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How a U.S. Nuclear Strike Actually Works

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What would happen if the president of the United States wanted to launch a nuclear weapon? Here are the steps the commander-in-chief would need to take. ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1644)
3: Sqreexy (1 day ago)
Not bad, not bad, now you. Launch blyat *Nuked after 10 Seconds* Mission Passed+ Respect
backwoodsbully (1 day ago)
Trump will get on the horn and say LAUNCH!!! We are making America great again!!:)
Spartan Guy Gambit (1 day ago)
Rumboltz (2 days ago)
State terrorism in action.
Jewlian (3 days ago)
that tweet was a dick joke chief
Tazmore (3 days ago)
I am so waiting for nuclear to land in the middle of mecca and eradicate millions of pests thus world peace can be achieved
Elchin N (4 days ago)
Well, what about the self-destruction?
Mads Svender (5 days ago)
Can they stop measuring dicks
The Legend Of Jacko (6 days ago)
So we just posting this information on the internet now
blisterj (7 days ago)
Only a twat would push the button !
OfficialMeinGoobby (7 days ago)
And Once It Has Been Released...Every Country will Also Launch their Nuclear Weapons.
sniper (8 days ago)
How sad we have no respect for creation
Johan Månsson (9 days ago)
When they launch there is no call back - Will that mean the weapons has no self destruction that can be called upon if it for any reason needs to be? Say its off course and risks hit friendly territory or that the factors that caused the launch changes before the weapons hit? Johan.
Wombat Lover (10 days ago)
Can I have one?? I have been looking on ebay but they haven't got any surplus, they keep been bought by islamic jihadis... Surely, the US wouldn't miss just one Ohio Class Trident missile boat (SSBN)?? In one day I could solve the worlds problems and maybe create just a couple of new ones!!! But, I think they call that collateral damage!!!!
Jo Bckts (10 days ago)
News media acts like There is a button, He sleeps with. The dumb Sheep Believe He will roll over it, in his sleep. LoL.
godinezfer1906 (11 days ago)
Nuke trump tower ⚡⚡😂
Monica (11 days ago)
lmao at first i was all, “damn, we’re gone.” But as soon as you said that trump has to answer a challenge code I fucking lost it lmaoooo this man is a fucking *idiot* , we’ll be alright lmaooo
Boopy (12 days ago)
Now they are going to launch nukes thanks bloom
AK47 7thstMob (14 days ago)
Rather have Obama back then this clown
David P (15 days ago)
So basically trump could be launching a nuke at *this very moment* and we wouldn’t know about it.
Smold wick (12 days ago)
David P it does
David P (12 days ago)
Exotic Flame does that not scare you a little
Smold wick (13 days ago)
Guitarfollower22 (17 days ago)
Where are your sources?
mjrc (17 days ago)
Why would you put the faith of the world in one man?
Captain Everything (17 days ago)
Didn't explain anything.
abac yolo (18 days ago)
Nuclear weapons are NOT allowed in the war rules we don‘t need to be scared
Will ee (18 days ago)
We love u Trump
Venous Darvish (19 days ago)
Can president order to launch to one of your own states?
Russell Miles (20 days ago)
The US Constitution allows the President to take "defensible acts." It is highly unlikely that launching WMDs in any circumstances would met this criteria. This does not matter as an enemy can not be certain that there would be no counter-strike. Equally, the risk is inadvertent launch of WMDs would mean that they are locked so tight that even a lawful order can't be complied with. Again, this does not matter as an enemy can't be certain. Finally, the US military has long understood that there can not be a limited nuclear war. The first strike means the end of civilisation as every other nuclear weapons’ power is blinded, loosing control (radars and C&C are the first targets) so panic and start firing. The neat video clip misses what has been well studied and understood since the 50s. The terrible truth is how close to Midnight the World exists.
Denicious (20 days ago)
I ask permission to be translated in Indonesian
Achwaq Khalid (21 days ago)
Andrew Washington (21 days ago)
they most likely have a way to cancel launch either before the actul launch or in mid flight
theklamfyr (10 days ago)
No way to do it mid launch. Anybody launches everybody else follows. It's over if it flies.
Webmaster Caribou (21 days ago)
Anything reported by Blumberg is slanted and skewed. ( like all liberal fake news) The button reffered to was just a statement that our systems are ready, and work.
theklamfyr (10 days ago)
Go fox news! Totally unbiased! loooooool
fanofXuWei (22 days ago)
I feel safe knowing that mentally challenged orange demagogue is in control of the nukes in the US.
Mr JDM 590 (22 days ago)
cant be called back what about mw1
Pete M (23 days ago)
At least we know trump can’t launch... it requires the president to be able to read.
Dave Dogge (24 days ago)
And at the end Fallout 6 becomes a reality without any halp from Bethesda.
the german guy 65 (24 days ago)
And that would be the end of the world
Pink Jelly (24 days ago)
Atleast I’m in Canada
Zom Bee Nature (24 days ago)
Oh sure, like anyone would be crazy enough to send nuclear missiles to blow people up! [teeth chatter and I wet myself]
Meme Master (25 days ago)
How to start the 6th mass exinction in 15-30 minutes
TheCoolCarhd (25 days ago)
IM GOING TO NUKE THE MOON!,But first i have to meet with the advisors. *30 seconds later* Okay time to nuke.
