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Protest Medical Fraud & Child Abuse at Oshiro Pediatrics

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Epic demonstration at Oshiro Pediatrics. Andrew Oshiro and Vicki Hom promote their business performing penile reduction surgery on baby boys. On their website they gush: "Our favorite time to schedule a circumcision is at 10-16 days of age." https://sites.google.com/site/oshiropediatrics/circumcision Cutting healthy tissue from a child's healthy genitals violates the Hippocratic oath; it's sexual abuse, genital mutilation and medical fraud and it must stop NOW! Protect the human rights of all children (male, female, intersex) to body integrity and autonomy. Say NO to exploiting and mutilating healthy children for medical malpractice and profit! Fair usage of images for education and reportage.
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nate braden (2 months ago)
It was done to me at 3 weeks of age, I am now 18 but unsure of exactly what to do about it. I asked my parents why and they said for UTI then I showed them how easy a UTI is to treat but then they just started calling me ungrateful and acting like a victum because they think there is no way they harmed me. They even asked if "i remembered" and I told them implicit memory but again I was called crazy. This has had severe consequences on our relationship and I fear I can never forgive them for what has been done. I want to try and seek justice but i'm not sure how to do so as circumcision is still legal in the united states :(.
Conqueror (1 month ago)
+nate braden Dude leave that house as soon as possible. Find a job in another city, heck even in another (preferably non-mutilating) country. If you want to study do it part-time so you can finance everything on your own. Do not be dependent on them. They did enough harm to you, and now that you're an adult you should at least live your own life. This is the first step. As I did. And I didn't know about this utmost evil issue back then, I did it for other various reasons. But I had always this feeling that something was profoundly wrong with them. It is better and (in my opinion) essential to be able to live on your own anyway. Cheers.
Bonobo3D (2 months ago)
You are not pushing your beliefs on anyone, the human body and it's functions are scientifically understood. It is medical fraud to cut off part of child's healthy body, a violation of the most basic human rights, body integrity and autonomy. Learn everything you can about this. To keep things ok with your parents you may need to hold some thoughts to yourself for a while.It may take time and you still might not be able to get through to them. We are victims, victims of a forced excision we did not consent to.
nate braden (2 months ago)
They dismiss any attempt I make to push my belief that it's wrong, generally by saying I should see a counselor because i am not right in the head or "playing the victim."
nate braden (2 months ago)
Yea they told me that they heard of someone in the family who got an infection and needed it done but then I found that it was a result of forced retraction because when I told them about intact care they become really defensive saying you HAVE TO CLEAN IT or else it gets infected. So my entire family is a bunch of cutters that don't understand that foreskin shouldn't even be retractable until age 10 or later.
Bonobo3D (2 months ago)
Research and study the issue thoroughly so you have as much information/ammunition when talking with people (parents) about this. Most parents who have handed a baby over to be cut do not want to hear that harmed their son. Denial is the way most people deal with this subject.
Flat Iron (4 months ago)
TheRobdock (5 months ago)
Calling the criminals out on the royal red carpet, at its finest!
DESPAIR (5 months ago)
Be sure to comment, rate, and subscribe for more content like this.
TheRobdock (6 months ago)
Forced genital cutting is NOT medicine!!
