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Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan on guns

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Guest Ben Shapiro debates Piers Morgan on gun control, and the need, or lack thereof, for assault weapons. For more CNN videos, check out http://www.youtube.com/cnn or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Travis Reilly (3 часа назад)
joshua jackson (7 часов назад)
I like how Ben Shapiro structure his arguments
deepdragon2 (8 часов назад)
Piers Morgan is such an idiot he does not understand the 2nd amendment AT ALL LOL
Morgan Leecy (9 часов назад)
Piers Morgan utterly destroyed is a treat
Backyard Music Feedback (9 часов назад)
3:00 the way Ben says, "AND being a bully, yes." Was so badass. It's like... I can't even explain it. I don't have the intellectual capacity. However I'm certain you all know what I mean.
James Romero (11 часов назад)
Why ban full auto but not semi autos if it's for to protect yourself from government Tyranny?
Richard Aston (12 часов назад)
Piers Morgan is scum, the mere fact that this defunct, lying sack of shit has a TV show/career, is just a sign of how fucked up this planet is.
Austin Hernandez (18 часов назад)
I think this is the only video CNN had ever posted that I liked. Only because it's Ben Shapiro, of course.
Normalize - HuZkii (18 часов назад)
This is why Britain will always be a better politically organised country than America
Haybone (18 часов назад)
Let us debunk a problem with guns that I have. Is Assult a noun?
Billy Peterson (21 час назад)
"So she goes from good to bad?" "No, she goes from responsible to irresponsible." Just say that irresponsible is bad.
Andrew Black (1 день назад)
AND he never worked for CNN again
Declan Jolly (1 день назад)
was porky pig voiced by ben shapiro?
Sprongo (1 день назад)
I hate to admit it but Morgan was too strong for Shapiro here. Putting the essence of the debate to one side (a singularly american debate), Morgan scored more hits and dominated the interview, unfortunately.
Havo NovaScoped (1 день назад)
Ben roasted him hard
Mitt Roman Knee (1 день назад)
Salt levels 100
Gym Knopf (1 день назад)
Piers such a dumb fuck
Marcus Zucc (2 дня назад)
5:18 Pierce: "So is she good or bad?" Ben: "Your right Pierce I should have said responsible vs irresponsible" Pierce: "So she goes from good to bad" Ben: "No she goes from responsible to irresponsible" It's like Pierce will say someone said something, and when that person clarifies, Pierce still says they said the same thing, it's like he's doing this on purpose
RODDERS790 (2 дня назад)
I am from the uk and on behalf of EVERY person in the uk, i apologize for the birth of peirs morgan. Sorry America.
SingleTron (2 дня назад)
Ben Shapiro is so sharp, well read on all topics, dishes out statistics to back what he says, and slams everyone he debates. This guy is the light for how to use your brain to fight manipulative idiots like piers lol
Hey CNN, look at Switzerland.
512 PIxel (2 дня назад)
think you could have got him right there mention to screen evey person with in america to buy a gun with metal illness test mmmmmmmmm how much would that cost to screen ( cost = population ) unelss the person buying the gun has to pay for the test and how would they provide that test mmmmmmm wwould the test always work mmmmmm . why would need to test if guns are safe could got him right there . if guns are safe why would ur need this test = why would you need such a test-
Sarah Ray (2 дня назад)
Piers got fucking destroyed Hahahah. Its frustrating that he wasnt answering to Ben's questions but at the same time there was just nothing to say because Piers' arguments were wrong in the first place
Kasimea Kauvaka (2 дня назад)
Ben presents facts lol he has valid arguments and is able to provide evidence. I appreciate you Ben and your honesty!
Clyde Cavalieri (2 дня назад)
I don't know much about guns but it seems to me a person with a Beretta or a Glock with a 30 bullet clip in each hand and maybe one in his belt and additional clips in a fanny pack can do as much or more damage walking through a school than a person with an "assault rifle". Of course it doesn't have the "big scary" factor of an assault rifle, like the way people are more scared of the "big scary" semi than the F150 pickup.
