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Welcome to The City of London

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Welcome to The City of London, once the preserve of stuffy bankers - The City is re-inventing itself as the place to be. New restaurants, bars and hotels have moved into this ancient part of London injecting some late-night atmosphere into The Square Mile.
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Text Comments (637)
paramjeet jaiswal (1 day ago)
Sumit Bharti (1 day ago)
Beautiful city ever.😍
Terry King (4 days ago)
To be renamed Londonstan...in a future update...lol.
DAMN I wanted to visit London but I have a potato peeler screwed into my hand 😢
alexia traduzioni (11 days ago)
my dream city 😍 someday i'll live there! so beautiful the people too.
ZH Z (16 days ago)
London, the hotbed of BBC fake cunts, mother fuckers, fuck BBC (biased black cunts)
The Question (16 days ago)
Excuse me!! You got a license for that television??
polifatts (18 days ago)
London is a Jihadi shithole now.
fight me gook yecciiss (18 days ago)
That is like a different world to nw England.
pavan pavan (19 days ago)
i also go in london but that is not this like dont tell lie
Pradeep Kumar (20 days ago)
I want to live in london ....I'm a Indian can it possible
Ahmed Elshiekh (13 days ago)
Pradeep Kumar as long as you say "can it possible" , I don't think you'll ever make it there
E K (22 days ago)
I thought the speaker was gonna drop some bars as he said London.
Elizabeth Armada (22 days ago)
Ganda naman
Herr Derr (25 days ago)
Drop an H-bomb on it and there would be world peace within 2 minutes. Only satanic pedorapists, oligarchs and other creeps hanging out there.
TheRealHarsjan (25 days ago)
England is my city!!
Kevin Davis (25 days ago)
Hey look, it's an ad.
cum4me lati (27 days ago)
multicultural mess
cum4me lati (27 days ago)
third world kip of a country
Alex Neal (28 days ago)
You just get cheffed in london not safe at all
Andresfr25 (28 days ago)
the city, where all the morons, assholes and self-egotistic idiots work hard to make the everyone else a little bit poorer every day.
Cavin K (30 days ago)
It would be much greater if all muzzies get expelled.
Snake Plisskin (30 days ago)
Banks - what else do you need to know - thieves and their victims coexisting
Topaz Wierdo (1 month ago)
Well i feel like this doesn’t do much justice for London bc most of the exciting things are outside of that one square mile
Lee (1 month ago)
Ah these comments were predictable. Right wing nut cases who clearly know nothing about London writing shite. 12% of London is Muslim, 55% of London is White. No go zones don't exist and the crime rate has been overtaken by NYC again. NYC had more than double the number of murders in 2017 than London and London's murder rate is still lower than it was 10 years back. Don't like London? Fuck off to some shite run down chavy town.
Araib Lad (1 month ago)
Gr8 City in the World !
Mau (1 month ago)
Worst city I have ever lived in! There way better cities then London.
Andrew Lee (1 month ago)
I live this series!!! Do LA
jigyanshu shrivastava (1 month ago)
Copy of vox
sutats (1 month ago)
Make the most of it
ns90 (1 month ago)
Damnit I spilled my coffee when they said ''arguably the financial capital of the world''
David Yi (1 month ago)
virgo4200 (1 month ago)
More like londonstan everyone in London is cucked to Islam
BTS Trash (1 month ago)
Why does london stuff keep popping up in my recommendations I know I’m form London but it doesn’t mean I need to know stuff that I already fucking know 😂
BiscuitFever (1 month ago)
Separate police force while the rest of the city has nothing but cucks that would rather arrest teens for buying spoons than go after Mohammad raping a 12 year old in plain sight
Mannon Howard (1 month ago)
Go to London and see some English culture while there is still some left.
Jakalz (1 month ago)
It’s a shithole don’t go there
Neth (1 month ago)
Still a boring city
Nedim Mehmedovic (1 month ago)
After brexit, no more welcome to London.
