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Steve Wozniak Debunks One of Apple's Biggest Myths

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) –- For its 85th anniversary, Bloomberg Businessweek chronicles the most disruptive ideas of the past 85 years. In 1976, The Apple 1 computer goes on sale for a retail price of $666.66. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs and designed that product, remembers the early days. (Video by Brandon Lisy) (Source: Bloomberg)
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max s (6 days ago)
Wozniak was the brain, Jobs was the face.
IamBuffal0 (10 days ago)
Jobs was the pilot with the vision and the killer instinct to make it in the business world, Woz was the engine and brains to make the vision reality. They needed each other to change the world. Both are geniuses with their own talents.
ram bharadwaj (10 days ago)
geek at heart
Thịnh Phạm (11 days ago)
Looks like he's hugging his Accordion! What a passion!
Bitcoin Jedi (13 days ago)
How awesome..... :)
Obviously Gay (17 days ago)
For a guy that loves computers so much he seems to have trouble typing.
Skunky Monk (17 days ago)
One of the few guys in this world that actually deserves his fortune and always comes off as an absolute top bloke! Still think Apples/Iphones and all that junk suck mind and its users could be seen as cult members :P PC for life!
Narin Pornwatcharakul (17 days ago)
ok print ให้ ดู
Dave (18 days ago)
Net worth: 92.9 billion
Steve A (19 days ago)
He left because jobs didn't want to support woz or his ideas , jobs took credit for what woz created . Apple would be a very different company if woz was CEO .
MichaelKingsfordGray (19 days ago)
He sticks solder in his mouth! No wonder he is mad. As are the posters here who cower behind infantile fake names. Children who are so scared, that they cannot emerge from their mother's apron, let alone their basement.
Tpjuvi Philly (22 days ago)
I wish he got more praise, people like him are the ones behind the characters
alex619leal (28 days ago)
The real "Genius"
Ahmed Maseh (1 month ago)
Daniel Johnson (1 month ago)
I like this video!
Obey The Law (1 month ago)
I love the Woz way more than Jobs. Woz is under-rated. But Woz does look like he is a fat man wearing a Tim Allen skin suit.
Luc Gaudreault (1 month ago)
Woz is my computer hero. Thanks Woz! (Been an ardent Mac enthusiasts since 1996.)
MsJavaWolf (1 month ago)
Manly tears have been shed.
DJ ZOO HAMSTER (1 month ago)
heat stabilizer calculator 10.
DJ ZOO HAMSTER (1 month ago)
wolveric0 (1 month ago)
Thank you Woz... great mind and also a big heart.
Rusty Shackleford (1 month ago)
What a likable guy
Soul Equaliser (1 month ago)
is he lucifarian?
Loanword Eggcorn (1 month ago)
Wow, Lead poisoning? Please don't put solder in your mouth.
YTU1116 (1 month ago)
I didn't know that!
Travis Flesher (1 month ago)
Does anyone else find this overrated man's horsedung testimony about personally building and soldering the motherboard to a computer to be insulting? As if I was born yesterday. I bet if you gave him the finest tools to do it again he'd fumble quickly.
mickavellian (1 month ago)
AND "THIS" is how the real world works. NOT with 6 assholes in basement asking for contributions and pre-sales on the basis of a CIG produced model.
Sean Fyodorovich (1 month ago)
The Woz, Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson, Brian Kernighan... the public doesn't know these names but they're the reason why we have the stuff we do. Dennis Ritchie created the programming language C and co-developed UNIX with Thompson. Everyone except Microsoft uses a UNIX-based OS today.
trequor (1 month ago)
What a clickbait title
ne1cup (1 month ago)
it took both of them to succeed , balance...
Vicious Unpolite Games (1 month ago)
What we enjoy as granted tecnology today, is thx to him, jobs was an extraordinary sales man but all he was doing was selling WOZ efforts and ideas and genious around. Woz deserve way more than Jobs he made the entire humanity do a big leap forward.
KTP (1 month ago)
$666.66 hail satan
Craigx71 (1 month ago)
666.66..... where are the religious nuts?
lohphat (1 month ago)
Back when Silicon Valley was about innovation and not about making a small number of people wealthy (at the expense of the employees) via smoke-and-mirror VC games. As he said, Jobs switched into full sociopath mode when the money came in. It was the beginning of the end.
Heffsta02 (1 month ago)
fuck Apple, but you can tell this guy absolutely loved his creation, and was passionate about the work he did.I dig that.
