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Hollywood Props So Real the Secret Service Complains

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Sunland, California-based Independent Studio Services is one of the largest prop houses in Hollywood with more than one million props for rent. ISS also designs and manufactures unique props for productions. Chief Executive Office Gregg Bilson, Jr. tells Bloomberg how his job has become more challenging as camera technology has improved. Not only do they have to make things more realistic because HD cameras pick up every detail, but they also have to fend off the Secret Service. Video By: Jeniece Pettitt, Amy Marino
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Text Comments (305)
kojo619 danker (4 hours ago)
This video is so fake
Bomber Harris (13 hours ago)
I highly doubt that anyone renting a rubber gun would need $1000,000 insurance, considering they could just buy an airsoft gun, actual steel replica or even just a live or deactivated real gun for a few hundred dollars at most.
Sakkehattu (22 hours ago)
Why don't they just make 1 side realistic, 1 side completely blank? In most cases, audience doesn't get to see both sides. This way you could present a very realistic looking bill to the audience, with next to no chance of it ever getting abused.
Why do they need a million dollars insurance for a rubber gun? i mean it's a rubber gun... anyone can make a rubber gun...
Goorpijp Wessel (1 day ago)
lmao that bag of weed, was not realistic.
Sunny Wu (1 day ago)
If you are a business who accepted those bills, you deserve it. lol Those don't look real... Plus most businesses mark it just to make sure.
Wade Wilson (2 days ago)
"Most people think that film sets and film environments somehow magically exist" Literally no one thinks that.
Jewish Person (3 days ago)
I think movie money should be like a light pinkish color or purple so it's obvious.
Brent'sCardsAnd Coins (3 days ago)
Interesting fact. It used to be illegal to take pictures or videos of real US currency.
Extra Punjabi (3 days ago)
Do you make fake actors
Tibe Dog (4 days ago)
It's funny because here in the city I live people are passing fake prop money everywhere. They buy it off ebay in huge lots and are using them in fast food places, college stores, and what have you. Spending a fake $100 getting $60 in change in real funds. Or spending $10 at wendys in a huge line getting $6 in return. We've been haven issues for years.
John Gault (4 days ago)
Most Americans are lazy, and want easy jobs, not jobs they're doing well. People doing well, make them feel bad about themselves, and they call it rude. And seriously, billions of dollars for Budget, millions spent making fake money over the years....why not just real money, all along? Can't trust the crew....we can't either.
James Farrell (4 days ago)
Diego Gutierrez (4 days ago)
Doodle (4 days ago)
Is this how lil Tay does it
Nikolai Kotula (4 days ago)
Why would the secret service care about counterfeit? That seems like an FBI thing...
StraightToThePoint (4 days ago)
ive been looking for some prop money that is very realistic to prank some friends
Wile E. Coyote (4 days ago)
Lol Million dollar insurance for a rubber gun? Jesus why not just rent them the real thing?
k (4 days ago)
Hey! You can't make counterfeit money! That's the government's job!
USS Prinz Eugen (1 day ago)
Wait... If the government made fake money... Wouldn't it be legal tender still? ( With out going through whatever hoops the treasury has to issue new currency aside)
Just get them to make you weapons and then rob a bank and then make them make you money so you can flee the county and then live with Robert Downey Jr
SEA STRUCK54 (4 days ago)
Cry baby bitch ass jits
nathan kindle (4 days ago)
hell, it's both funny money. our money is just worthless paper, with not a damn thing backing it
Anonymous Hurts (4 days ago)
USA are so fake they might as well start making every thing fake.
Daniel 786 (4 days ago)
Anonymous Hurts You are an idiot if you actually thought everything in the movies is real. If you hate the U.S. so much why did you bother writing this comment?
Gifted Gamer (4 days ago)
Do you guys make Prop penises?
