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Lipo 6 Black Review - Supplementing.com

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http://www.supplementing.com/lipo-6-black LIPO 6 Black is by far one of the most extreme fat burners around. This weight loss product is designed to deliver only the best results. This is one product worth trying if you're looking for a way to oxidize fat, and increase confidence. Being marketed as the "underground" pill, this product is the best kept secret on the market. By suppressing your appetite, giving you more energy for workouts, and using the best ingredients this product is made for long term results. Just read the customer reviews, this product works. http://www.supplementing.com/lipo-6-black
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Said Hasibullah Sadat (1 год назад)
Hi guys , what if you are taking vitamins once day. Would this be ok then?
christchan buentiempo (2 года назад)
is lipo 6 black maximum potency legit?
Bakhtiyar Saeed (2 года назад)
i used almost all products of fat burning pills!now when i use a new product i feel a bit change of appetite at the beginning but after a while i dont fell any thing!can you explain this to me . thank you
MsJovaJah (2 года назад)
So, im a model working out regularly and watching my diet. I just want to loose any extra fat that i have so the muscels would show a bit more. I bought lipo6 but its not "for her". Does it make big of a difference? Should i return it or i can also use the regular ones, for boys 😉
Guide (1 год назад)
MsJovaJah i think it's for both
mraw (2 года назад)
is the product halal?
jimmy gill (3 года назад)
hi friends I used these product from last week but I didn't find any change what should I do
Nouman fastbowler (3 года назад)
how much weight is reduced by using it properly and throughout.plz answer also how to use it and  .and is the black lipo 6 best one
Dialyn Remigio (3 года назад)
Anyone who can give me advice pls. I am experiencing some discomfort down my throat and i just took it today. I can stilk breathr well but im worried. Is that still ok?
Jc Mae (9 месяцев назад)
Dialyn Remigio omg! Me also and its irritating 😣😣😣 im quiet worrid
Bahaari TV (3 года назад)
+Dialyn Remigio take only 1-2 daily instead of 6. Let your body get used to it little by little
Felix Gonzalez (3 года назад)
What can I take after the 8weeks? To help burn fat or keep me going at the gym until I can get back on Lipo 6.
methadon2you (3 года назад)
+Felix Gonzalez  I would suggest you not to take anything for about two weeks.Some coffee maybe .If you don't take a break between fat burners cycles you can get in to trouble like i did.
David Gonzalez (4 года назад)
Hi! What is the ingredient that Bill says in minute 1:10?? Can you Tell me more?
johnieGood (4 года назад)
_Thats a wrong thought __+phoemela capulong__  ! Every proposed solution on_ _the market tries to make us believe that cellulite is a skin/fat issue_ _which isnt true at all. Truth is the appearance of cellulite is a muscle_ _fiber issue._
Sebastian Sperandio (2 года назад)
+johnieGood yeah
johnieGood (4 года назад)
i forgot to mention the site name. Its in the program at: www.xstopcellulitenowx.blogspot.com Ive learned a lot from there and thats the only solution that made my cellulite disappeared in less than a month. ^,__^
Hasitha Gamage (4 года назад)
can i use this while taking a creatine routine as well?
Nael Abu Kosh (4 года назад)
yes u can ... best result 
David Sosa (4 года назад)
Hey guys I have a question do I need to be lifting to take lipo 6? I do cardio and i haven't lift for almost a month and half can I take the lipo 6 with just running?
PITvs (4 года назад)
I decided to try these pills, being my first supplement, and see how it is. I gotta say that I'm impressed with my appetite being lessened so much now because usually I like to eat a lot throughout the day. I eat very little in the morning, and can now stand to be able to not eat through the day without a problem. But I do eat a sandwich at noon and dinner later in the evening. Been using them for 3 days now, first 2 days only taking one pill per day, and now trying 2 a day. No negative effects from it yet( headache, upset stomach, ect.) I've noticed I'm a good bit more focused, and a little more energy. So far I'm happy with it. -just my 2cents;)
lene2332 (4 года назад)
What's the difference between lipo6 black and lipo6 black for her ?
