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Brazil Is Unraveling Before Our Eyes

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Brazil is in crisis. The economy has sunk into its biggest slump in a century and political instability surrounding President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment is paralyzing the country. Bloomberg QuickTakes explains how it's been a slow unraveling for the world's fifth largest country. Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 And subscribe to Bloomberg Politics for the latest political news: http://www.youtube.com/BloombergPolitics?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1708)
Israel de Araújo (2 days ago)
Stop with this fucking mexican music
meu ovo filho da puta, acha que n sei n ne
LanzonesTM (25 days ago)
Bolsonaro the next president in 2018.
Jonathan Torres (29 days ago)
Just a quick update: President Lula is in jail for corruption. ;)
Chico Penteado (1 month ago)
Lula was never that popular, left wing parties in Brazil control the media.
Dan i3 (1 month ago)
Lula arrested!!11!
BeaveHolio (1 month ago)
Lets try socialism again.
Thiago Lanni (1 month ago)
...and now Lula is behind bars.
Koo Woo (1 month ago)
andre vieira (1 month ago)
the central problem of Brazil is its manipulated economy and absurd taxes, and in the last governments to make worse the government burst its credit card and the economy already strangled since the foundation of the republic, but that today is about to die
Sasha Asakura (11 days ago)
andre vieira Hopefully the new government will be a responsible capitalist one!
ecdctechmma (1 month ago)
big government will always be corrupt
João Lucas (1 month ago)
tudo culpa do socialismo cultural!
Fred Schwentafsky (1 month ago)
The 2 best presidents ever.....u are junk.
Jeff P (1 month ago)
I live in Orlando Florida where there are lots of Brazillian tourists, Brazil is the one place in the world I vow to never go. They come here in big groups and act like they own the place, chanting and causing all kinds of mayhem. Their kids act like animals.
Guilherme Pires Destro (1 month ago)
Operation "Carwash". hahahaha
Vai se fude gringos! Deturpando o mapa do Brasil. excluído a região norte (Amazônia), nunca vai ser vocês vão tudo morre de doenças, dos trópicos.
mon Al (2 months ago)
thats why you never let a woman take control for this exact reason
Black Republican (2 months ago)
Brazil is a huge shithole the people need to overthrow the government and put conservatives in place instead of letting liberals run into the ground
jutubaeh (2 months ago)
do populations really count ? i mean russia is little but could maybe pheed. . ? at least with reind€re ^ ^
jutubaeh (2 months ago)
brazil is a meganatiön even möhr sö then germany maybe least a little so it has itz röle in nwö so yeäh nö wöndäR ^^
CANDEEIRO (2 months ago)
The populism actually used to be a mask over the corruption. Lula was the most popular president ever. Do I really need explain this further?
Sola Lupus (1 month ago)
Freemasons have been destroyng brazil since Princess Isabel and DOn PEdro II with Baron of Mauá tried to give earth and independence to blacks, ehwn they found out, the mason, I mean, Oligarcs stabilshed the republic. Smash down the mason, and well have a great Brazil. We need to have independent states as in USA, as Bolsonaro has proposed.
Cezar Lima (2 months ago)
Brazil is Corinthians..
Richard Teh (2 months ago)
Brazil once they distance themselves from the America will be able to take their country back to new heights
Matheus Almeida (2 months ago)
The brazilian problem is simple: The people. The governors are just a mirror of the people. We are very corrupt by nature in our daily life. If we want to change our country, we should start by ourselves. Probably the best governors that governed this country were the Emperor D. Pedro II and the militarys, they really cared about the country. Brazilian regress started in 1985 and will continue for a long time. The socialist ideology ruined this country.
katkom (2 months ago)
This happened in South Africa as well. 😕
Attila Rivera (3 months ago)
What a shame!!!
Mateus Moura (3 months ago)
Culpa da desgraça da república!
Willie (3 months ago)
352 under investigation!!! Fuck they cannot all be from the workers party??? Don't shoot i'm not Brazilian hence just asking a question. I did notice that Lula was given 12 years jail recently and the electoral fraud that Dilma was ousted for is something lots of leaders all over the world do regularly. It does look a bit like the Brazilian judiciary has a bit of an agenda. Lawfare
Willie (3 months ago)
Well I was referencing to President Dilma Rousseff's case also. I am aware of the evidence against Lula and I personally believe he is guilt but I think Brazils judicial system (in criminal law) is a very old and primitive one where Judges are allowed (Think Judge Mora) was chief investigator, constantly publicly bashing Lula on TV and basically acted as Judge and prosecuter in the trial later. That is not an impartial Judge hence it was a bias account. It's the system of Judges being able to do such things that worries me. Things are not perfect in the UK but that system was thrown out in 1839!!!
Rodrigo rodrigues Adorno (3 months ago)
Bolsonaro 2018
groki (3 months ago)
Temer a.k.a "Viper"
Alerta Nacionalista (3 months ago)
Brazil need Nationalism (true Nationalism) and Fascism
bugdomilenio (4 months ago)
the problem in brazil its call commies
Rodolfo Bevilacqua (4 months ago)
We will be Brazuella very soon. It s sad.
