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H3 Podcast #43 - Vsauce

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Big appreciation to Vsauce for slammin' with us! Thanks to http://omahasteaks.com (search for h3) & http://lyft.com/h3 & http://meundies.com/h3 & http://joinhoney.com/h3 for sponsoring us! MERCH... http://h3h3shop.com Watch LIVE every Friday at 3pm PST: https://www.twitch.tv/h3h3productions/ ITUNES -- https://goo.gl/desgTE GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC -- https://goo.gl/EnllKV Twitter...................... https://twitter.com/h3h3productions Hila's Twitter............ https://twitter.com/hilakleinh3 MERCH.................... http://h3h3shop.com Instagram................ http://instagram.com/h3h3productions Hila's Instragram..... https://www.instagram.com/kleinhila Website.................... http://h3h3productions.com Subreddit................. http://reddit.com/r/h3h3productions Podcast Theme song by EchoRobot: https://soundcloud.com/aldenchambers/h3h3-podcast-theme-ft-nelward-and-custodian
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Text Comments (5463)
Ryan McCreesh (1 day ago)
That hole truth brain thing finding the truth is that not unconstitutional 5th amendment right against self incrimination.
Uncle Cubone (2 days ago)
What a stellar and provocative episode!
Things With Kev (3 days ago)
Who ever did the captions should get fired
syntheticgerbil (4 days ago)
What is with Ethan and Jordan Peterson? The guy is a charlatan. it's obvious why Vsauce would have never heard nor cared about him. If he repeats too much from Jordan people will think he's dumb.
Mater Suspiriarum (5 days ago)
I love drugs
Squidneythe Squid (5 days ago)
When I read IT, that scene kind of disturbed me, but I could _kind of see_ why it was in there. I will say there were other things far more disturbing in the book... and most didn’t involve IT... I will say it is still one of my favorite books, it’s genuinely creepy, the writing is beautiful, and there are so many deeper meanings pieced into that really left me thinking.
Godspeed (5 days ago)
Lmao Dolan Dark, the best meme channel, getting a shoutout
AmeseyPop (5 days ago)
*watches while eating lunch*....'Swampy saturated choad'.... Maybe I'll come back to this meal later....
Miles Epps (7 days ago)
Learning blacksmithing and honestly it's helped more than any therapy out there. working with your hands is so damn therapeutic and we should use it as such.
Daniel Overton (8 days ago)
Absolutely no hate to Vsauce or Mine Field, but it's funny how Youtube will pay for someone to take psychedelics while simultaneously deleting weed channels.
Sal Vulcano (9 days ago)
Wht didn't you offer him the Vape?
Adhunik Manav (9 days ago)
I fucking love H3 Podcasts. Their guests are just the cream!
Salmon Fish (11 days ago)
Hey Miachel Vsauce here
Leo Cosas (11 days ago)
Angel Prime (12 days ago)
Meme review 👏👏
PixlPlayer (13 days ago)
I didn’t think he actually talked like that normally. Mind blown
P3ter Quill (13 days ago)
Ethan, do live shows. I'm one of those people that would love to meet you <3
DeathTrooper 67 (15 days ago)
When I was 12 this police officer kept saying that I stole a xbox 360. All because me and my friend happen to be sitting near the house not even the day it happen. He straight up said I know you did it their is video footage but it's grainy. We will have to pay 1000's of dollars to enhance it and that will just make it a lot worse on you. Even at such a young age I knew he was pretty much trying to trick me. I knew for a fact I didn't do it yet he's sitting there saying there is fucking video footage. I'm 21 now and it makes me so angry that stuff like this in the U.S happens.
Obika (15 days ago)
That story about the psilocybin and the woman... Apparently it helps tons of people, more than 90% of success, and it's one dose every 1 year max... And it could be a perfect fit for my condition, but it's banned in my country. God I wish it wasn't so stigmatized.
psyk0nuts (16 days ago)
Midazolam? Thats a bensodiazepine they often give u at the dentist.
xMaGiiSK (17 days ago)
With youtube around, I could just turn who I was....into a....meme!
