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How to Make a Woman Want You Sexually

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Women feel sexually attracted to men who display personality traits and behaviors that mark them out as being the sort of guy who could potentially survive, thrive and prosper well in life. For example: A man’s confidence will trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman because it suggests (to her attraction instincts) that he might be a good survivor and may be able to protect her and take care of her. However, a man’s insecurity turns a woman off because it suggests that she might need her to take care of him and protect him. Additionally, it suggests that he might not be able to get his way in the world and may be overlooked for promotions or favor, which will then make survival harder for the both of them. Attraction is an instinctive reaction that men and women have to each other. A man's initial attraction to a woman is mostly based on her being a healthy, good looking woman of breeding age. It's a bonus if she is also a nice woman, easy-going and so on, but the initial attraction doesn't look for that. A man's initial attraction is all about finding a good place to plant his seed, even if he consciously doesn't want to have children. His instincts are driving him to ejaculate inside of a woman. However, a woman looks for different things in a man and isn't just looking for a random guy to blow inside of her. Her instincts look for a guy who would be a good survivor and may potentially be able to create a good future together with her. So, if you want a woman to want you sexually, you need to display the kinds of personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (i.e. traits that mark you out as a guy who could potentially survive and thrive). Watch this video for more info: http://www.themodernman.com/blog/the-flow-ebook.html A lot of guys assume that the only way for men to make women want them sexually, is to make a lot of money, spend years in the gym or buy the woman loads of gifts and try to impress her in that way. Yet, in reality, most women are very easy to attract and all it usually takes is 1-2 minutes of conversation where you display attractive traits and she will interested in you in a sexual way. When she is attracted, all you need to do then is guide her through what I call The Flow and she will be yours: http://www.themodernman.com/blog/the-flow-ebook.html Enjoy! Cheers Dan Bacon
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Text Comments (161)
John Cheng (15 days ago)
Best practice ever on picking up women
Jaigo Richardson (16 days ago)
It's so simple with us guys!!!
Narasimha Kamath (1 month ago)
Could you post a video on how to make a woman I haven't met want to meet me? Just by texting her.
mystery 4ever (1 month ago)
kuldeep kumar verma (1 month ago)
how can i purchase your book THE FLOW....please help ..i am in a great need of this book
j drew (1 month ago)
Your da man dan
jay tz Rooney (1 month ago)
It's a good video we all can learn from it.......
Irene (1 month ago)
As a woman I can confirm this is all true. If you realize you are noticeably more intelligent and stronger emotionally, mentally and possibly even physically than a man it's not going to last. Any decent woman doesn't mind carrying her partner through tough times, say a bereavement, but in day-to-day living we want to be your girlfriend or wife, not your mother or therapist. However I do think that many strong, independent women have forgotten or perhaps never learned how to let a good man take care of them, and good men enjoy doing that. I was one of those women, and all I did was attract lame men who couldn't get their act together - I was cursed by my own capabilities and independent streak, and I know many other women who are the same. Sick of these dud relationships I did a lot of research on where I was going wrong, so when I first met my fiancé I let him do things for me that I'd never have expected of a man before. On first sight he wasn't my physical ideal, but he was tall, intelligent, thoughtful, had a warm and genuine smile, mischievous eyes and a really sexy voice, which was a good start! I soon learned he is confident and capable, brave, has a good job, is comfortable with himself, also that he is great at cooking and dancing, and is rightly proud of his abilities. I saw him light up when he helped me out or did nice things for me, his manliness shone through and I quickly found him very attractive. Now I adore him more than ever and for me he is the sexiest man in the world :-D
Most accurate video I ever seen he knows what he talking about defentily on point
luke (1 month ago)
I need your help .... I have a crush on this girl and I have manged to meet up with her on Friday and we either go to a party or just talk a walk along the river together. In which situation is it more likely for things to go a step further seeing as I would really love to be together with her in a relationship. Please let me know your suggestions and any advice is very welcome. P.s. I was thinking of gently taking her head looking into her eyes then telling her how beautiful they are and slowly go for the kiss . Any changes or better ideas would be super .
