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Most Powerful Video I've seen

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"I'm Not Gonna Miss You" by Glen Campbell tells exactly what Alzheimer's disease does. Mr. Campbell is now in later stage 6 and can no longer communicate.
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Bare Knuckles (2 года назад)
I hope you see this because I am 100% serious when I say it. First off I'm from Georgia and also named Ricky. Have twin sons 5yrs old and a beautiful, loving wife. We're as close and as loving as a family can be and love being around one another. Theu only thing that kills me daily ( and some days are worse than others ) is that I'm the only one out of the family that knew my dad. He died about 15 years ago before Imarried to my now ex-wife. Over the last 15 years I've grown from a big kid to a husband and a father. In doing so, there have been too many special and monumental things happen in my life to list. Things in which I would have loved more than anything else in the world for my dad to be a part of. I've also longed for his advice and even criticism to help guide me thru this complicated like we live. He was a gentle giant who's presence would bring love and laughter to any person he met. You sir, remind me of him so much it's startling and I thank you for that. From the accent to the fact that I can tell you have a big heart. Whenever I see someone like you it allows my brain to release memory upon memory of life with him here and fills my heart up with a feeling that I'm not capable of explaining with words. So let me end by telling you I thank you so much for putting up your videos. They have not only made me laugh but given me th)oke opportunity to show my family a glimpse of what he looked like.

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