Name (6 months ago)
TL DR: Protest circumcision trauma on 12 step phone bridge meetings and have your message heard by 100s of people a day! Raise awareness! FULL POST: I have been protesting circumcision a long time now. I came accross these virtual support groups for child hood trauma that seemed like a great place to share about circumcision trauma and how I was harmed. However, when I attempted to bring this to the light there, the people were not very welcoming. Many of them cross talked and made me feel like I did something wrong for sharing about this relevant and important subject. These groups are called "12 Step Phone Meetings", especially Adult Children of Alcoholics, any meeting of any fellowship with trauma in the title, and any sex addiction related meeting. After I persisted in sharing this, they have begun to threaten to block my number. Please help join my cause and dial into these meetings. You don't have to attack the meeting, I am not saying that. Just un mute, and ask to share. It is very easy and they will not be expecting you. When prompted to share, just describe to them the harm of circumcision. If it is an "ACA" meeting, describe how it traumatized you. You can go into as much detail as you want. They need to hear it, they just don't want to. Much like the people outside the hospitals. If it is on a sex addiction meeting or other addiction meeting, same thing. Just put your name in the queue to share by un muting. Then, when the moderator prompts you to share, begin explaining how circumcision traumatized you sexually and causes you to have many sex problems. Inform these people of the hidden trauma. I can't list all the meetings here, because there are too many. If you want me to find you one at a specific time, and walk you through it in more detail, please PM me. If you want to go ahead on your own, here are the meeting lists. http://www.meetings.adultchildren.org/find-a-meeting-search-results#results And select "telephone" as the country. Then find one that matches your time or several. You can do it all day. Same goes for if you search "Sexaholics anonymous phone meetings", "Sex addicts anonymous phone meetings", and "sex and love anonymous phone meetings" or whatever its called. You can do this on any other 12 step phone bridge too, just search "12 step phone meetings" and even hit up multiple per hour. You might get your number blocked but who cares? It is totally anonymous and no one can hurt you. No one can track your number. And you will be heard by up to 100 people a day. Imagine if a number of people do this, how much awareness it can raise. If anyone cuts off your share, don't take it personally. These people say they are spiritual and interested in healing, but they are full of crap. Not only that but some may be expecting a child and you never know if you might be the one to save that child. If you have any problems, or any questions, send me a PM.
Kevin P (6 months ago)
Don't forget to go leave bad reviews on Google for them.
Male Sentient Void (6 months ago)
Male Sentient Void (6 months ago)
This is how its done.
Nalprosteth (6 months ago)
The protesters really should have talked about Dr. Oshiro's preferred device, the Plastibell, and made reference to "The Plastibell Lie" by James Ketter, a victim of a severely maiming plastibell circumcision. All forms of circumcision are abhorrent, but the plastibell method is probably one of the worst.
Bonobo3D (6 months ago)
A slickly produced circumcision/mutilation propaganda film featuring Morris appeared online a week ago in response to the proposed legislation that would protect all children in Iceland. It was pulled within a couple of hours. Did the University of Sydney get wind of the use of their logo at the end?
endofscene (6 months ago)
+Nalprosteth I'll check out the article. Are you Australian? Russell and Morris have a close relationship. They are both prominent members of the Australian 'circumcision cabal' (Morris the academic and Russell the practitioner). I disagree with you re: Morris. His regular media exposure (on TV, online, and in the press) seems to have an effect on the uneducated masses that get their information from the fake media (circumcision is a controversial and emotionally charged subject that always guarantees them views, especially if they present it as a way to save lives). USyd forced Morris to stop using their server to host his circinfo website, but that is the extent of any reprimand that I'm aware of. It is very rare to see any scientist, doctor, academic, or other expert respond to Morris (or his associates). This may be because they are never asked (by the media); however, more likely it is because they are afraid or they have no interest (don't forget that most anglo-Australian men above 30 are circumcised). The result is that most of what Morris says goes completely unchallenged. The few who do challenge him (a doctor/scientist/academic here and there) are generally not good debaters and don't have Morris' passion and charisma.
Nalprosteth (6 months ago)
Look up the article I mentioned. Terry Russell also openly cites Brian Morris' work on his site and professes beliefs in the effectiveness of circumcision very similar to him. Tbh, I've felt Morris' fanaticism/insanity has actually served to turn more Australians off from circumcision than anything, but he obviously does have followers. Novalien, an Australian company, heavily cites his work and Waskett's in promoting their circumcision device, which can directly determine circumcision height. I've never understood how he's gotten away with all he has. Has his university ever once reprimanded him? Or Guy "BoyGuard" Cox?"
endofscene (6 months ago)
+Nalprosteth I don't know too much about the different methods (they all have their downsides, as far as I know), but I know that the Plastibell method is used by Dr. Terry Russell in Australia (where I live).
Bonobo3D (6 months ago)
That would be a good theme for the next protest at Oshiro Pediatrics.
HindsightPOV (6 months ago)
Anyone in the medical field who takes part in genital mutilation obviously does not take the Hippocratic Oath of “Do No Harm” seriously and should have their medical license revoked.
Pat Verbeek (6 months ago)
This was awesome, good job guys
Flary Fox (6 months ago)
That trash idiot's nasty pony tail is the only thing needing chopping off
Brother K (6 months ago)
American men have been subjected to child genital mutilation just like the children in other nations, boys & girls, held down and forced to surrender to the circumcision knife. It is unAmerican, cruel, and antithetical to the very concept of human freedom. thank you, intactivists, for holding these criminal mutilators' feet to the fire.
