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Video 1: Building an electric RC plane from plans

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I plan on building this rc plane over the coming months. It's called Millie Bob and the plans came free with the May 2015 edition of RC Model World. The designer of the plane has a video of his first flight with it here: http://youtu.be/Db4Mt7QR7Vk
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Neelam Sharma (1 год назад)
Hi i like ur vedio, i am working on it but i dont get the actual size so please if u have this paper in which u have design the aircraft please send me a pic on given email - mk4663010@gmail.com Please sir i want ur design. U can save my carrier. Thanku
Conor O'Neill (1 год назад)
+Neelam Sharma hi, sorry I don't have copies of the plan to distribute.
SPD (1 год назад)
hi guy. thx for your useful videos. could you please scan your plans and upload them to use??
Conor O'Neill (1 год назад)
+Emperor Emperor hi, the only place to get the plans is from www.traplet.com
Woundo Tounda (1 год назад)
I am 2 Years late but I was wondering do you the actual plans come inside the magazine or are they separate? Thanks.
Conor O'Neill (1 год назад)
+Woundo Tounda the plans came inside the magazine.
D Lamb (1 год назад)
Fabulous series of films. Will be getting back into this great hobby after seeing your films. Thanks for posting, you are. Superb, easy to listen to(and understand) tutor.
Kevin Ooten (1 год назад)
To make push rod length adjustment easier you can add a "v" bend. http://www.building-model-boats.com/rudder-linkage.html
Kevin Ooten (1 год назад)
Awesome series. The only suggestion I have for you on the next build is keep it up. Whatever you build I will watch. I have very much enjoyed this one, Thank you.
Conor O'Neill (1 год назад)
+Kevin Ooten Thank you! I'm in the middle of renovating my garage to turn it into a proper model workshop. Once it's done I'm contemplating building a biplane from plans.
Pio Antonio Lacorte (2 года назад)
Not bad. How models do you have
Conor O'Neill (2 года назад)
+Pio Antonio Lacorte hi, I've 4, but my only working one now is the seagull boomerang, plus this one (hopefully!)
Jorge Galan (2 года назад)
hi good videos, have the plan? can you send me please?
Conor O'Neill (2 года назад)
+Jorge Galan Hi, I don't have the plans in an electronic format to send to you. I got them free in the May 2015 edition of RC Model World magazine(http://gb.trapletshop.com/rc-model-world-may-2015). The plans are available to buy here: http://gb.trapletshop.com/millie-bob-plan
Peter Taylor (2 года назад)
Do you think it would be fine to use balsa plans meant for an electric plane, and put a gas engine in it instead?
Conor O'Neill (2 года назад)
+Peter Taylor Hi, Yes this should be possible and wouldn't be the first time it was done. There are a few things that will need to be considered though: - determining the size of glo engine needed. I'm sure there are some maths out there to compare IC engines and Electric, but I haven't had the chance to dig them out yet. - Keeping the CofG in place now that you have a different engine (and silencer), engine mount, tank, fuel and throttle servo. - making room for the throttle servo in the fuselage. None of these are big problems, but will need investigating before you start building.
rob b (3 года назад)
hi.. probably nest to make the plane first, then upload all the vids at once, so we can watch.. Good luck !  Rob
Conor O'Neill (3 года назад)
Plans are 1:1, but I'm never quite sure how to transfer the shapes to the balsa. Some use carbon paper, others (like me) do the cheap and cheerful pin-through-the-plan then join the dots. I've done a rough estimate and the wood plus extras (hinges, undercarraige, control horns, etc.) should be about £40.
rob b (3 года назад)
i see, ive never built one, are plans to scale and you use them as a template ?
Conor O'Neill (3 года назад)
+rob b Hi and thanks for the comment. I had thought about doing it as you suggest but as it's a build for over the winter it would be another 6-8 months before I upload the results! So I was hoping to drip-feed the build as I go, and allow people to ask questions or give me the chance to expand on things with additional videos. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in - it'll be just my second build from plans.... the first was over 15 years ago! Conor.

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