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How a U.S. Nuclear Strike Actually Works

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What would happen if the president of the United States wanted to launch a nuclear weapon? Here are the steps the commander-in-chief would need to take. ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1587)
KevTheCreerian Playz (15 hours ago)
HopeFully Theyre Pet Dosent Touch That Button *NUCLEAR BUTTON*
Watch Dogz (18 hours ago)
Fuck Imperialist American Bastards!!!!
Christoffer Andersson (22 hours ago)
What happened to the nuclear football?
moist faucet (2 days ago)
I thought the US president can launch by telling everybody in the whatsap group.
Jebus Kist (2 days ago)
Nice to know that I can order fast food at a faster rate than a president ordering a launch of an ICBM Nuclear Warhead.
dice1331 (2 days ago)
So.. there's no fail safe? Like a self destruct on the missiles? lol
AzuRe (4 days ago)
A way to stop bombs or missles is to use a drone or remote controlled plane and crash it into a missle.
Cruzman06 (5 days ago)
that's intense.
sweiland75 (5 days ago)
Just passing through to give this a thumbs down.
Christopher Lee (5 days ago)
I wonder if the code is in deepweb or marianas web hmmm
Brezzy Bradley (6 days ago)
Sooooo what if a nuke was heading towards us already and it takes all this time to just launch a missed we would be dead by then.
svenmega10022 (6 days ago)
Holy smokes! You mean nukes could be launched in just 5 to 15 minutes?
Dallas Baker (7 days ago)
I can't believe you people gave this moron the codes.
Politic Artisan (7 days ago)
Anti-American propaganda...
Here's Johnny (7 days ago)
I thought nukes had a self destruct function? Or is that just me watching too many movies😂😂
HaloModder555 (8 days ago)
The SecDef has to concur with the President. It must follow the procedures listed in the Football. There is a booklet outlining various types and levels of strategic strikes and retaliations, escalation protocols. The President cannot get drunk one day and decide to nuke China.
John Richard (8 days ago)
People didn’t seem to realize that Obama’s really crippled our military those dems are so corrupted
AmericanPatriot2011 (9 days ago)
Can they target the DNC HQ?
Dankest Eevee (9 days ago)
Wait I'm confused i thought nuclear submarines needed both the commander and the one under him to agree and have keys for it is my life a lie?
sweetasflip (10 days ago)
I believe today, the president and it’s chain of command can do all of these sequences on an app. It’s much quicker providing trump won’t tweet about launching it before ordering the actual launch
Tru S Armor (10 days ago)
why the Deputy Director and nt the Director of Operations ?
Preet Singh (10 days ago)
No mouse will ever invent a mouse trap for itself but we humans have and are proud of it
Tasty_ Burger12 (10 days ago)
There should always be abort codes
Bodhi (11 days ago)
Scary stuff. I cannot believe congress is not consulted in this.
Leonardo Goulart (11 days ago)
Bullshit. If the US strikes first, there's no reason to decide it in 5 minutes. An US first strike would be carefully planned throughout months, maybe years, and done when least expected by the enemy, targeting the enemy's missile platforms to minimize the retaliation. The scenario where an US launch has to be decided in less than 5 minutes is if the enemy launchs first. For this scenario, they have pre-planned defense/retaliation protocols and the decision to start one of these protocols has to be done by pre-authorized people on full time 24-7 shifts. Obviously the retaliation doesn't need to be confirmed by the president because he may be sleeping or taking a bath, and they have to decide it withing the timeframe from launch to detonation, which should be about 20 minutes, so every seconds counts. Plus, it makes no sense to ask the president: "we just detected an enemy nuclear launch, should we strike back?" If the president trusts these people to detect enemy attacks, he will obviously answer "yes", so the people on full time shifts are pre-authorized to retaliate in this scenario.
Darryl Hetherington (11 days ago)
Russia's 'dead man' system ensures they keep launching on 'Auto' so the USA is ashes.....Don't be fooled into believing they don't have the capability. Peace is an option Americans and friends forget....From 1965 - 2015 more Americans have been killed by Americans that by all the enemies in ALL the wars of America's history...Including the Civil War..So the government sends kids overseas to die fighting 'terrorism'...The terror is within
RAMMSTONE (11 days ago)
It blows me away how much America spends on their military. I would have stopped spending when we could have destroyed the earth 10 times over.
