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THE REAL SKID ROW - Part 1: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU Human Crisis happening right in our own backyard Worst Neighborhood in Los Angeles The Real Skid Row - Heroin City USA Los Angeles: 58,000 homeless people wandering the streets like zombies, fighting for survival! Drugs and killings are rampant - what is the solution? Please Like Comment & Share -Your opinion matters! ..this is the real life look at the people of Skid Row. Los Angeles California Skid Row - the story of Tent Town. An in depth look at the nation's drug problem and emotional stories from real people living on Skid Row. People forced into homelessness - but what about those who choose this lifestyle? What about those who choose to do drugs? What about the mentally ill? It’s all here in the REAL SKID ROW A film by Chad Howard *Thank you for the many comments & bringing this heartbreaking situation to light - a few answers to Q's I've been getting lately 1. How come the camera so close? Because it was so loud down there I couldn't hear them. 2. Why did I make the video? Because I was down there meeting with a substance abuse counselor about a friend and couldn't believe what I was seeing! I whipped out my phone & just started recording. I felt compelled to capture what what happening and let some of these people tell their story. Nothing was planned or scripted. 3. Was it dangerous? Absolutely! I almost got jumped numerous times but was able to talk my way out of it and one time literally had to run & escape. (no joke) 4. Have I been in contact with any of them since? No, they all have my contact info but have never reached out. I have tried to call some of them with no luck. I don't know if they are alive or dead, in prison or if they ever made it out of Skid Row. 5. What's up with the money stack clip? Ha, I was kidding around, that's me at the bank and not sure why I threw it in - but sort of a comparison to the street life he was describing and what it's like to have a real job & bank account & responsibilities (like me) ... I never thought the vid would take off like it is or I would have made it nicer, better camera work, audio, editing, etc. But apparently people want to see it and I know longer have the original files so it is what it is. 6. Again, thank you for your support - please refrain from attacking each other in the comments, avoid hate speech and racism, this affects everyone, all ages, colors & backgrounds. IT's a sad scary place down there and my opinion is that cops & government are not doing enough to stop the drugs - they could declare war on those dealers and stamp them out, second is the welfare system is way too loose - they are giving away food & money and allowing people to trade it for drugs. Free housing turns into dope spots. If they get free handouts & housing then they must stay clean & test clean. If you keep doing the drugs then cut them off. Tough love. Please keep watching, liking, sharing & comment - your opinion matters and your voice deserves to be heard! ©2016 SetBiz.tv • All rights reserved • produced by Chad Howard Mass overdose, California, Opioid, Opioid Crisis, Government Shutdown
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Danny Noonan (1 час назад)
That black woman with no teeth is hot, I’d love for her to take my hard dick down her throat and feel her wet gums sucking and sliding over my cock.
Dipole Drognehof (56 минут назад)
For a hit she will do it for ya!!!
Worcestershire Sauce (1 час назад)
Yo Yin (1 час назад)
So sad
shure46 (1 час назад)
We are FOOLS not to seal up that southern border ass tight , with a wall and some damn GUNS .... This is a PLAGUE .... Fuck Mexico , it's a damn Narco State , hell wake up dammit
shure46 (1 час назад)
thank you washington for 50 years of not giving a shit about that Narco State flooding us with hard evil drugs , thugs , and violent crime , killing thousands a year and ruining thousands of lives a year .... Pelosi and Schumer are full of shit , TRUMP IS RIGHT .... Wake up damnit
toto maxwell (17 минут назад)
fuck you idiot nobody puts drugs in hands and mouth
shure46 (1 час назад)
Trump is NOT "manufacturing a crisis" this is real as hell , and Pelosi is full of shit ..... I guarantee you that wide open border flooding us with drugs from that Narco State Mexico is wreaking havoc on America .... Pelosi and Schumer should be tarred and feathered .... If you hate Trump and listen to those idiot Democrats you are a damn fool , THEY ARE LYING OUT THEIR ASSES ... period end of story
toto maxwell (16 минут назад)
fuck you idiot again trump is a crooked big asshole drug DEALER
Joe Lavigne (2 часа назад)
It all comes from a illegal alien Mexican drug cartels....any place where they have a lot of Mexicans are going to have a lot of heroin..... if you are for illegal aliens you are for heroin
KoG GoK (3 часа назад)
put them in a bus and drive it off a cliff. the gov has stolen almost 20k from this year just to support these fucking crackheads.
Freedom isn’t FREE (10 часов назад)
C’mon...please...thats Mexifornia your in...Theyre too busy spending our money on Welfare,Medical and Schools for Illegal Aliens to give a shit about those people...Fact is Ive worked Downtown LA many,many times...Most dont want anything else...get high...lay around ..Welfare,food stamps,pan handle or steal for drugs and alcohol..foods free,which is why they congregate in Downtown.... plenty of shelter space that they turn their noses up at because they cant stand to be told what to do.....And a word to the wise....Never,Ever turn your back on one,,,,,I speak from experience....
SuperWush (3 часа назад)
Wth i walk by there at night lmao you dont bug them they don't bug you. Ive lived here my whole life.
LIA MINELLI (10 часов назад)
You just took every stereotype & mushed it up into one big speculation huh ? Sheesh. 😭
CALVIN SKY (10 часов назад)
Freedom isn’t FREE - They congregate there cuz it’s close to the free handouts
M D zimbabwe (14 часов назад)
I do think if they have the power to make one step forward going out looking for drugs that same power they can use it to put a full stop to this. *Honestly humanity at its very worst* The dealers deserve to die.....
