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Vegan Source of Vitamin B12 Found in Fruit & More from Natural Products Expo East 2014

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John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares with you the best products for people who live a raw vegan lifestyle at the industry-only Natural Products Expo East 2014. You will learn about the best natural products at this expo that may allow you to better the health of you and your family. In this episode, you will discover: 02:23 Tigernuts - Edible Vegetable tuber known as the Chuffa. Sproutable and make delicious high carbohydrate raw flour. http://www.ourtrueroots.com/ 06:26 Sugavida - Vegan source of Vitamin B12 all natural fruit sugar best sugar replacement superfood. http://www.sugavida.com 09:40 Raw Food Central - Real Kale Chips, Onion Rings that focus on fresh vegetables instead of a lot of nut dressings on the chips or rings. http://www.rawfoodcentral.com/ 13:00 Raw Vegan Salad Dressings - Ranch, Cesar Salad Dressings, Raw Vegan Cheese Sauce, Creme Cheese based out of olive oil. http://www.rawfoodz.com 15:23 My Magic Mud - All natural vegan tooth whitener. Get your teeth whiter, and have a healthier mouth with the power of charcoal and minerals. http://www.mymagicmud.com 18:42 Fermented Raw Nut Cheese - Closest thing to real cheese raw vegan and delicious. Probiotic Rich Soft and hard cheeses. http://www.treelinecheese.com 20:07 Bees Wrap - Alternative to Saran Plastic Wrap to store your food and get more plastic out of your life. Thousands of uses. http://www.beeswrap.com 24:16 SuperCritical Co2 Extraction Systems - Make your own raw living essential oils, medicine and more with the apex super critical co2 extractors. http://www.apekssupercritical.com/ 26:31 Fire Cider - Raw Fruit and Vegetable Infused Honey Vingar Beverage. Many healthy antioxidants and nutrients. http://www.firecider.com/ 29:14 Living Baby Salad Greens - More tender, more nutritious, easier to digest. Still alive baby salad greens, many varieties. Cut, Eat and Enjoy or Grow into full size vegetables. http://www.radfarm.co after watching this episode you will learn about the above products and so much more along the way.
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Stephanie Fuller (3 месяца назад)
If you had to make a choice, would you choose a vitamix or juicer?
Stephanie Fuller (3 месяца назад)
How does the greens get their nutrition planted in coconut core?
Jesse Hollier (4 месяца назад)
John, I heard that charcoal can be too abrasive on the enamel. What's your thoughts? Cheers! - Jesse Hollier.
Emily BH (1 год назад)
okraw -John, why not recommend sea vegetables for Vit b-12? Sea veggies are a WHOLE FOOD perfectly balanced by Nature; recognizable, utilizable and easily eliminated by our bodies. Whereas the man-made vitamin isolates are not as recognizable nor can they be fully utilied by the body. Rather, they will stimulate but they also ENEVERVATE and they build up inside the body - which is not good! For sweeteners, why not suggest STEVIA? It is a WHOLE food grown in Nature! There is no need to take yet another man-made "natural" sugar when Nature already has one that it PERFECT and COMPLETELY SAFE.
am83330 (1 год назад)
Is this about fortified foods?
Wizdumb (1 год назад)
Are you the discount juicer guy? You all look and take alike
Nordic Plant Power (1 год назад)
The only product that can really help boost your health is a slow juicer.
TheDodicat (1 год назад)
B12 in fruit? Lmao!😄
Patriot Jefferson (1 год назад)
I liked the Mason Tops commercial before the video
Andrea Wisner (2 года назад)
Love the way John innocently disses people with his honesty.
Gabe Dawg (2 года назад)
I was laughing so hard at the people from rawfoodcentral. Their faces when you were talking about whole foods, nuts, fat and dressings and the blanches veggies hahaha. XDDDDDD they were like umm wtf get out of here.
moonman_Z (2 года назад)
Some nice large tiger nuts, John I have never laughed so hard.
moonman_Z (2 года назад)
Got to get some tiger nuts now lol.