DrizzlyEarth (17 days ago)
Glad I'm not the only one enjoyed Creep.
Raxi (18 days ago)
Well seems complete balance is complete emptiness. So whatever we do, it better keep everything going asymmetrically.
Michael Licavoli (20 days ago)
Ethan, you aren't wrong that there are more people with depression than before. The fact that an entire generation has been gutted alive through student loans that they can't declare bankruptcy on is a huge part of it. Jordan Peterson himself stated, "There is no difference between the student loan crisis and indentured servitude."
Robin O'Hara (21 days ago)
im all for tripping but people getting fried permanently from acid is ABSOLUTELY a thing, not an old wives tale at all. Go to any jam band concert and you will see plenty of people that have never come down from doing too many psychadellics. It's protracted heavy use that does it, or if someone who has a pre-existing mental disorder or trauma. I understand that certain stigmas have to be corrected but the truth is there are many people who simply cannot handle psychadellics, or they can and they do way too many of them and never fully come back.
re lax (23 days ago)
I slept for 6 vids and one podcast- Autoplay is really great!
HackerBob (22 days ago)
Holy shit this is the vid I woke up too also!!
kimaboe (26 days ago)
Michael might want to ask Adam Savage about how smart it is to do experiments on torture. They did water-drip-torture early on Mythbusters and not only was it not healthy, it was awful entertainment. Watching someone tied to a board crying isn't all that illuminating.
Fleato (30 days ago)
i mean steven crowder got water boarded by tim kennedy, a membe rof special forces and a UFC fighter lol. honestly water boarding is not that bad. it works on the people we use it on because they are very weak willed individuals which is why it works so effectively. But it's really probably one of the weakest forms of "torture" you can think of.....
Malachi Carl (30 days ago)
“Can I put my mouth closer to the mic? It feels good” Mmm you can put your mouth as close as you want daddy ;)
MrTimziito (1 month ago)
I am sorry for your lost :(
james green (1 month ago)
"Ethan doesn't move." -Hila. Proof she's his carer and also the prime technique for building a robust chub for the perfect chub n tuck.
Ruthless Truth (1 month ago)
ethan seems insecure when hes got so much potential to be funny and shit
AngryBear04 (1 month ago)
Best h3 podcast ever!!!
Tyler Burton (1 month ago)
Please get a normal one with joji
K001 N3RD (1 month ago)
Can you interview tsm myth
Megatón (1 month ago)
Hey Michael, Vsauce here
Insufferable Brick (1 month ago)
Baqsam (1 month ago)
_1986!?_ More like *1976*
Rachel is a fail (1 month ago)
Ive seen him live and it was great. Brain Candy was hilarious and Michael is even more charming in person.
chernosquare (1 month ago)
Minecraft makes sense to me now
Jamie Maia (1 month ago)
JIMMY NEUTRON it’s a reference
mymanrichdan hiiikio (1 month ago)
middle school is the same as elemerntry with high too oi
Oskar Eriksson (1 month ago)
truth serium?
Telphy (1 month ago)
Ziyad Hamdi (1 month ago)
John Smith (1 month ago)
I wanna hear vsauce sexual questions
Bob Bobson (1 month ago)
Can you do a Michael Rosen episode
MASON MITCHELL (1 month ago)
mymanrichdan hiiikio (1 month ago)
18 or 19 is child or juvinile
TheCrazyRabbitGamer (1 month ago)
one of my friends took lsd, thought he was a bird, jumped off a bridge and nearly died
Anthony Contreras (1 month ago)
Wow I’m so glad I went back and watched this episode. You all should have him back it was truly a ‘fascinating.’