Adrian Andrade (12 days ago)
And that’s how you reach your 25 killstreak
Michael Gwisdala (12 days ago)
I am about ready to do this in Making History: The Second World war game on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The date: April 15, 1935
Angelo C (13 days ago)
Eric Smith (13 days ago)
Right off the bat in the first 30 seconds you got it all wrong if a surprise attack happens the president may have less than 5 minutes to make a decision he's not going to sit around a table get everybody Starbucks and ask for opinions he's just going to retaliate.
Eric Smith (13 days ago)
So Trump said his was bigger huh sounds like a pecker contest to me laugh out loud.
EMP TiBeR (14 days ago)
Within the first five second ill have killed 50 people just saying. Fallout !!!2018!!!!
dat yeet boi (14 days ago)
Djt and kju are like ksi and logan paul and by the looks of it, trump is too childish and reminds me of Logan paul
Ullas (14 days ago)
Presidents before Trump orders: push the button. Trump orders: grab the Pu@%y
David G (14 days ago)
John Bolton's wet dream!!!! That slime bag loves war!!!!
Flavio (15 days ago)
those damn nuclear weaponized submarines that gives me the chills!! They are stealthly sneaked around the globe and can stealthly launch a missile and keep hiding or change position!! For all i known, it is possible that there is one of those stationed here in our cost, right under our noses!!
chung chan (15 days ago)
that sounds fun
David Plantiko (15 days ago)
Trump's secret code: "1234567890".
Kerlem (15 days ago)
In the LGM-30 missile silos: "Skybird, this is Dropkick with a red dash alpha message in two parts. Break. Break. Stand by to verify; Red Dash Alpha: Sierra - Hotel - India - Tango - Yankee - Oscar - Uniform - Romeo - Papa - Alpha - November - Tango - Sierra."
Jeff Cockmann (16 days ago)
im sure the military and the president would be allowed to launch a nuke even faster if its a retaliatory strike, i think they can launch immediatly if that is the case.
tubescorpion (4 days ago)
What is your source for that information?
Yosh Monster (16 days ago)
Even though that's probably not how it completely works.
DictatorSayers (16 days ago)
All you need is a red headed patriot to shout over the walkie-talkie, The Iron Giant taught me this
m1key112 (16 days ago)
This video has aged well 😂😂
wget Desa (16 days ago)
Lets do it
Osama Bin Laden (17 days ago)
I need a nuke...
M. Alan Thomas II (17 days ago)
There are, in fact, multiple keys on a submarine. And legally, it requires three very specific officers to all agree to launch rather than two out of five crews. It is the one case in U.S. naval military law in which it is legal to disobey a direct order from the captain of the boat. More practically, the work involved requires the majority of the crew to agree or else they could mutiny (illegally) to stop the launch. You can't even open one of the safes that holds the launch keys without it sounding a shipwide alarm.
tubescorpion (4 days ago)
"requires the majority of the crew to agree"?? Not sure where you're getting your information.
m y (17 days ago)
And any nuke strike by anyone anywhere will effect any person on earth including those who done it.
pajmorris (18 days ago)
Well that's comforting.....
The Government (18 days ago)
I love biscuits
Geens Lars (18 days ago)
MAD will prevent nuclear disaster (i hope)
Pratyush Kumar (18 days ago)
Reminded me the iconic scene of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.😂😂
Mike Honcho (18 days ago)
Who the hell wants to “call back” a nuclear weapon?!
Carl K (18 days ago)
Keep those codes away from the idiot trump.
Christoffer Ekberg (14 days ago)
Carl K The americans voted for him even though he promised to use nukes.
Hannah Guy (18 days ago)
let'em fly!!!!!!
i Grave (18 days ago)
Can liberals even take a joke?
Ryan L (19 days ago)
We have no reason, or need to have nuclear weapons in this point in time.
Ryan L (19 days ago)
He doesn't really have that control. It still has to go through missle commands and congress. But that takes roughly 15 mins.
tubescorpion (4 days ago)
It's going through Congress? Where do you get your information?
