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Brazil Is Unraveling Before Our Eyes

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Brazil is in crisis. The economy has sunk into its biggest slump in a century and political instability surrounding President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment is paralyzing the country. Bloomberg QuickTakes explains how it's been a slow unraveling for the world's fifth largest country. Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 And subscribe to Bloomberg Politics for the latest political news: http://www.youtube.com/BloombergPolitics?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1955)
Libertarianismo (7 hours ago)
Here in Brazil, has Electronic votes, the government is a big mafia, there they chose who will stole the peoples with the fake votes. THE MASONRY is a main power of gov.
Leprosu Gnome (2 days ago)
richard alvarado (2 days ago)
Because Brazil is a Latin American Catholic country.....Same fiasco from 8 yrs ago that caused the ugly massive debt crisis in the European PIIGS countries. This is how most Catholic countries roll and operate because their leadership is a bunch of power drunken self preservation first at all costs cartel ( patriarchal, infallible, corruption, throw their underlings under the bus when their stubborn and wrong headed decisions blowup in their face. refuse to accept responsibility when things go badly, hostile workplace environments are promoted and championed, brutality, cruelty and violence are viewed and mistaken for virtue and courageousness ). Latin America needs a culture change, quit arguing over socialism vs capitalism.
Hector Planam (6 days ago)
THE politic leftist destroyed the Brasil! Lula and Dilma, are comunist. Never! Never more!!
RunwayIsAwesome (7 days ago)
Chance Webster (15 days ago)
Lula means penis in Urdu.
David Gutierrez (20 days ago)
country is poor because of socialist policies!
The next politicians won't stitch it back together. They will use the chaos to steal even more money. That's what politicians do.
David B (1 month ago)
Brazil is evil corrupt to the core
Bolsonaro 2018!
Raul Mello (1 month ago)
I'm from Brazil and it's my opnion seeing it two years later...So we are near to an election for the new president, in two years the country didn't change a lot. We still having corruption troubles and a devalued currency. It could be the result of a lot of process during the Brazil's history. 1808 - Brazil has started it economy growth when the Portuguese Royal Family came to Brazil 1822 - "Dia do Fico" D. Pedro I claimed his permanence in Brazil 1840 - D. Pedro II takes the control of the Country and does the best administration of Brazil 1889 - A militar coup transforms Brazil into a Republic 1930 - Getúlio Vargas takes the lead by a militar coup again 1954 - "Get out the life, get in the history" Vargas died 1954 -1964 - 10 years of democracy 1964 - Another militar coup 1984 - Re-democratization
Beautiful Life (1 month ago)
Lula and Dilma corrupted politicians! S.O.S BRAZIL! 🔰Military Intervation at must- 2018🔰
The US journey for Oil in Brazil.
PePeR (2 months ago)
Please send help
Vanda Almeida (2 months ago)
2018, trocar todo o Congresso Nacional, senadores e deputados. Abrace essa causa. Diga NÃO A POLÍTICOS COM CARGOS VITALÍCIOS. DIGA NÃO A FILHOS DE POLÍTICOS.
Nathan William (2 months ago)
BOLSONARO is coming!
Bruce Ruttan (2 months ago)
All crooks, made possible by poor education and the Church.
Bromoteknada (3 months ago)
Brazil and basically every South America country is a well from which USA draw money by billions. It is not surprising that it is poor and full of corruption.
Zero (3 months ago)
And this, kids, is what socialism do with your country.
Zero (3 months ago)
+Vox it is becoming now. Brazil has many socialist parties that power influence in the government. Including it has the PT - partido do trabalhadores (workers's party) - the biggest and most corrupt party in the entire south America, and it has been to power for many years; alienating the population and embarrassing Brazil's reputation. Socialism never works, and Brazil is just the proof that it can destroy the biggest and richest countries in the world.
Vox (3 months ago)
Brazil was never socialist!
se ss (3 months ago)
Women in politics
Vinicius (3 months ago)
Nuke us please.
Harry Kuheim (3 months ago)
Obama's Socialist Pals Bankrupt another Country...
budapesteBR2012 (3 months ago)
BERNIEO4 (3 months ago)
The European based Empire's have all collapsing on by one !
Arraval Productions (3 months ago)
This is “Modern Socialism”
Arraval Productions (3 months ago)
Vox yes it was, I’m Brazilian and I watched with my own eyes the entering of socialist people in the government
Vox (3 months ago)
Brazil was never socialist.
Sally Ironic (3 months ago)
The world has abandoned Jesus Christ............what do you expect from leaders without standards or empathy. This is just the beginning. It is going to get worse.