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
betchalife (4 days ago)
Yeah! Who doesn't think movie props just exist and didn't have to be created? Lol... Stanley Kubrick's props and sets were lefendaru
XxZigiixX (4 days ago)
America, a place with tons of people so stupid that the govt. Has to do everything possible to protect them from their own stupidity.... It's like walking around in a play pen
dried nut (4 days ago)
Well at least in XxshitholexX they don't cry at strangers making mean comments on the internet.
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
Yeah have you seen American gun legislation? Yeesh. It's a nightmare.
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
Well at least we are not as bad as the country of XxshitholexX where they only let the political elites use toilet paper and everyone else uses poison ivy leaves to wipe their butt.
DefiantBoris (5 days ago)
Shows how dumb people are today. "for motion picture use only" oh yeah totally a legit 100 dollar bill Seriously, when I see a 100 dollar bill I investigate it because who the fuck walks around with 100 dollar bills? 5 20s sure.
Amanda Hugenkiss (5 days ago)
Rubber guns...damn
GamingNerds101 (5 days ago)
I think the movie that he mentions is rush hour 2.
telepathy90 (5 days ago)
Awesome stuff
EmperorJ (5 days ago)
rappers use this money xD
Universal Veteran (5 days ago)
And why don't they use airsoft guns?
grand unified (5 days ago)
Funny how continuity is so important with props but not with the directors & story lines
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
It is important though... that's why movies with bad continuity are considered bad movies.
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
Keep talking and they will reboot the reboot of Spiderman... again.
John Cooper (5 days ago)
Man I was using real guns in my movie and I was really shooting people s***guess I shouldn't have done that
HailAnts (5 days ago)
Growing up on 70s TV (nothing but cop, P.I., and crime shows) there was always a scene where the head villain would open a briefcase filled with money. And it was always obviously fake because it was official ‘Play Money’ you could buy at toy stores. Same size as real but a much lighter green and always with an eagle in the center instead of a President...
jays0909 (5 days ago)
Cgi says hello....unfortunately
Audrey McMace (5 days ago)
sounds like the sickest place to hang actually
T (5 days ago)
I wonder if this guy knows about the matrix we live in.
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
If you would just take the red pill....
Raiyan Tyrone (6 days ago)
What's the first movie called?
world wide (5 days ago)
American Sniper
Black (6 days ago)
without these guys films would suck dick
SpongeBobBoxPants (6 days ago)
I heard that an Iron Man custome from the first Iron Man with RDJ was stolen. It is worth 300,000k.
SpongeBobBoxPants (5 days ago)
Mark Wilko Probably Justin Hammer stole it
Mark Wilko (5 days ago)
SpongeBobBoxPants parts of it were lost or stolen. Their are a few news stories about it. Haven't looked much into it myself.
Ohh a Red Camera.
o3o (6 days ago)
props to them for making such real parts
Matthew C (6 days ago)
What I see here is Monopoly I almost guarantee no one else can make a prop business thanks to politics and inside deals. So now films have to pay so much money for props and the production of movies have gone up and now pay less to actors such as regular people and it just makes everything more difficult to get paid for screen time
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
They don't pay a ton for the props, that million dollars is an insurance policy. It lets the prop guys know that you're a real filmmaking crew and not a bunch of morons in your basement shooting an action scene.
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
ISS should buy the International Space Station (ISS) just to have an ultra realistic "prop" space station.
Bill Nye (6 days ago)
HD machine broke
Aaronson (6 days ago)
Sam in Dean would like that fake badges.
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
Cheech says "we don't need no stinkin badges"
Annon User (6 days ago)
What's sad is that a lot of those rubber guns cost more than the real thing
Dank meme Like crazy (6 days ago)
Prophunt gamemode in his warehouse
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
Fuck that. Too many props.