Seargent Gaming (1 month ago)
Shame he never got enough credit and Jobs always steal his spotlight. He was a man of true mankind, being happy at what he does, unlike Jobs who went away with fame and fortune. Hopefully one day he could control Apple and return its true shine
N M (1 month ago)
carabel cruz (1 month ago)
Mi Kliterus (1 month ago)
What was the myth?
JFK Numbers (1 month ago)
This is deceptive advertisement: Which exactly is "One of Apple's Biggest Myths"??
JFK Numbers (1 month ago)
Would Michael Bloomberg approve of this technique?
_ skyguy _ (1 month ago)
The real genius!
Quillbro Durdus (1 month ago)
This guy got screwed big time. The other one is in hell now, where he belongs.
Bo McGillacutty (1 month ago)
STILL Passionate about these things after all these years. It's such focus and passion that allows spectacular success.
chi3knees (1 month ago)
I love how all these guys always refer to Steve Jobs by his full name.
Chris Ayres (1 month ago)
666 ? so that means to get this rich and famous the 2 Steve,s sold their souls to the devil ? lol
Shane Prior (1 month ago)
So this guy practically invented the household computer while Steve jobs just took the credit
pocoapoco2 (1 month ago)
ctrl-g, steve, ctrl-g
Guy Reece (1 month ago)
Get that solder out of your mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ravedaze (1 month ago)
We all love you Woz 😃👍
riopato2009 (1 month ago)
the Woz looks like a gray haired gorilla.
Dustin Rodriguez (1 month ago)
The Woz is an amazing human being, and he understands how life works as well as computers. It makes me very happy that despite 'staying at the bottom of the org chart' he was still able to become independently wealthy so that he could pursue his technical interests without worrying about putting food on the table. It is ridiculous that most of the engineers who build the things that literally run the entire world and make everyone's modern life possible are somehow denigrated and treated like disposable workers on an assembly line. We would all be better off if the value of their work was actually paid fairly and they were able to retire early to pursue creating new things.
Jose Carlos (1 month ago)
that is the guy
neon williams (1 month ago)
Steve Woz Jobs, Jobs Woz Steve; a kind of modern-day Lennon/Mcartney duo of the computing world.
George McKeon (1 month ago)
There would be no Apple computer without Woz. But there would be no Apple Computer Inc. without Steve Jobs.
LucidLegend1984 (2 months ago)
My favorite Steve
santosh kumar KHADANGA (2 months ago)
Love you wozniak
Alexander Wingeskog (2 months ago)
Wozniak is just great.
Petrosmalk (2 months ago)
Wozniak is a genius!
What a delicious mind !
Ryan Rodrigues (2 months ago)
Those who hate this video should not use their programming system.
Jared Johnson (2 months ago)
love this mans passion.
damej elyas (2 months ago)
talented do the work managers take the credit. what a fucked up world
Sarath John (2 months ago)
I admire both the Steves because, they both helped each other in providing the world a new computing platform and becoming wealthy within a short period of time!! But, if Steve Wozniak did everything to give something new to the world, Steve Jobs did everything for profit!! It's only because of Steve Jobs that Apple products were something that only the wealthy could imagine of buying!! It's still the same today!! This does not bring about any revolution. Unless and until any new revolutionary technology is accessible and affordable especially for students, they are simply not worth inventing!! Luckily for us, other companies were quick to bring and market affordable computing to us and now we all can use and enjoy its benefits!! If computing was a monopoly for Apple even today then, it would still have been only a rich person's or family's privilege!! This is the only reason why I have never admired and still don't admire Apple or any of its products. They put money in front of everything.
Raghav Mahajan (2 months ago)
Woz was the guy who created Apple. Steve just wanted the money.
BattyMusic (2 months ago)
Wozniak is one of the most underrated geniuses of our time.
bongo155 (2 months ago)
The Commodore 64 pooped all over the Apple II. Sad history doesnt remember how much more important the Commodore 64 was.
David Humphreys (2 months ago)
long Live Steve Wozniak! :) Love this guy.
Lee Fall (2 months ago)
Wozniak chews lead solder not gum. One of the greatest men to ever walk this earth. Thank you Steve.
BertyFromDK (2 months ago)
He seems like a humble, and genuinely likable, guy. Respect.