M mmm (2 дня назад)
First and last vid about this Shapiro guy. At 4:25 I understood that he's dangerously WRONG.
Andrew Hume (2 дня назад)
Having military-type guns to defend against the possibility of your own government turning on it's people is often given as the main argument for owning such weapons. Ok, good enough...but a couple of points are being missed here: 1) The US military is going to destroy you regardless of having your assault rifles. Pretty much a fact I would say. Unless of course you all have thousands of tanks, F-18's, etc., etc, etc. Also, why can't anyone just come clean and admit in these debates that there are TONS of americans that own these types of guns simply because they LOVE guns and gun-culture type 'stuff'...the same way lot's of people are into cars, politics, football, etc., etc., etc. Also pretty much a fact. Just saying....not sure why these points don't get brought up??
Jake Parker (2 дня назад)
“I’m not smirking” *Smirking intensifies*
Anti Gunman (2 дня назад)
Americans are so fucking retarded
lecu1967 (3 дня назад)
Shapiro's argument is incredibly flawed. It's an 'all or nothing' approach to gun control Let's look at this in parallel More people are killed by ordinary cars than formula one cars. BUT we don't allow formula one cars on our roads because of that. They are high-powered vehicles that require special skills to operate. As with assault guns - just because they don't kill as many overall doesn't mean that they should not be controlled - because as it's pointed out - they're used in the mass-shootings. Australia hasn't had a mass-shooting since 1996. Yes, there's still crime, violent crime, and gun-related violent crime.
Jamie Fleming (3 дня назад)
...... Whole lot of fucken idiots in this comment box, Ben is a weedy little fuck, doesn't know fuck all about what he's trying to make a point about, rude as fuck, fuck that guy. Piers makes em sound so so stupid
Jawad Hussain (3 дня назад)
I don't really get Bens rational on gun rights, that the basis of gun rights is the second amendment, which is about resistance to government tyranny. Surely by going on Bens argument American citizens should have forces which could oppose a tyrannical government. How could this be accomplished when the government is in possession of tanks, warheads, various military aircraft and overwhelmingly more powerful weaponry against typical Americans with relatively hysterically under powered weaponry. Surely my view which I have presented here negates the view of Ben and gun rights activists, that the second amendment is why guns are required in the hands of the American people and unless weapons and machines are going to be given to the American people which are in line witch the weapons the government possess, Bens argument is not within reasonable logic.
Alexander Ordinary (3 дня назад)
So this kid thinks he can defend himself against F16s and tanks with his pea shooters? Wow! Americans are way stupider than I thought.... which makes a lot of sense when you look at what is happening now...
Macksie Boy (3 дня назад)
When you lose an argument. "How dare you."
Andrew Mezera (3 дня назад)
A semi-auto ar-15 is not an "assault rifle".... Ben got that part wrong. Calling it an "assault rifle" just puts more fear into the tiny brains of all the libtards.
Hovhannes1021 (3 дня назад)
His knuckles were tightened, red, and very agitated, you could tell he was mad and lying
Forget Aboutit (3 дня назад)
Ben Shapiro is the freakin man
PGH Herby (3 дня назад)
He popped Piers and it stung for a looong,long time. Standing on the graves...
Christopher Harpster (3 дня назад)
Good Lord I hope Ben runs for President! This man is amazing!
ThePajama Koala (3 дня назад)
Ben Shapiro sounds like i little kid, I can’t take anything coming out of his mouth seriously
PGH Herby (3 дня назад)
Yes, an insanely well-spoken, Harvard law grad kid. You just can't follow quickly enough. That's ok...
puca (3 дня назад)
"I'm not smirking!" Ben Shapiro smirked as he had clearly used his vocal katana to slice Piers Morgan down before deteriating his insides with facts and logic.
Grim Reaper (3 дня назад)
Pulls out Constitution 😂😂😂
bluepeng889 (3 дня назад)
2:33 uhm, literally none of those shooting happened with assault rifles. In fact, I doubt if there have even been 10 shooting with assault rifles in the entire US
Giveaway (3 дня назад)
AR-15 is not an "Assault Rifle"
jet boater (3 дня назад)
Shapiro please.... you need to take on samantha bee since she is way off key and out there in her beliefs.