Lostywan Gustav (2 months ago)
U really educative
1 DIA CON GREG-ORIO (2 months ago)
I been doing this the right way for so long even though im a shy person but i have my moves to get a woman it never fails i dont do it no more bcuz i have a girl that i really love an i respect now ..
Ahmed Sani (2 months ago)
Right analysis
Justin R Varga (2 months ago)
You say it how it is Dan. Your books really work. I just wish I found this stuff in my early 20’ and have had reasonable success with women but never with the ones I really wanted.
Daniel Toreto (2 months ago)
That was hapfull thenks.👍
AJ Klassen (2 months ago)
lol - 1400 toxic females disliked this video
Rashidul Shaikh (2 months ago)
Is it weird that im watching this at 16
Cristian Perelló (3 months ago)
Acertado vídeo.
MAD TV MARK DILATTE (3 months ago)
Very informative video about woman thanks for advice.
Hải An Kiều (3 months ago)
You are actually the best youtuber at helping man get the girl he wants, thank you
PaigeC (3 months ago)
Anthonio Nesbitt (3 months ago)
I wanna plant my seeds
Marcus L. (4 months ago)
Great knowledge, straight to the point. But frankly overwhelmed with this feeling of hunger. I'm freaking starving WTF, lmfao. 😂
RW47 (4 months ago)
This video beats all the other videos of useless junk. Straight to the point and it all makes sense. Trigger sexual energy early on then all the other stuff will naturally flow in.
RW47 (4 months ago)
Yup we men are pretty simple. If she looks good we're down to tap that ass then go from there lol
Tom Guerrero (5 months ago)
These are some really good tips
Manuel E. Peña (5 months ago)
This guy is the best
WhatTheGyx (7 months ago)
So that's why even some old guys (i mean senior old) get the girls my age that should be having sex with me...
Dobby Doo (7 months ago)
At 1:20 i would choose the first 2 females
David vidal (7 months ago)
you are a guru n my new sifu......!!!! I'm gonna buy this soon...N gonna subscribe so I don't forget
Andrés Piñón (7 months ago)
The pictures xD!
MUMBAI MERI JAAN (7 months ago)
Your thumbnail is great
Jacob Scott (7 months ago)
So would this be liable to get out of the Friend Zone? Or is this a bit too late after that point?
Dan Bacon (7 months ago)
Yes, you can get out of the friend zone if you make her feel sexually attracted to you and then just believe that you are worthy of her. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kzV77TAOEY
Parmeet Singh (8 months ago)
I learned alot today probably most in 11 mins about lub then my whole lyf!
O.J hakim (8 months ago)
This is the fucking truth I've been looking for my whole life. Every other video has been just bullshit, but this really hits the solid core I've been struggling with for years always thinking there's something wrong with me, but now I know what it is. Thanks so much Dan Beacon for speaking the truth. Why don't girls tell us any of this stuff? Are they too embarrassed? Or is this all unconscious for them they don't even see it?
Kim Taeyeon (8 months ago)
Best vid !
velveetaslingshot (8 months ago)
Be an alpha male. Got it.
Márk Moldován (8 months ago)
If women could feel sexually attracted on looks alone, I would have a girlfriend long ago, but no, women can only feel sexually attracted if you display traits that are harder to achieve than good looks... If God exists, he's an asshole for making dating harder for men this way...
Kenny H (8 months ago)
Yea, what he said.
Benton James (9 months ago)
I studied Marriage and Family Studies in college, and I've always been fascinated by dating. Thank you!
Daniel Griffin (9 months ago)
I'm currently in the process of getting my ex back and we agreed to be friends and meet up again sometime. Would my knowledge of the flow be useful in getting a date with her?