Dav S (4 года назад)
i have my bottle but direction says to take 6 pills is this correct? whats proper way of using this , im scared to OD
Saeed Sharanek (2 года назад)
never ever take 6 .. just take one at the morning and another one before wprkong out .. 30 min before !
mohamed yousef (4 года назад)
1 or 2 pill only daily 30m before gym 
Ashfaq Rahman (4 года назад)
Hi I was 120 KG in past. I,m 5.9 " and 85 kg now. I have loss 35 kg in  2 years . but I still need to loos 15 kg more. But the problem is I,m trying for last 1 year and I can lose 3 to 4 kg and then I gain that. Its happening repeatedly  . I don't have any physical problem. Can I take lipo 6 ? Does it has any side effect ? I do workout 6 times a day 1 to 2 hours including weight training and cardio . Please suggest .
Santi Palacio (5 лет назад)
One question guys, I'm thinking on starting to take Lipo 6 black next week, but idk if I should take it the days I don't workout. Those days would be thursday and sunday... The rest of them I go out running for a few minutes and then I hit the gym. Thanks
ray JOHN (5 лет назад)
hi. i want to ask u guys a question i lost 80 pounds just by dieting and hitting the gym once or twice a week now i just need to lose 25 pound and the question is this i cant workout any more maybe once a week because i really dont have time because of my college so will lipo 6 black have any affect on me without workingout just dieting or it is a waste of money thx
Ahmad Qassab Bashi (5 лет назад)
Thank you so much for your reply really appreciated
The Fakey Cake Maker (5 лет назад)
I have taken this and had no side effects, however I did have side effects with Acti-phen including feeling depressed. xx
The Fakey Cake Maker (5 лет назад)
Hi guys, some time back I asked you about this product and you were really honest and helpful well since then I managed to lose about 28lbs so far without the product, I only use it when I have a slight plateau as it boosts me and gets me going again. I realise you can't use these products FOR weight loss, they are like the gears on a bike, they only help you if you do the work. Anyway thanks for your help. xx
Ahmad Qassab Bashi (5 лет назад)
I heard someone in other Vids saying it would make you feel depressed, and you would like to hurt yourself or somebody ? is it true
homoclubitus (5 лет назад)
Can i use cordigen vo2 ultra as pre-workout and muscle pharm amino1, with lipo black uc?
Bilal (5 лет назад)
can we smoke while using lipo 6 black ?
omer zaman (5 лет назад)
what will happen if we donot eat anything?
omer zaman (5 лет назад)
and can we take before gym?
omer zaman (5 лет назад)
i want to know can we take lipo black 6 ultra empty stomach?
Yasser Mohsen (5 лет назад)
How Can I use it? one pill per day ? and what time exactly do I suppose to take it ... I mean in the morning or before exercising ? and shall I take it everyday even in the rest days ?
bravo685 (5 лет назад)
I took this AND HOLD SH"
Mohamed Mohey Eldein (5 лет назад)
hello .. i have 2 question .. am afraid of takin these pills coz all i hear is these pills will make you depressed and seriously i dont think i need extra loads on my mind ... so. ? 2nd one is whats the diffrance b/w silver , black and ultimite lipo 6 ?
chatila liyanarachi (5 лет назад)
Gerardo Tejeda (5 лет назад)
If im using N.O explode, would you recommend using this also?
Kebapi (5 лет назад)
Does it really make you sweat all day, side effects? Heard it's packed with caffine, i dont drink coffee on a regular basis but i dont believe im sensitive to it.
matt megia (5 лет назад)
question can a 16 years old take this ??
Dj Timot (5 лет назад)
Healthy diet & Exercise program is actually all you need. (Sense, 1990) References - Sense, Common (1990) Stop being a Numpty. Macmillian. London
omer zaman (5 лет назад)
did lipo 6 black make lose weight and make cuts ans muscle ?
