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How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument - Jordan Peterson

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Tyrion Video on Frames: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NQiHtbpa8s& Previous JP video on earning respect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsQLksbfDSo& Jordan Peterson VS Cathy Newman Debate https://goo.gl/jP3ZYs How To Shut Down Conversational Bullies Subscribe to Charisma On Command’s YouTube Account: http://bit.ly/COC-Subscribe Have you seen the Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman debate? See for yourself how he deals with it and give us your opinion in the comments! We've all found ourselves in conversation and felt attacked like we started off talking about one thing and then the other person twisted our words and before we knew it, we lost our cool, lost respect in their eyes, and maybe even acted like a jerk. Now, I don't normally do the same person twice in a row but this interview between Cathy Newman and Jordan Peterson was just too interesting of an opportunity to discuss how you can handle someone who uses subtle conversational tricks to bully you into looking dumb. So in this video, you're gonna see firsthand some of the most common tricks that people might be using on you and you're also gonna learn how to reverse those so that you can walk out of a kind of aggressive situation having earned more respect than you had going in. So first off, to stop a conversational bully, you have to realize what's going on before it's too late. Now, typically, a person will reveal their aggressive attitude early on with their tone of voice and their word choice. Check out the rest that we will show in this video and how Jordan Peterson tackles them. 1:49 Jordan Peterson deals with so-you're-saying trap 2:39 Jordan Peterson deals with the "assuming the sale" 5:30 Jordan Peterson deals with the smash technique 7:08 But don't straw man the other person's ideas though 7:47 And visual imagery can also help 8:25 You can show them that they're already agreeing with you Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Text Comments (7789)
Lu Guy (7 hours ago)
This is all so creepy. Even the argument over talk is projecting. Poor Peterson is being victimized, how could she, just how dare her. Peterson is very sensitive, not fair. Silly.
Melvin Jones (2 days ago)
Can you do Ben Shapiro?
Alleycat 27 (2 days ago)
It's the "if you are pro this, you must be against that" argument. Sort of like, "If you are FOR Black Lives Matter, you MUST be AGAINST the police." They leave little to no room for the very likely possibility that you are FOR BOTH, black and blue lives. Then again, you might be against both of them. Regardless, the way you feel about one thing does NOT mean you feel the opposite about the other. To me, it's like saying, "I see you are eating a steak ... I guess you don't like chicken." What?
Paul Nu (2 days ago)
Cath got exposed...an ideologue!!
Paul Nu (2 days ago)
Jordan’s absolute destruction of Cathy Newman a wonderful Tour De Force!!
Joe Human (2 days ago)
"How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument": Don't be Jordan Peterson.
Simon Allnutt (3 days ago)
Peterson agrees with you about the 'gotcha' quip.
Robin Miller (4 days ago)
Cathy is the intellectuals village bike... we all like to ride that sow!
Robert Stewart (4 days ago)
Well let us face it, she is blond, she never ever had a chance at the end of the day
Jorge Alberto (4 days ago)
Man, I have a question for you that might be interesting to dig: I have been watching some of Jordan Peterson's interviews, and people always try to do exactly that with him all the time. They keep saying "but you said this, you said that, so you're saying that...", and he, calm and confident, always respond "No, I never said that. What I said was...". And still they come. Why? What drives so many people to insist using the same failed tactics so many times? Can't they see he has already addressed those points before, and had time to evaluate the outcome of previous conversations, and had become proficient on addressing them? What happens here? You got my meaning? Can you tell, instead of why is Jordan Peterson so successful on his interviews, just why no one can get him? What makes these people look so stupid when dealing with him? Is it some subliminal message embedded in his speech, or body language, or what? Now, don't get me wrong, I really admire Peterson's and these interviews, but every time I see one, I can't help to feel that those interviewers are doomed. It is almost magical in a strange way, how he smashes all these questions so easily.
I want to know how to argue with someone who plays the victim? Thanks :)
iAm Ape (5 days ago)
Protip from someone who constantly deals with stressful people: Drink water during the conversation. Seriously. Watch Brolin talk about eating while acting. Same principles. Keeping calm.