Nah, the worst has passed
Soldado Imperial (4 months ago)
Restore the monarchy in Brazil!
Sherlock Holmes (2 months ago)
but i know how monarchy works and how brazil's gold was affected by it
Soldado Imperial (2 months ago)
Sherlock Holmes You don't know a thing about Brazil and how it's changing fast
Sherlock Holmes (2 months ago)
to more corruption admit it brazil is lost and brazilians are lost with it
Joao Pedro (4 months ago)
is bullshit, she was removed by the investigated politicians in an agreement, that audio leaked but there is no interest on the big companies to tell the true at all because by taking down dilma they got oil cheap from Michel Temer the vice president so saying that taking down a nationalist president to buy cheap oil is great to the U.S. gets oil with no war
Eduardo Lacerda (4 months ago)
this country is a joke
melissa silva (4 months ago)
Bolsonaro 2018
olive oil (5 months ago)
Francis (5 months ago)
Dilma é honesta.
Bando de loucos (5 months ago)
indianastan (5 months ago)
Brazil population is 51% black...Thats THE problem
Jhonny katter (3 months ago)
Errado, a população negra no Brasil é de 7%, Brancos são maioria, com 47% e em seguida os pardos com 43%. Mas mesmo se os negros fossem maioria no Brasil, o que isso tem haver?
Cogitare (3 months ago)
Não é, mostre-me esta estatística!Mesmo fosse, não seria esse o motivo não é a cor que define seu caráter
Erik smith (5 months ago)
wow - this is just like the USA ... nice
Amir Sayed (5 months ago)
Brazil, Mexico and India are criminal states.
Sasha Asakura (11 days ago)
Amir Sayed Says the inbred mudslum.
Every state is criminal
grumpy old fart (5 months ago)
Leave it to a woman to screw up anything she touches.
Jay Lopes (5 months ago)
But she was the first woman, every thing should be perfect, lol next will be the first African them the first homo . . .
Carinha nos comentários aqui é br porra! >:v
elfo filósofo cósmico aí vai tu e responde ele em português, pqp
e quem disse que esse era slogan? você não vive no brasil pra saber, você não viu os memes e as postagens no facebook que a gente fazia contra ela. não afirme o que você não sabe.
Most Highson (5 months ago)
CIA infiltrated Brazil just like all the BRICS nations. Look at how they are demonizing Russia, cohercing India, surrounding China and South Africa is crumbling socially. No coincidence. Classic tactics because BRICS bank creation and possible currency.
Jerry G (5 months ago)
Sounds like another episode of regime change
David Wayne (5 months ago)
They've got Neocons down there too? Really?
VectorImage (6 months ago)
Wait if Brazil collapse then that means Mexico will be the Latin American superpower so TAKE THAT BRAZIL, MEXICO ALWAYS PREVAILS ONCE A AGAIN TAKE THAT YOU PORTUGUESE SPEAKING FUCKS
Real Beginning (6 months ago)
American trolls are a plague to this world.
Will Barclay (6 months ago)
Thanks socialism
Lex Nuss (6 months ago)
Brasil has a history of woes. The son of the King of Portugal turned against him, and his black son started the import of slaves from West Africa. The U.S. helped to keep the Japanese out during and after WWII. Chemical industrialists, paying workers next to nothing, polluted and diseased workers and families as the rain forest was devastated, taking down the tribal eden of indigenous peoples and bank accounts were seized by the state prior to 1993. Check it out.
ryo0ka (6 months ago)
I thought the thumbnail is the Southern America listening to Apple Music
D. One (6 months ago)
All Latin American countries have leaders trained in the United Snakes 🐍 they are our puppets. The United States and the IMF are upset about BRICS and will punish any country that threatens the petrodollar.. That’s probably what’s going wrong in Brazil 🇧🇷 All the BRICS countries except Russia will be disrupted economically by United States agents in high places in these countries.
Sherlock Holmes (2 months ago)
delusional stories
catsintexas (6 months ago)
It was NOT Brazil's fault.  SEnt by Bush and others, Economic Hitmen were sent to sabotage the economy of Brazil because they would NOT support the militarn and UN agenda of America and the Elites.
The Socratesiac (6 months ago)
another country hit by the alt-left, tearing it apart with their propaganda n lies.
The Crimson Fucker (6 months ago)
At this point, Brazil is beyond the point of repair. The best Brazilians can hope for is to keep the roller-coaster going for as long as it can go, improvement is...an unlikely prospect given the nation's deep seated corruption, poverty and organized crime.
Fleece Johnson (6 months ago)
u.s. corporate powers sets up dummies in brazil and politicians do nothing unless they wanna get their bloodline killed off
Ryan Li (6 months ago)
This makes me glad Bernie wasn't elected.
tk421missing (6 months ago)
So 204 million Brazilians did NOT take to the streets to protest when the 3 million Brazilians took to the streets. 3 million is 1.4% of the populace. Only 1.4%, once people start to grasp the numbers of people that exist they will be able to put things in perspective. They will also start to reconsider immigration. Immigration has been terrible for the builders of every nation all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Immigration is great for thieves, parasites, beggars and murderers.