Sticks Studios (26 days ago)
Code is TrumpRulz
Science 2020 (26 days ago)
Actually, I think the missiles have self-destruct mechanisms in case we launch but realize it was a mistake. There is usually about an half-hour spare.
Zane Shute (26 days ago)
they dont
Very true
7700Purplexity (27 days ago)
CNN: Russian nuclear missiles are inbound, details later in the show. But first, Stormy Daniels ...
Hippity hoppity get off my rocketry
J Blob (28 days ago)
I find it odd that we have no way of disabling a launched missile... I get that it probably has to do with not wanting whoever is on the receiving end to be able to disable it mid flight. But it still strikes me as odd
Hmm; Could Bloomberg attach a full version of Doctor Strangelove to this? Does Putin have half of these restrictions when he choses a first strike against the US? And does chaos in the American government create the best opportunity for that event? Rhetorical, of course.
KiLLuA3D (29 days ago)
Thank You Bloomberg, Very Cool!
John Coffee (29 days ago)
Why is a so called President (T,v reality host) on Twitter? its ridiculous!
Αρκουδάκι (29 days ago)
"Please prove you're not Korean Rocketman"
J andy (29 days ago)
Nuking North Korea even though American west coast got nuked, would only result pissing off China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. They all don't want the radioactive winds blowing towards their country. Especially South Koreans would hate that since their constitution law address North Korean soil as their own rightful territory and all North Koreans are technically also South Korean citizens. Even if US wins the nuke war, South Korea will only get radioactive wasteland, Japan and China suffer from radioactive winds.
theklamfyr (10 days ago)
If anybody strikes everybody else follows.
A P (30 days ago)
Barri 2410 (30 days ago)
2:28 what about mid-air (or mid-launch?) cancellation (like CERBERUS Code from Olympus Has Fallen)? (And is it safe?)
Lorenzo Galicia (30 days ago)
You only showed two points of the nuclear triad: submarines and ICBMs. You forgot bomber capabilities
Martin S (1 month ago)
861481 2493 (1 month ago)
The use of nuclear missiles has been banned for decades in the in and america can't use missiles because they would break several treaty's and because they are a member of the UN security counsel
Zane Shute (26 days ago)
their use is still perfectly legal under certain circumstances - not all, but neither is everything else in war
Halfman Halfamazing (1 month ago)
Absolutely. TERRIFYING! Knowing that a moron with the emotional intelligence of a 3 year old and the temperamental tendencies of a 2 year old has the ability to call a nuclear strike is absolutely TERRIFYING.
AquaFalcon (1 month ago)
Terrifying knowing ignorant libtard snowflakes like you have a possibility of running the white house. Jesus fucking Christ, under libtard rule, the US would get bombed and taken over before you snowflakes would even consider fighting back. No backbone, no intelligence. I would hate the president to be someone who can't even do a fucking pushup.
Sunny Singh (1 month ago)
This is how dumb our media and government is.......why are you the whole world our nuclear strike protocol. Stupid!
Fr Louie Goad (1 month ago)
2018 this Day will! "WILL" Come . it is written!
Freese (1 month ago)
Turns out this whole time they been filled with confetti
Henri Coudé (1 month ago)
Lol, I have the same key as the guy launching the missile
Mark Teekasingh (1 month ago)
Dumb question but what about nuclear armed bombers squadrons?
Team Mongoose (1 month ago)
Fuck trump!
AquaFalcon (1 month ago)
Fuck libtards!
Oxandrolone (1 month ago)
How can you conclusively state that there is “no button” when all this information is classified? You don’t know
Jacques LeDisco (1 month ago)
The program, Bravo Romeo Delta, from Frankenstein Software, simulated a limited nuclear war.
Robsay01 (1 month ago)
Hope I’m at a ground zero if this ever was to occur. I don’t wanna be around after.
Silent Night (1 month ago)
Thanks for the info yours truly North Korea
Dick Trash (1 month ago)
I find it amusing how you assclowns decided to publish this when Trump was president.
purikov (1 month ago)
Every retard screaming "trump will start a nuclear war" in the past should be shown this. Presidents have little power without agreement from the rest of the government
PANDORY Games (1 month ago)
Missile launch is a mistake did you send a counter missile to the mistake missile and blow it up
Blue-lives-matter (1 month ago)
All a hoax if nukes where real and the world's greatest weapon y not keep its existence a complete secret
Zane Shute (26 days ago)
because the worlds greatest weapon, of which 15,000 exist today and almost 70,000 existed at one point during the cold war, would be kind of hard to completely keep as a secret, don't you think?
ein verdutzter Herr (1 month ago)
We are all doomed
Raymond Zhao (1 month ago)
*Trump:“Wait, I want to launch the missile through Twitter”*
Ronnie Buchanan (1 month ago)
the president cant decides to launch nukes. only the Congress can.
michael suchinski (1 month ago)
news flash, there are no silos anymore, so much for checking your facts bloomburg
theklamfyr (10 days ago)
.... Yes there are several silos.
