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Sustainability Education at UBC: Towards Place and Promise

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Sustainability features prominently in The UBC Strategic Plan, and is increasingly cited as a value and objective for diverse activity across the University. It's agreed that educators need to integrate and enhance sustainability in courses, programs and initiatives. But what is 'sustainability education'? What support is available for sustainability educators at UBC? This session will briefly share some of the sustainability education projects presently underway at the University, and hopefully kick off an open discussion on how these efforts can be enhanced and, yes, sustained in the future. Moderated by Yona Sipos, Ph.D. Candidate, Integrated Studies, Land and Food Systems Panelists: Jean Marcus, Ph.D., Associate Director, Sustainability Teaching and Learning Office Farah Shroff, Ph.D., Faculty Member, Department of Family Practice & School of Population and Public Health Naoko Ellis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering Margaret Gardiner, Program Assistant, First Nations Languages Program Matt Zustovic, Undergraduate Team Member, Forestry Sustainability Group
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