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CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) - Child Predator

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WATCH THE NEWEST ABDUCTION VIDEO HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwVxzYvBPr0 One Share can save a child. CHILD ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) - Child Abduction Prank Are your kids safe? LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU ENJOYED! Don't forget to Subscribe! Subscribe to my Vlog account and Gaming account https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeySaladsGaming https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeySalads2 Follow me on https://twitter.com/JoeySalads https://vine.co/JoeySaladsVine http://instagram.com/joeysalads https://www.facebook.com/JoeySalads
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Text Comments (6862)
Joey Salads (3 months ago)
Check out the newest Abduction video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwVxzYvBPr0
jetnight 88 (1 month ago)
Joey Salads I think you are disgusting even doing this. This is not a social experiment at all it’s just you pulling pranks again. Stop doing videos like this only to make you look like a not 100% arsehole when you are
uhegbu (3 months ago)
Has anyone heard a story about a female stranger abducting a child be it recently or in the past?
Ethan Camilleri (3 months ago)
Gabby :D 011 and joey salads it is a very very cool video
Gabby :D 011 (3 months ago)
Joey Salads *Reaction time made a video about this video*
Gaming With Lucas (13 hours ago)
Stranger: like my dog? Me:kinda Stranger: wanna pet him Me: umm sure....... Stranger:i have more in my van Me: good for you Stranger: wanna come see them? Me: Hell no!! *kicks in the nuts*
Jacoby Tucker (1 day ago)
The first two moms be like"oh my goooddddd"
Cmon parents! Haven't I told you not to talk to strangers?! 😤😤 You should know better!
Chinmoy Trex (8 days ago)
Thanks joey.. You gave me a Good idea...
Susan Thomas (9 days ago)
Dude why would u do this they could excily kidnape them like hey im doing soical experiment AND FRIKEN TAKES THE KID
Molina (9 days ago)
Where did u bring the kids? Back to their mom and u cut it?
ImHereee (10 days ago)
Me and my little sister were at the pool, and we just came out of the bathroom, so it was kinda deserted there. I was just there to accompany my sister, and thank goodness I did. These two guys came out blocking our way, kinda, and they looked weird with cigarettes in their hands. It was so freaky, because I don’t know what they were doing lurking outside a LADY’S toilet. We didn’t really know where to go, so I asked them the way to the pool. They told us to follow them, but I insisted they point the way out. They kinda made a hand move, like they were going to grab us, but a lifeguard came outta nowhere and told them the men’s toilet was the other way, folks. 😂😂 They literally ran off.
Sophie's World (10 days ago)
How did their parents allow him to do the social experiment. For all they know he could have actually kidnapped them
Scryptical (11 days ago)
One of my teachers gave me a worksheet about your video. No joke.
Lovable MSP (12 days ago)
I am happy that I am none of those kids if it wasn't a social experiment
Bianca Robertson (12 days ago)
Imagine if one of the kids Screamed Saying AHHHHHHH MUMMY MUMMY THERES A DOG WAAAAAAAA
Trinity’s Staples (14 days ago)
Don’t worry mom I’m not that dumb
Dat 1 Song (15 days ago)
Just when "you" think you know you're child
slimeyroses (15 days ago)
These are scary but I keep watching them to prepare myself. It's a scary world out there.
Desiree Varela (15 days ago)
I’m not to young..but even with a puppers! I still wouldn’t have pet that dog or grab the candy. I get kinda frozen when somebody is to close or walking fast behind me.
POTATO QUEEN (17 days ago)
This is something that happens to a kid every day 100 kids have been kidnapped every day kids don't know better when I was young I knocked on a stranger's door and I had no friends the mom was nice and had a girl around my age but she had a chance she could have kiddnaped me I swear I have been close to being poisend kiddnaped all sorts of things my mom grounded me because she was scared pls make sure ppl know this kids can comprehend that not everyone is a good person my sis was at the park I looked I didn't see her I freaked out I almost cried.She was....... HIDING THE LITTLE POOP WAS FINE but I was happy she was hiding than something serious be careful and don't ever say I hate you or stuff like rude stuff to anyone you actually love just imagine you said " I hate you!.or go die!" and that person you said that to was never seen again love your family and now they won't be here forever so love them while they can sorry this was rlly long.Thx for reading anyway tho!
jvfunn3000 (18 days ago)
I'm looking for a child safety video I saw in 5th Grade where a teacher or coach tries to give a girl a ride home,  a girl's neighbor tries to make a movie of her, and a boy tells his teacher or principal that his aunt likes to put her hands down his pants
Annie Banani (18 days ago)
1:05 Jesus Christ man could you sit any closer😂
Elizabeth Lara (18 days ago)
I would go see the other puppies
Baylor58 Duncan (18 days ago)
Kids are kids, not adults, quit being STUPID.