Shawnestly (5 days ago)
Peterson: *breathes* Cathy: So you're saying that all women should choke to death to leave more air for men?
clownnookie (6 days ago)
What channel is Cathy Newman on? Some facsimile of FOX NOIZ?
I've only discovered that youtube channel very recently but ... honestly ... there are so many points that don't ring true but, also, sound true. I am at a point in my life where I does not only want to hear such words but ... rather ... am more than willing to hear them, and try to use them to better my life ... and as many other lifes as I can in the process. Just to say that, in a world wher there are so many videos on the like on youtube pretending to have the truth, yours is one that, at least in my mind, makes more than a token attempt to tell people how the world really works. to any and all who allow this channel to thrive: :My hat is off to you *bows ... not with submission but ... rather ... with respect* Oh, by the way ,why my last statement? Well, it seems for me that the core of charisma is not about forcing other people to comply with your ideas (spoiler i may have done that too many times in my life) but, rather, to show that you are willling to listen to their point of view honestyl and, on the other, respect your as well. I suppose I could summarize many of your advices in one word and it would be this :'empathy'
Kinh Konn (6 days ago)
are you just gonna talk over the whole bloody interview?
Tushar Gundev (6 days ago)
Peterson: "silence" Cathy : Are you implying that talking to a woman isn't worth your time?
big spheres (7 days ago)
Why dont u just go give Peterson a hand job already, u clearly got da hots for him
Robert Spreadborough (7 days ago)
what a wanker - hey I'm not a bit embarrassed, ever - sounds like you wank too much
Matthew Morrison (7 days ago)
Jordan Peterson is a pseudo-intellectual.
Chris Partlow (7 days ago)
Peterson is way more disingenuous than he fancies himself
DJ L (7 days ago)
I’m not male
Aynon Yuser (8 days ago)
Peterson: It's a beautiful day out there. Interviewer: So you are saying nazis should gas my venus fly trap?
Bigzell (8 days ago)
This is my brain after an argument
Bubbles_McStuffin97 (8 days ago)
This is a pretty interesting channel. I’m subbed!
Charisma on Command (4 days ago)
~ Awesome! Welcome to the channel. :-)
Quentin Finochio (8 days ago)
Kathy's response to Jordan's gotcha moment was actually a very well structured and understandable response and I've noticed that whenever peoples use that clip they normally cut it out I recommend watching the whole interview
Interesting video, but very disjointed. Cutting the clips was a poor decision.
sirj j (9 days ago)
Great video
Oscar Wolfgang (9 days ago)
This is wonderful - both the example and the analysis. Fascinating.
Charisma on Command (4 days ago)
~ Glad you're digging it!
Vivian Triana (9 days ago)
8:54 that was huge indeed
enkibumbu (10 days ago)
Learn to pronounce the word, "women." Would help your cred.
Giuseppe Guap (10 days ago)
Ben Nartey (10 days ago)
I really love your videos. Am subscribing
Charisma on Command (9 days ago)
~ Glad you're loving them Ben! Welcome to the channel. :-)
floatpool (10 days ago)
the next question ...Have you quit beating your wife?
Azel Joy Portugues (10 days ago)
She's doing feminism wrong. I'm a woman and I love and appreciate Jordan Peterson.
gordomcquire (10 days ago)
andrew cano (10 days ago)
Helluva video breakdown. Seriously good stuff
andrew cano (9 days ago)
+Charisma on Command you know it
Charisma on Command (9 days ago)
~ Glad you dig it Andrew! Feel free to check out our most recent vid on Jordan Peterson. :-)
Rachel Alexandra (10 days ago)
If possibly offending another person is the litmus test for what we can and cannot say - trumping freedom of speech - then the limitless possibilities of offense would choke ALL free speech. People would cry foul whether or not they were truly offended just for the sake of usurping the freedoms of someone with whom they disagree. Freedom of speech is a God-given right that was written into the Laws of the greatest country that ever existed. Changing the basic tenets of these laws - particularly the First and Second Amendment - is the biggest national security threat the American people face right now.
