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Double B Homestead Garden Plans 2016

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What we're doing in the gardens this year.
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jsfarms2004 (2 years ago)
Technology can be frustrating some times. your garden looks very cool!! make sure to give us updates as the garden gets going!! thanks for sharing.
Suttons Daze (2 years ago)
New subscriber..... just found you! A fellow Michigander too :-)
Great plans! I don't have room for corn, here. It's kind of a hog in the garden beds. I need to write out a good plan like you have.
This Old Homestead (2 years ago)
Looks great, I will be getting mine together here soon!
Double "B" Homestead (2 years ago)
+This Old Homestead Thanks! I always start getting antsy around the end of January. LOL

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