Puppy Paws (18 days ago)
Is donuts still alive and if she is make a video just based on her and if she as siblings have them in the video too
expelliarmused u (18 days ago)
her name is Dunkin’ Donuts lmao
Mar Spex (18 days ago)
Attempted child abduction caught on tape https://youtu.be/U8Zvd_V_O9Y
justmeandshit (19 days ago)
Omfg noooooo this broke me
A R (19 days ago)
I tell my daughter all the time. Stay by my side or someone could take u and never bring u back. Gotta scare the kids a little. You'll get kidnapped and not nice things could happen
vishnu patheyala (19 days ago)
The cool thing is now the kidnappers knows a new method to abduct children
LeyaQueen2x (20 days ago)
I would've tooken that dog and ran
Messiah PG3D (20 days ago)
i would run away weird ass
Splendid Dwarf (20 days ago)
Joey the "kid"napper
PBella puppy (20 days ago)
there so f stupid i cant😂
Yusuf Gazi (21 days ago)
Little boys trust older men I guess
Adventure ninja (22 days ago)
I would just hell no and run
ManuWalify (23 days ago)
Tha happen in France, the man kidnappe a little girl with a dog
JaxonTheBird (25 days ago)
I like the parents who are all confident their kid is a perfect angel and will come back but they end up going with the stranger Yeah don’t think your kids are smart
james pruett (25 days ago)
tell your kids to talk to strangers. I do. I just remind them to tell me when they do. Good experiment, but dads know that talking to strangers is a part of life.
KOJAY74 (26 days ago)
As wierd as you think it is Im not a fan of puppies DON'T JUDGE I'd litterally run away from a puppy not becuz Im scared of them but becuz I don't like to get licked
Petrine jensen (27 days ago)
Kids are smart, maybe they saw the guy sitting next to their mom and feel like there is no threat? But they should be more careful, they don’t know evil intention that is why they are so sweet
DjDogYT (28 days ago)
Hey it’s Joey sallads here! Today I’m gonna do an experiment where I take a gun to the streets of L.A. and shoot people! Let’s see how they react
Anna Kunicorn (28 days ago)
Who else saw me softee ice cream truck in the backround and was like..GIMME
Galilea Hurtado (29 days ago)
Mom busted
torchiest (1 month ago)
Holy fuck you are a garbage person. Never breed.
Norman _ (1 month ago)
This video was used in a New York Times column as an example of misinformation and hysterical fear that actually causes harm: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/23/opinion/stranger-fear-children-kidnapping-india.html The clip that got so many people killed in India was probably inspired by other massively popular videos on YouTube that purport to show how easy it is to steal a child. One with 13 million views ends by claiming “Over 700 children are abducted a day.” This is utter nonsense. In 2011, the most recent year the U.S. Department of Justice has hard numbers for, 105 American children were taken in a “stereotypical kidnapping” — that is, the kind of stranger abduction you’d see on “Law & Order.” Not per day. Per year.
If i were a kid I know what to do KICK THEM IN THE NUTS
Blair E (1 month ago)
This video is terrifying honestly
Maryam Zizi (1 month ago)
I love you so much Joey❤️❤️
T A Autos (1 month ago)
do you give the kids back
Mikha and althaf vlog (1 month ago)
What did you do with the child
Laurent Spatola (1 month ago)
Plot twist- there are actually other puppies named- munchkin, macchiato, frapuccino, dunkin, etc
Laurent Spatola (1 month ago)
Is this the background music for last day on earth survival?? Or similar to it?
kitten mitten (1 month ago)
Lol the baby crawled away at the backround at 0:45😂😂😂
Dakota Ingram (1 month ago)
Don't do this in the south. You might get stabbed by a kid
Love Nurtures (1 month ago)
This is absolutely brilliant.
