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dōTERRA TOP 10 ESSENTIAL OILS 🌟 Videos, organics & ranks (YouTube)

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dōTERRA TOP 10 ESSENTIAL OILS ✨ Top organics videos & top ranked essential oils. (Tips & Tricks) ☑️ dōTERRA Facebook Strategy Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1572386949463055/ ******************************************************* ☑️ T.C.I.T. WEBSITE & SERVICES = http://techcertit.com/ ******************************************************* :: TOP 10 dōTERRA ESSENTIALS OILS :: ================================ On Guard = 40,500 Breathe = 27,100 Deep Blue = 22,200 Serenity = 18,100 Balance = 14,800 Lavender = 14,800 Frankincense = 14,800 Digestzen = 12,100 Peppermint = 12,100 Wild Orange = 9,900 ================= :: ABOUT dōTERRA :: ================= doTerra (styled dōTERRA) is a multi-level marketing company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah that sells essential oils and other related products. dōTERRA was founded in 2008 by David Stirling and former executives, employees, and distributors of Young Living, a company which also sells essential oils, and Nu Skin. Stirling is its president and CEO. :: HISTORY :: As of 2013, dōTERRA reported about 450 corporate employees; 350 at the Utah headquarters, and 100 at offices in Taiwan, Japan, Europe and in Australia. As of 2016, dōTERRA also listed over 3 million independent distributors (i.e., salespersons), which the company refers to as "Wellness Advocates." According to the company's multi-level marketing organization, salespeople are expected to recruit other sales people in order to increase their own profits. As of 2014, the company sells over 150 products such as supplements, personal care items, and essential oils. Its products are marketed for usage in cooking, cleaning, and health. As of 2013, approximately 75% of the company's business was in the United States. In 2017, the company funded a "playground and sensory garden" located at a 10,000 square-foot autism center built by Utah Valley University. ==================================================== :: dōTERRA : ESSENTIAL OILS : HOW TO : REVIEWS : TOP 10 :: ====================================================
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TechCertIT (5 months ago)
dōTERRA TOP 10 ESSENTIAL OILS 🌟 Videos, organics & ranks (YouTube) _Why do you think MLM's struggle to succeed on this platform? Is there any questions you have about this video?_ YOUTUBE dōTERRA CHANNEL SUPPORT = https://www.facebook.com/groups/1572386949463055/
Edge Trends (5 months ago)
Excellent info!
TechCertIT (5 months ago)
*Thanks again!* Hope it helps?!?
I did not think about using YT videos as organics in search engines?!?
TechCertIT (5 months ago)
Videos can pull number 1 organic searches on Google, not a bad result if you can _optimize_ your video correctly 🔍

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