Dool junior (15 часов назад)
its done with America
Joe Lavigne (15 часов назад)
Actually all the heroin in the United States comes from illegal alien Mexican drug cartels..... Any place where you have a lot of Mexicans you're going to have a lot of heroin...... Mexicans are the source of all of it..... If you are for illegal aliens you must be for heroin
Worcestershire Sauce (1 час назад)
I beg to differ. The CIA is the source. @Joe Lavigne Are you a retarded 10 year old?
Joe Lavigne (2 часа назад)
+Paul Hanswursten Paul you're uninformed.....
LIA MINELLI (10 часов назад)
No way people like this exist. Humanity is going backwards as far as intellect.
Paul Hanswursten (14 часов назад)
Joe Lavigne yeah all mexicans are Heroindealers. Seems legit. You are a stupid person. The mexicans are your enemy? Yeah Go Kick all Latinos out and destroy your economy
C G (17 часов назад)
These people choose to live on the streets half way house will help you find a job and get back up on your feet i have a homeless lady that comes to my place of businesses all the time complaining about how she cant get work but is offered things she does not want to do beggars cant be choosers
bmwpower140 (17 часов назад)
the banking district ist the reason of that. You americans are extremelx brainwashed by the FED an the fiat money system... google it before you start pickin on me
lorenzeo davis (17 часов назад)
The world is such an unpleasant place at times..and then it's an safe Haven. But the government knows better..and they know what there doing. So I don't judge people, but no matter what u go through you gotta keep your since of humor.
LIA MINELLI (18 часов назад)
The greatest country in the world mind you.
88IDontBuyIt88 (19 часов назад)
The more you look into the negative the greater chance you'll find a jew at the scource.
6812Angela (20 часов назад)
Try do it get addicted to Jesus Christ not drugs
Eyelohim (18 часов назад)
America. The country of useless patriotic thieves, full of addicts and immoral monkeys and pigs. I would not want one of you bitches near me in Holland. Is this all your government is? America is not rich at all. Their in deep debt with china. Usa is a dying country. And stay there and keep therest of the world clean please.
SuperWush (3 часа назад)
Lmao ironically, you'd make a good American.
Rusty B. (12 часов назад)
+Eyelohim I like that saying "sheep on the dry" I'm going to use that! Haha
Rusty B. (12 часов назад)
The people in this video do not represent America's best. Drugs and addiction have always been here and they will never go away. It does not matter which country you are from.
Nick Edwards (14 часов назад)
+Eyelohim Bullshit,for 5 years you'll take them in and provide financial aid,you don't fool anyone you Wood Shoe wearing Cuck.Who gives 2 shits about LA?? That's not a representation of the U S,it the product of Liberal Democrats
TheRockerxx69 (21 час назад)
Bring the fkn army. Fkn clean America,!!!!
bmwpower140 (17 часов назад)
+LIA MINELLI Rocker has no idea what he is talking about or he is a troll
LIA MINELLI (18 часов назад)
TheRockerxx69 please tell me what solution is the army? What do you wanna do kill all of these people? Hide them away? Both equally as disgusting.
Matthew Wiley (21 час назад)
8:48 🤔Is that taking a piss or something? Da fuuuuuuucccckk
Mike Perry (21 час назад)
the tranny in the thumbnail looks like adabesi from oz with a wig
Andy Bowen (21 час назад)
Lol it really does,now that’s taking method acting to the absolute extreme lol
B. Ö. (22 часа назад)
Not drugs make them sick, its life. Nobody gets addicted without a crisis in their lives or wanting to escape. Stop demonizing, start listening.
David Davies (16 часов назад)
Boo hoo they had problems in life, get on with it
Atieno Mora (18 часов назад)
So true...amen
LIA MINELLI (18 часов назад)
anita shortz (21 час назад)
"The projects" I mean it's in the name. Why do we accept this title as a society? Why? You have people born and raised in a place that is factually called "the projects." Its an actual term. I mean hidden in plain sight much? Yet WE as a society look past that Fact and judge those placed in this situation based on media portrayal and stereotypical world view. WE ARE A PRODUCT OF OUR FUCKING ENVIRONMENT!! This is systematic, institutionalized, this was a setup, A Trap. And this is their story (well one of many parts). Where there is a cuase There will be an Effect! Smh. Humanity... we are foresaken🤦🏿‍♀️
Herbie Husker (22 часа назад)
What are Drig Zombies?
CALVIN SKY (15 часов назад)
Herbie Husker People that do Drigs.
Myrtle McNappy (22 часа назад)
Kill the dealers
Myrtle McNappy (22 часа назад)
Stop saving people that overdose , round them up and put them in work camps ... doin shit like busting rocks ...make them sweat that ignorance out ...
Myrtle McNappy (22 часа назад)
How can that happen in america ??? What does that even mean ???
toto maxwell (13 минут назад)
LIA MINELLI (18 часов назад)
Myrtle McNappy how can this happen in the greatest country in the world huh ? What a fucking shit show. Where have you been.
karo badoyan (23 часа назад)
America gives oportunities to everyone to change their lifes but only if the person is willing to do so
Dead Zone (23 часа назад)
This isn't America BTW. This is like the very bottom like 0.00001% of America. Fuck these people. Waste of space. They made the choice to fuck their lives up. Plain and simple. Let them rot.
