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Here is Why You Should Not Throw Away Melon seeds!

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Here is Why You Should Not Throw Away Melon seeds! When we eat a melon slice, its seeds are bothering us and we throw them away. But do you know this seeds are particularly nutritious and beneficial to the body?
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Ramesh Raghothama (1 month ago)
This seed 'milk' is used in some kinds of Indian and Central Asian cuisines to give a silky and some what fatty consistency to dishes. Indian, Middle Eastern and sometimes Asian stores usually carry bagged and roasted melon seeds.
Kunal Gaur my life (1 year ago)
Syed Husain (1 year ago)
Lovely u r and tips thanks
Lucy Young (1 year ago)
Jean MRI (1 year ago)
Thank you!! so easily to make, i'll try that! Love your channel!
Rawveganse (1 year ago)
I love melonseeds!!!!
Tshegofatso Matemane (1 year ago)
wow i thought of the other melon
Bechol Hankoli (1 year ago)
AJSReactions (1 year ago)
Amazing stuff! Wish my channel did so well! Keep it up!

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