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DIY Vertical Bin Toy Box Shelf

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How to build this vertical bin toy box! Easy tutorial, all 1x boards! Full plans here: http://ana-white.com/2015/10/free_plans/toy-storage-bin-box-cubby-shelves
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Rajesh Sharma (4 дня назад)
woo ooooo. ...
Rajesh Sharma (4 дня назад)
woo ooooo. ...
Tammy (20 дней назад)
I’m so glad you have shared this with us. I am going to make one for my granddaughter’s room. I’ll share the results on your website once it’s finished. Thank you for your generous free instructions
drawlings10 (7 месяцев назад)
I am trying to register on your web site but it wont let me. any suggestions?
drawlings10 (7 месяцев назад)
what brand of circular saw do you use? is it light weight?
Nimar Preet (8 месяцев назад)
Beatrice A (10 месяцев назад)
OMG I so love this project. Thanks Ana -The simplicity of your projects are inspiring. I'm Definitely going to make this for my sweet handsome 2 yr old nephew. THANKS AGAIN -another great video. 😀
Mike Daugherty (11 месяцев назад)
I'm just an average-skilled woodworker. I built this in a few hours. This project is so easy and simple that anyone can do it. Very practical and looks great.
Mike Daugherty (1 год назад)
Ana White is awesome! Love her very simple and practical home projects that are so easy to do. This toy bin is so much better than the common toy boxes that so many of us have built in the past. What toddler wouldn't love this in his, or her, play space? I'm gonna make this soon!
John Mogle (1 год назад)
great ideas thank you for sharing.
Kanlife (1 год назад)
Looks great! What are the overall dimensions?
Ana White (1 год назад)
Here is the plan http://www.ana-white.com/2015/10/free_plans/toy-storage-bin-box-cubby-shelves
Wan Zaidi Mohamad (1 год назад)
amazing good
Ana White (1 год назад)
Marisela Hernandez (2 года назад)
Awe as a young girl (8,9,10 etc) I'd watch the home construction channels and want to build things. now as an adult I wish I had all the tools needed to make such cool projects like yours.
Ana White (2 года назад)
+Marisela Hernandez Just go for it! Thank you!
Tahababy74 (2 года назад)
Safety first. Eye protection.
deemail100 (2 года назад)
I have loved your ideas and DIY tips and plans so much that I thought I would suggest one of the best things I ever put in my sons' bedroom... I hung a regulation size basket ball hoop on the wall. Then I made vinyl bag (double so plastic on both sides for easy cleaning on one side and easy sliding inside. The bag was the same circumference as the hoop. I pounded in grommets every 4" and then used a small nylon rope to 'sew' it thru grommet and over hoop..continuously..round and round with a bit of slack for easy handling. Tie off securely with 'poly' or 'surgeon's' knot in the back. bottom hem (where I had folded the long tube so it was double...just got a 1" hem sewn into it and then a nylon cord thru the hem with a 'pinch' bead (those type on our stuff bags and sweatshirt hoods) so that it was gathered tightly... pinch bead held it closed and not only did my boys learn to put their clothes into a hamper instead of the floor..but other kids would run to find things to get to throw them into the hoop. I never had to even remind them and on laundry day...I would hand them a basket and they would put under the bag (it was about 5-6' long) .. open the little pinch bead so the clothes went right into a basket which they would bring to me. (after they got old enough to do this..of course. This is just a suggestion from one mom to another to thank you for your great DIY ideas.
David Jensen (2 года назад)
what type of wood did you use? would pine be to fragile for this ?
Ana White (2 года назад)
+David Jensen Pine is fine David, thanks for watching!
Airborne Mike (3 года назад)
Do the knots bleed through that paint?
Charles Holland (3 года назад)
nice project! and no hating comments best of all
77jozie (3 года назад)
Love, love, love it!
Ana White (3 года назад)
+77jozie It is really great, thanks for watching!
Shelly Hanson (3 года назад)
making the toy box next!
Shelly Hanson (3 года назад)
Hi Ana, made this for my daughter and it has been awesome! she loves to put her "stuff" away now. Love your videos so much. I posted my finished version on Instagram and tagged you, but not sure if you saw it.