HAQ_SE_BACHELORS (9 months ago)
Yep dude u really spotted the true point..... Plz upload more videos.... For having good relationship and how to avoid cute quarrel which jst spoils the mood.... And after that we both cry holding each other and then everything is alright.....
John Wilton (10 months ago)
Informative and u explained all the science behind it . wow great work.
Hey Huda (10 months ago)
I approve this.
The big Crush (10 months ago)
What if you kinda are friends already? Only see each other every once in a while but want to push it the other way?
ian mcgregor hart (10 months ago)
Some men like myself struggle to get ladies interested sexually. Been very frustrating.
Tony S (10 months ago)
One question I have is if a guy has already started to exhibit characteristics of a beta male, such as self doubt and lack of confidence to a woman he is interested in, has he ruined all chance with that specific woman? Or can he later build confidence and come back in a couple months and try to seduce that woman again successfully? Thank you so much for your fountain of knowledge, Dan! You are like the older brother or uncle I never had lol.
Grateful aya (10 months ago)
wish i knew this before i got married, also many times i could have gotten laid and did not realize it until days or even weeks later which really sucks. i was this guy you speak of, i was confident, made them laugh and was strong but my issue was i did not see the signs that they wanted to sleep with me. one time i missed out on a 3 way and then another time i could of slept with this one girl who had a perfect body great breast andnice legs. she even told me to stand behind her and feel her breast from behind and then said i really need to go under her shirt and feel them, god i was so stupid back then
Mojohand Guitar (10 months ago)
good stuff bro lol all true so true I know
Clemon J. Yosef Graham (10 months ago)
Santhosh Kumar (11 months ago)
Fine thought
Homagni Dutta (11 months ago)
I do all that without even knowing. That’s why some girls can’t explain why they like me.
Dorein Paul Emmanuel (11 months ago)
9:26 u can see how hard he is trying to control his laughter. I cracked up right there lol, such a good talker. alsso that part where he says the guys who are trying to be friendly, it's more like a brother sister relationship loooooooooooooooooooool ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!
Spoke Fists (11 months ago)
You're knowledgeable 👍🍻
Maui 9996 (11 months ago)
Im ready to get hella pussy now! Thanks bro👍
The Horror (11 months ago)
Dan Bacon, sir you are the high calorie food of YouTube it's even in your name "Bacon" keep up the good work.
Richard Metzger (11 months ago)
100% spot on
anthony gasso (11 months ago)
This guy only has 48k subs? Impossible!!!
6400 boc (11 months ago)
Great video
Giannirey S (11 months ago)
Well done my dude I cannot thank you enough for this video!!! :D
The Video Gamer Girl (11 months ago)
Fuck I'm hungry now from the food on the screen
leethegreenhornet (1 year ago)
Very much an eyes opener video to use. Great information.
sam s (1 year ago)
the most authentic advice unlike that lady with the British accent who claims to be the world's dating expert
LiteRetro (1 year ago)
If only I had known this kind of stuff 20 years ago, before the age of 36.
HABIB RAHMAN (1 year ago)
This was really very well explained
Lambo Matt (1 year ago)
I watched all theses videos they're so right, I now have my dream girl, thanks dan
Victor C (1 year ago)
This is the cleanest explanation on this subject i found on YT, thanks bro great work !
The vampire Guy (1 year ago)
Ur really telling the truth man.
Sibusiso Mkhabela (1 year ago)
Bro!!!!! thanks for the vid, this is so true man... i didnt know about it "Primal instincts". My girlfriend was starting to reject me sexually, but i did what you said, I started talking to her with confidence, and without self doubt, looking at her in the eyes... and guess what she initiated us having sex... she wanted me bad!!!! thanks bro!!!! it works 100%
Rosario Leonardi (1 year ago)
wow one of the best videos on youtube for woman attraction
KIEF and CRON FIEND (1 year ago)
The only girl advice on youtube that isn't some click bait never work scheme..thanks g
Matthew Crosby-Krivan (1 year ago)
This video made me want food and pussy at the same time 😭
The Uniform (1 year ago)
Giani Hokan (1 year ago)
Great stuff
Abrham Almaw (1 year ago)
Thanks for the advice dude, love your work keep it up
Charlie M.P. (1 year ago)
Amen! I'm a woman and I approve this message.