Shaboi_Mike (1 month ago)
michael suchinski dumbass there are silos. North Dakota, Montana all have Minuteman silos
Nogi Sonoko (1 month ago)
"Once it fires,the missile cannot be called back" But but you can disarmed it in the War Room, i learned it from Captain Price in COD4 :D
Paul Randig (1 month ago)
So many safety steps. Still, no step to make sure that the president is mentally fit to make such a decision.
Zane Shute (26 days ago)
the president has to have full control of his faculties for any order to be valid, and that's true whether it's in regards to nuclear weapons or any other aspect of the military orders that are invalid for any reason (including mental instability or being otherwise somehow being not fully sane in the decision making process) should be and will be promptly ignored
Carlos Trani (1 month ago)
So...... no self destruct code Incase it’s a false alarm?
d e austin (1 month ago)
wouldn't launching nuclear missiles be a pretty clear indication of insanity to begin with, and therefore an illegal order which the military would have no obligation to obey? I suppose that would be a twenty year legal battle, but at least we'd be alive to fight it (I hope it's something like, "launch those missiles, or you're fired too, private.")
alex droogy (1 month ago)
All you have to do is ask Joe Biden who has the code (and he will tell you. he loves telling everyone.) and VOILA' !
D Wall (1 month ago)
Nice of you to lay out the process so enemies can figure out how to derail it!
J3d (1 month ago)
This has been public knowledge for decades.
TheJcrist (1 month ago)
Once it fires there is no point in anything. Whoever presses the button is committing suicide in planetary scale.
Christian Kidzspeed (1 month ago)
It is like guys arguing over their penis.
Lonnie Cavenee (1 month ago)
This entire comment section or Kim and Dump?
obsolete professor (1 month ago)
OPE (Purity of Essence) or POE (Peace on Earth) is the recall code.
obsolete professor (1 month ago)
Lonnie Cavenee (1 month ago)
"Mandrake, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?"
studinthemaking (1 month ago)
And cock roaches party late into the night.
Tony Soprano (1 month ago)
Time to hack these little caveman systems
Veega Veega (1 month ago)
So practically if anyone wants to crack the real launch codes, He should be physically on the submarine itself. It is not such a easy thing like in movies.
Patrick Kenyon (1 month ago)
And land based silos are not connected to the internet. So to "hack" those codes, you have to fight your way into the base itself.
jeffg24LT21 (1 month ago)
Y'all done being paranoid af??? LOL
Gunshinzero (1 month ago)
Man imagine how scary it would be to get a call like that when you're the guy who launches the missiles. Especially if it's a preemptive strike cause you know it's a game changer.
Dudley (1 month ago)
Trump should be able to tweet commands directly to missiles.
".... Cannot be called back" you mean suicide?
Butt Munch (1 month ago)
He won’t do it no balls
Nicholas Ennos (1 month ago)
It is scientifically proven that nuclear bombs are fake. Phillippe Hubert's test for the age of wine showed there was no caesium 137 in the atmosphere before the first nuclear power station accident at Chalk River in 1952. So all nuclear weapons before this date were fake. No doubt all nuclear weapons after this date are fake too
Nicholas Ennos (1 month ago)
Cesium is spelt caesium in the UK where I live.
Nicholas Ennos (1 month ago)
Google flyer vin4 gb and there is a precis of the scientific paper of Phillippe Hubert. The graph shows no caesium 137 before 1952. It also states categorically that if a wine contains caesium 137 it was not made before 1952.
Nicholas Ennos (1 month ago)
All of what you say is disproved by the simple fact there was no caesium 137 in the atmosphere before 1952. Everyone agrees the so called nuclear bombs should emit large amounts of caesium 137. So the absence of this element before 1952 proves nuclear bombs are fake.
thomas lewandowski (1 month ago)
One more thing, so the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki really wern't destroyed my Nuclear weapons? The people who died from radiation exposure really did not die? The USSR, China, France, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel all lied about developing nuclear weapons? Oh and all the physics I took in college that proves that nuclear weapons can and were developed are bullshit?? Oh Man you have issues..
Nzan Thung (1 month ago)
Just imagine looking out from your window and you can see the tasar bomba coming towards your area...what would you do?. For me I'm just gonna stay there and wait...cuz there is nothing you could do about it...
Andrew Patrick (1 month ago)
Any nuclear strike will result in the death of the Earth.
Joshua Knott (1 month ago)
Mike100 (1 month ago)
For a second strike it makes sense to rush through the command chain within 3 minutes to the point of no return. For a first strike this procedure seems to be pure madness.
Ken Su (1 month ago)
Jeff (1 month ago)
Ronak Sharma (1 month ago)
It sounds like you have done this before

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