Barlos (3 дня назад)
“All I’m asking of you is to be philosophically consistent” 😭😂
Dan From The Gray (4 дня назад)
Ben Shapiro ❤
Tristan Chen (4 дня назад)
"I'm not smirking, my face is electrically designed to scoff at idiots"
xEffectsx (4 дня назад)
Anybody that knows anything knows sandy hook never happened.
jama maja (4 дня назад)
What an idiot Ben is. The silliest argument ever in favor of assault weapons. So you're okay with kids dying now but not okay with some hypothetical tyranny by your own government 50 or 100 years later. Ben Shappiro's bullshit = verbal diarrhea.
Im Morky (4 дня назад)
I feel so incomplete when Piers makes an easily debunked statement then interrupts Ben and drowns him out with further questions before Ben gets a chance to put him in his place.
Justin Roberts (4 дня назад)
It is possible to have someone really good at arguing a wrong point and appear to win. But the current situation is people are being killed by other citizens by guns. So banning assault weapons is a good step. But keeping the right to bear arms for the far off reason of tyrrany, in America, at the sake of people dying right now doesn't make sense.
Mario Escobar (4 дня назад)
The comment that he said starting at 4:00 left me fucken speechless
Jack Harrison (4 дня назад)
Piers just interpreted Ben every time
Zach Wolowitz (4 дня назад)
I was thinking why doesn’t this have that many likes, than I was like oh it’s CNN, they are a money hungry cooperation that will post them getting fucked in the ass by daddy Shapiro for views.
Ashraf Zaki (4 дня назад)
Ben shapiro supports the Israeli terrorist operation code named operation susannah aka lavon affair when Israel planted bombs in movie theaters, libraries and educational centers targeting Egyptian civilians
El Beano (4 дня назад)
I like how respectful Shapiro is in these debates. This is one of the things that separates him from people like pjw and I think it's a shame that they are often seen as the same
Barney (4 дня назад)
Piers shaves his eyebrows
ferret king (4 дня назад)
Dude brought a constitution now thats a power move
Bloodred Pyrate (4 дня назад)
Piers Morgan is a self-righteous fuckwit. Totally obnoxious when interviewing guests.
Will Huey (4 дня назад)
This guy uses a lot of shitty debate tactics which wouldn't hold up in a real debwte. Republicans use him as a face of "logic" but he just uses irrelavent arguments and attacks and then complains that he is bring sttakced. Any decent high school debater would destroy him in a real debate.
Matt Mahoney (4 дня назад)
Will Huey yeah Piers is a joke.
Plane (4 дня назад)
ben: *opens mouth* piers: HOW DARE YOU
Gaming stuff (4 дня назад)
Anecdotal vs factual arguments.
Steven Atkinson (4 дня назад)
"You tend to demonize those who differ from you politically." Another spot on comment there Ben!
dew gon (4 дня назад)
5:27 let's take a break cuz I'm getting my ass kicked out here
Water Melon (5 дней назад)
This Ben Shapiro is soooo full of shit Haha he said getting ready for next 50 to 100 years and Europe is in ashes bush hahahaha what a dumb shit
Jebediah Honker-Tonker (5 дней назад)
"... and you can smirk at me and laugh at me..." Ben, who is clearly smirking: "I'm not smirking."
Gokul Shetty (5 дней назад)
is Ben Shapiro wearing a Yamaka
Stephen Hall (5 дней назад)
Shapiro Smash
Mike Gerringer (5 дней назад)
An AR-15 isn't an "assault rifle". An assault rifle must be selective fire, fully automatic or a variant of fully Automatic, that utilizes an intermediate rifle cartridge. I really wish they'd develop a more accurate definition for the sake of not sounding uneducated.