Biscuit Bling (9 часов назад)
+LIA MINELLI you need to mute yourself since you don't know what you're talking about
LIA MINELLI (9 часов назад)
Biscuit Bling 😂😘 Whatever helps you sleep at night angry stranger on the internet . ❤️ Good luck with all you’re trying to do. Better hope you never end up in a vulnerable situation where you’ll be hoping for others to be empathetic. 😉 Oh & be careful with the type of energy you put out into this world , because when it makes its way back to you, I don’t think you’ll like it ... & no “ how to get rich quick” books will save you 🛸.( You’ve been muted; you may now initiate in bitter ranting with yourself instead 😃)
Biscuit Bling (10 часов назад)
+LIA MINELLI you're full of 💩 and you know 🅾️
LIA MINELLI (10 часов назад)
Biscuit Bling I live a happy & intuitive life 😂 That’s why I can understand things like this & you can’t. Besides sounding like someone with an ugly ,self centered existence. Some live in light & see. & those that dwell in darkness are blind lol ❤️❤️
Biscuit Bling (10 часов назад)
+LIA MINELLI you've got alot to say about what other people need to be thinking and feeling, but if you look in the mirror you will see the real problem.
Dead Zone (23 часа назад)
Would you hold the fucking camera still you fucking moron. I picture you moving your fucking head around with big fuckin eyes like the old videos mocking David Blain.
karo badoyan (23 часа назад)
God Bless America
Dead Zone (23 часа назад)
Ever seen the movie 300?... Remember what they did to the retarded babies? There is your answer. Don't feel sorry for one minute for anyone addicted to anything. They made the choice to do the shit.
gohn g (1 день назад)
I believe that skid row will turn into ghost row soon enough. Homeless are being killed off one after another to clean the streets and any other social services.
BoshE5 (1 день назад)
Dam I would fuck the shit out of Jasmine tho wtf
gohn g (1 день назад)
Karim Xyz (1 день назад)
so this are the united states of america ... all the years hollywood showed us a different picture, they are living there like people in central africa
Karim Xyz (6 часов назад)
+Lhea Bray the problem is when you have work you have insurance, but when you lose work you dont have insurance or you have to pay it with your own money. in germany when you never have worked in your life you have insurance. what is when i want to reach my dreams in america and i got ill and have no insurance, what then, live on the streets?
Lhea Bray (18 часов назад)
+Karim Xyz who tells you these lies??? In America there is money to be made, many opportunities for bettering your life, very good medical insurances, etc. Hollywood shows people about our country, but obviously it's movies. Every country as poverty, every country has homeless and people in need, not one over the other. Don't always believe things that you hear, travel and see for YOURSELF. If there were no money here in America why do people come here?? TO reach their dreams because America has alot to offer.
Lhea Bray (18 часов назад)
+Karim Xyz what are you even talking about? I don't get turned away from the hospital when I'm sick because I work hard and have insurance for my family.. Africa doesn't have drug addiction issues like America does
LIA MINELLI (18 часов назад)
Like in central Africa ? People aren’t strung out in drugs in Africa. Ugh. Travel more & expand you mind. Because sometimes when People speak you show how brainwashed and miseducated you are. Golly.
Karim Xyz (20 часов назад)
+Lhea Bray in the states the people even dont have insurance. no money no hospital, like in africa. that is sad. in germany hospital is for free. so next time, when you are injured and they dont let you in to the hospital then you can be a proud american.
M D zimbabwe (1 день назад)
Carla Hill (1 день назад)
Is prison better than the street life? Seems better after looking at this, except I guess they want drugs. Grose
M D zimbabwe (1 час назад)
+Flash Gordon From the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I thank the Lord for all without listening to him could've ended up in some of the worst things people are doing these days. Peace!
Flash Gordon (12 часов назад)
+M D zimbabwe I was in tears reading through the comments and seeing how many people beat their addictions. I'm so proud of anyone who does, even if they don't know me and I don't know them. Keep fighting the good fight, Mimmie Dee!
M D zimbabwe (14 часов назад)
+Biscuit Bling Thank you very much....I thank God for keeping me safe, cz running away from the problem isn't the best way of solving it nether does taking drugs at some point in life we need to stand in the storm and know that God will make a in that storm cz giving up will only please the devil am pretty sure my big brothers and big sisters can still change their lives if they are willing to do so and Pray about it... Sexual abuse, Financial abuse, emotional abuse and more I have been thru them I hope these guys will change their ways regardless of what transpired to be who they are today and where they are. If rehab, counselling and many more can not change them *I have hope that only God will and can help them* they have the power within to take a step of Faith and believe in God to help them put a full stop to all this..... *I am proud of myself and How God kept me am very grateful.*
M D zimbabwe (14 часов назад)
+Flash Gordon Well said and thank you so very much.....It is 100% satanic and when you have been abused the voice that fights with your inner heart is the devil whispering only bad things.... some of us knows that the devil's aim is to come into someone's life steal and destroy and he has and he is still stealing and destroying these guys's peace, joy and future who are suffering cz of drugs . I hope the will turn away from what they are doing and change their lives while they still can cz you can't call that a way of living.
Biscuit Bling (21 час назад)
+M D zimbabwe thank you for being so smart. Everyone has problems, it is how you deal with them that defines who you are.
Carla Hill (1 день назад)
Who would be wanting to come to America now??? We shouldnt encourage more to come, especially with this....Just being in America, is not wonderful, so stop thinking we need to allow people to come here as though it can support everyone
Flash Gordon (23 часа назад)
Drug addiction is a huge problem all over the world. It's not just the US. Worse in some places, actually.