SB SB (1 month ago)
AWESOME CITY, I spend there 4 years of my life...
bengalibadass (1 month ago)
London Rocks....
Nikita Lukhanin (1 month ago)
City of England**
Ashley Knight (17 days ago)
Mia Bullock it's a joke !!! From that song by those US-American people Team 10– that Jake Paul and friends group. Their song : "It's Everyday, bro" The lyric : "England is mai city" It's US humour. Funnily enough, man (Nick Crompton)'s British ... he just lives in LA so I guess he is morphing into one of them 🤦
Mia Bullock (17 days ago)
Nikita Lukhanin no, city of London. England has things called counties. New York is in the state of New York, and London is in the county of London.
Ashley Knight (1 month ago)
Town of London
Mike Carone (1 month ago)
Looks like Bagdad or Kandahar these days
Marius Fleury (1 month ago)
Transformation guarantee practice change cart average monthly heat last line air intensity
Kings Warning (1 month ago)
There are actually people in the comments saying "there weren't that many acid attacks". THIS SHOULDN'T EVEN BE HAPPENING IN LONDON IN THE FIRST PLACE. this is not what we fought for.
Finlay Bullough (1 month ago)
Bit of a shithole really. London as a whole that is
Dapper Don (1 month ago)
i thought new york is the financial center in the world even more than london?
Dapper Don (1 month ago)
city of london is my city? no? i see my self out!
Kxng Kash (1 month ago)
The city of London where a person gets killed every day
Lucas Fernandez (1 month ago)
Omg it does not behave like a separate country. It's a city and the surrounding metro area. We have this in the U.S. In all of our cities. There is the downtown with the skyscrapers then around it are suburban towns of sprawl going outwards. The city's have mayors and so do the suburban towns that have the county rulers that make decisions for the suburbs separate from the city this is normal not a rare phenomenon
Albino Peach (1 month ago)
The UK wasn't formed until 1707 when Scotland and England(which had Wales) signed the Act of Union in their respective parliaments. You should know better
Libert Siagian (1 month ago)
Ralley Sport (9 days ago)
Tobias incorrect its population is still majority british. The ethnic make up of london includes 42% white brits as the largest group.
ZH Z (16 days ago)
How can Londonistan be envious, idiotic, insulting you sensitive leftist fucktard?
Mia Bullock (17 days ago)
Libert Siagian sadist
Tobias (1 month ago)
London is now minority British lmao
Chris C (1 month ago)
A 3rd world shitpit.
•Super_Trio. (1 month ago)
Does anyone know which instrumental/song is used in the beginning of this video?
Darja Ryzkova (1 month ago)
London is just another European junkyard full of migrants who refuse to integrate.
Anthony Heflin (1 month ago)
I won’t go until they get rid of their Muslim mayor.
Anthony Heflin (1 month ago)
Zachary Wilson his blatant acceptance of Islamic Extremism and him allowing Islamic Zygote. He says crime is normal part of city life, well crime that has gone up over 50% since he has taken office is notable of political failure. He allows Muslims Gettos and No-Go zones for even that the police can’t protect the people in harms way.
Zachary Wilson (1 month ago)
Why? What on Earth would he do to you, that a Christian mayor with the same policies would not?
aguycalledmax (1 month ago)
What is happening in these comments? Are shitty youtube videos about the city of London where the EDL come to hang out?
Michael Whitehorn (1 month ago)
UK founded 1535? more like 1707 or 1807?
Chaos Promotions (1 month ago)
Do a video about Scarborough.
Animalistic Mind (1 month ago)
London. Great place to get stabbed and shot
Farhan Ali (1 month ago)
Zachary Wilson dumb fuck Manchester isn't even that bad. :/ Stop trying to hype up violence. Fucking stupid kid.
Animalistic Mind (1 month ago)
Zachary Wilson . probably
Zachary Wilson (1 month ago)
Manchester. Great place to get stabbed, shot and beaten senseless by a cricket bat.