MADS (6 days ago)
That guy looks like the American Chris Barry. (rimmer)
TheStonedGamer 420 (6 days ago)
So what if someone just wanted to buy one if the replica guns as a show piece is that not aloud no ? I can understand about the money and police gear but simpler things must be easier to own at the end you said it yourself there rubber nothing more and nothing less
Mark Wilko (5 days ago)
TheStonedGamer 420 Rubber guns etc.... arnt usually used for close ups etc.... You can tell the difference. Their are many other types of replicas if you just want a prop for display etc.... at home.
ebola moinkey 69 (6 days ago)
You need to use commas
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
No, You, do, , , , ,
RNRAGE (6 days ago)
where I work we got one of the bills in and the cashier didn't notice the $100 was a fake.
RNRAGE (4 days ago)
The bank when we sent it in with the deposit. T_T
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
But I would bet $100 someone noticed it was fake...
Isaiah Jones (6 days ago)
so when using guns... why not use airsoft guns? nowadays there are airsoft guns that look almost exactly like the real gun they are copying... then add in the rest with visual effects and audio effects? just a question, if someone can explain why this would be stupid please do haha
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
They do, actually. I have seen a lot of TV shows where the actors were using airsoft guns. There was a sci-fi series called Continuum, and I recognized one of the futuristic gun designs as an airsoft design. Later on, I also spotted an orange tip somewhere, but it was literally for one frame, so it didn't really matter.
Stewart Deel (5 days ago)
they arent going to shoot eachother with airsoft guns though just use them as props
Mark Wilko (5 days ago)
They use a mixture of real guns with blanks, Replicas and rubber guns. A rubber gun will bend and absorb a bit. You can fall on it etc... Also a real gun etc... will be a lot more work to keep it safe and legal. Actors have died due to mistakes with guns on sets like having a live shell mixed with the blanks or thinking that blanks are safe even when you fire them point blank against a skull.
Kim Jong Un (6 days ago)
Da9 zBrah everyone removes the tip, litterally nobody keeps it on or unpainted
Proud_Ape (6 days ago)
Imagine that!!!!! printing money is frowned upon but hold on its OK for some right????
Icarus (6 days ago)
Which film was that rocket from at the end?
Adamcrazy 561 (6 days ago)
The movie is Tomorrowland
Hurbii (6 days ago)
that weird rubber paint looks like it gives off bad fumes
Rob C (6 days ago)
The American ISIS.
Barsabus (3 days ago)
Rob C wtf does that mean?
CivilGuy (6 days ago)
Don’t print fake money. Simple as that
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
They need to.
Jake Yaboi (6 days ago)
Typical California bullshit haha
Simone Eli (6 days ago)
Jake Yaboi quite nazi
Danielle Gill (6 days ago)
my best friends boyfriend sold weed and sold quite a bit and for 100 and he was bragging to his girlfriend about the 100 and he showed it to her and if said "hollywood prop money" on it in the fine print. she asked him how long hes had it and he said "...two weeks..." never noticed haha
Funkenstein (6 days ago)
This is the most humble-bragging video I think I've ever seen. "We're so awesome, even our crap gets taken down by the authorities for how realistic it is."
NunchuckDuck (6 days ago)
Funkenstein how do you get that? Can you explain?
PharaØ GaMiNG (6 days ago)
iN dOg We TrUSt
Big Papa Parker (6 days ago)
ISS likes to take their sweet ass time at the docks.
Ruben (6 days ago)
Rubber guns? Just use airsoft guns
Daniel 786 (4 days ago)
Rubber guns are cheaper than airsoft.
Mark Wilko (5 days ago)
You can fall on a rubber gun. Hit someone with one etc..... Different uses for different version.
yo Alex (6 days ago)
Ruben the keyword was "take 'UPTO' 10 hours"
Ruben (6 days ago)
I thought making it ouf of rubber would be more difficult since it took 10 hours to make a simple knife.
baboonie minks (6 days ago)
or just not have cheap bastards taking fake money off set and using it.... That is embarrassing so have Hollywood employees using fake money....
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
It's mostly extras that steal prop money because it looks cool as a thing to have. And also, you try and manage a 40-100 person crew and make sure no one takes anything off set. It's pretty fucking hard.
minecraft1108 (6 days ago)
this reminds me of warehouse 13
chase allen (6 days ago)
Secret Service are trying to hold their title as the biggest fraudsters in the business!