Ethan Michael (5 дней назад)
"How dare you accuse me" - aka - "you're right but I'm too self-righteous and prideful to admit it" "rather than addressing me on standing on the graves of children in sandy hook, address me..." - aka - "You're winning, you shouldn't be winning, come over here so you can lose" And then Ben destroys him anyway. 😂
Timothy Distel (5 дней назад)
Highest like dislike ratio on a CNN video, and it’s of a CNN host getting shutdown? Lmao
Jonas DeLa Vlog (5 дней назад)
Search 'Piers Morgan' in Urban Dictionary.
Krakingstine899 Gaming (5 дней назад)
libtards destroyed
Jack Simpson (5 дней назад)
Ben’s views on gun control are right I’ll give him that
Joyson Wildhart (5 дней назад)
all i know is america means freedom
andrew dods (5 дней назад)
I’m pro gun, but whichever way you cut it, Sandy Hook and Dunblane were Horrific. Innocent little kids lined up and their brains blown out. If Adults can’t see the need to discuss this with a view to future prevention of same, God help us all ......
andrew dods (5 дней назад)
Finally the Key point .. “should have locked her guns up”... that’s how we do it in the rest of the West, regardless of whether it’s an AR 15, or a .22 ...
Sublivion (5 дней назад)
Assault weapons... Does he not know automatic rifles are illegal
coffeeismyjam (5 дней назад)
He has very nice eyebrows
Kawerau Woods (5 дней назад)
If everyone had guns: Go to a crowded shopping mall. Shout " watch out he's got a gun" Get the fuck out of there!
JÄGER GAMES (5 дней назад)
Ben killed him!!!!!
atarirob (6 дней назад)
The dude had a fresh copy of the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION stuffed into his suit pocket. He's unstoppable.
jess g (6 дней назад)
“The fact that my grandparents and great grandparents didn’t fear that (tyrannical government) is the reason their ashes in Europe” I find this statement really interesting because at one time in Europe, before WW2, the average citizen was much like us in the sense of a false presumption that a tyrannical force could overthrow them. We are naive to think that we will always have a democratic society just because it is what we’re used to and when people become too comfortable they relax and begin to drift away from the importance of their freedoms because they believe they will always be there. So they begin to give up minor freedoms, such as the freedom to defend yourself. Power with the people, not the government.
Jerimiah Schaefer (6 дней назад)
that little smirk in the beginning, oh ben
Alistair Blackbird (6 дней назад)
Ben out here roasting ‘em again.
Liger01 (6 дней назад)
actually if you want make a point about assault rifles being banned, that's easy enough. You want there to be less deaths of innocent and Assault rifles kill more than a hand gun, now that's a fact.
Sebastian H (6 дней назад)
Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5YfQ919T_s
nothin to do all day 2 do it (6 дней назад)
CNN don't care about the us and its funny to see them altering the news to be far leftist
Walkers (6 дней назад)
when Ben whipped out the constitution...
Ganesh Udupa (6 дней назад)
The title should have been 'Ben Shapiro destroys Pierce moron'
Zetetic Zen (7 дней назад)
Wow, Piers spouted logical fallacy after fallacy, and yet Shapiro still put it to him.
Hudson Sheppard (7 дней назад)
I’m glad I agree with Ben most of the time because I wouldn’t want to debate him 😂
Chris Simon (7 дней назад)
Ban assault rifles, next people are gonna shoot schools with shotguns, ban shotguns then they use handguns. See what the problem is?
directtalk1 (7 дней назад)
Ben’s intelligent? He has magical friends in the sky.!
directtalk1 (7 дней назад)
Ben and Piers both believe in gods. No wonder they fight and dislike each other
Pat Moran (7 дней назад)
Lol Ben, you were smirking a LITTLE lolol. I love this interview
Noodles (7 дней назад)
I feel like shap lost this argument (usually a fan) when he started to divert the conversation completely from banning assault rifles
Jack Coleman (7 дней назад)
4:00 ouch roasted
Chris Johnson (7 дней назад)
Shapiro has a habit of making hasty generalizations about the left. "Left" is a broad term that encompasses multiple political ideologies. It is the one thing he always slips up on, but no one ever calls him out on it.

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