Donna Jones (1 день назад)
Four generations of project people.
Nim Robinson (1 день назад)
anyone else think this is quite insensitive? I think its the fact that it sounds like the interviewer hasn't had to struggle with addiction of this level
CALVIN SKY (15 часов назад)
These people all wanted to be heard
Myrtle McNappy (22 часа назад)
Insensitive , hahahaha .... fk that silliness
StephenNu9 (1 день назад)
Wow, dropped out of USC to be a heroin addict on the streets of LA. It was the addiction to heroin that crippled him.
Andy Bowen (21 час назад)
Yep middle class guy that probably has it in the back of his head that when he’s had enough his family will be there for him. Crazy thing is as an addict myself you look up to famous junkie rock stars when the reality of it is this shit.probably stills tells himself it ain’t that bad yet.
Sly Foxx (21 час назад)
He is an idiot. He can get on Suboxone and go to a sober house. He is choosing to live that way.
Biscuit Bling (22 часа назад)
I don't feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for his parents. USC, ridiculous
savage goon (1 день назад)
I thought Denis Rodman was a millionaire lol 😂
Johnny10gunz (1 день назад)
You can lock up a hundred El Chapos but the drug problem is deep rooted in America's psychology.
Flash Gordon (23 часа назад)
It's human psychology. We're just broken monkeys.
Christian Taylor (1 день назад)
California used to be beautiful. Everyone has equal opportunity in America. There is help if you want it. You have to want it though.
Lhea Bray (22 часа назад)
California is still beautiful this is the part where homeless people live, every state in our country has homeless people. Idk, why everyone is shocked.. this happens in every country..
Jerry Buda (1 день назад)
I lived in Downey c.a 30 minutes for skid row an I have been homeless I’m from the Bronx n back in the bx iv been on methodone for 3 years I work full Time I’m clean but when I was living out there seeing that in real life made me never wanna use or be in the situation again god bless them people let them get the help they need
Lou Lou (1 день назад)
Any1 watching whikw doped up?? I am.. Not proud but can relate.. Not as bad as these people but im no better.. I pray sobriety to all that are in the struggle.
Sly Foxx (21 час назад)
Consider Suboxone.
Reggie Wagstaff (1 день назад)
Places in California now look like the apocalypse and it’s due to Democratic politics. It will get worse. There will be rioting. There will be martial law and America will be forever changed.
No one (1 день назад)
Well wherever there's a large population of Jews that take control ,that's what happens. Mass illegal immigration,drugs ,human trafficking,liberalism .
Rochelle Pratt (1 день назад)
These people are someone's loved one, child, mother, sister brother or best friend. I don't believe they woke up and said I want live my life as junkie, Pray for your follow man and pray for the family who suffer for their loved ones. All of the hate statements are sad, look around, you may have to deal with this yourself or one of your loved ones. KARMA IS A BITCH. be careful what comes out of your mouth.
Andrea Dodd (1 день назад)
I've been in abusive relationships and I leave. There isn't really anywhere to go. I got very lucky and got an apartment after almost 3 years. I wasn't on drugs. Don't judge karma's a bitch.
Andrea Dodd (1 день назад)
Very sad. People want green cards? I would never go to the States. Looks third world to me. There are many different reasons people end up on the streets. Stop the blame game, it could happen to anyone. I just can't believe they don't have housing. Absolutely disgusting how these people are forced to live.
G C (1 день назад)
I would fuck the black girl at the start of the video and pay her a few cent
Donna Jones (1 день назад)
I would not with my dogs Dick.
Marvin Percival (1 день назад)
Go fuck ur stinking mother and suck ur father u stinking jinn
Charles Carter (1 день назад)
+coolandtall AIDS?
Charles Carter (1 день назад)
coolandtall (1 день назад)
you'll die a slow painful death.
Biscuit Bling (1 день назад)
Not understanding why the US government can't get this drug epidemic together. Why are the police allowing these people to sit on the street? If the police had stopped people from sitting out and doing drugs in the past, you wouldn't have tons of people out there now. Ridiculous! Very much the fault of local politicians who allow these conditions to fester.
Biscuit Bling (22 часа назад)
+Mr. TacTown really! I suppose they are going to do that by doing their jobs! These people smell like CRACK top to bottom - thats your probable cause.
Mr. TacTown (1 день назад)
Oh Really? So how do you suppose they are going to do that? You think police can just walk around searching everyone's pockets to see if they have drugs or using them? They need probable cause and people can just go into a bathroom or alley or tent and smoke or shoot or snort drugs without anyone knowing or seeing them. Ok so what if a person gets caught using drugs or with some on them? They goes to jail for a couple days or weeks and then get released and back on the streets or wherever using drugs. The jail's are full as it is and most jail's or judges will drop charges or give you couple days for possession charge because why waste space on a addict when they are over crowded and most likely the person will do the same thing when released. Also those are the people that basically lost everything and gave everything up for their addiction and got nothing to loose so what's going to stop them from using? And your assuming that the homeless people on those streets are the only ones using when there are people rich/poor, with jobs or without, homeless or living in a home doesn't mean they don't use. Addiction doesn't discriminate and you'd be surprised how many people are users and addicts normal working people and you'd never know. So don't assume it's that easy to just snap your fingers and addiction and drugs will just disappear in a instant. It's called an epidemic for a reason.
wealthy black man (1 день назад)
The same old song in every city. The DEA makes the drugs, the CIA distributes the drugs, the FBI tracks the drugs, then the police pickup the guys on the drugs and take them to court for felony charges. The guys always choose to serve in the military rather than face felony charges and BOOM the circle of recruiting continues forever and ever and ever and ever! TRUTH
Mr Me (1 день назад)
wealthy black man bruh. It’s literally impossible to join the military with drugs in your system and in a penitentiary.