Mahmoud Abo Shama (5 лет назад)
Hii .. I would rather know if there is any known or expected effect of lipo 6 on the normal function of the thyroid gland ( like .. Hypothyroidism , .. ) since it contains thyroid gland stimulant .. ? generally for a 21 year old guy .. what could be the side effects ?Also what results should I expect if using lipo 6 and working out daily for an hour .. but with my normal diet system ( proteins , carbs , fats ) ? N.B I lose weight rapidly and unfortunately gain it also rapidly .Thanks in advance
Naveen Nagendran (5 лет назад)
Thank you so much for your honest reply. So u suggest me lipo 6 or is there any other fat burning supplement which I can use based on my query? I humbly req you to reply these 1. If I take lipo 6 without workout how many lbs I might shed per month 2. with workout how many lbs I might shed per month 3. How many should I consume per day 4. Can U suggest me the diet I am supposed to follow without workout. I wold b more than happy & would be greatly thankful 2u If u cud ans these queries please
Naveen Nagendran (5 лет назад)
Hi, I have no time to work out as I have to work over night at times and some times early morning. I just dont get adjusted to time and by the time I reach Home I am all tired. I am fat and weigh approx 210 lbs. I heard that Lipo 6 Black is extreme fat burning and would get me in shape atleast reduce my fat belly. Should I go for it? Will this work out with out me having to go to gym ??? Please Assist. I have my sisters wedding in 3 months and I need to get in shape by then..
The Fakey Cake Maker (5 лет назад)
Thank you SO MUCH! Can you believe that's what I've started doing, I have already lost about 14lbs this month with just these supplements alone and a little holding back in terms of eating, I've yet to start cardio but now with your advice I certainly will. Really appreciate the reply. xx
Sazed Sohile (5 лет назад)
Is there any side effect of lipo6 in human body.
Sanjarih Jamshed (5 лет назад)
Hi, I just have a bit of underbelly fat left that's preventing my bottom 4 packs to come out. Should I take Lipo-6 Black or just Lipo-6? It's because I weigh 65 kgs and am about 179 cm tall
Amir Gomati (5 лет назад)
Does it break muscle?? Cuz i'm trying to lose fat and keep muscle after a bulking cycle...
RUS WORLD (5 лет назад)
Thank you for answer
RUS WORLD (5 лет назад)
What can you reocommend me: Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series or Lipo 6 Black?
RUS WORLD (5 лет назад)
It's for man?
Yacov B (5 лет назад)
Fakey, go in, try to reach a level eating well for you to start doing cardio, i promise you with constant cardio you will do very well. you can do it, motivate, grab your best songs and start pulling the beast inside you , yeah!
Yacov B (5 лет назад)
yaa, thats awesome, good constantly cardio will erase the fat from our bodies and dont forget to eat well
Mark Crilly (5 лет назад)
So I have started to strongly curb my diet and make it strictly very healthy as well as go to the gym 5 days a week and do elliptical for 30 minutes. With this routine and starting lipo 6 black will I see fast, good results in weight loss? Or should I be doing a lot more at the gym? I am around 225 and never used to work out or diet.
The Fakey Cake Maker (5 лет назад)
Hi, just want to thank you for this. Sometimes you just want an honest review about weight loss pills. I have been "stuck" at my weight for a few years even with working out and eating right -I'm over 300lbs! I just need something to help me lose about 7lbs as I'm now too heavy to exercise and run, just a small decrease in weigh will help me. I will try these with the Weight Watchers diet I'm following and hopefully they'll work. I appreciate this video. xx
vatan parast (5 лет назад)
lipo6 black is my love :)))))))) im trying ,that is the best drug in world for ever . I LOVE LIPO :)))))
J Pua (5 лет назад)
I lost 15 kgs per month with lipo 6 black. 1 h of running, 1 h gym and 1 h of MMA almost every day, monday to fridar, and eating max. 1000 calories per day
Jay Reezy (6 лет назад)
Thank You For The Video, Im Trying To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle Will This Supplement Work? Will I Lose Weight By Lifthting Weights And Do Cardio? Will I Burn Fat By Working Out?
Winston Lala (6 лет назад)
Allright...Lipo6 might work....but I'd rather take advice from people who look like they work out and who aren't commercial....these guys don't fit that desription!
