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How to know not to buy a used car by visual inspection on paint

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Here is a blog post covering more details on the subject. Must read that blog. http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/03/guide-line-to-purchase-used-car.html Here in this video I am giving demonstration on a car purchase. For sure you will not apply such tests when you are going to purchase a budget low price and old model car. But while going on an expensive new model can and the owner insist that there is no accident happened to to subject car. These are some evidence which would tell you about the body and color of the car health. Used cars are very common to purchase and sell. People are putting their used cars for sale. There is a full movie on used cars. There are used car buying tips. There are used car salesman. Sometimes used car dealership is also provided. The used cars trailer is also hot topic. There is a used car review. There are used car salesman funny videos. A used car inspection is a must before purchase. some people put their used car for sale. On TV there are used car commercial also have value. There are some used car buying tips in india. Someone wrote used car buying guide. In markets used car auctions are performed. On internet used car ad are also promoted. Also used car advertisement is everywhere. In other areas also used car australia people are interested in. There are a few used car advice. On mobile phones used car app are also used. In some areas like india used car auction in india is done. In Pakistan used car alto is common. The used car advert is there. In middle east used car auction in dubai is carried out. One should think first before used car buying. The used car badger. The used car business is not a bad business. There are used car battery also useful sometimes. The used car bruce springsteen is a good movie. There are some used car buying secrets people are not sharing. We provide used car buyers guide for free. The used car bones are defective. There are used car commercial funny on tv. One should follow used car checklist while purchasing. used car chrisfix is also a good source. The used car commercial baltimore. There are used car craigslist. The used car commercials trying to reach out to new customers all over. Must used car check for performance. The purchase of a used car challenge is a bit difficult. the used car commercial music is attractive. A few used car dealer out there. Some used car dealer scams out there. The used car dealer license is not very difficult to get. A few used car dealer tricks to check the car. The used car dealership commercial on tv. The used car dealership tips should be kept in mind. the used car dealer commercial on audio. The android phone have used car dealer software in app store. The used car detailing is a good business. The used car engine check light should be checked. The used car engine inspection should be done prior to purchase. The used car extended warranty paper must be collected. The used car engine is some time bad. There are some used car engines for sale in los angeles. There is a used car excel spreadsheet giving many details. The used car examination should be carried out by specialist. The used car engine rust should be cleaned. The used car export business had good margin level. The used car entrepreneur is happy. The used car for sale by owner are also common. The used car financing sometimes by banks. To used car finds is some times difficult. The used car funny ads there. There are used car for sale in the philippines and scammers are taking advantage of that. There are some used car fail after purchase. The used car full movie is a good movie. The used car flipping is very dangerous. The used car from japan are good. The used car guide should be studied. The used car guy is very sexy. The used car game app is available from app store. The used car graveyard is in every area. The used car gypsy in delhi is very bad. The used car giant is out now a days. The used car gps tracker is normally defective. The used car glasgow should be replaced with a new one. The used car gst malaysia is very hight. The used car garage near me is possible. The used car haggling is there. The used car heroes are down. The used car heaven is bringing pleasure. The used car hoist for sale ad there. The used car hoist is a machine. The used car hauler with living quarters for sale. the used car headliners out there. The used car hoist for sale michigan is out. The used car hoist lift for sale is there one. The used car head units for sale had profet. The used car inventory is high. The used car india is a good movie. The used car insurance has high price. The used car inventory management is not too costly. The used car in dallas has no value. The used car in japan is very cheap. The used car industry is in damage. The used car in usa is very low cost. The used car in dubai is a little expensive. The used car japan have many parts. The used car junk have good business. The used car jaipur olx ad is there.
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LearningZone (1 год назад)
Dear viewers all are requested to read the blog post related to this video on the following url. This blog contains extra details about the subject so you will get more information out there and it will be worth reading. Here is the blog. http://diycarmaint.blogspot.com/2017/03/guide-line-to-purchase-used-car.html
Zia Ul hassan (8 месяцев назад)
Dear sir Ma Sha Allah you have sound knowledge .your way of teaching is wonderful . God bless on you . I have no words to pay thank you for uploading videos. best regards
Asher Aziz (1 год назад)
JazakAllah For such a informative and knowledgeable vedio. It will clear the understanding of many facts regarding.
LearningZone (1 год назад)
That is great if my video helped you. Hope you will get benefit from my other uploaded videos as well. Best regards,
imranhdrr (3 года назад)
sir i have toyota corolla 2006 1.8 automatic transmission . my car problem is that it shifts gear some time and some time it does not shift 4th stage gear rmp increases . 4 months before was same problem but after 20 day it removes itself . now there is same problem engine check light some time is on and close after 1 or 2 minutes i have shown many local mechanics but no one has find issue i need your CELL NO ..............plz to share with u and very thankfull to you imran from MAKKAH 0536327916
LearningZone (3 года назад)
+imranhdrr I gave you a call on your cell. Recall me so that I would reply you. Regards,
stuzman (3 года назад)
Hey Jahan and you got a good eye for detail. The car was probably in a major wreck hit from the back and slammed into the car in front. Keep up the good work!
stuzman (3 года назад)
+LearningZone Anything that you've got uploaded is a pleasure for me to watch no matter how old it is. Yeah, I've got two more parts to get uploaded on this video series that i'm working on. The second part should be interesting as I'm going to do an experiment to learn along with others. Take care Jahan and looking forward to more of your videos!
LearningZone (3 года назад)
+stuzman52 Thanks dear sir for liking video. This was a bit old I filmed and uploaded especially for buyers. I would watch your uploaded video today as yesterday I saw upload from your side and felt happy to found it. Regards,
m masood (3 года назад)
sir ap k pass buhat knoeledge ha ma auto electrician ka kam karta hon mujhe ap ki video buhat pasnd hain ap bta sakte hain k ap diagram kahan se lete hain alldata se ya koi aur
m masood (3 года назад)
sir allah ap ko aur knoeledge de ap apni aur video ka bta sakte hain
LearningZone (3 года назад)
+m masood Thanks for liking videos. I am getting schematics from different sources. Before I was using alldata then sometimes I was using mitchels and sometimes from internet and service manuals. Keep up watching.
Opening Doors (3 года назад)
Nice job spotting these things!
LearningZone (3 года назад)
+soxlime Thanks.
zx8401ztv (3 года назад)
Wow that looked so nice untill you pointed out the repairs and faults. So its been "Tarted up" to cover its age or perhaps accident damage, the windows would make me suspect eather crash damage or its a scrapyard car. If it was cheap, then it might be worth a good look around and the magnet test for filler, but its old and been tarted up, thats a no no lol. So your lesson might be called "if it looks too good to be true, Beware! ".
LearningZone (1 месяц назад)
Where are you sir now a days? Long time I didn't see your kind comment.
tdracing13 (3 года назад)
Great video. That's one of those cars that looks good from afar but is far from good:)
toolman talal (3 года назад)
Great video
LearningZone (3 года назад)
+toolman talal Thanks mate.
Amresh (3 года назад)
Thanks. Very helpful.
LearningZone (3 года назад)
+Amresh Rajput Keep on watching dear friend. you will find much more useful stuff here. Stay tuned, subscribe. Regards,
الو تاتاتاتاتاتاتا (3 года назад)
Please please boss speak urdu
LearningZone (1 месяц назад)
You people may watch my other channel. The Engineer
Shuffle3956 (11 месяцев назад)
الو تاتاتاتاتاتاتا please please boss write in Urdu

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