Lord Farquad (1 день назад)
I kinda felt bad and was like someone should donate a nice tent.. but then I realized they would sell it for dope money
Samsun O.O (1 день назад)
I was just there today it’s Skid Row L.A. and would you believe in the center is the downtown police station
Chris Rowland (1 день назад)
This is the new America. Thanks to the people we pay to do our business. ..!.,
Brian notafan (1 день назад)
fuck these people i could have been a junkie too but i didn't
Sly Foxx (21 час назад)
I WAS a junkie for almost three years. I chose to get my shit together. Health insurance pays for Suboxone in most cases. It is a choice. In active addiction we make excuses for every single fucking thing and nothing matters besides getting high.
Steve Izzi (1 день назад)
I was there. Not that location. But now I’m not. It’s definitely a choice. I chose to change.
Smy D (1 день назад)
same here, I could have been were they are a few times in my life, been homeless a few times but never touched hard food because I knew the second I do that im finished. I knew few other homeless people that don't take hard food, these people get high because they want to, they chose to be bums, they just don't like it now that they are bums
Adam Abrahams (1 день назад)
If one reads the comments ....most of them becomes a political blame game not a solution.    IGNORANCE IS BLISS
Donna Jones (1 день назад)
Just stop it there is the solution .Better yet don't start stick the excuses where the sun don't shine.
rabbithole (1 день назад)
You wanna solution, 1 word: Duterte! Forced rehab or a bullet to the head, their choice!
Mr. Gates (1 день назад)
They ended up that way out of their OWN freewill. They destroyed themselves.
Steve Izzi (1 день назад)
Mr. Gates it’s Darwinism. And narcan is the ultimate enabler.
Affenkatze77 (1 день назад)
Is the heroin epidemic a Result of the war in Afghanistan? The afghani druglords grew big again since NATO campaign fucked These Country more like it was before...
Brian notafan (1 день назад)
we should put all our junkies on c1-30 and drop em on the country whare the dope came from
Affenkatze77 (1 день назад)
Win Win hahaha i wanted to ask i a diplomatic way - read between the letters ;)
Win Win (1 день назад)
It's the Americans who are the drug lords. Wake up
Joseph Esturo (1 день назад)
You create your own reality.
jumpzone (1 день назад)
Stop being educated and lied to. Gain knowledge and read the "protocols of the learned elders of zion" and see for yourself that the 24 plans have been working perfectly for the last 100+ years. Henry Ford' knew what was happening including media propaganda and where are we now? Abraham lincoln knew what was happening, JFK and Robert Kennedy knew what was happening and exposed it in their own ways. They went too far click bang problem solved.
jumpzone (1 день назад)
+Ethereal It's not a hoax that's a typical response from from antisemites, the zionist jew himself. Henry Ford waa smarter than you and he knew so what are your credentials next to Ford? JFK in a speech knew about the international jew our government etc is infested with jews and jesuits and someone as you who reads newspapers and "this just in" TV news would also believe the israeli unmarked planes that killed US sailors in the 6 day war and nearly sunk the USS liberty was just so ok because LBJ a jew 3 generations back said don't embarras our friends huh? You are decieved and you are not worth the time or day.
No one (1 день назад)
No you're the moron and/ or liar BC Zionism plays out the protocols perfectly. It's in the Talmud and bible they created anyway so your lies wont hide the truth.
Ethereal (1 день назад)
That text is a known fabrication, it's fairly obvious considering it's rife with plagiarism. Moron.
Marsh Mellow (1 день назад)
All I see is the failure of the government
Marsh Mellow (20 часов назад)
Donna Jones Yo two do not understand what I am saying. Get your mind out of the little box you live in. If this happens to you which I hope it doesn’t you will understand why I said what I said.
Donna Jones (1 день назад)
The government did not do this the real government the people did this.
Marsh Mellow (1 день назад)
Charles Carter That’s not the point. What I am trying to say is they make get harder for people to get help. Since 2016 to now I have seen more homeless people. They have branched out from Skid Row to more of Spring Street and Cesar Chavez near union station. Don’t be too close minded and say “oh people aren’t responsible for their actions” Everyone know actions have consequences. Gentrification and homelessness sometimes isn’t an option. Some people lost their homes, others just wanna get high like that asshole with glasses that just likes dope. These people need help and some really want the help the problem is LA is too busy gentrifying and building new building we don’t need.
Charles Carter (1 день назад)
So nobody is responsible for their own decisions? Wow.
Lynn Carpenter (1 день назад)
These are Americans: You haven't even gone to the tents that line the sidewalk down the entire beachs of California that run along the water!