Rachel (1 year ago)
As a female I'm going to say nail on the head right there. Of course there is the exception to the rule. My friend is the exception and she is just desperate. I am the tule. I look for security in a man and by that I mean protector and provider. Funny etc.
Arsomoru Maitoyame (1 year ago)
I can go for some pancakes.....................
Joseph Gardner (1 year ago)
I was wondering how it was always easy for me to attract women. I knew it had a lot to do with my charisma but didn't know the science behind it thank you. :)
Peggy Brown (1 year ago)
What site do I download the flow audio
fadi azzam (1 year ago)
Nice ass means I'm in
Dustin R Bogart (1 year ago)
Fuck....Now I'm hungry
Aditya Sawdekar (1 year ago)
Very well made and informative video
Riley Freeman (1 year ago)
That was some good looking food tho.
DeLiqueRS (1 year ago)
A friend of mine started to workout in 2011 only to attract girls... Now it's 2017, he looks great and ripped but haven't seen him talking with a girl since ages... I'm an average male, early 30's athletic look, never been in a gym my whole life, tall, sociable, bearded, grounded and I'm banging a hot 25 years old blondie from a pharmacy store (it all started with an eye contact). -Having big guns doesn't mean shit these days, women want men and not a ripped peacock. If you want to impress a 16-17yo teenage girl, then go for it.
Dan Bacon (1 year ago)
Great example! Thanks for sharing! BTW: To other guys reading along with the comments - there's nothing wrong with working out. It's just that it doesn't mean crap to a woman if you can't make her feel attracted when you talk to her. You've got to be able to turn women on during a conversation or interaction. That's what matters the most. Women are so damn easy to pick up when you have those skills. So damn easy.
Gibbon TheMus (1 year ago)
Finally a scientific example of the Law of Attraction that is genuinely helpful to others. This information will help distinguish between couples the best way to Relate to other people, not just men. It all comes down to being a good Bloke who shows interest and nature will take it's course. Well done Mr Bacon.
joon kim (1 year ago)
life changing.
Uzo Kanu (1 year ago)
you just made me learn so much
teamometeamo (1 year ago)
I subscribed because of your knowledge and accent.
DarthPerfidious (1 year ago)
you have a good taste for sexy pics
Sylvain Piche (1 year ago)
I'm so hungry now!!!!
Shujaat Ali (1 year ago)
very logically information. Its very helpful for both
Charlie Macklin (1 year ago)
You had me at Bacon.
Steven WJ Richards (1 year ago)
This is the best video I have ever watched on this subject.
riad mahmud Masfi (1 year ago)
I don't know, what is wrong but I always endup.friendzoned.
Nelson Barrantes (1 year ago)
Great knowledge on this video. Thanks!
l2ebel96 (1 year ago)
F*#*! I don't want to be friend zoned. I'm the type of guy who needs to know the girl first before I dive in. I'm working on a relationship right now and it isn't making any headway. She is neutral and only smiles when I do. What's the best way to approach this for a shy guy like me?
palethia minerva (1 year ago)
as a woman this is correct mainly, my current bf is exactly that vs the insecure boring guys I've had before. I think its also primal insticts in women because females are the carriers of life and need a mate that can help feed and protect the kids after that's done, which means he has to be reliable and confident. if we want kids we'll get kids but a bf needing you as a mommy figure is so sad and common now.
9.8 (1 year ago)
1.40 omg rip my jeans
tim cook (1 year ago)
dat ass!
Dan Bacon (1 year ago)
Tap it. Let her have it. Haha...

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