Mikołaj Bojarski (10 days ago)
Huh, gotcha
Jesus condum (10 days ago)
*Or... you can just respond back with "So you're saying" and trap them in their trap.*
S SP (10 days ago)
Shut of Cathy.. Jordan.. get you teeth cleaned.
Dave BongoSlide (10 days ago)
Its so sad how buzz word can convince an audinece of one side or another, i do thing we can be like sheep, or BIAS to a vue and thats how the goverment get us to side with there side thrue BIAs medea, shame we are not all yet free fromthis brainwashing
Ali Reyes (10 days ago)
Wow, ok... I am all for gender equality and what not. But this woman didn't want to debate, she wanted to attack. EDIT: now for the video content, I feel I need to practice this in my life a lot.... a lot, a lot.
Jossyish (10 days ago)
In this video: How to handle everyday women. If this wasn't a TV interview, she would just tell you to shut up or just start ignoring your answer.
이고나후 (10 days ago)
ㅋㅋ마지막 번역
sageejumanjee (10 days ago)
check history... women's nature is to be vindictive manipulative and play the victim when they want something. before the equalty issue they did it in a different way by letting the man think he is in control. there cannot be equality...i cannot bring life into the world...its like the eatrh trying to be like the sun..it just wont work.
So u wanted Jordan to act weak by showing emotion towards an attacker 😂
Anshul K (11 days ago)
To tell you kid You broke it to much, you're like that blonde woman, ALLOW People to listen to the converstaion instead of bragging your wisdom on them. cause we didn't listen to any of it.
Seth Arora (11 days ago)
Props nice breakdown
Toby Gunn (11 days ago)
That interview is the most failed interview/debate on Kathy's part I've ever seen in my whole life.
Lone Wolf (11 days ago)
The problem with most argumentation nowadays is the amount of logical fallacies that get employed.
Amit Kar (11 days ago)
I had to subscribe !
Charisma on Command (11 days ago)
~ Welcome onboard man!
Suki Tunes (11 days ago)
She appears to be gaslighting him in the interview. I lived with a narcissist and that's what they do to attack you and 'defend' themselves
Tiago Coelho (12 days ago)
Marco Kropp (12 days ago)
Great Analysis. Thanks!!
Charisma on Command (11 days ago)
~ Glad you're liking the breakdown!
Andy Mak (12 days ago)
She is trying to make sense out of Peterson’s utter lunacy. Peterson says,”What I’m saying there is a continuity in the way the humans and animals organize their structure.” This sounds brilliant but is a whacko meaningless, but refutable claim. Peterson looks and talks calm and collected and by all measure seems to “brilliantly” answer his opponents. But he spews word salads.
Lone Wolf (8 days ago)
Wow. More ad hominems based on no real argument.
Andy Mak (9 days ago)
ALL ex <<<Peterson makes whacko, meaningless, but irrefutable (my typo refutable in previous comment) statements. Peterson says,”What I’m saying there is a continuity in the way the humans and animals organize their structures.” (2:40) What does he mean when he says “continuity”? (Great word! ) The listener must answer the question. Peterson never does. Peterson in the same statement claims that “animals organize their structures.” The statement leads to the perplexing but absurd question. “What structures do amoebae organize which are continuous with humans?”! Peterson is a clever nut case and hustler.
ALL ex (9 days ago)
I thought I would read some arguements opposing Peterson's view, but Mak is only attacking Peterson as a person instead of refuting any of his arguements. At least Newman tried to refute Peterson's position (although she tried putting words in his mouth when refuting him).
Lone Wolf (11 days ago)
So, yet again, you have no argument. Thanks for coming out.
Andy Mak (11 days ago)
Lone Wolf <<<Great Latin! Two of them! Nothing that I wrote would have dissuaded you. Therefore, your hapless rebuttal. That should tell you something. Peterson is still a phenomenal idiot and a con artist. Here’s a hint, watch Peter Sellers’, “Being There.”
hackerism1 (12 days ago)
Luckily Dr. Peterson told me to make my bed. Once I started doing that I found myself owning a multi-billion dollar company. Thanks papa peter
Lone Wolf (11 days ago)
Was there ever an implication that making your bed would lead to this?