Flary Fox (6 months ago)
every infant circumcision scar is the scene of a crime
Max Greene (6 months ago)
Flary Fox yah mine goes 1/2 way down my ball sack. I'm gonna burn it off soon. It itches and looks like shit
Flary Fox (6 months ago)
fucking AWESOME
chroncile (6 months ago)
"Doctors" like this need to have their medical license taken away. A baby goes inside a clinic with 0 problems and comes out with a gaping wound that's prone to infection, trauma, shock, emotional detachment, pain, and other issues. Why fix what is not broken?
endofscene (6 months ago)
+chroncile Why fix what is not broken? Money. As for the parents? They "fix" their son's perfect body so they don't have to fix their broken minds.
Dolores Sangiuliano (6 months ago)
great job, James. Words cannot express the fullness of my gratitude to you for this edit.
TheRobdock (5 months ago)
Calling the sexual predators out and exposing them, the cats out of the bag!! Your victims are comming for you!
Bonobo3D (6 months ago)
This work is a labour of love for the next generation. Appreciation for your strength, wisdom and courage Dolores.
endofscene (6 months ago)
"You got a nasty uncircumcised dirty penis?" This is one of the symptoms of Circumcision Derangement Syndrome (CDS) – many circumcised males (and some intact females) feel the need to deride the intact penis. They don't deride the testicles or any other male body part. Nor do they deride the female genitals. It is of course a coping mechanism of the psychologically compromised. In order to see circumcision (penis cutting) as good, they must see the natural penis as bad. They must say derogatory things about it and try to ridicule those who have it. If people said such things about the female genitals there would be hell to pay. In fact, such men don't dare say such things about intact vulvas because they are hypocritical cowards. Their insults are not logical (or biological) but simply a symptom of CDS. It should be noted that Dr. Oshiro likely has a more severe case of CDS than this family. Parents with CDS feel compelled to repeat the trauma on their own sons, but doctors and nurses with CDS are compelled to repeat the trauma on *other parent's sons* too. By the way, if the dummkopf had been listening to what was being said, he would realise the man with the megaphone is circumcised and not happy about it.
endofscene (6 months ago)
+Nalprosteth That's possible. I would have to read the book to know. I once spent some time in Japan as a teenager and was surprised to see that boys were circumcised. However, in retrospect I now believe I was mistaken. First of all, Japanese tend to have relatively short foreskins. And secondly, there is a tradition there where boys and men retract their foreskins when bathing (as soon as they get naked). This is a strange and silly custom if you ask me, but I didn't know about it at the time, so my casual glance likely led me to the wrong conclusion. (If I bathed in public, which I hadn't much done as a teen, I would never have considered retracting my foreskin.)
Nalprosteth (6 months ago)
I've read more about the book and my impression isn't much changed, that it's only a small number of Japanese men. Everything else I've read and seen with Japan has never given the impression of it being remotely common. I can't really see it being higher than 1-2%, and even that seems a tad high.
endofscene (6 months ago)
+Nalprosteth The modern Catholic Church does not condemn circumcision. (Intactivists say lots of inaccurate and incorrect things.) Their official position can be found online. Centuries ago there was a standing Papal Bull against circumcision but, even though it may technically still be in effect, no attention is given to it. http://www.cirp.org/library/cultural/catholic/ What the Portuguese and Spanish did centuries ago cannot really be applied to the modern Roman Catholic Church. I don't know the history of Tuli (and I've never met anyone who does) so I don't know how long it has been practiced or what its origin is. For all I know it may not have been practiced at the time and place of the first Filipino Catholics. Or perhaps Catholic missionaries forbade it but then it made a resurgence. You would have to talk to an expert in Filipino history. I haven't read the book, but I wouldn't be surprised if Japan had a circumcision rate higher than 1%. The fact is that most cultures know little about anatomy and sexuality. Unless the culture is strongly anti-circumcision, as were the ancient Greeks and Romans, then the general ignorance of the populace and medical professionals will always allow for a custom such as male circumcision to be ushered in, especially in this day and age where there is so much money and power behind the American circumcision lobby.