AndBarto48 (19 days ago)
Or lol u and ur unity find all the keys enter in a missile silo in West Virginia and litterally nuke a 10 years old
David Dou (19 days ago)
Not gonna lie, former Trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Trump crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get the nuclear codes.
Jawad Arif (19 days ago)
Forgot to mention one they launch every country will nuke will launch so whole they safe in the bunger we fuck
The Lavian (20 days ago)
TL;DR If he really wants it to happen, it will.
RightWingKing (20 days ago)
President Trump is the most legendary troll in the history of the world.
d kell (20 days ago)
Who has North Korea attacked lately???? Nobody !! These made up terror threats are a joke...The government like usual wants to gain support for their agendas thru lies
bestamerica (20 days ago)
' better stop this video... enemy countrys can watchs this video, learns, copys, cybervirus computers, revenge returns
Athaariq Ardiansyah (20 days ago)
Meanwhile it requires a sec to let kim jong un presses the button of doom
Jonathan Crutcher (21 days ago)
They should make the warheads remotely disable able so that if they have intelligence that the other side is surrendering, or for some other reason, there could just be a missile warhead in the enemy territory, not a crater.
Earth Lover (21 days ago)
After america launching the missile the opposite countries Air defence systems will shoot the missile like a bird.......It is not 1945 anymore.......you pig eating civilian killers......
Earth Lover See there's the stereotypes, it shows you have the intelligence of a mentally handicapped gorilla. I could easily say I wanted my time with a Curry eating, street shitting, poor, dog eater, IQ'less, senseless, and a person that cannot except the truth. I mean all of that describes you but I won't straight up call you it because I am of a higher intelligence, from a better country, and more mature than you.
Earth Lover (16 days ago)
I wasted my time arguing with a person who belongs to the country which citizens are idiots, culture less, history less, common senseless, Human senseless, Fabricators, Perjurers, Equivocators, Who can not accept truth.................I know you will tell the same thing again and again because your country people are an unaware fools.....I am not taking anything serious what you are telling about me because normal people don't care about the words coming from mentally handicapped persons.......Now i realize why america needs lot of doctors and psychiatrist from other countries......You will tell same thing again don't do that because you are giving yourself as a Fool to the rest of the word......
Earth Lover you are wasting your time... Because everything you've said is incorrect. I have no idea what country you're from, but you guys must be a bunch of bimbos. Can you even afford to visit the US? If not you do not know what you're talking about. The countries in Asia, Europe, Oceana, and NA all know the US is the most powerful country in the world. Maybe the people of the middle East don't, but that's because they're to busy blowing up buildings and getting beat by the US, Russian, and British militaries.
Earth Lover (16 days ago)
The people who have common sense and lives in the reality i mean Rest of the world except Americans (may be Europian americans) knows i am correct ....I wasted my time arguing with you....
TYLER GROENLAND (22 days ago)
I:27 ONLY 150 characters long
christian robertson (22 days ago)
shouldn't we have a way to stop the nukes after launch it seems pretty important
Raiden XT (22 days ago)
also isnt it true that the crews themselves cant change the destination of a missile? like they're pre-determined and striking a certain country means they have to contact the right crew?
Zane Shute (19 days ago)
The eventual destination for the warhead is part of the encrypted launch order, yeah. Launch crews don't know what it is and they can't do anything about it. Once they get a valid order, they're supposed to punch it in and go.
Adrian Jackson (23 days ago)
Impeach him
Lukas Deutschl (23 days ago)
Destroy urself stupid americans
Lukas Deutschl Where are you from? Hmm? Your name tells me eastern Europe, Dutch countries, or Germany, but either why each of them were saved by Americans at some point. Cheers!
zzz (23 days ago)
So, this is where a large portion of the US tax goes into. Instead of cutting down the cost for US college, you guys spend so much money on military and building nuclear weapons everywhere o_O.
shawn sutton (24 days ago)
It only takes one crew to launch ICBM's. If others refuse it only delays the launch by 60 seconds.