Trap Music (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this video, I'm 13 years and now i will keep my kid safe! God bless 👏
Will Henry (1 month ago)
And he kidnaps all the kids right after the video cuts away
eve the moose (1 month ago)
XD i wonder if they got in troublem
Team Rex (1 month ago)
Uh huh. That's scary
lilly ann (1 month ago)
This is what I would do .... Joey : hey u like the puppy Me : runs goodbye
TypicalBen (1 month ago)
Funny how he walks away with the kid and dosent show what happens after XD
Helene Atkins (1 month ago)
So frightening.
Julia-Chan , (1 month ago)
You could just snatch my glasses and my phone but I'd probably kick you in the balls at this point
Lisa Morris Morris (1 month ago)
The kids are only talking to him because he has.a puppy 🐶
If I was with my brother and I saw that I would have hurt this guy id rather not lose my brother I would get hurt to protect him
quee ane (1 month ago)
I would say a stranger fuck off
Cheyanne Gacha (1 month ago)
I would have pet the puppy, and ran off screaming my head off XD
Sadye Tvinnereim (1 month ago)
If someone tried kidnapping me and there houses behind me if they asked me hey do you need a ride?I would be like um no I live right here (pointing to the house behind me) if they tried convincing me I would scream FIRE FIRE FIRE on the top of my lungs and run as fast as I can (me and my brother had an experience luckily we found out a day later that it was the mayor. Of another town that we barely visit )
Hadeel Ab. (1 month ago)
Basically, they see you first speaking with their moms. So they think you are not stranger.
Melanie Kae’s World (1 month ago)
Wow how easy for someone to kidnap tells parents there doing a social experiment takes child the end
2EpixToLive (1 month ago)
hey guys im only 10 and once when we were at the park with my 2 sisters with no parent because we could just walk to it or take a bike and then this my sister was just sitting on her phone and she is 14 YEARS OLD and this 5 year old came up to her and said do you wan gum she was like yeA and then I told her DONT TAKE IT DONT TAKE IT then she heard me and put it in her mouth and she is 14 and she still takes stuff from strangers like what the heck and im 10 and I know the right thing to do?!?!?!? Well when we got home she got a punishment.
CHODEmufFins15 (1 month ago)
Caesar or Greek?
DarkWolfOfNight (1 month ago)
Legend says he never returned the first child
Curious Turtle (1 month ago)
do you give the children back?
Petra Ilona Barany (1 month ago)
Yea but what if a stranger did this???
Winfred West (1 month ago)
Wow you are amazing you should teach this lesson to every one love u vedios
Emily Hope (1 month ago)
I live so close to that park! Wow this was really surprising
M J (1 month ago)
Iiterally that is the easiest way to actually kidnap a child. Just by saying you're doing a social experiment. Scary stuff.
Valerie Miranda (1 month ago)
I would run so fast I think I would not even breath after
Daryl Gates (1 month ago)
I think u do what kids don't know better your helping to be safe
Zoro The Cat! :3 (1 month ago)
Borken Devil (1 month ago)
Borken Devil (1 month ago)
*girl* dunken
Ashkan Ghz (1 month ago)
wow i don't expect that at all
Bea Wood (1 month ago)
It would have been awkward if the kid said, ‘I’m allergic to dogs...’
Bách Roe CrossFire (1 month ago)
I like puppies :))
Bách Roe CrossFire (1 month ago)
Puppies :))
Mangled Fox (1 month ago)
The pup is so cute 😆 *Explodes from cuteness*
Messiah Smith (1 month ago)
OreoPanda 33 (1 month ago)
The moms reactions had me dead XD
Eleanor C. (1 month ago)
F o r th e DoG
Billy Nate Gaming (1 month ago)
That poor puppy
elvira pineda (1 month ago)
To all my parents out there please purchase Safe side superchick. The creator of baby einstein and Josh Walsh have created a video about stranger danger. It covers this topic and much much more. It's such a fun DVD for the kids to watch and for us as the parents it gave great topics to talk about. Let us Prevent this from happening.
Kit Kat (2 months ago)
Wolfie Gacha (2 months ago)
Dude if that happened to me I’d kick that man in the fricken balls.
I remember I was like 8 or 9 years old and this man came too me and said, "wanna come in my van" and I went in there i was alright thx Lord
milk it for XP (2 months ago)
david bean (2 months ago)
Poor innocent kids.
jaysa mathis (2 months ago)
I was a shy child I talked to no one
Extreme Gamer (2 months ago)
Why did all the kids say dukin

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