Yamazon3 (1 month ago)
"electrocuted" just means to be injured or killed by electricity. "electrocution" is the process of dying by electricity. The two words sound similar, which is why Michael got them mixed up, but if you are shocked and do not die, you were electrocuted, you just did not undergo an electrocution.
Dweebenheim (1 month ago)
This was a very interesting podcast.
Shadow Stephen (1 month ago)
Wait. Viruses are alive because they are made of cells and are carbon-based. There is other research that backs up that viruses are alive.
Andrew Paino (1 month ago)
Hello.... I was listening to this on the train from chicago to LONDON ONTARIO. Man, can't believe that u came to our own home. and they say that u destroyed the budweiser gardens stage. I'm so happy that someone reconized my 365k population city!!!
Dylan Gilmore (1 month ago)
Can you guys really talk about science shit or more
Spooky (1 month ago)
Losing your mind should be scary
C Jenkins (1 month ago)
He didn't vape
C Jenkins (1 month ago)
Why did you tone it down, I was genuinely interested in the shit
IneptGames (1 month ago)
lmao its a benzo they just got em dumb bent
Nate Groves (1 month ago)
Ethan you have got to get PsychedSubstance on the show.
99% percent of people aren't harmed when using drugs like LSD, but you can damage your brain and even go mad. Get yo facts together h1h3
ImTooSpartan11 (1 month ago)
I loved Brain Candy live
Carson B Wagner (1 month ago)
Very cool! I built and then directed a media effects lab (for finding various effects of media...) in which I had a range of psychofizz measures and response latency gauges at the Ohio U E.W. Scripps School, that focused on subconscious consumption, persuasion, and the extent of subconsciousness in decision-making, for eight years, before taking a better offer. I'd also run a new lab, after which I shamelessly modeled my ViDS Lab, at the PSU comm college, through my master's program, back in the mid-/late-nineties. It's great to see a guest here on H3H3. Very interesting talk, especially about ethics of discovery use, which doesn't often get discussed. I am now going to smash the like button.
Seth Johnson (1 month ago)
This podcast is probably my favorite one. I knew this would be thought provoking with the meme man and KC homie Michael Stevens. I agree with this whole stigma against psychedelics and drug habit and i can sympathize with Michael's experience with LSD. It is horribly stigmatized and criminalized, I still felt in control, I just felt more out of touch with the world, like my mind just ran away from reality. It should just be available
Kyle Boise (1 month ago)
If there was a computer that could verifiably say whether or not you were lying 100% of the time it should 100% be used in court.
Matt Deezly (1 month ago)
I think you should have him on bi or tri monthly. I could legit listen to you guys talk forever. He's so fucking interesting
Radlers: Jack (1 month ago)
I smoke cannabis as a replacement for depression and anxiety meds. I get none of the bad side effects of the meds, and I only smoke a small amount (unless it's like, you know, a party), so it just eases my mind to where I can function like a normal human being.
DictatorPutski (1 month ago)
Wow, i remember the first goddamn mindblow, what a guy.
Benjamin Buren (1 month ago)
Hey shout out to London Ontario thanks saucy
Just Rutland (1 month ago)
I have an answer to that Stephen King question. He put that scene to attract people to his book to sell it better. Everything that we think of as being banned, not shown, a taboo is what attracts us at the end. I'll give you a few examples. №1 The Doors and their infamous song "The End" when the lead singer sings for the very first time in a music history: Father i want to kill you, mother i want to fuck you mama all night long. That moment there made the band popular. №2 Nirvana and Kurt's Cobain "Rape Me" song that he wrote just to get rid of all the people trying to find meaning in his songs while in some of them there was simply no message . Essentially that song made the band popular. Back to Stephen King. Book had it's own meaning, it wanted to teach you something... «but how can I make it popular. Hmmm, lemme just throw something thats not accepted by society». That's basically it, at least thats my honest opinion.