EpicHunter117 Gaming (25 days ago)
USA : top tech technology design for precision and accuracy. Russia : bombs soo big that accuracy and precision is irrelevant
Scott Bond (28 days ago)
IDIOTS, totally incorrect that is only war time launch. When the US is under attack by ICBMs. The president can not walk into a room and say hey lets fire off 2000 ICBMs today. Who would expect any other propaganda from idiot liberals though. Bloomberg LOL news no.
James Smith (19 days ago)
Scott Bond Dude, I'm a conservative and this is pretty much how it goes. This has been public knowledge forever. We have phones dude.
B B (29 days ago)
Can we use these on liberal fake news like CNN ?
B B (7 days ago)
already said liberal.
Rick Ranger (7 days ago)
What about Fox (HOAX) News?
Kenneth B (12 days ago)
No, because you're gonna kill a bunch of other people. Including centrists and rightists. LOL.
War Dog (13 days ago)
Phoenix Scp. Clinton news network
bitch ass (1 month ago)
Yes lets just listen to the guy with the name Bloomberg lol tf
Prof2You Smithe (1 month ago)
One more point. If the POTUS gives the order to launch and several missile commanders refuse, there are at least three failsafe systems that allow senior commanders to launch a few, or all, of the missiles from bunkers, special E-4 Sentry's or other aircraft, or specialized ships.
NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll (1 month ago)
I have a suggested easier method. Let Trump tweet the launch orders with verification code. He's always tweeting, and rarely mispels anything.
NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll (19 days ago)
Miss Pells was never sexually involved with Donald Trump. I am disapointed with you.
NotQuiteSurprisedAtAll *misspells
devwreck127 (1 month ago)
It's time we all start worrying about what kind of world we're going to leave for Keith Richards.
Doritos 95 (1 month ago)
Well I think it's not gonna happen because the Kim Trump summit was apparently very successful so No nuclear war yay! 😀
Der Boi (1 month ago)
Basing this video on a Tweet from Trump is just stupid, he probably knows the long process but it would be really stupid if he would explain how it actually works, like we can all agree that it was symbolic
Doug Yates (1 month ago)
RIFLEX (1 month ago)
That tweet has me dead
Prince (1 month ago)
Trump isn't trained for army work how could he command the Strategic Cheif of US army ? Trump help us don't use feelings while dealing with Such deadly weapons.
Prince Iman trumps the camander in chief he doesn't need training to launch a nuke.
Leonardo Kenny Hindra (1 month ago)
What happen when he forgot the challenges code?
Joey Smith (1 month ago)
Fuck it, rather evaporate than live under tyrants from China and or Russia
Martin Fee (1 month ago)
The President must demonstrate strength and willingness to launch, something past administrations didn't do which led to N Korea building a bomb in the first place, with Iran right behind them. President Trump had forced N Korea to realize they will be destroyed. they have at most 10 weapons without a reliable delivery system plus all their weapons are small as far as atomic bombs go. We have thousands of deliverable weapons that reach into the megaton range. lil Kim might be nuts but he WANTS to stay alive and in power
Bad Dinosaur (1 month ago)
You're not even close. :-) This BS was on the TV show Madam Secretary. Cool story though
Gretschnut (1 month ago)
Subs only take 15 minutes more if you order them toasted or with extra toppings.
Mališa Jevremović (1 month ago)
Yeah I would not trust this at all.
AZ Splitter (1 month ago)
Sounds exactly like Dr Strangelove
Lyno Davinci (1 month ago)
"They got money for war but cant feed the poor" RIP Tupac
Royle Hun (1 month ago)
Anyway USA's weakest side is that USA's 80-90% civilians lives in cities, and smooth areas, and USA 50 states only. 50 of tsar bomb enough to kill 70% population than mountainous Afghanistan
Vin Joushe (1 month ago)
Particle Canon
plutoniusis (1 month ago)
Real Estate " The Man " in charge , Nuclear War would mean that commander and chef will no longer exist , the same with anybody , anything else will stop to exist ...
Meirj25 (1 month ago)
This will be too complicated process for Trump.. he was hoping to just ask Siri to launch an attack!
He won't need it anyway, he guided the world from danger by cooling down Kim jong un, something Obama couldn't have dreamed of doing.
Michael Jackson (1 month ago)
This is for a full tilt launch. We have yield adjustable b-61 bombs for those smaller jobs, Iran, NKPR etc

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