Leslie Starck (12 days ago)
Well Cathy spent the better part of HER time trying to make Peterson feel silly and wrong and really, much much worse. So Peterson's "Gotcha" moment was SPOT on!
anonymous (12 days ago)
Like a boss
HARDEY LEONE (12 days ago)
I remember your voice from when Trump was running and you predicted he would win by how he attacked everyone out of his away. Well done! Good videos.
Charisma on Command (11 days ago)
~ Thanks Hardey!
Bella Bella (12 days ago)
Seems like she is saying it! She is attacking him for sure! He called her out and kept his cool bravo.
Bubble555brain (13 days ago)
I don't believe in feminism. I believe in equality. Sometimes I wonder when most men have become the weak little men that feminists want what will happen. The women will all be bitching about finding a real man. The group they destroyed with their feminist crap. Then they will be bitching about where all the real men went. 50 shades of grey, one of the most popular novels written for women is about the fantasy of you know what.
Lone Wolf (11 days ago)
+MillionShadesofDarkness I've done that. When a woman wants to argue and yell at me, I often just go silent and do my own thing. They end up wearing themselves out and stopping the nonsense in most cases.
Lone Wolf (11 days ago)
Women already bitch about not being able to find "real men". They usually end up hooking up with tattooed losers and think that's the epitome of manliness.
Bubble555brain yes, women are irrational by nature and the correct way to deal with them is to ignore them entirely when they exhibit that behavior. When you agree with that craziness you only enable it. if you argue back, that only gives them leverage-and the most important substance of all(to women) - *attention*
carl shneebly (13 days ago)
So to sum it up. Stay relaxed and dont be afraid to think about each statement or question.
Ron Armstrong (13 days ago)
I saw this woman as wielding a butter knife at a Samurai.
MafiosoItaliano458 (13 days ago)
Peterson: I like hot dogs. Cathy: So you're saying that we should roast dogs?
It's easy to lose patience when you perceive someone twisting your words. Like, what have I done for this level of disrespect? Where is the will to communicate? But it's equally as sad when they do it in honesty. Because they are just that dumb. Even slightly complex talking points immediately go woosh. That applies to so many people today!
qwert yuiop (13 days ago)
I'd like to add that "strawmanning" may not always be with malicious intent, but rather that the person is communicating to you what they think you think, and commenting on that.
plunder clat (13 days ago)
I've literally just gotten over an incident an hour ago where my neighbour threw a dead pigeon at me which hit me on my bottom lip. It smelled like some kind of fish meat. Explain that!
Johnny DeepMind (13 days ago)
Wow, NLP 1on1 right here! P.s, great interview by the way, any student of Psychology should watch the full version
Nazteh (13 days ago)
Peterson: "I love Rock N' Roll." Interviewer: "So you are saying all other Music is shit?"
Vasu Arora (14 days ago)
Hey man, I really loved this video. Can you (or anyone here) suggest me some books that talk about these techniques?
Enes Engin (14 days ago)
How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument? #Rule No:1 Don't argue with Jordan Peterson.
jlssharmen (14 days ago)
I like your videos but it is interesting that you find Jordan Petersen someone to admire. Do you hold the same belief as him? If yes, which ones?
Richard (14 days ago)
I agree with this 100%. But it would feel much better to just slap this libtard.
D Mquez (15 days ago)
Jordan clearly destroyed her in the interview and this guy has put the last nail in the coffin.
Daniel Stone (15 days ago)
Peterson: The Brits voted to leave the EU. Cathy: So you're saying leave the EU but stay in the customs union, the single market and join the currency union.
Ekin Demirkaya (15 days ago)
What an idiotic woman. I hope she won't reproduce.
Calamity (15 days ago)
This is the tactics of an ENTP.
The Freddy appy Shoou (15 days ago)
And hères a good example why men rule the world loool
Joe X (15 days ago)
Kathy is wet.
Croupier23 (15 days ago)
Peterson gave a masterclass on winning a debate and taking Newman to school. It wasn't even close.
Charles Dickens (15 days ago)
9:32 When Jordan lowers his brow in that bird-of-prey manner, his eyes shaded and peering out at you like twin predators in a cave - you're finished.
