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Teaching the Hungry Little Caterpillar for Preschoolers | NO SMALL MATTER

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www.nosmallmatter.com So, you've had a great rug time - now, how can you reinforce the great children's books you've read with other cross-curricular learning activities? Check out this fun, quick activity built around the Hungry Little Caterpillar. www.facebook.com/nosmallmatter www.twitter.com/nosmallmatter NO SMALL MATTER is a feature length documentary film about early childhood education in America, coming out in 2017, co-produced by Chicago filmmakers Siskel/Jacobs Productions and Kindling Group. Video Credits: Matthew Barker - Director Editing: Dallas Golden Kathryn Skrundz & Dallas Golden - Motion Graphics Special thanks to the students at Columbia College Chicago for producing this great overview for ECE lesson planning.
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