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Do THIS to Prevent Allergies, Gas, and Bloating: The Truth About Aluminum Cans

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Do you want to know the truth about aluminum cans? Here are some health tips about aluminum cans and how to stay healthy! Aluminum cans can cause illness. It creates a leaky gut, which leads to allergies, gas, bloating, and arthritis. It can even lead to dementia or alzheimer's. Drinking soda or drinks out of aluminum cans, or even boxed drinks with aluminum on the inside is toxic to your body. It contains heavy metals that can severely affect your health. Mercury is another heavy metal that is extremely toxic as well. Mercury can be found in teeth fillings, condoms, flu shots, vaccines, and many other things! If you have to use a plastic bottle, make sure you are using a BPA free bottle. Otherwise, make the switch to GLASS! Glass bottles allow you to drink your water and not get leaching from the plastic into it or the heavy metals from aluminum. Glass bottles are a life saver, and if you are nervous about breaking them, they even have glass bottles covered in plastic as well. Ditch the can and go with a glass bottle! Your body will thank you! Subscribe to our channel to see more health tip videos and about colon hydrotherapy and the endless benefits it provides! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVP7kblS1UpHoJyrkqsGDmw #colonics #colonhydrotherapy #colonicsboise #colonhydrotherapyboise #guthealth #livingwaters #aluminumcan #gas #bloating #healthygut #allergies
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