Frederick Ippolito (3 года назад)
Very nice Ana. I like your projects because they are always beautiful and you show the use of butt joints which is rarely seen in other woodworking videos. Glue, fasteners and a good square edges works well, as you aptly explain in your videos. I use this method often since I have very few tools and limited skills in jointery. thanks for the encouraging and well done tutorials.
Ana White (3 года назад)
+Frederick Ippolito Hi, thank you for such a nice comment! There's nothing wrong with more complicated joinery, but if you have limited tools and time, you can still make really nice projects with simple butt joints. So glad you see this and my projects and videos are helpful. Thank you!
deounb (3 года назад)
mode duran (3 года назад)
easy project not complicated,everyone can learn from ana,its so simple wwproject
Stitchety DooDah (3 года назад)
The sound is 100% better! I wish so badly I could do this.
Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY (3 года назад)
now, if i want to send or post pics to show u mine, do i do that on ur website? or.....g+...?
Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY (3 года назад)
+Ana White ok..thanks!..thats what i figured but just dbl checking...
Ana White (3 года назад)
+Joe basementwoodworking Yes, you can post on my website, or you can post on Instagram and just tag me #anawhite or share on my facebook page too! Can't wait to see!
Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY (3 года назад)
i like this idea.and the look of the chaulk paint.havent tried it yet. my sisyer is due in november for a boy so maybe a xmas gift likenu sugg. and its a great solution for anything really.:) good idea, great build,great video.have a good one Mrs.White!
Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY (3 года назад)
+Ana White yes it definitely will. i shwed and told my wife and now she wants one for our 3 yr old.lol hey just means more time in the shop ;) so ty :)
Ana White (3 года назад)
+Joe basementwoodworking Thank you! Would be a perfect baby gift!
Scott Haun (3 года назад)
are those shirts for sale?
Scott Haun (3 года назад)
+Ana White available in men's sizes?
Ana White (3 года назад)
+Scott Haun Yes! www.shop.ana-white.com thank you for watching!
david hanks (3 года назад)
Another great project!
Ana White (3 года назад)
+david hanks Thank you!
tea bag (3 года назад)
Love it. My neighbours son has been asking for a toy box since summer. But due to limited space in his room I was looking for some thing that could incorparate both books and toys. Your idea is fantastic. Project Toy box now on the go
Ana White (3 года назад)
+tea bag This would be perfect - it takes up as much space as a bookshelf but has tons of easy storage. Share if you build please, we'd love to see how yours turns out too!
WNC Portable Sawmilling (3 года назад)
Adorable project and wonderfully explained.
Ana White (3 года назад)
+Slowvannah Farms Thank you! Glad you liked it!
AlfFisher (3 года назад)
As always - the bright, beautiful video. I like to look at your work. The only pity is that the video - so rarely go :(. Mark Fisher. Ukraine.
Ana White (3 года назад)
+AlfFisher Thank you Mark!
Jay Wanders Out (3 года назад)
Great tip with using the square to guide your nails! I'll use it whenever I finally get a nail gun.
Ana White (3 года назад)
+JayXX Thanks! It really does save time digging out misplaced nails!
Zack (3 года назад)
Dont listen to the trolls, Ana. you're the best!
loweboy4 (3 года назад)
I love your videos but I have to watch them with the volume on mute because you tend to make that smacking/sucking air thru your front teeth noise a lot and it drives me insane other than that I can't complain
Ana White (3 года назад)
+loweboy4 sorry about that - don't have a mic yet so been using the iphone. Thanks for watching! Hope the audio quality improves soon!
Devair JR. (3 года назад)
Muito bom e útil para guardar os brinquedos , parabéns .
The Conservative Libertarian (3 года назад)
Very cool. I will be making one for my girls.
Ana White (3 года назад)
+The Conservative Libertarian Thank you! Can't wait to see how your's turns out!
Barkeaters99 (3 года назад)
Well done! We were just discussing this with my boys room. Very timely!!
Ana White (3 года назад)
+Barkeaters99 Thank you and thank you for watching! It's a great storage solution for the kids to put their own toys away with some order. If you build please share we'd love to see your project too!

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