he can make this as expensive and reliable as regular roofing materials. he will make so much money, help the environment and create a addition energy plant without protestors. go elon
liquidbraino (3 months ago)
Damn sun worshippers! :P
BA_300_AAC (3 months ago)
Am I to believe that the reason the majority of people don't have solar panels is that they want them as a part of the shingles instead of being mounted on the roof or better yet on a separate system over part of the yard? Never heard anyone say anything like that. Just not seeing any advantage here. Hell, if you are the type that REALLY care about showing off your solar roof I would think you would prefer the panel look as it's so much more obvious to anyone looking at it...
idnq34 (3 months ago)
This is products ONLY the rich can ever afford.....this is why Tesla hasn't matched ford or even Volkswagen.....make stuff the COMMON "folk" can AFFORD!
idnq34 (3 months ago)
Look its amazing technology,....it would literally save our planet......the problem is cost....a standard home alone takes a lifetime to pay off.....this combo, "roof, power, car, would do well for the tiny house movement....then again.... upfront cost is always an issue
idnq34 (3 months ago)
Sadly that combo of three....look...the average wage of the MAJORITY is under 30,000 a year....with kids,....yea...wrap your smart brains around that problem!
F Huber (3 months ago)
and then there's the cities that are fining anyone who manages to go off grid. You MUST pay for the power meter and for the meter to be read each month even if you don't use any power. No power connect from the utility company and they say you can't occupy the dwelling. So there goes most of your cost saving's each month because you have to pay the minimum electric co monthly fee. Now that solar roof can NEVER pay for itself.
Max Verstappen . (3 months ago)
Honestly I’m tired of dirty gas stations ⛽️
Abs Godwin (3 months ago)
I would not mind coating my whole house with this!
xXxFLYMODE69xXx (3 months ago)
What happenes when the house catches on fire and a firefighter needs to do a virticle ventilation on the roof? Can a chainsaw go through the glass shingle solar panels without electricuting the user?
Austin Oldfield (3 months ago)
Elon musk is my fucking hero
kevinszhere1 (3 months ago)
Run for president
Roger didit (3 months ago)
FORTY DOLLARS A SQUARE FOOT? This guy must be hallucinating.
Roger didit (3 months ago)
They're gonna love this in Vermont.
Summarized Economy (3 months ago)
And may the future begin.
Tom Seppe (3 months ago)
lol, they have normal solar panels all over Belgium. I've never heard anyone complain over how they look. I personally think that solar panels look quite pretty.
chuck d (3 months ago)
50 years ahead and he would be offering it at cost. 100sq ft. Tesla shingles installed is almost $10000. Even the biggest rip off contractors with a standard roof would cost around $1000 per 100 sq.ft. so in realty you will never get your money back just something for rich people to buy to make themselves feel better about using a very disproportionate amount of resources to sustain thier lavish lives P.s.lets not forget the future problem of huge amounts of extremely toxic chemicals in solar panels that will have to be dealt with as they reach the ends of their lifespan. Fyi. Average solar panel has a useful life of less than 15 years
Stan M (3 months ago)
Just add 30% Trump tax and your ready to go..
Alexander Matias (4 months ago)
Pretty innovative. But im a practical guy and i need all the details. Our roofs get pretty dirty over the years and we all knowdirt and solar panels dont mix. Telsa or someone should start a company that periodically services and cleans the solar tiles.
Jose Toral (4 months ago)
It's 2018... where they at?!
W Dora (4 months ago)
where cqn i buy it.. want to instal it right know
sushil solanki (4 months ago)
In India we have enough solr energy as it's always hot there. Will it work on intensity of Sun light? Is there any way to get it in india
bryce e (4 months ago)
They are changing the world
Blob Fatterson (4 months ago)
Fake news. Fake green energy. Fake unproven lifetime service claims. Already proven grid power will be cheaper for a long time to come. Maintaining solar system is a pain. Musk is part of a very clever pyramid scheme; 4.9 billion in gov dollars received. Therein lies his true genius.
Alberto Portugal (4 months ago)
I’m getting a Tesla solar roof installed in my anus with a 30 year mortgage.
Forever Crypto (4 months ago)
Lmfao tesla is gonna be fucking HUGE
Forever Crypto (4 months ago)
ELON MUSK is the fucking man lol
Forever Crypto (4 months ago)
Thumbs up if you answer that first question right "All of them". Lol knowing what tesla has done for solar i just went with the most probable answer.

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