Lynn Carpenter (1 день назад)
Clean up yr city/State & here's how: SUPPORT PRES TRUMP & BORDERS/WALL= No drugs on the street=fewer addicts (& wasted money NOT FEEDING ECONOMY)=up on Citizen Personal wealth=less Fed taxes paid to drug Addict-Rehab sham agencies=Stopped child/women TRAFFICKING & CRUSHING COYOTE/MS13 incomes= Finding lost people by Discontinued Welfare & SocSec & Tax Fraud=Less Welfare paid & Smaller FED & State BUDGETS! All states who pay State Inc Taxes ought to rally! The Fed was set up originally to only provide National Defense. Not Education! Not Housing! Not Congress junkets! Not all those damn Agencies (sloppy acctg) that Congress set up in the 20th Century! NEED SERIOUS AUDIT of All Obummer Agencies or just DISSOLVE THEM!
Sounds like a real winner......
Howard Rodriguez (1 день назад)
Man that's why i got the hell out of my hometown it's a very seductive/lustful city it will take you in and spit you out
3% Molon Labe (1 день назад)
LA is not heroin city...Portland Whoregon is
3% Molon Labe (5 часов назад)
+Howard Rodriguez sorry for your loss too brother...that shit is poison...i agree about leaving...get out while you still can
Howard Rodriguez (10 часов назад)
+3% Molon Labe sorry for your loss man i lost my uncle back in like 2006 due to overdose from black tar once my apartment lease is over im going to leave portland for a warmer climate again this place sucks now more than ever mind you it wasn't this bad 10-15 years ago
3% Molon Labe (22 часа назад)
I know it...my bestfriend's brother died on the streets up there because of dope
Howard Rodriguez (1 день назад)
I live here in Portland and it's a shit hole as well
Andreas Mäkinen (1 день назад)
World trade organisation labels USA as a "developed country" lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Devon (1 день назад)
So you people still do not understand. People have been damaged by the usage. It is irrelevant why they did it. The point is they are. They will lie cheat and steal to get it. Locking them up is not going to stop the craving. Chemical intervention is the only hope for long term addicts.
Donna Jones (1 день назад)
You have to let them go till they OD or poison them self s.
rockthehardest (1 день назад)
Jews run the drugs business. Always have.
No one (1 день назад)
And Jews, shill.
nothingbutthetruth (1 день назад)
Say what? - Muslims ran not only the Transatlantic Slave trade along with slave trade from Africa to the Middle East! Watch YouTube: Arab- African Slave Trade
Charles Carter (1 день назад)
They ran the trans Atlantic slave trade as well. They run the black market of everything. They're bad. Very bad.
jay d (1 день назад)
5 blocks from the bank district ! Wtf has that go to do with this
CALVIN SKY (1 день назад)
Illustrates the disparity of wealth in a 5 block radius
sonicbun (1 день назад)
fucked up place
Cathy Degraw (1 день назад)
As of 2017 4 million ppl live in Los Angeles take away the 60,000 That are homeless And you still have more than enough ppl that could help these ppl. But unfortunately they don't.
Biscuit Bling (1 день назад)
Dont be foolish. Its not everybody elses responsibility to take care of drug addicts. How will they help them? Please dont say to give them money.
Andreas Mäkinen (1 день назад)
+Cathy Degraw ofcourse. I do just that everyday 365 24/7
Cathy Degraw (1 день назад)
+Andreas Mäkinen naa I'll pass on the whole using drugs thing. I have a hard enough time taking care of me and my family. But I also understand what you are saying. But wouldn't it be nice to know that someone out there is willing to be there for you and try to help in any way they can.
Andreas Mäkinen (1 день назад)
+Cathy Degraw ofcourse dear cathy. But you cant help an addict. They have to help themself you see. Start using drugs and see for yourself if you can quit just because someone tells you to quit.
boo boo loo (1 день назад)
It happens more in the USA as the pharmaceutical companies put alot of opium in the meds so that's dont help... they willy nilly just hand this shit out. In the UK you can not just get these meds like this! Governments bring in the drugs aswell. That's why we control the poppy fields. DEPOPULATION AT ITS BEST.
D F (1 день назад)
How can that happen in America? We are witnessing a collapse of a once great country 🇺🇸 & the Democrat politicians are promoting the destruction by any means they can utilize & this will soon give the globalist great opportunity to seize this country & who knows how bad it will be then when they start eliminating these useful idiots
keith parkhill (1 день назад)
D F Try selling that shit elsewhere. Cuts in funding by the GOP have closed facilities nation wide.
Shannon Elam (1 день назад)
Where's all the Ngo's that hammer on about Palastinians ? Maybe some wealth redistribution needs to start in the US first.
Reggie Wagstaff (1 день назад)
Shannon, a real storm is going to have to happen before changes are made.
Shannon Elam (1 день назад)
+John Devon Yes, I absolutely do !!! Especially when those 4 largest organizations that are still milking billions of dollars from the people in America so nobody could live in tents in any inner city neighborhood in all 52 State's. That's after the Leaders decided we have to have a permanent needs population for socialism to begin with. I'm old enough to know where the first abortions clinics were allowed. You weren't wrong to think what you replied; I was born in Chicago, lived in Germany and NYC before 82 when Guliani cleaned up Manhattan and believe you me, even the homeless were not allowed to sleep outside 24/7. in tents. Foundations that started off right.... they're still collecting ....this is telling the world that our Constitution was written for a religious and moral people as long as they could keep it. John Adams I know that if a free civilization didn't want that to happen in their Nation it wouldn't. At the minimum the law's wouldn't make it illegal for you to buy a building and house some people who are living without hope for safety at a minimum. There was a time in America that the leadership didn't allow their populations to be more than poor, and those huge charities $$$ could help instead of walking over them like the lives of people don't matter. At the end of the day others decide what is for sale and what is not. I know we do not like under the Constitutional Republic that was given to America.