Mesamedusa (2 года назад)
John, about Sugavida... You say: "literally like eating fruit in stead of eating sugar" A statement I find hard to stomach. I figure Palmyra palm sugar (Sugavida) is close to coconut palm sugar, which contains up to 79% sucrose (regular white table sugar = pure sucrose) and then some free glucose and fructose. It's a lot of sugar (>80%, 90%?) to go with the micronutrients... A grape has about 15% sugar... They carefully avoid to call it sugar BTW, marketing it as "superfood sweetener". They compare the fructose content of 3% to that of coconut sugar, which is said (elsewhere) to be 40%. They somehow take the sucrose (containing 1 fructose and 1 glucose) into account for the coconut sugar, but not for the Sugavida!? The B12 claim is bold... But -if true- to get it from sugar? They should try to add B12 to cigarettes, so you can take up smoking to be more healthy ;-)
Southeast Green (3 года назад)
Good to see you at the show! Loving your take on Expo East.
Søren Rimbaud (3 года назад)
If you are a vegan here is where you can get vitamin b-12: Nutritional Yeast, Marmite, Vegemite, and most seaweeds. If anyone tells you vegans can't get vitamin b-12 please cite these four foods...
informationwarfare (3 года назад)
+Drew Hall Seaweeds might have pseudo-b12 like compounds that do not function the same. A good quality b12 supplement is recommended for vegans and meat eaters. Methylcobalamin combined with Adenosylcobalmin is superior to the cheap Cyanocobalamin.
Sarah Norment (3 года назад)
Did he just pour out that lemon juice all over that lady's booth? lol
moonman_Z (2 года назад)
+sadtripdog : )
Sarah Norment (3 года назад)
+sadtripdog i see lol. That gave me a good laugh
G (3 года назад)
+Sarah Norment john doesn't give any fucks
kingmike40 (3 года назад)
What does analog mean? Regarding the food.
Sarah Norment (3 года назад)
+chiyerano Ok, I see. I guess how I use analog is simply in a different way. Thanks for clarifying. 
chiyerano (3 года назад)
+Sarah Norment Only when people mention naturally occurring analogs for vitamin B12 they basically mean something that looks like vitamin B12 but doesn't really act like vitamin B12 actually would in the body in the sense that it doesn't give much if any, of the same benefits that the actual vitamin B12 would.  So you could take these analogs and still be very deficient in vitamin B12.  
Sarah Norment (3 года назад)
+chiyerano Yeah you're right. The stuff made in laboratories are definitely analogs, but some analogs are found in nature as well, and some analogs that are found in nature are simply purified, rather than created in the lab, so I shouldn't have limited it to the laboratory created analogs only. They can be chemically created or isolated/extracted from nature using laboratory chemistry. Estrogen from horse urine can be extracted and used in creating a birth control pill for humans. This would be an analog estrogen hormone that is not naturally human, but it is analogous to human estrogen and our body is able to recognize and use it as if it were human estrogen. So you are right, analogs can be naturally found as well. Analog just means something is analogous as something else. It has a different chemical structure but serves the same type of function. 
chiyerano (3 года назад)
+Sarah Norment I thought that analogs can also be naturally found in nature like the B12 analogs naturally found in some forms of seaweed without ever being in a lab.
Sarah Norment (3 года назад)
+kingmike40 it means something is created in a laboratory to be similar chemical structure of what is found in nature. Some of the vitamins that you see in drug stores are extracted from plants, fruits, vegetables and concentrated and put in capsule form, but others are analogs of natural vitamins, created by chemistry in the lab. These analogs can be made more efficiently and when they enter your body, the receptor portion of the analog is the same chemical structure as the vitamin found in nature, and therefore tricks the body into using the analog just like the natural vitamin. The medical field uses analog hormones too, like if someone has an underactive thyroid, the doctor prescribes a thyroid hormone analog that your body can use since your thyroid is not functioning. Not all analogs are bad. But, the natural thing is always best, if it comes from plants.
B Jamin117 (3 года назад)
Awww thanks *B* jamin A'$)
White Potato (4 года назад)
It's funny because the coconut sugar had more vitamins and minerals in nearly all of the columns.
Gunther Opdecam (4 года назад)
Hi, I need to buy a new B12 product. What brand can you recommend (hydro or methylcobalamine !) (good quality, good price...shipping to Belgium) Thanks, Ilse
Humane Alien (4 года назад)
If somebody didn't know you can buy chufas, so as they call them in the video tiger nuts, in Spain, it is very popular here, and in Valencia they make a traditional drink that is called orchata, it is very tasty, my favorite drink! 
