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Do you think you would be able to resist temptation if your partner said you couldn't have any for 30 days? Ft @seniorgumboy @leeshacole Follow me on: INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/seniorgumboy FACEBOOKhttps://www.facebook.com/Senior-Gum-Boy-161197877233301
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Text Comments (92)
Iz Desie (14 hours ago)
i`m straight, but that body, hummmm
Seventeen _trasheu (23 days ago)
Trying to intimidate him😂
Jack Johnson (1 month ago)
hi there
Joseph Nsele (1 month ago)
Romarick Lake (1 month ago)
what's the beat at the begining?
Maja (1 month ago)
Wtf a third person filmed that shit
Gladyce Shamp (1 month ago)
Meme 1:42
Gladyce Shamp (1 month ago)
Gladyce Shamp (1 month ago)
Gladyce Shamp (1 month ago)
Caleb Wafer (1 month ago)
He was cheating that’s why 😂
gulen ahmet (1 month ago)
Escort numarası isteyen arasın 00322589186
Chloezzz Blogzzz (2 months ago)
😂😂she really tryna make him fail
Hanna Carnell 65 (2 months ago)
I can't last for a day without sex
غازي اسرحاني (2 months ago)
من يابغا كس
Tabari Enoch (2 months ago)
To my fellas all honestly I done 33 days ar the time and my girl on the 34 day just came by and I fuck the brains out of her. Before that she did every thing to make me give in .the only thing you do fellas is take you mind back to your virgin days trust it worked for me
Zamir Harris (2 months ago)
Are you marryed
Sonya Vakhobova (2 months ago)
Generic Name (2 months ago)
Easy I've done it for 20 years
CrazySexyCoolmeisha (2 months ago)
Him wouldn't last a week. Unless him did a cheat n a get it somewhere else
DaveFrom Accounting (3 months ago)
Challenged my wife and she's already mad. Only day 2.
Mehmet Emirbey (3 months ago)
05422990122 mehmet emir
Abtrünniger Arion (3 months ago)
1:28 Song??!
Jacob Reid (3 months ago)
There is a little tear on his vest that is why its easier to rip
Jacob Reid (3 months ago)
I subscribed because of watching this video
Przemo (3 months ago)
we we pal gume
beverly prince (4 months ago)
Bro you right
Chloe Rosa (4 months ago)
Booda Luva (4 months ago)
Cheez on bread! Pum pum phat!!! Seen!! 😂😂🤣😂
szynszyl Marjk (4 months ago)
PHARAOH DOJAH (4 months ago)
and if you're in a relationship you're supposed to be having sex it's stupid to me when couples try to act like they need to try to not have sex so much as far as I'm concerned the only time men and women need a break from sex is when the woman is on her period cycle
PHARAOH DOJAH (4 months ago)
yo when you single and a broke ass nigga you could possibly go 2 years without sex I almost did when I was like that didn't get no sex for almost a year
Pamerse 1211 (4 months ago)
Tatayanna Spry (4 months ago)
Just let him have some already
Unfiltered Meme (4 months ago)
I been going my whole life so 30 days ain’t shit
Jayden Sambrano (4 months ago)
Watzgood Youtube (5 months ago)
Your hair looks good like dat
SeniorGumBoy (5 months ago)
Thank you
Paradox RNO (5 months ago)
The end of the day it's not a easy task
JasamTV (5 months ago)
Awesome sketch bro! Loooool
Hüseyin Üngal (4 months ago)
Hüseyin Üngal (4 months ago)
SeniorGumBoy (5 months ago)
Thanks brother 🤜🏽
Sean Begle (5 months ago)
She is so perfect wow nice cutie I'd love to have all of that for real
Bennetton British (5 months ago)
she bad uh fuck
bregz stuna (5 months ago)
Seriously i would of fail from the first try.. ...
Y M (5 months ago)
7.8 million views Lmaoo😂 that's fucked up bro.. Ahhhhh😂😭
Johnteill Bradford (5 months ago)
When she ripped his shirt lol
Byakko The legend (5 months ago)
I'm just saying at the start y she mad and have on them shorts
AE BeautySquad (6 months ago)
You should do a video on your views of women who have tattoos and piercings ❤️ love your channel btw ❤️
rlh289 (6 months ago)
Day 10 they would have broke up!
cdflirt (6 months ago)
Lol I did more than 30 days fam woman I tell you
Stevie J (6 months ago)
Try that shit with a nigga in his late 30 guarantee u he can last
Mayborn Music (6 months ago)
Then man had been gettin some from someone. Yep. Thats what we do
ballislife2351 (6 months ago)
That’s actually pretty sad if u can’t last 30 days u need spiritual help
The Law (6 months ago)
Lol 30 days... Its been 3 years *cries*
sammy babizin (5 days ago)
Funniest comment ever 🤣🤣 thanks man. This make my day
vYiczii (28 days ago)
Powaful Gaming (6 months ago)
XxxpoisonxxX X (6 months ago)
BreeStylez (6 months ago)
I couldn’t do 30 days and I’m a female but crazy enough when I’m single I’ve lasted months even years without it
Balaji Surywanshi (1 month ago)
BreeStylez dggcjgrbb
Redsand Warlord (6 months ago)
I wished i met you during those years 😢
Stevie J (6 months ago)
All u gotta do is play with yoself
Mayborn Music (6 months ago)
Bein single is kinda like your options are limited.
Jozias Joseph (6 months ago)
EstellaMack (6 months ago)
Ha! Dats what she get... Hate when women be frontin ( Stush ), like we dont think about the "D"all the day long Girl Bye ... Soon as i have my Man livin under me its only 3 days a month ill ever be able to go With out at least a mornin somn somn
benjamin T&Tpaidfighter (6 months ago)
I lasted 3 years single , with a gf 1 year no sex
hit wonda (6 months ago)
That's some man cheat cause that
Owolabby Azeez (6 months ago)
lmao the more you act like you don't want them the further in them come i suppose
kyng kxng (6 months ago)
Mi laugh yf. Bombo clathe a torcha
zero king (6 months ago)
I think he saw heaven when he opened the door
zero king (6 months ago)
Cracctaylor327 😂😂😂 true dat
Cracctaylor327 (6 months ago)
zero king Yea but he's going down in history as the first man to deny entering heaven fuck they do that at.???
SupremeGamingWithCJ (6 months ago)
I wouldn't wait 30 seconds fym
CrazySexyCoolmeisha (6 months ago)
Wateva him would give in long time
Funky fresh B (6 months ago)
Good job! I liked it!
Dollar n/a Dream (6 months ago)
bam bam
Tj Stewart (6 months ago)
In reality temptation would have got the better of him in day five or so....
L G (6 months ago)
Mark Vam (6 months ago)
Dem gyal pumpum phat
Neco Curtis (5 months ago)
Mark Vam ma nigga....fi real man gena gena.
Lavar Cole (6 months ago)
Nahh females can't last 30 day
Lavar Cole (2 months ago)
Eunice I can last a good month 😂 female can do that
Eunice (2 months ago)
Like males can
Rosemarie Lücking (3 months ago)
Lavar Cole
Lavar Cole (4 months ago)
ROXKSTARR WOKSTARR all girls are the same but it's a few that ain't tho
ROXKSTARR THE LONER (5 months ago)
Lavar Cole a lots of girls can last 30 days they can last a whole year but the women with a hard sex drive can't even last a week without sex
L G (6 months ago)

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