Salpertia (2 days ago)
Mark Oliver Walsh that doesn't change that fact that money is still paper and not backed by anything of value.
Mark Oliver Walsh (2 days ago)
Salpertia yes they have a choice of the 12 people of the Fed board, which is composed of economists and representatives from banks. And of course they're going to chose their own people to be in the board, because they want economists to make economic decisions
Salpertia (2 days ago)
Mark Oliver Walsh I don't think you understand me. I'm saying that they are chosen by the potus but they are only chosen after being given a handful of people to choose from that the feds themselves came up with. Hence there isn't really a choice if it's a close knit circle of people with the same interests
Mark Oliver Walsh (2 days ago)
Salpertia you do know that the chairperson is selected by POTUS and confirmed by the Senate, right?
Salpertia (2 days ago)
Mark Oliver Walsh we don't choose who runs the chair they choose a handful of people they like and have what interests they also have and then we choose. It's rigged
Brian Berthold (6 days ago)
a rubber gun for a million bucks .. ripoff artist .. no wounder why movies are so much money you can buy a REAL gun for cheaper
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
If I meant you I would have replied to you. I replied to the comment thread.
Akiimo (4 days ago)
Kaipyro67ALT if you mean me are you retarded?
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
You're the moron here. They make sure you have a million dollar policy to know that you're a serious filmmaking crew, and not some joe off the street. Anyone with $500 bucks can buy a gun prop.
Akiimo (6 days ago)
What he ment was you need a million dollar set policy. Most independent films have a minimum $1 million set insurance policy, some have $2mn. It tells the prop owners you are doing a real thing not some garage, Youtube BS. by Allen Han You retard
Brian Berthold (6 days ago)
your fake and real doesnt look anything alike tell the SS to suck and egg
Dante Janes (6 days ago)
in my country its impossible to copy the money
David S Martin (4 days ago)
or make a donut pregnant
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
What country? New Zealand...just get a couple stamps with a kiwi bird and a sheep and stamp them on each side of a paper bill. Instant New Zealand money.
MARK DEMOS (4 days ago)
. " .... nothing, nothing is impossible. " Okay "OPERATIONS".........then please prove that assertion by flapping your arms, and flying to the moon. ;-) .
Mark Wilko (5 days ago)
Wouldn't have been easy for them. For a long time know scanners and software have been designed to refuse to work with or copy US cash. From memory ones like Photoshop put up a government warning when you try.
PandaVaders (6 days ago)
‘Actors like playing wth rubber knifes more than real knifes.’ I hope so...
Alex Madsen (7 days ago)
Thank you for an experience, that know is on my bucket list of things to go visit before I die.
Eric Swells (7 days ago)
Andrew Ragner L (7 days ago)
The Police report they file is also a prop.
Jon Allen (7 days ago)
That money is nowhere near close
yo Alex (6 days ago)
That's the new money! They obviously had to drastically change it. Smh
It's Gir (7 days ago)
1 Million dollars for insurance is way too much.
Kaipyro67ALT (4 days ago)
You don't know how insurance works.
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
A million dollar insurance Cert that covers liability, participant, accident and equipment....for 2 months of filming would be about 1000 to 3000 dollars. (for something like a prop machine gun)
Jackie Scholl (7 days ago)
They’re not paying a million dollars for the insurance, they’re getting liability insurance that covers up to a million dollars. It probably cost them less than $100
It's Gir (7 days ago)
john johnson How am I a retard?
john johnson (7 days ago)
CZ (7 days ago)
lil tay
Arnò Mezzanotte (6 days ago)
Mmm (7 days ago)
Wow. One of my longest wonders answered. Awesome!
TheDutyPaid (7 days ago)
If you ever see the real actor running with any kind of weapon, it will be rubber.