Mrs. Puni (4 года назад)
Can you do a video of places to buy good fruits and vegetables for reasonable prices in Sacramento? 
seygra20 (4 года назад)
Why is his hair so limp?
Chloe Rose (4 года назад)
I really like most of this video but why add honey to apple cider? It's a naturally vegan drink, and you can even make it at home with apples, oranges, and a few spices. Tastemade has a video on how to do it. Anyway, please stop with the honey and beeswax T-T
Humane Alien (4 года назад)
I totally agree honey and beeswax is not vegan! 
Bite Size Vegan (4 года назад)
thanks for the mention +Disco Nouvo- and the honey video is here for reference: http://goo.gl/ZfFUpD
Disco Nouvo (4 года назад)
well said.  honey equals a raw vegan fail.  +Bite Size Vegan has a great video on what happens to bees when they are commercially farmed..
Chloe Rose (4 года назад)
In vegan (but not raw) almond, coconut, and hemp milk you'll find about a lot of of B12 per cup. You can get your daily B12 in non-dairy milk (if you're okay with having some un-raw food) There's also raw vegan medicine with 100% B12 per pill. Well it's raw vegetarian but the B12 isn't from animals it's from bacteria i guess. So it's raw vegan basically. Meat-eaters lack the same amount of B12 in their diet. As he said, it isn't an veg vs non-veg thing. Most people, no matter what diet or life style lack it. So get your almond milk today~~ Also I'm sure technically beeswrap is better than plastic, but let's find an eco-friendly *vegan* alternative to plastic. Plastic is harmful but so is exploiting bees. Save the bees. Don't buy products with beeswax or honey. Please don't promote nonvegan products. I'm already upset over Kristina putting raw honey in her recipes. It's not vegan.
White Potato (4 года назад)
He was just looking for a fruit or plant source that has natural B-12. Plant milks have added B-12. Still drink them though.
Disco Nouvo (4 года назад)
spot on +Chloe Rose. 
Richard G. (4 года назад)
THanks John.  Too bad the bees wrap is made from bees wax. Its not vegan!
So Cal (4 года назад)
every time i try and go to the fire cider site a uk site comes up that has nothing to do with it.  Can you check on it and see what's up with that.
LaLa R (4 года назад)
just subbed... good vid...seems that vitaminb12 deficiency is the most debated topic related to veganism
poolahpot (4 года назад)
Thanks John for this very informative video!! I am going to buy some of the products. Thanks for taking the time! :)
Jag Sihota (1 год назад)
poolahpot 3
poolahpot (4 года назад)
At 20:50..... I HAVE TO buy spring water in 5 gal plastic jugs. NO filter that has been tested as of yet (that I know of) removes all of the fluoride in tap water. :(
Sierra Spartical (4 года назад)
I am still LOVEN your videos! Thank you for your insight. I am sitting down with my UNFI catalog while watching. I love that you care about organic as well as vegan. btw check out Oralive for your teeth. My friend healed his tooth cavity. no lie! He is also the President of the CCOF. Phil LaRocca
barbara schendel (4 года назад)
John, Vitamin B12 is actually produced by bacteria. The only reason that it shows up in milk and meat products is because they are "contaminated" with it. So I'm guessing the B12 that is in this product is added, just like any B12 supplement.
Sara Martin (4 года назад)
Please keep us updated on the sugavida!
Nicky (4 года назад)
So cool! Thanks for the insight! My fav are the 'still alive' greens!
trebor hgils (4 года назад)
Nice job John. To bad Sugavida web site is not up to date “Our website will go live soon but, in the meantime, please sign-up for our newsletter containing news on Sugavida™.”  But you gave us a good look at the products
Aiste Vitkauske (4 года назад)
Hey John, how come you had a fellow Lithanian card name Petras Vainius?
zaphod2 (4 года назад)
its all about the MONEY, MONEY and MONEY.
thorhale (4 года назад)
wow i never knew they could use the fruit for palm sugar. I was aware of palm jaggery, its just like coconut sugar... this is different apparently  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borassus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Borassus_ake-assii_MS_1315.JPG http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:GntTaatiFruit.jpg
Hailey Ashton (4 года назад)
+thorhale besides certain fillers b12 supplements are always vegan as b12 comes from bacteria.
thorhale (4 года назад)
also I assumed you knew that there was algal b12 on the market.... its vegan! 
