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Hey Guys!! If You Haven’t Already Make Sure You Check Out Kaiyah‘s Viagra Prank. (Linked Below) We Love You Guys ! Don’t Forget To Like Comment & Subscribe To Our Channel. ❤️❤️ Female V.I.A.G.R.A Prank On Brittiney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo8poS8Ne6A Other Funny Challenges And Pranks That’ll Have You Dying Of Laughter. 😂🤣 Hickey Prank: https://youtu.be/BZ3QdDcbuc4 (Dirty& High) Would You Rather: https://youtu.be/1qVOj-MpAWo No Hands Challenge: https://youtu.be/lzsb91_B52g Reaction Video-Try Not Too Laugh: https://youtu.be/cbwKr8iMiVU Cocaine Prank: https://youtu.be/9mLSWV0fUNY —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— For More Challenges, Pranks, Reactions... Etc... Please Make Sure You Subscribe Below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 https://www.youtube.com/c/BrittineyAndKai —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Kaiyah’s Instagram: _KillaKai Brittiney’s Instagram: PinkCodeinee Kaiyah’s Twitter: __KweenKai Brittiney’s Twitter: RawCodeine Kaiyah’s Snapchat: Kaiyah_Kush Brittiney’s Snapchat: PinkCodeinee
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Text Comments (64)
IIsYouAndYouIsMe (9 hours ago)
Guuurrrlll she really went in the room to put a strap on hahaha 'my thing tingling' 😂💀
Raph n Cilla Empire (17 hours ago)
New sub💖🔥😂,love u guys already
BK Empire (13 hours ago)
Aaliyahgotfans Tv (2 days ago)
did yall hear that in the intro!!!!!!!!!
jakerayeplayz z (5 days ago)
B&k are the best people
Monajha Grisby (6 days ago)
Thx I love B&K empire so much😊💗💗
BK Empire (6 days ago)
Love You More ❤❤❤
Monajha Grisby (7 days ago)
My mistake 16:12
Monajha Grisby (7 days ago)
Your video starts at 15:48 when she started kissing all on your
Lance Howard (5 days ago)
Monajha Grisby -
Leah Lubin (5 days ago)
Monajha Grisby
Kimron Charles (7 days ago)
Ik what happened after this 😂😂I love y'all 💯
layze (7 days ago)
Christopher Bermudez (6 days ago)
layze no no no no no no bueno when you have girlfriend girlfriend girlfriend I love you
Christopher Bermudez (6 days ago)
layze noooooooooooo
Komal Chutwani (8 days ago)
Who is the girlfriend here? I thought both of u are girls?! 🤣
Cold Mercy (8 days ago)
where is her upper LIP 😂😂😂
T3 _ (10 days ago)
LMAO she finna rape her ass 😂😂😂
Ashanti Jones (10 days ago)
Relationship like this
Is she a boy the one that was wearing jeans not being rude I'm just wondering
Study Buddy (11 days ago)
22:50 I knew I felt my, my thing tingling
Leah Lubin (4 days ago)
Study Buddy
Zola Nswadi (12 days ago)
Yoooooo now you gotta take care of that LOL.but anyway it was a little prank .she really got wild
irfan Cerkini (13 days ago)
Love this 😍😍😍 #teambrit
Thats_a Vibe8765 (13 days ago)
No hands v.i.a.g.r.a challenge pls
lit fights (14 days ago)
May God bless yall 😍🙏💙
Lucy Irungu (15 days ago)
Ua lashes is on same spot 😥😥😥
Chiechiey Mel (15 days ago)
She has a dick? Smbody reply??
What kidds like (16 days ago)
Fortnite TV (16 days ago)
This is the best prank! Love you BK empire 😻😘
BK Empire (15 days ago)
Love You More ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Journey KiD (16 days ago)
What games does she play?
itsyoboii zico (16 days ago)
8:28 *looks at drink* she kmow something is up!😂😂😂 (BK gang like this💯❤) << @meezyzico
alberto grossman (16 days ago)
lovely video. I got subscibed. I suggest you guys use prolargentsize sex pills that are awesome give a try now
Bujang Inam (16 days ago)
Yall should collab with Nay and Meech ❤️
Chocolate Skittlez (14 days ago)
Bujang Inam YASSSS FRL
D. Legrand (16 days ago)
1:05 I thought that was an actual phone, was bout to say “girl wtf you think you doin!?” 💀😂😂
Natural Diyy (6 days ago)
BK Empire (16 days ago)
Tina Saputra (17 days ago)
Chyna Renee (17 days ago)
Chocolate Skittlez (14 days ago)
Chyna Renee Me When I Think I'm Finna Get Sum
abiola goncalves (17 days ago)
Love you guy
CoolBoyPlays Roblox (17 days ago)
Kewl Edit: Senpai noticed meh
Braelyn Williams (17 days ago)
Is he a boy or girl I'm lost
Winfred Prater (16 days ago)
A girl dumbie
Zandria Milton (17 days ago)
Braelyn Williams a girl both of them are
Jonyce Williams (17 days ago)
Cuddy got the strap out i feel it 🤣🗣 gay gang!!
Chocolate Skittlez (14 days ago)
Jonyce Williams Frll
Raeyana Tillman (17 days ago)
Been waitin on this shit !😭🙌❤
Curlyheadgen Tv (17 days ago)
You got her back good💀
Christopher Bermudez (6 days ago)
Curlyheadgen Tv
Christopher Bermudez (6 days ago)
no no I don't like you want you to listen listen I love you can you have please come to my home is one one one one one one one one nine 989 and was half kisses sandwich can do sexy
Movha Mafia (17 days ago)
You look like Meech from Nay and Meech
Raeyana Tillman (17 days ago)
Lit Mafia they should callab lowkey
loser pluzer no (17 days ago)
I need this revenge!
___meer302 (17 days ago)
she brought out the strap
Chocolate Skittlez (14 days ago)
___meer302 Frlll (L)gbtq
Heather Oakley (17 days ago)
Love yall
Reshil Head (17 days ago)
She got u good😩😂😂💕
ni-ni tocute (17 days ago)
Zz Tibbs (17 days ago)

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