Nalprosteth (6 months ago)
Well, in this video they quote the Catholic Church condemning circumcision, but we've also seen the Catholic church at the forefront of condemning Iceland's call for a circumcision ban. But still, even though the majority of native groups in North and South America never practiced any form of circumcision or genital cutting, it wasn't unheard of, and basically everywhere the Portuguese and Spanish took control, they stamped out any form of genital cutting, even things far more minor than foreskin removal. Basically the only people who get circumcised or cut in any capacity in Latin America are religious minorities, immigrants, some of the upper classes, isolated groups, and whoever's a target of the international health orgs for AIDS prevention. Why the Catholic church never did anything about Tuli despite being in the Philippines for half a millenium, yet wiping out any forms of cutting in the Americas makes little immediate sense. And I doubt the Catholic Church was as favorable or neutral on circumcision in the past, for the most part. I've heard of that book too, but I doubt more than a tiny minority of Japanese men are circumcised. I mean, the placement of the circumcision scar in many of their circumcisions seems incredibly debilitating, and it seems like it'd only appeal to genuine circumfetishists.
endofscene (6 months ago)
Thanks for the information. It is true that Britain began the modern practice of "medicalised" circumcision; however, it seems to have been more or less concomitant with its inception in the USA. In any case, America has taken the practice far beyond anything Britain could have imagined. As I'm sure you know, at its peak, RIC never gained a majority in Britain (prominent mostly among the upper classes) and declined steeply and rapidly in the second half of the 20th century. American circumcision, on the other hand, has claimed a vast majority for over 60 years and is much more obstinate and pernicious. It has taken on a life of its own and has been infecting the world for decades. Britain may have been Dr. Frankenstein, but America is Frankenstein's monster, and the American circumcision industry is, I believe, an inextricable part of the deeply disturbed collective American psyche. The Catholic Church has nothing to gain and everything to lose by condemning Tuli. It has nothing to gain because the official Catholic position on circumcision is one of neutrality; they simply reinforce St Paul's argument that circumcision for salvation is a grave error. Obviously Tuli is not connected to Jewish circumcision or Catholic teaching. The Church has everything to lose because in today's politically charged climate, it is political suicide to be branded antisemitic or even Islamophobic. Moreover, I would bet the Catholic Church will take as many members as it can get, and the Philippines is the third largest Catholic country in the world. The book 'Male Circumcision in Japan' (2015) may be of interest. (I haven't read it.)
Rion J (6 months ago)
I am grateful for advocacy and the voice that is growing against genital mutilation.
savagefamily0220 (6 months ago)
These doctors need to be named and shamed. This sicko is in there cutting that poor baby right now, ignoring ethics and common sense.
jason junge (6 months ago)
Yes! They DO need to be shamed. Cutting is the source of so much of the shame we feel as adults This is so important that people talk about this and condemn this barbaric act. This needs to happen NOW!
Indra Guillory (6 months ago)
should do a demonstration in times square PETA style
jason junge (6 months ago)
Animal Rights and Intactivism have a great deal in common. This commonality has been largely untapped. both movements seek an end to the unnecessary loss of life / bodily harm through greater compassion, love, and kindness.
Crafty Crafter (6 months ago)
Cut a girl, go to court. Cut a boy, cash a check. Disgusting and reprehensible! Excellent editing of this stomach-churning video, too. FUCK MALE GENITAL MUTATION!
h1dd3n4g3nd4 (6 months ago)
Those sick doctors obsessed with cutting baby boys must be pedos.
Gregory Malchuk (6 months ago)
I am excited at this new radically confrontational style of intactivism. It is a departure from everything I have seen previously. I hope someday soon this exact type of protest will be held outside elementary, middle, and high schools either at 8 AM or 3 PM. That will be day that the circumcision saturation-bombing of the culture begins.
Conqueror (1 month ago)
His channel "Us Victim of Male Genital Mutilation" seems to be removed, any info?
Bonobo3D (6 months ago)
Thank you Daniel, what you protesters did here inspired me!
Bonobo3D (6 months ago)
Thank you for your comment. This protest and the footage from it was so inspiring. The intactivists there covered a lot of ground, so it was fun to add text and images to enhance what was said. Even after finishing it I'm still thinking of more I could have added. Very creative and powerful group of people who conducted this protest.
zuditaka (6 months ago)
I have never seen an intactivist video that had so many fascinating things going on, all at once, visually and aurally, and all done in a captivating way--like all the suggestopedic principles harmonised in an accelerated learning classroom.

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