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
bees wrap? vegan? hmmmmmmmmm
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
they sell all shit for soooo much money. just buy charcoal, zeolith, bentonite, coconut oil, xylit , peppermint. done
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
dont use charcoal if u have amalgam fillings!!!!!!
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
so one needs 3 tbsp to get all vitb12 ??? that little can will be empty in a few days haha.
Joe Mama (4 года назад)
man John can talk forever :O was he a salesman or something?
Joe Mama (4 года назад)
+Dustin Brookens awesome I would luv to be as articulate as him but I've done a little sales in my time and no thanks on that xD
Dustin Brookens (4 года назад)
John has been selling juicers since before people bought juicers. He is a classically trained salesman who tries to have a moral compass and only shows us the stuff he thinks is worthwhile. He often also negotiates deals on these products through discount codes, and does not accept cash endorsements to do this. While he may get a free sample of a product, that has never stopped him from giving a poor product a poor review.
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
doesnt he kinda sell juicers and stuff?
james brisebois (4 года назад)
Isn't sugar just sugar beet juice that's been dried?
mini696 (4 года назад)
+poolahpot I guess so, I am not an expert.  
poolahpot (4 года назад)
date sugar?
mini696 (4 года назад)
It can be from many sources, some off the top of my head: Cane sugar, palm sugar, coconut
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
can be both. here in germany they use beets. but the problem is, sugar is usually highly processed. sugar even gets filterd (or somethinh) through bones. sugar beets though or sugar syrup is high in iron and stuff. just refined sugar r empty cals. no nutrition just carbs.
mini696 (4 года назад)
Sugar cane juice.
Today For Tomorrow (4 года назад)
I always learn something new from your videos. Never heard about the tiger nuts and other things before. Though some product information seems questionable. Thanks John for everything you do. You look awesome by the way.
Andrew McCarron (4 года назад)
$150 for an 8.8oz can.
Andrew McCarron (4 года назад)
+delaserdudeXD Oops totally blew that one, thanks! 
delaserdudeXD (4 года назад)
$150 HKD = approx $19.32 US  still a little high but doable
Clyde Cash (4 года назад)
While eating meat is way cheaper. lol
cruciferousvegetable (4 года назад)
Is John aging in reverse?   Also, "Making whorechatta with tiger nuts"  sounds like  a Charlie Sheen thing.
David Escrihuela (3 месяца назад)
David Escrihuela (3 месяца назад)
Why do you say "whorechatta". The original name we use here i Spain is "horchata" or in Valencian or Catalan "orxata". By the way the swettest and in my opinion the greatest nuts or seeds mili
Darris B. Nelson (4 года назад)
Thanks for the link John . . . turns out I am subscribed! But I've neglected watching videos on my subscribe list. Can't WAIT to get my new Omega juicer! Thanks again for all of your incredible information. B12 is important for us vegans especially if you're eating mostly whole foods without added B12. Never heard of Tiger Nuts, another great resource! You're the man!
Rui G (4 года назад)
It's all about money!!! B12 in fruit??? Wtf are they fooling
30stmFantasy (11 месяцев назад)
Eat organic food w/o washing or take a pill. Much better than killing innocent animals.
am83330 (1 год назад)
Plants cannot take the B-12 inside their flesh. Animal can.
Yoga Darling (2 года назад)
maybe it's a fish disguised as a tomato
Forever Seeking (4 года назад)
B12 is found in soil which animals consume which we consume. Even meat eater have b12 deficiencies because our soils are lacking.
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
maybe some nasty bugs live in that fruit? or a lot poop on them and we eat the poop (b12) hahajaja
Dumpster Marcus (4 года назад)
GREAT episode!! thanx for all the info!
Hailey Ashton (4 года назад)
20 mcg? isnt that like 10 times more then we need each day? Fruit juice having b12 hmm..
atizeg (4 года назад)
WOW! White sugar has potassium in it. :) Though you would need 2-4 Tonnes a day.
atizeg (4 года назад)
I wonder of the absorption rate of that new B12 product.
StephyPlantbased (4 года назад)
prolly best to let most of it getting absorbed in ur mouth (under the tongue)
Sandra O. (4 года назад)
The sugavida did taste yummy wish it wasn't so expensive though 
Gabriel G (4 года назад)
Love these video John, you are great
Gabriel G (4 года назад)

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