K M (1 month ago)
So a city for a bunch of rich people. okay.
Nathan .W (1 month ago)
Ahh London home of the BBC and BBC.
Zachary Wilson (1 month ago)
Yep! The BBC have their headquarters there.
Almatynka (1 month ago)
Идея украдена от рекламы S7
Terrance Z (1 month ago)
A year has 365 days, there's bad weather 360 days
Ratso Rizzo (1 month ago)
Fake side of london where the legal criminals work milking the rest of us. Paying minininm wage for their lavish dining.
Толерантность европейцев их и сгубит...
Joseph Curtin (1 month ago)
Intro tune ID anyone?
mikeydapikey890 (1 month ago)
Song name anyone?
JustAlex Himself (1 month ago)
copying CGP Grey much in the first 50 secs?
MrAeronuk1 (1 month ago)
London is a very strange but exciting place, there is nowhere else like it. Even to other people in the The UK it feels exotic.
Paula (1 month ago)
What a dreary place. Too many strangers....
ROKMC Rec. (1 month ago)
in terms of pure architecture London is the best IMO. the perfect combo of old and new designs. The only problem with london is the migration problem.
Sheikhspeare (1 month ago)
These trolls coming out of their conspiracy theory caves to comment bullshit as if they live or even visited london lol. It’s funny how when boris Johnson was mayor the influx of knife crime wasn’t noticed but put a brown guy in office and shits going to hell lol. Don’t visit if you are so concerned, your foul rhetoric and presence isn’t wanted anyways.
strongraycool44 :D (1 month ago)
As a Londoner who is anti-terrorist everyone in this comment section Is being very insensitive. The main terrorists aren't actually Isis. They're just young boys who think it's a funny prank, isis claim it so they can have a big name. The problem is Fox News is spitting their bullshit worldwide about "Kill everyone who isn't white and isn't atheist/Christian" the sad thing is, people actually believe this and are going round killing people. Why can't we have equality. I see another appartide/slavery era coming, and it won't end as people are quick to categorise people. Anyone who decides to hate on me, there's no point as I'll just send love hearts back. 😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️
Skelotor Two (1 month ago)
+strongraycool44 :D Look up race realism
strongraycool44 :D (1 month ago)
Skelotor Two ❤️❤️❤️
Skelotor Two (1 month ago)
+strongraycool44 :D All that does is show your lack of an argument
strongraycool44 :D (1 month ago)
Skelotor Two ❤️❤️❤️
Yazite (1 month ago)
Damn this comment section is toxic.
Rishirishi Roopnarine (7 days ago)
Yazite and your pussy
alexia traduzioni (11 days ago)
Yazite ikr.
ZH Z (16 days ago)
Earth is flat, fact
S S A (1 month ago)
Pol Innocent Look up the meaning of "fact" in a dictionary.
Bentothefuture (1 month ago)
Doubledunk No it’s not, saying the sky is blue isn’t an opinion it is a fact. If I suddenly decide the sky is pink and say it’s my opinion that it is, that doesn’t mean anyone else has to accept that. You can’t have an opinion about a statistic because statistics are factual.
Freimopp777 (1 month ago)
London is my city
ELLIOT1311 (1 month ago)
Freimopp777 nerd
Beans 247 (1 month ago)
Craziest city in the world right now.
Tobberz (1 month ago)
Hey does anyone know why they said the UK was founded in 1535? The Acts of Union (England/Scotland) were 1707 The Acts of Union (Britain/Ireland) were 1801 The Norman Conquest was 1066 England was unified around the 900s... So what is 1535 about?
The Chosen One (1 month ago)
Man I'm glad I'm American, I have ancestry from UK but man I'd rather have to deal with U.S policies than getting stabbed or acid attacked in the U.K, chances are small in most areas but it's u deniable u.k socialist policies are completely killing off their culture, I feel bad for them.