Guided Meditation (6 months ago)
Socialism will screw up any country it touches. Brazil is such a beautiful country with so much potential but it is wasted with all the corruption and socialist policies of their government. The USA is not much better but with the election of Trump there is hope.
luis felipe Wellenkamp (6 months ago)
Dr. Pepe (6 months ago)
Diversity is our strength you know
Saurabh Salunkhe (6 months ago)
Brazil, All the Best ! Love from India
Gustavo Oliveira (1 month ago)
Saurabh Salunkhe Thanks my Indian friend
Luved (4 months ago)
thanks, BRICS brother!
Asterope (6 months ago)
Order and progression right? XD
Brad Haaf (6 months ago)
BRICS challenge U.S. global dominance, and just happen to be crashing 5 yr later ... hmm
waffielz yolo (6 months ago)
didn't know Brazil is made of yarn
Budguy68 (6 months ago)
Corruption is a normal thing in South America. Its considered a normal thing. They dont really believe in justice over there
Chris Sparks (6 months ago)
Make Brazil Great Again
Mr. White (6 months ago)
Typical story of a socialist banana public crumbling under the crushing weight of its own Marxist bureaucracy.
Mr. White (3 months ago)
Byron Pratt (6 months ago)
But who will claim the land after
Gargoyle (6 months ago)
There isn't a country wich I would like to carpet bomb with napalm more than Brazil
wow, então vem cá se tem coragem amigo. você não é capaz de fazer isso, você é retardado de mais pra bombardear um país sem motivo.
O Tako Gemaplis (3 months ago)
That's the wet dream of ANY brazillian.
Pagan Raider (3 months ago)
Chill dude... hahaha, u're just another loser that jerk off all day because no women wants to sleep with ya! hahaha
by unravelling, i thought you meant certain parts of the country were floating away. continental drift
Bipolarbear 4873 (6 months ago)
America fucked South America over over the past 100 years it’s not surprising
João Augusto (6 months ago)
Dont forget Dilma was the minister of mineral and energy resourses (mostly oil and iron)
RIcardo Ricardo (6 months ago)
its funny to see how U.S.A can be a bit like brasil judging their politics because if you see the U.S has a dumb fuck wanting to make a wall in their frontier whit mexico and brazil has dumb fucks wanting to rob everything and still in the presidency, see almost the same thing!
Hamguy Bacon (6 months ago)
lets have a woman president lol XD.
Intodadeep (6 months ago)
Soviet Lucario (6 months ago)
Ya know,im brazilian and i can say its shameful to say that,we live in a country with one of the largest economies in the world,yet one of the most undesirable places to live in,since the military coup,political leaders have used the brazilian population as tools,they have manipulated us into thinking that we can trust them,but the brazilian people cant understand that,we can't trust no one, even having one of the best anti-corruption investigators in the world (Thats up to debate) were still getting bamboozled by politicians,for example,after Dilma's impeachment,were already starting to get ready for the next impeachment. Hopefully,i will be able to say im proud of being brazilian some day.
Mary Pusineri (6 months ago)
Karma, just 147 years late
BRADEN W HICKMAN (6 months ago)
i smell civil war
ancladoen1990 (6 months ago)
*let them enjoy their socialism*
A Google User (6 months ago)
Looks like what would have happened to the U.S. if Hillary was elected.
Nouer Uz-Zaman (6 months ago)
india and Brazil's governments both corrupt as fuck
Kevin Hill (3 months ago)
so lets get this straight..... south koreas president, president park (female) gets impeached for corruption December of 2016. brazils president (also female) gets suspended for corruption Hillary Clinton?!?!?!
Ben Cobb (6 months ago)
Women can't lead companies or governments.
array s (6 months ago)
This is why you cant and shouldnt put the same one group in power's seat for long time.
Taelan Baylor (6 months ago)
She was his protege? So its another woman riding the work of another man.
Salman Memehood (6 months ago)
you don't need weapons to destroy a country. all you need is women
Benny Heffner (6 months ago)
"Let it die, let it die. Let it shrivel up and die!"
No Anime (6 months ago)
At least in Brazil they protest against corrupted people. Here in the Western world people don't give a fuck because they like to be enslaved.
Tim Lee (6 months ago)
Another democractic success.
Adrian! (6 months ago)
yup let a... idk ii think she's kind of hot. little bit
jorge pearl (6 months ago)
all latin america is the same
Chip yard (6 months ago)
The poor people of Brazil. The system of government teaches corruption to young politicians to move ahead. Impeaching will not save them from corruption and revolution is usually not a solution. They need to be vigilant en masse always and require complete publicized transparency of all government income, expenditure and tenders.
Anees Niazi (6 months ago)
that capitalism tho.
1337 (6 months ago)
Brazil economy even worser because of olympics
Gliese 380 (6 months ago)
Brasil is like Baghdad…with G-strings
C. L LTR44 (6 months ago)
Brazil is a dump

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