John Devon (1 день назад)
Dear God what a dumb comment. Do you even understand what Socialism or Communism is?
Shannon Elam (1 день назад)
I didn't see Harlem looking this bad in the early 80's !!! What is more alarming is if we cannot solve this problem, why in the world would we consider more of it ????
alfred arroyo (1 день назад)
You know, I can barely keep up with the rent that I share with my roommate. The way the fucking rent is going today, I am truly scared that this will be me. I had an amazing job at DFW airport for 20 years and I hurt my back for the 4th time in 2008 and that put an end to my career. I am on disability now. The cost of living today is so damn ridiculous that this easily can become anyone of us living out on the streets. I am barely hanging on. I get so depressed sometimes that suicide has been lingering in my mind a lot. And everything really got bad for me mentally after I lost my dear mother to ovarian cancer in 2011. I am just so afraid of the future. And do you think that this rotten president DUMP gives a shit about these poor souls??? Hell no! That asshole is here to support the rich. And he is also too damn busy obsessing with building that damn wall. Hey president, how bout putting all your energies into the poor and the homeless??? God bless all of these people.
alfred arroyo (1 день назад)
Oh really Alex??? So you know me huh?? Did I strike a nerve mentioning your president DUMP??? Your negative comment is not needed thank you.+Alex Pfeifer
Alex Pfeifer (1 день назад)
If you can sit at a computer and type that long comment, then your back is good enough to work some sort of honest job.
keith parkhill (1 день назад)
@John Devon Your jobs went overseas staring under Reagan idiot.
John Devon (1 день назад)
You lost fool, you lost yourselves job because the Democrats bled the jobs overseas. They care more about the poverty outside the US.
M Roberts (1 день назад)
Why the random stack of cash
Marcus Bass (1 день назад)
I thought that was dudes drug money for a second, got me thinking he’s got a real expensive habit haha
Charles Carter (1 день назад)
Cuz niggaz is ballin yo!!
CALVIN SKY (1 день назад)
Because money. He spoke about rejoining society, so I slipped in a sort of subliminal symbol of the grind & capitalism.
Carolyn M. Fleck Gnyp (1 день назад)
Well what the justice system is doing now sure the hell isn't working When you beat people down when they are beyond the lowest they don't give a shit! Respect really does go a long way! Just saying . . . People loose hope and self respect Unless you been a dope fiend y'all don't have a freakin clue!
jibade williams (1 день назад)
Solution: seek God!
CALVIN SKY (1 день назад)
Seek an ancient fairy tale written by imprisoned desert scribes that makes no sense and has zero historical accuracy!
Win Win (1 день назад)
Too many white faces mixed up in there. They'll never send police in to lock everyone up like they did when Ronald Reagan dumped crack into black neighborhoods after black men came home from the Vietnam War strung out on heroin and the Democrats told black mothers they could get free money (Welfare) so long as there was no man in the home. Black kids grew up without father's and the white system told kids if they got disciplined at home to tell a teacher and black parents lost full control of a generation of kids selling crack cocaine making more money than both their parents combined not giving a damn about who they kill and so the police had free reign locking black ppl up while controlling their destiny. Prisons overflow till this day with black bodies from white ppl so called War on Drugs but here we are today and white ppl are the drug addicts now. Much different approach in so little time. Where's the War on Drugs now?
Win Win (18 часов назад)
+No one i dont expect much from you so your response is no surprise. Your race have yet to take responsiblity for being a nuisance to native born black Americans. Your race have devised numerous ways to hinder the advancement of Native born black Americans from the writing of the Constitution to the War on Drugs and other actions in place till this day. Despite your race's obstruction Native born black Americans like myself are doing wonderfully and are exceedingly successful. Too bad some in your race haven't realised the chickens have come home to roost. Now that you guys are facing hardships you have turned into the suicide bombers. You're shooting yourselves, overdosing on pills and heroin, jumping off bridges, you name it. 2 weeks after the gov't shutdown white ppl on tv crying real tears. Your race cant handle even simple hardships let alone the hardships of centuries of racism. Go fux ya self ya snowflake
No one (1 день назад)
It wasn't the " white system" it was the Jewish system. The government was and is runned by Jews. Stop blaming whites for all your problems and blacks need to take responsibility for their actions. There's no white privilege and this isn't the 50's ,60's anymore.
DeathSpellXVI (1 день назад)
So we gotta help them? Fuck that
Donna Jones (1 день назад)
They are not starving they have some plump losers .
Andy Bowen (1 день назад)
How can you help those that choose to be there.i know all about addiction and mad thing is they love the gear so much they’ll be telling themselves it’s not that bad
Mitchell Smith (2 дня назад)
Yea, so life is tough. You have to be raised to cope! Except in California...
Adam Abrahams (2 дня назад)
Is this trumps way of making America great again...upgrade a f...n wall and degrade a nation. THE BEST DEMOCRACY INTHE WORLD.
TREBOR SMAILLIW (1 день назад)
+Cathy Degraw O resided on some of the mentioned streets in the 90's. The pathology has morphed into a cancer since then
Andreas Mäkinen (1 день назад)
+Cathy Degraw where ?
John Devon (1 день назад)
+Cathy Degraw it is Obama and the selling out anti business destruction of America for Socialism manipulated by Cultural. Marxist ideology.
