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Here's all of my favorite things from the month of April! Enjoy (: TV: Married at First Sight Arranged 19 Kids & Counting Bones Movie: The First Time (Britt Robertson) Music/Song: Eyes Wide Open album - Sabrina Carpenter You Make Me Brave - Amanda Cook Touch the Sky - Hillsong United Beauty Product: Salon Selective's 3 Minute Hair Mask Mitchum (women's) Deodorant Makeup: L'Oreal Silky Sheer 50+ SPF BB Lotion Website: Etsy Jewelry: Customized Cuff Bracelet (Bracelet maker's Etsy page - https://www.etsy.com/shop/StampedWorld?ref=l2-shopheader-name) xx Olivia #OutoftheBoxBeauty
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iram s (3 года назад)
finally a new video!!!!
Nathaly Dove (3 года назад)
Loving your favorites video! Subbed. I'm just going to start making them every other month :)
Liv Haymond (3 года назад)
+Nathaly J Thanks so much (:
HeyGorgeousxxx - Chloe Jacobs (3 года назад)
Super crazy how were already in to May!! Awesome goodies for your favourites for last month to Olivia! :)
Liv Haymond (3 года назад)
+HeyGorgeousxxx ♡ Checked out your videos and you're so sweet! Subscribed (:
Liv Haymond (3 года назад)
+HeyGorgeousxxx I know! Came out of nowhere! lol Thanks so much (: Really appreciate it!

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