Auw aWWw (3 months ago)
why putting this shitty noise in the background ?! you retaRD !
Dwight Turner (3 months ago)
Let's face it. All predominantly Catholic countries in Latin America and South America are 3rd world and in a horrible condition. The same is true of Islamic nations. The once Protestant U.S. is falling apart because Catholics are slowly getting control. Already the U.S. Supreme Court has a majority of Catholics Justices.
mikeaze423 (3 months ago)
Let trump take over
Tarzan (3 months ago)
Don't trust anything Jooberg says.
Day and Night (3 months ago)
Time for the monarchy to return
Tony Cliffton (3 months ago)
Why are South Americans so violent? Sometimes I think what happened in North America should've happened to the rest of the Americas. Instead of a shithole of poverty and crime you'd have a superpower like the USA.
Jason Brooks (3 months ago)
just like the US. except the citizens know how corrupt their politicians are!!
Mr Shax (3 months ago)
No Afro-Porto?
Abe Alexander (3 months ago)
yeah cause American congressmen are squeaky clean. jaja.
Alex Coradini (3 months ago)
A hero is comming to save Brasil, his name is Bolsonaro!
Auttie B (3 months ago)
Another woman president destroying her country just like Sweden, Germany and Britain
Dino Kross (3 months ago)
(((Socialism))) is a hell of an ideology. Too complexed for the Goyim.
Sergio (3 months ago)
Another ineptocracy.
Dr. Eneás (3 months ago)
Lula ladrão! Vai morrer na cadeia!
MISTER (3 months ago)
And its beautiful now with the truckers on strike it seems to be heading in to the same situation that resulted in Pinochet getting into power we cab only hope for a Pinochet in brazil.
Dick Hamilton (3 months ago)
Temer is the most corrupt politician in Brazil.
Nate (3 months ago)
Najib of Brazil?
AtheismF7W (3 months ago)
Some types of cultures are more prone to corruption... ever notice that?
James Gibbon (3 months ago)
AtheismF7W hope your not an American because the US is corrupt beyond imagining.
L DM (3 months ago)
Lula is actually the marxist mastermind behind this country's downfall. He used Dilma only as cannon fodder. I am glad he is arrested, so now we can begin sorting things out. How do I know all of this? I was born here 38 years ago. I've seen things...
william dohn (3 months ago)
Let a woman drive...
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
GermanGameAdviser (3 months ago)
*PORN* exports
Walter Kiel (3 months ago)
Lula built the economy up with Ethanol and Exports... Rousseff plundered the country and sold out to Petrobras... Typical Bloomberg Propaganda to blame commodity prices instead of Globalist Corruption... *Death to Globalism !!*
Paulo Mendez (3 months ago)
at least we protest against corruption and leftists, no like (developed lands. hahahahh)
thbh88 (3 months ago)
*Peru and Chile:* Take notes. :)
Ann Onymous (3 months ago)
this is what happens when you and russia pick each other as besties
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
jutubaeh (3 months ago)
Lülä incide ^ ^
travesty869 (3 months ago)
So the price of Brazil nuts might increase... big whoop
Maneca (3 months ago)
Tiraram a Amazônia do Brasil aí no mapa...
Erick Alex (3 months ago)
This country is doomed.
hackertz tech (3 months ago)
Remember when Brazil was supposed to be the next superpower? lol
romerezecrew (3 months ago)
when? 1970? by the way dont you think youre gathering information from outdated sources? 2016 video.
Letsallparty2 (3 months ago)
Nationalism is the answer! Expel the leftists!
Tiago Fuck the System (3 months ago)
Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil! 20 minutes after it... Someone robbed your wallet! You try to call the police... Your cell phone was robbed You go to the central police.... The police can't do anything for you! ... Next time, visit Rio de Janeiro! You will know those guns that you saw in video games, grenades, Ak47 and some bazoocas on the streets! =D
Anabelle de Direita (3 months ago)
Brazil Is STILL Unraveling Before Our Eyes 2018
Eclectic Reader (3 months ago)
Brazil has been shamefully exploited since the 1500's when the English began making slavery labor upon the people to obtain the fine rubber that comes from within the Brazilian wood. The English also sought profit from the Brazilian wood. Skipping ahead to recent times, history repeats itself when the gummy bear factory uses people to obtain the Carnauba Wax that has to be scraped off the leaf; the people are paid $7.00 a day and cannot return to their homes until the job is finished; the job can take months of labor. Meanwhile, the people have no clean water to drink.