Bud Leiser (2 months ago)
He is so lovable! So bursting with enthusiasm and knows exactly where he's happy not trying to be a emperor.
Ernie Pasveer (2 months ago)
He shouldn't put solder in his mouth. Some types contain lead.
Francisco Villa (2 months ago)
Wozniak is so cute
1 2 (2 months ago)
Jobs was only famous because he was a CEO of a company that was tech. Than a revolution happened, with tech and then boom he's famous.
Brendan Parsons (2 months ago)
As interesting as Jobs was, I've always thought Wozniak is way more interesting.
alphabeets (2 months ago)
Woz is an amazing inspiration to so many of us.
- (2 months ago)
wwhat i wonder is why people adored steve jobs and not wozniak, And if computers didnt exist would we still and nuclear and all these wireless weapons
Mike SpinstoWin (2 months ago)
Woz said he wanted the chips in a perfect position, according to the Jobs bio it was him because of his father's insisting even the stuff you don't see needs to be perfect.
Janice Bedford (2 months ago)
Wozniak is the true heart of Apple. Jobs was just a worm.
David Lloyd-Jones (2 months ago)
An' 'fess up, Steve, you made a bunch of 'em with fancy teak sides for the Fifth Avenue crowd, Al Toffler, Amitai Etzioni, and folks like that -- talking to each other over a pioneer bulletin board paid for by the National Science Foundation or somebody. A bit later I was ARPAnet user number 300, call that !300!, lots of bangs in my address because this was pre-TCP/IP, and I bumped into Etzioni on the Net, as we called it. We didn't have chat programs, but if you saw somebody entering a note on a news echo you could often get into a conversation with them posting alternately. I was working for the MIT AI Lab, but commuted from Washington, D.C. so I was on the Net at something like 55 or 240 or some very low number Baud, using an Execuport, a $4,500, 20-pound, audio coupler that you stuck a telephone handset into. Etzioni had published an article in Harpers a couple of weeks earlier on the subject of Memory. He had said you never forget anything. For instance, he would never forget that the German prepositions that take the dative or accusative or some damn case were "aus, auser, bei, mit, mach, seit, and zu." It was a great pleasure to be able to type in to him, "You missed von." After the NSF experiment was over, Toffler stopped using the thing. He didn't even like the Electric Pencil, the word processor you had given him. He could see the future, right? "A flood of junk," he said. That was 1971.
Stefanos Gouveris (2 months ago)
Why people on comments compare Jobs with Woz ? Its like comparing tomatoes with bananas...
Das Inhaberlicht (2 months ago)
Now this dude is apple, not the businessman steve jobs,
zztop3000 (2 months ago)
Wozniak is a fat bastard. What did he achieve that intel didn't already have. Who's the best now anyways. Apple sucks.
Ruslan Iusupov (2 months ago)
He reminds me Jordan Peele.
snep (2 months ago)
We build it for 250 and sold it for 500. Apple for ya
Alex Hixon (2 months ago)
What is that piano song at the start called?
MAXim DARK BOY (3 months ago)
Woz I ❤ u
jitendra nayak (3 months ago)
I love him, look how passionated he is.....great.
Justin Namuco (3 months ago)
This dude deserves so much respect and appreciation
Chris Trigg (3 months ago)
Apparently the secret to longevity, is the repeated application of lead based solder, held between the lips.
MEDiAgamer (3 months ago)
Its a shame that Steve Wozniak doesn’t get that much recognition. He’s the real brains behind Apple, Steve Jobs was just a person who was able to sell products and became the face of the company. Granted he was very smart in his own right. But with out Steve Wozniak, there would be no Apple Computers.
puertousbmonkey (3 months ago)
if it wasn't for Jobs you would never know about Woz
stargate905 (3 months ago)
Lead solder in the mouth lol WTF
Oxi (3 months ago)
Woz doesn't get the credit he deserves
Jordan (3 months ago)
I've honestly never seen someone so genuinely passionate about something ...pretty inspiring
Pepe teh Gangster (3 months ago)
Yeet spageet
ThisnThatPackRat (3 months ago)
Awesome, just awesome!!!
Raphael Rodriguez (3 months ago)
The apple II manual taught you basic basic
kevdone w (3 months ago)
if only i had that thing you guys had its not always about money
bill Pon (3 months ago)
Woz is everything pure about being an inventor. He should have been apples CEO.
nmnmnmm (3 months ago)
Dude's a genius and a genuinely nice guy

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