Skurfer0 (2 days ago)
John Wick never uses a rubber
ty1978+ Cool, Thanks. Reminds me of their cars like FF, they have a Hero car that is all decked out, then a stunt car etc.
ty1978 (4 days ago)
Stunt, Semi-hero and Hero
dannne88+ I watched a behind the scenes once for a shooting movie with some prop crew members. They showed an number of variations for just one particular firearm. Anyhow, they had the typical rubber version and then they pulled out a couple that looked identical. One was designed to simulate the chambering of a round and eject magazines but not fire. The last one would fire a single blank and nothing more. They said it all depended on the scene as to which one they used.
Blood Angel (4 days ago)
Overpaid Hollywood actors maybe.
Slim Pickens (7 days ago)
I thought was Sylvester Stallone’s brother, that high arch eyebrow
Nate Medeiros (7 days ago)
This needs to be longer
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
No. This is just right.
Tide bleach (5 days ago)
Illinois is my city I wish thats what she said.
Billy Badass (5 days ago)
Illinois is my city (5 days ago)
that's what she said
Tide bleach (5 days ago)
its not the size that matters its the content
Cartoonman154 (7 days ago)
It's the governments job to counterfeit money. lol
Hamguy Bacon (2 hours ago)
actually no, the government does not make money, it is the federal reserve a private corporate bank which prints money for the us on interest and the world.
Catboy 86 (3 days ago)
Money isn't backed by gold... since the 1970s the Goverment sets the price Along with the Federal Reserve....... which isn't even part of the goverment!
Fyuse Not any more. We went off the gold standard in the 70s.
Fyuse (5 days ago)
you know each dollar is backed by gold right? we wouldn't be in debt if we could just make money out a thin air lol.
TeD Ryanth (6 days ago)
Cartoonman154 yeah but they control that if they didn’t well goodbye economy
Ermin (7 days ago)
fuck the secret service. you do what you gota do
narkatameister (7 days ago)
make fake money 5% bigger
nick longstaffe (4 days ago)
narkatameister exactly like 555 phone numbers
Lord Hobo Of Savior (4 days ago)
narkatameister 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No.
Daniel Davila (4 days ago)
narkatameister breaks the immersion. No director would ever opt for that.
narkatameister (5 days ago)
people know that money are fake in movies so might as well just paint them red or something:)
HailAnts (5 days ago)
That wouldn’t satisfy the Secret Service. Fake US paper money must be at least 150% the size of real.
Hawk Killers (7 days ago)
1 million to borrow a rubber gun sheeesh
Hawk Killers (5 days ago)
James Chua you sound sketch
James Chua (6 days ago)
just go to yiwu china and get a one for less. not rent... but own. lol
Allen Han (7 days ago)
What he ment was you need a million dollar set policy. Most independent films have a minimum $1 million set insurance policy, some have $2mn. It tells the prop owners you are doing a real thing not some garage, Youtube BS.
Joe Smith (7 days ago)
They just don't play with the little guys. Most real business have that much insurance.
Shane W (7 days ago)
Hawk Killers Did you not pay attention?
okc405sfinest (8 days ago)
When did kevin o leary get put on the $100 bill
Pilos Lencure (5 days ago)
SymbolicLogic24 (8 days ago)
Some impressively dumb ass people that think those bills... with black ink... are real.
ItsNotTrue (8 days ago)
You need a million bucks worth the insurance to rent a rubber gun? You can buy airsoft guns that are basically 1/1 replicas for like $150. Buy em broken internally in lots. It only needs to look real.
Mark Wilko (5 days ago)
Its for up to 1 million payoff. It doesn't cost 1 million. Stuff like this is the price we pay to live in a sue everyone country.
