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Donna Williams - living breastless after breast cancer

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Women having mastectomy are generally presumed to want to have reconstruction or at least breast prostheses. I was a 14C, rather medium sized in the breast department. But I chose to have neither, go 6 months as a one breasted woman before my 2nd mastectomy and explore ways of living confidently and femininely with my mastectomied chest. Here I demonstrate how I went about doing some of that. I hope others find it useful. For more on women who choose to go breast free visit: http://breastfree.org/ for more on my own story visit my website: http://www.donnawilliams.net all the best with your own journeys. UPDATE: 2016, 5 years since breast cancer, still no recurrence, no mets WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRANSCRIBE THIS VIDEO SO IT'S ACCESSIBLE TO THE DEAF COMMUNITY? If you transcribe it, send me the transcript to bookings@donnawilliams.net and I'll add it to the video. Polly Samuel (aka 'Donna Williams') Author, artist, singer-songwriter, screenwriter. Autism consultant and public speaker. http://www.donnawilliams.net
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millieo (2 года назад)
Yours is the first time I've discovered someone who feels about reconstruction the way I do. It's also the first that talks about the concavity which was a surprise for me, too. Thank you so much for the validation and for feeling like there is another member of my tribe out there.
fulishproductions (6 лет назад)
I love how empowered and positive you are, and also love how you wear your "hair" :) What creative solutions to what some perceive as a problem. You are very wise for doing these surgeries and I wish you luck!
thanks. I got your message re AS and I understand your isolation and pretty much I felt that way too about some of my autism, especially meaning deafness and being face blind, and some of the sensory issues, and dealing with dissociative issues/PTSD was also isolating, so was cancer, so I figure, in the end, its like a challenge, to keep striving to connect with the world regardless just like we'd hope the world wouldn't turn its back completely on any of us.
400batman (6 лет назад)
Best of luck Fighting your cancer :)

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