John Devon (1 день назад)
+Andreas Mäkinen Globalist political manipulation bleeding the wealth of the US. This is the result of Rhinos and Democrats. Trump is spot on.
John Devon (1 день назад)
+lisa jones you tell them. These people do not understand they are a result of Democrat policy.
Stephane Carrie (2 дня назад)
Poor souls. Fucked up country.
Perseverance Is Key (1 день назад)
No. Fucked up souls. Poor country.
Manhattan Man (2 дня назад)
Perhaps more Methadone clinics would help.
Andreas Mäkinen (1 день назад)
With getting people hooked on methadone surely. But yeah methadone is way more easy to quit then heroin probably. I had a cellmate who stopped methadone just like that after 4 years. He didnt sleep well for a couple of days and that was all basically. I guess it depends on the person.
No one (2 дня назад)
We need routine drug tests for welfare / assistance recipients . Failed test = no help for a yr. We need to stop helping these people. Let them pull themselves up. You keep helping people,they forget how to help themselves. In eastern Europe you don't get welfare ,free housing etc. They learn to provide for themselves or they do without.
keith parkhill (1 день назад)
@CALVIN SKY So you go to a Suboxone clinic and be as high as you want to all legal like. Happy?
CALVIN SKY (1 день назад)
AGREED! ..If you are on drugs - No money! ...Get clean and work hard
Neal Beard (2 дня назад)
It is the siren call of heroin. Heroin is a strong drug.
Bettina Østrup (2 дня назад)
A kid get's thrown to the ground, and his clothing gets ripped off. Someone saw this in heroin street US, but he turned away... Heroina is so damn strong... She is really hard to get rid of. But possible
Dazzling Sky (2 дня назад)
The music was relaxing
Praamsaga (2 дня назад)
It can happen to you only if you allow it to happen.
poetcomic1 (2 дня назад)
They don't show the hundreds of tons of human waste on the streets, in the doorways, everywhere.
Cathy Degraw (1 день назад)
Human waste??? Wow.
owefay1 (2 дня назад)
10:00 She is pretty. Its too bad she has little hope for herself.
Dmitry Shultz (2 дня назад)
Looks a lot like Vancouver East Side, the same crazy narco reality.
Heath Tiger (2 дня назад)
dont forget about the alcohol epidemic in the country. everyone always forgets about that drug...
Armando Rosales (2 дня назад)
Trump open your eyes you want to build a 5 billion dollar wall well look at the problems we have in the United States help these people to get up on their feet help him out build more schools and places to help people you never suffered a day without having a meal you're born with a gold spoon in your mouth your parents always at money they pay the doctor see won't go to Vietnam you don't know how it feels to go hungry so forget your wall and help these people out
John Devon (1 день назад)
You fool this is caused by the Democrats and their open borders. Drugs are smuggled in bulk across the border. Get you head out of the cultural Marxist Democrat plantation.
oldergeologist (2 дня назад)
From what I gather most of the drugs come either on the water or through check points like all other countries. A wall is not going to help. The drug smugglers will always find a way. Where there is a market there is a supplier. Also these people in the documentary are only the visible tip of the iceberg. There are masses of white working and middle class using heroin.
0090steve (2 дня назад)
Trump can't help an addict. They have to help themselves. The wall will help slow the drugs and keep Americans safer.
Ms. Debbie (2 дня назад)
Can't you figure out yet that helping them is only enabling them? I thank God I live in the South where there's none of this crap going on. These people need to be cleared off the streets. It's Lliberalism that allowed this to happen in the first place. Why aren't they setting up tents in Beverly Hills? Because the people who live there would Not allow it. I personally believe the best thing in the world would be an earthquake that would slide the whole rotten west coast into the ocean.
PaperPlanesParadise (2 дня назад)
but most of those drugs came from Mexico.
OGMarv Whispers (2 дня назад)
Watching this makes me appreciate the life I have. And thankful for not trying heroin.....
Rod Powers (2 дня назад)
It happens in America because America really doesn't give one fuck about Americans until it's time to vote...herion AINT no damn joke...I did 10 units of it a very long long time ago....I've been clean almost 17 years now..herion is the best fucking drug that I will NEVER DO AGAIN....prayers to all that are under it's control!
John Devon (1 день назад)
Americans don't care? Why don't you educate yourself who gives the most in charity here and worldwide. Americans care more then any country. Dumb statement try reading up on it.
richard escobar (2 дня назад)
20 secs: sorry but what is that. Man or woman.
nadine brown (1 день назад)
A human being
glory jones (1 день назад)
man or woman black of white hard of soft. they are all suffering. does gender really matter????????
CALVIN SKY (2 дня назад)
N Brown (2 дня назад)
It happens there because they ALLOW IT!!!!
No one (2 дня назад)
FreelacerxD (2 дня назад)
They??? es handel sich um eine historische irrationale ohne sachwert
John Smith (2 дня назад)
nothingbutthetruth (1 день назад)
America has been way too soft! Bleeding hearts won't help nor will blaming anyone! I have been through hell and back in my childhood and teens, but a healthy fear of drugs and God knowing that what we sow is what we reap has kept me from every trying drugs. I am soooo grateful! At the same time we have an adopted sin with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome caused by his mothers drinking! Braindamage, not even by massive mounts during pregnancy, a living nightmare for him and us!
Biscuit Bling (1 день назад)
Sounds radically harsh, but I'll take a solution over violins anyday!
S Ge (2 дня назад)
You're on to something John. They need to be conditioned

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