Jacob Hopkins (1 month ago)
psychedelics are tools imo, more than recreational drugs. each psychedelic substance is a different tool. if you want to get a nail out of the wall, you use the pry of a hammer, not a jack hammer, because that will just make a hole and a bigger problem. much love for the podcast. i would love to see all substances regulated and legal. hppd is real unfortunately.
jeramy k. (1 month ago)
If you like that talk about society and evolution check out the book "brave new world" its not exactly that but it deals with people evolved and bred to the position in society
JMillsFilms (1 month ago)
Ethan’s woke as hell
Lonely Party (1 month ago)
With the false confessions i can advocate. I was accused of stealing guns out of my neighbors cars and their was a night vision camera. The cops convinced me i did it bc my mom saw the video and said it was me. Then a day before i was to see a judge the guy was caught with the guns. I was 18 and thought i was going to ruin my life over something i didnt remember doing.
SpookySack (1 month ago)
Honestly phsycadellics are such an interseting topic. Aswell they are fun to do, Ive done acid 6 times and mdma.
Qtea831 (1 month ago)
i want a hug from michael
Mr Baconaroni (1 month ago)
I live in Kansas and I didn't know you were coming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
cherrielime (1 month ago)
Its scary people don't consider when your being interrogated by officers people are going to be more likely to cooperate. There are many studies and tons of evidence that shows people will do whatever if the order's given by a person of authority.
Derpinshnofe (1 month ago)
I don't think I could ever take drugs like that. If it's anything close to my dreams I'd be so freaked out and confused
Javier Lopez (1 month ago)
I listen to podcast for only 3 reasons: 1)joe Rogan 2)h3 3) listen too top 2 again Thank you for the education
varietywiarrior (2 months ago)
I find smoking a hookah with friends and just listening to music and drinking beer to be very fulfilling. I think there's a certain merit to not only taking a break from technology, but to basic social interaction with fewer degrees of separation, such as social media or videogames.
NovaInc. (2 months ago)
When I was Lumière in Beauty and the Beast (profile picture) we used fog machines with the oil based fog juice, and I ran off stage in one scene and I slipped and ATE SHIT in front of 2,000 fucking people and I go “GOODNESS ME IM SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT” as I ran off. I ripped the shit out of those pants.
Yu Narukami (2 months ago)
Mhm, make all drugs legal. Then natural selection can take place again. :)
Marceline (2 months ago)
They never studder or say um..... is this scripted? xD
Vincent Kinney (2 months ago)
Michael is wrong. Electrocuted means seriously injured OR killed by electricity. According to every dictionary.
LCaaroe (2 months ago)
The fuck, Michael is 31? I thought he was 40+, the dad of youtube
Cholphuliver (2 months ago)
Ken L (2 months ago)
Yuyyy jhay hah
Brendon Pierson (2 months ago)
Lol im from london ontario
Quator (2 months ago)
MeUndies! MeUndies! They cradle your balls real nice! P.S. Big props if you get this
Finn The Cheese Lord (2 months ago)
Getting over it with Michael Vsauce
pickle jar (2 months ago)
pubg is shit and so is fortnite
pickle jar (2 months ago)
dolan dark approved
Jay Erjavec (2 months ago)
If Ethan would just let Michael finish one sentence. One. Manners man.
Kelp'Cs (27 days ago)
Jay Erjavec he does
kevin flynn (2 months ago)
in jail i saw this dude make a spider sculpture out of toilet paper
kilo (2 months ago)
"Im almost jealous for your wife" Michael's not single 😱😱 My dreams crushed
Wrolfy (2 months ago)
I like Mindfield. Too bad YouTube Red isn't fucking available in my country, so I can only watch the season pilots.
OneStep Studios (2 months ago)
40 bucks for 2 fancy steaks is a hell of a deal, the other stuf it basically free, using that link for sure
The Filbsmeister (2 months ago)
What the hell, I thought Michael was like in his 40s lol

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