Sebastian Moore (6 days ago)
ItsNotTrue haha got it
ItsNotTrue (7 days ago)
Hell no! I love doing it that way for a few reasons. Mainly the cost. I'm not a bad driver, I just... well kinda like to hit things.. Garbage cans, (small) trees, road cones... (not other people's property of course, stuff we find in the trash or already own) I can kinda just do whatever I want and not really worry about it all that much. I actually enjoy the whole process of old junker cars. Buying em, fixing em, crashing them. and starting over. Also, if something breaks or WHEN (not if) I hit something it's often cheaper just to take the car out to an empty field and drive recklessly it until it dies then have a tow truck come and take it to the scrapper. we call em "lot cars" because you race them in empty lots or farms before crops go in. (make sure you know the farmer) It's quite fun. If they don't run, they go from "lot cars" to "targets" lol. "One mans trash" right?
Sebastian Moore (7 days ago)
ItsNotTrue Jesus that sounds really easy of a life but also sounds unenjoyable.
na x (8 days ago)
But does it smell like real money? Is the question. Cha..Ching $
Kyle Kilgour (8 days ago)
the biggest thing that pisses me off about props is shooting scenes when you see the winder for an airsoft gun mag or just a flat out $20 peice of plastic crap gun in a big budget film.
J J (8 days ago)
You can tell the money doesn't look real, people are just that dumb
XxZigiixX (4 days ago)
yo Alex No they didn't, that's why the bill he shows is in plastic to avoid it's use, he never says anything about changing the design, instead they just put real money on top.
yo Alex (6 days ago)
You haven't seen what the money looked like prior to the secret service intervening. As they changed the design.
D8W2P4 (7 days ago)
You can tell the money doesn't look real, cashiers are just that dumb ftfy
Henry McDaniel (7 days ago)
J J should just use real money from a second world country instead. Of course then politicians will complain that the money isn’t US
SebastianAsian (8 days ago)
Hey it's not Fake Money's fault? It's about people using it? - Republicans
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
Hey it's not Stormy's vaginas fault? It's about the people using it? - Democrats
djg5135 (6 days ago)
Mayday Keeper yes I was being sarcastic. SabastianAsian poked fun at what Republicans would say so I poked fun at what the left would say.
Mayday Keeper (6 days ago)
films with a warehouse of money for a scene. Like let's be cops, 22 jump street, etc etc. Would you just lay down like 2 billion in a warehouse to be shot at or burned or destroyed? and people can just pocket it
djg5135 (8 days ago)
SebastianAsian Exactly. We need to ban the prop money and make it a felony for the film industry to use it. No film NEEDS prop money.. ;)
Charles Carter (8 days ago)
SebastianAsian That's true you dumb fuck
Carl Sagan (8 days ago)
I get that laws need to be upheld and that people need to be kept safe but I just cringe at the over reaching government. Secret service getting involved over rubber guns and prop money for movies? Like dude back the fuck up out of my business.
HelloWorld (8 days ago)
But but.....with film people did see everything. Maybe not tape on TV, but with film it has always been detailed I think.
john folsom (8 days ago)
These bullshit liberal actors always talking about global warming save the planet when a large percentage of rubber is made from oil.
Moe (8 days ago)
That hundred looks so fake !c’mon SS..
Miderlens W (4 days ago)
Everybody’s mom stfu
ajdjdhsh8w7 (5 days ago)
I'll stfu
Fruit500 (6 days ago)
you stfu too
Moe (6 days ago)
All of you STFU
Harambe (6 days ago)
yo Alex stfu you killed it
TheGhostGirl (2 days ago)
In dog we trust
jorgensenmj (4 days ago)
Dog bless you for saying that. My dog is an all knowing and all powerful dog. I just hope you believe in the same dog that I do. Otherwise we are going to have a dog-damn problem.
I’ll pay you five dollars if you don’t but I know you will
kookie2020 (1 month ago)
What is the name of the insurance company you use to insure the props?
Matthew Hemmings (5 days ago)
kookie2020 probably specialized insurers. Most mainstream insurer don’t waste time with marginal markets, but if you search hard enough you can insure any risk. Although, it can rapidly be in the fringes of of gambling.
RexurGaming (7 days ago)
Mike Hawk (8 days ago)
darude sandstorm
Zoki Tv (3 months ago)
300th like
Eric Walsh (7 days ago)
Zoki Tv loser

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