Anthony Palumbo (15 days ago)
Video was interesting because I’ve never taken a linguistics class in my life but I find that I do all of these in a debate and finally have a frame of reference to categorise them. It’s interesting.
Scar (15 days ago)
This woman should be ashamed of herself.
Lone Wolf (11 days ago)
She's a presstitute. She's paid to push an agenda.
Miguel Vieira (16 days ago)
I actually learned how to use charisma the right way.
James Helm (16 days ago)
I honestly don't understand how Cathy is still employed following that interview...
Lone Wolf (11 days ago)
Are you kidding? Her employers are the ones behind the antagonistic tone.
Tot tota (16 days ago)
Top 10 anime battles
Don Draper (16 days ago)
Damn I don’t like Jordan Peterson but Cathy was pretty rude here. Just let the man talk
Mungreithan Ahum (16 days ago)
You talk too much.
solidarigee (16 days ago)
OK I know this might not be the right channel for this question, but don't you think that having sound logic can be part of being persuasive? As a linguistics PhD candidate, I have often found myself noticing how Peterson uses 'tricks' like you describe to subtly use language to be persuasive rather than have a robust theory. I'm not saying he does this all the time, but many of his arguments elide the point of the other side entirely. For example, once he said that research in psychology has demonstrated that women and men have inherently distinct personality dispositions, citing studies that demonstrate that women score higher on aggreableness and neuroticism. This is really bad logic because there are any number of reasons other than inherent disposition that could lead to this outcome. Indeed, feminists have long supported this idea and noted that women have increased pressure to be agreeable to not seem like "bitches" and this added stress in interactions can cause women to be more neurotic. This position is supported by the fact that gendered personality traits seem to differ across cultures even when there is little genetic difference between groups (e.g., communities that have different cultural traditions but high rates of inter-marrying). While I would believe that this fallacy was not intentional if someone else made this mistake, he is a tenured professor of psychology at the best university in Canada. I'm not saying it was for sure intentional, even experts make mistakes, but it's hard to believe that it wasn't. At any rate, he is likely aware of the research I'm referring to - or at least should be - as a psychology researcher who is citing these kinds of studies. My point, though, is that it is perhaps a bit dangerous or, at least, short-sighted to only think about tactics we use to 'appear' a certain way in an argument rather without also considering the logic we use in these arguments. While, yes, the way we say something matters, the actual argument should too, don't you think?
Trolldrool (16 days ago)
Problem is most people are like Cathy. We just refuse to acknowledge it. None of us want to accept that we have something in common with people we dislike, especially not irrational behaviour. Even people who aren't SJWs themselves more often than not resort to the same kind of arguments because they're not interested in discussing their own points, they just want to make the person they're arguing with look morally degenerate or intellectually inferior. I don't know if this is because they're so frustrated by SJWs that they've given up on being rational and just adopted the same behaviour or if it's just a consequence of people growing up with internet anonymity starting to speak in public and the SJWs being the first to choose a name for themselves.
T. kahraba (16 days ago)
Some strong psychology in this video
Harry H (16 days ago)
kind of curious in the cover of this video with peterson facing newman, how he looks so gaunt and pale, and it makes wonder how much of that is like an iconography of this menancing nature of the antifeminists towards them.
Paperism (17 days ago)
She is good but he is better, lol.
John Gbenga Babington (17 days ago)
I mean he’s a clinical psychologist and professor at that
PRO PLAYER (17 days ago)
Never play the opponents game simple as that
Korova Milk Bar (17 days ago)
I've thought and spoke like Dr j my whole life and have the BEST relationships .. few YET great !!! low IQ angry tards came and went .. FAILS have a way of failing, huh? troll away my brethren troll away MAGA MAGA MAGA 2016-24
Toys 4 the Poor ! (17 days ago)
Great observations C O C .Never let em set You up!Jordan is BRILLIANT.
shandra joli (17 days ago)
Shut up !!!
Jay Richards (17 days ago)
I definitely think that in an an-air interview/debate like this, the priority for persuasion is whether Peterson persuaded the audience rather than the host.

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