RAW dogg (6 лет назад)
These guys are scammers this website will screw you over Do not order from them
marinanana kamalia (6 лет назад)
can you answer my question,my weight is 138kg should i take lipo 6 black ? and what the side effect? heart attack? plz answer my question thanks :)
Danamo batal (6 лет назад)
iam 16 years old i started to take animal cuts i want to know wiill i have any side effects
edgar maun (6 лет назад)
im agree the product is very powerful
Armend Gjonbalaj (6 лет назад)
thanks i just bought lipo 6 black yesterday today was my first day....and can you answer one more question.. i went to two stores and asked them about when i should take them and the guys at the first store said take 3 before the gym and 3 after, then the guy at the second store said 3 pills before breakfast and then 3 after lunch... i listened to the second guy which person is correct? by the way great video
Armend Gjonbalaj (6 лет назад)
got one question im 18 and trying to just get off about 15-20 lbs in about a month now i am going to the gym everyday, should i be taking lipo 6 black to help speed up the process of weight loss?
mohamed mahmoud (6 лет назад)
is smoking effect negative with lipo 6 black
kaisekahu (6 лет назад)
I have wedding coming next month so I'm very desprit to lose 40 lb so can u plz write my channel name on ur reply so i can know the reply is for me or some one else plz thank you.....and plz reply me as soon as ppossible becoz i want to order it and want to start ASAP
kaisekahu (6 лет назад)
Is liponox and apidextra suggest to me ?
kaisekahu (6 лет назад)
Hi can u tell me best diet pill that work Best? I want to lose 40lbs as soon as possible
Mieisha Washington (6 лет назад)
It takes 8 weeks to see results... But I sure will
Mieisha Washington (6 лет назад)
Oh and it takes 8 weeks to work
Mieisha Washington (6 лет назад)
I went to gmc and I didnt see the one 4 women... So I bought this.... And Ive been taking it for a week and a half now... it jus makes me not want to eat... But I guess its cool since my goal is to lose weight n nvr find it again.. @24 5 days a week.. I hope it,works
ooDR1F7R (6 лет назад)
really? i had no trouble. Get it from Vitamin king. they're aust based so you shouldn't have a problem.
Darius Kelley (6 лет назад)
i took this before and helped loose allot of weight but im scared this time around because i dont want to have irreguler heart beat and have that feeling but i need to get cut up for summer but i also have asthma so that could have been it
Kyle Langham (6 лет назад)
I read a few other reviews about this product and there were enough comments about " increased bowl movements within a hour or two" of taking this product..... is that just the people who have low tolerance to the stims? as i know that i have fairly high tolerance to stims even with having a very very low caffeine and sugar intake......Thoughts?
metallivixen (6 лет назад)
Well I ordered this.. and it got seized by Australian customs.. spewing! so what if it might cause hallucinations... I was willing to give it a go..lol
Hamdan Sulaiman (6 лет назад)
i just bought it today... actually, should i take it 30 mins b4 workout or before meals?
HishamCZtm (6 лет назад)
/@mirkec553 would you like to die?
Randy Winery (6 лет назад)
will it burn my muscle as well?
da22om (6 лет назад)
Jessica Leonard (6 лет назад)
I am very interested in this pill. I'm a woman, do I have to take the women's version? Is there really that much of a difference bewteen the two? My other question is will you still see an effect if you only take one a day instead of 2?
octasian (6 лет назад)
What's the best liquid fat burners? I'm not a pill person.
cv1460 (6 лет назад)
@Supplementing wow, it seemed like u guys read my mind lol, that was exactly my concern, The Stimulants. As they recommended on the label, we should take 1 pill in the morning and one in afternoon. And i workout at 10pm, i take 1 scoop + 1/2 of Jack3d b4 hit the gym. Should i take Lipo6 once a day (only in the morning) and take others supplement from my stack as am currently taking them or is not necessary to take Lipo6 as i have a good nutrition & training plan? (thanks for the quick answer) :)
cv1460 (6 лет назад)
Hi Guys, my goal is build muscle while burning fat (= get ripped/cut); my body fat is around 10%. I workout 6x a week, i work every muscle once a week besides abs(2x a week) and calf (2x a week) i do cardio 3x a week(i do HIIT once a week). And my stack is: *Jack3d (pre-workout); *Serious Mass by ON; *Multivitamin; *Fish Oil and *Creatine. My goal is to drop my Bodyfat to 6%/7%. So, is it ok if i start to take LIPO6 Black to help me drop that body fat that i need?
denra23 (7 лет назад)
@distructful lipo6 definitely :)
Shawn Afshar (7 лет назад)
is this good for fat loss? how much cardio do i need for fat loss?
Stone Hamilton (7 лет назад)
wassup guys i workout everyday atleast an hour a day and i was wondering what yall would recommend for getting cut

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