Skelotor Two (1 month ago)
+Zachary Wilson They are conservative in your eyes, but that's leftist everywhere else
Skelotor Two (1 month ago)
+Zachary Wilson I'd rather be shot than stabbed
Skelotor Two (1 month ago)
+Zachary Wilson >1.5 million where'd you get that number dumbass, lol
Zachary Wilson (1 month ago)
Ah, so you live in the country where you go into debt for healthcare, have no paid maternity leave, a measurable number (1,300 in 2017) of children (under 17) involved in gun-related deaths, and a President who has mocked a disabled reporter and bragged about groping women. Not to mention the 1.56 million people who are homeless in your country. And the failing education system. P.S. We don't have socialist policies, it's just that your political stage is so right-wing that you perceive our government (which, might I add, is run by the moderate right-wing Conservative Party) to be socialist.
Mohamed A (1 month ago)
Most expensive city
guitaoist (1 month ago)
an amazing city, which now tops New York in homicides because of open borders.
Sean Hough (1 month ago)
London is full of niggers and pakis but the rest of the white people are sound
1997 oct (1 month ago)
I want to visit London
Rahim Laban (1 month ago)
That one hell of a view is quite depressing actually.
Mike Amara (1 month ago)
the beat at the first 5 seconds of this video needs to be made into a production sample
Akimbo24000 (1 month ago)
Yo this is where them shadow overlord masters hide their cash lol
Symbolic Living (1 month ago)
Washington, D.C., City of London, and Vatican City... The 3 that rule the planet.
ELLIOT1311 (17 days ago)
Nothing compares to London and New York. Washington DC is boring
Sky High (19 days ago)
You forgot to mention Israel - Jewish capital of the world.
jpgm2015 (27 days ago)
New York, a London and possibly Tokyo rule the world. That’s it
Finn P (1 month ago)
Abhishek Mhatre And London.
Abhishek Mhatre (1 month ago)
Actually it's Washington, Moscow, Berlin and Beijing. Possibly also New Delhi, Tehran and Tokyo.
Ronmake (1 month ago)
Why Londoners elect Muslim mayor ?
Zachary Wilson (1 month ago)
Because in London we elect people based on actual political opinion and not whether they use a Mosque.
timothyzc (1 month ago)
2:18 it that a chicken bone
Liam Alexander (1 month ago)
2:18 they got a chicken bone with their waffle 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Najma Abdi (1 month ago)
My city!
Najma Abdi (15 days ago)
ZH Z Idiot
Kyle D (1 month ago)
Колбаска Свинная Say that in English........
У неё на аватарке обычная европейка, этак будет к 2040, хотя чему я радуюсь, у нас ведь быстро китайцы заберут Сибирь...
João carlos prados (1 month ago)
Londres Cidade Históricas de cumplicidade com Mundo berço da educação revolução de muito Países mostrando ética determinando o progressos em vários Países
A ‘war zone’ Donald trump
Courier (1 month ago)
which is true. 65 people have been killed in London since 2018 begun
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Liam Gordon (1 month ago)
Welcome... to SoDoSoPa...
I’m from LA and my dream is to visit London one day 😍
Skelotor Two (1 month ago)
+Zachary Wilson no its not
Zachary Wilson (1 month ago)
I recommend it! It's a great place to go.
ELLIOT1311 (1 month ago)
You will not regret it London really is the capital of the world
Harai Berhane (1 month ago)
Make The Lakers Great Again I'm from south london and my dream is to visit LA one day
ferdie (1 month ago)
Love london
ughhhhh ew oh please... i know this channel and franchise is all about the rich, but like london is full of poverty and working class folks struggling to make a fucking living, but i guess go off about the privileged drunks
White American Power (1 month ago)
Zachary Wilson (1 month ago)
Actually, it is called "London" and not "Londonistan."
Matthew Stevens (1 month ago)
Nice meme, really rekt those libtards epic style XD
Craig Entwistle (1 month ago)
0:41 "United Kingdom founded - 1535" uhhhhh - what?
black horse (1 month ago)
the largest money laundry in Europe

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