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How to Choose the Best Flow Mode for Your Aquarium Wave Pumps

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http://current-usa.com - Here are tips on how to choose the best flow mode for aquarium wave pumps. The great advantage of DC wave pumps is that they can be adjusted and controlled. You can adjust pulse frequency, which lets you mimic water currents that match real coral reefs. This creates a healthy environment and incredible movement for your tank. Most hobbyists adjust their aquariums to create one of three modes: - Wave Mode - Surge Mode - Steady Stream Mode The most popular flow mode for aquariums is the wave short pulse mode. It simulates the type of wave found in shallow coral reefs. This video shows how to simulate this short pulse wave mode in your tank. Be careful; always make sure to choose a wave mode that your aquarium can handle. Surge mode is very similar to wave mode; the difference is the time period between pulses, which is much longer. This is best choice if you have a larger, longer aquarium. It provides enough time for water current to go further away from wave pumps. Steady stream mode is the simplest form of water flow; it’s also very popular for large reef tanks. It’s a great flow mode for a few reasons, such as when you need a little extra flow in one location. Please give additional tips or flow modes in comments below. For additional aquarium tips, subscribe to our channel! Happy to help further at current-usa.com/whats-next.
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TheTownOf Shizzle (1 год назад)
ReefGod (1 год назад)
Hey do you knob when the Bluetooth Controller coming out? And when will the iPhone app will be available?
Jeremy Pratt (10 месяцев назад)
And an Android app
Tony Black (1 год назад)
Infamous Aquatics (1 год назад)
Great information. I was able to try the new wave makers on a friends reef, and it was very impressive.
Tony Black (1 год назад)
you guys keep teasing us with the APP, when is it coming out??? i got 3 loop's waiting to go on the APP
Deon 0026 (7 месяцев назад)
Tony Black did you ever find out the app

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