Fucking Awesome (3 months ago)
Pamela Homeyer (3 months ago)
We Americans are not far behind this fall.... what will happen if America fails.
Iury Vicente Risso (3 months ago)
Michael temer os a son of bitch
Mr PumperKnuckles (3 months ago)
Well we been saying this from the beginning... socialist policy’s = less raw materials being produced...
Hiroshi's meme hell (3 months ago)
América, eu não me sinto muito bem...
Vitor Torres (3 months ago)
What about the fact that she was the president of petrobas, when a major purchase of a failed refinery in Pasadena with a super inflated price is seen as highly suspicious to say the very least :/
romerezecrew (3 months ago)
still the second best president of all time, behind Lula
LUIZ (3 months ago)
brazil WIN
Teddy Bear (3 months ago)
I truly believe Democracy is a tool for keeping poor countries down. Let's be honest we're talking about populations with a very low level of education and with such low life's standards that they will be dragged by a populism that, in the short term might give them something very little and not very substantial, while at the same time sacrificing the future of the country. Democracy is not for everyone, and even in countries where people have more education and better standards of living they usually have a fake Democracy. RIP the Third World.
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
romerezecrew (3 months ago)
dream on.
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
Michael Marli (3 months ago)
Senshi Brazil (3 months ago)
Ainda temos muito que Temer (TENDEU?)
zadose (3 months ago)
hispanic hillary
Carlos Eduardo (3 months ago)
Tendi mada so sei que a Dilma e o Lula deveriam Morrer
Samuel Joás (3 months ago)
Bolsonaro 2018
Gabriel De Assis Miranda (4 months ago)
meu ovo filho da puta, acha que n sei n ne
LanzonesTM (4 months ago)
Bolsonaro the next president in 2018.
Jonathan Torres (4 months ago)
Just a quick update: President Lula is in jail for corruption. ;)
Chico Penteado (5 months ago)
Lula was never that popular, left wing parties in Brazil control the media.
Dan i3 (5 months ago)
Lula arrested!!11!
BeaveHolio (5 months ago)
Lets try socialism again.
Zenny Nequin (3 months ago)
We will get it right this time...honest
Thiago Lanni (5 months ago)
...and now Lula is behind bars.
Koo Woo (5 months ago)
andre vieira (5 months ago)
the central problem of Brazil is its manipulated economy and absurd taxes, and in the last governments to make worse the government burst its credit card and the economy already strangled since the foundation of the republic, but that today is about to die
SnakeBuster (4 months ago)
andre vieira Hopefully the new government will be a responsible capitalist one!
ecdctechmma (5 months ago)
big government will always be corrupt
João Lucas (5 months ago)
tudo culpa do socialismo cultural!
Fred Schwentafsky (5 months ago)
The 2 best presidents ever.....u are junk.
Jeff P (5 months ago)
I live in Orlando Florida where there are lots of Brazillian tourists, Brazil is the one place in the world I vow to never go. They come here in big groups and act like they own the place, chanting and causing all kinds of mayhem. Their kids act like animals.
Guilherme Pires Destro (5 months ago)
Operation "Carwash". hahahaha
Guilherme Pires Destro (3 months ago)
Kkkkkkkkkk verdade!
Tiago Fuck the System (3 months ago)
Carwash é de matar! Parece um daqueles episódios de O Sócio!
Vai se fude gringos! Deturpando o mapa do Brasil. excluído a região norte (Amazônia), nunca vai ser vocês vão tudo morre de doenças, dos trópicos.
Brazil is a huge shithole the people need to overthrow the government and put conservatives in place instead of letting liberals run into the ground
jutubaeh (6 months ago)
do populations really count ? i mean russia is little but could maybe pheed. . ? at least with reind€re ^ ^
jutubaeh (6 months ago)
brazil is a meganatiön even möhr sö then germany maybe least a little so it has itz röle in nwö so yeäh nö wöndäR ^^
CANDEEIRO (6 months ago)
The populism actually used to be a mask over the corruption. Lula was the most popular president ever. Do I really need explain this further?
Sola Lupus (5 months ago)
Freemasons have been destroyng brazil since Princess Isabel and DOn PEdro II with Baron of Mauá tried to give earth and independence to blacks, ehwn they found out, the mason, I mean, Oligarcs stabilshed the republic. Smash down the mason, and well have a great Brazil. We need to have independent states as in USA, as Bolsonaro has proposed.
Pá virada dozavesso (6 months ago)
Brazil is Corinthians..
Richard Teh (6 months ago)
Brazil once they distance themselves from the America will be able to take their country back to new heights

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