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What is Colorectal Cancer?

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Doctors don’t often talk with much certainty about preventing cancer. Colon cancer, the third most common type of cancer, is a different story. In this video, Stanford’s top colon care specialists explain what you can do to prevent colon cancer, describe who is at greatest risk and talk about the new tests (including those that target the genetics of a colon tumor) and chemotherapies that have changed the long-term prognosis even for people with advanced colon cancer.
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Hafizah Hoshni (3 months ago)
thank you so much! 26/5/2018 :D
Oncology Central (5 months ago)
Really enjoyed this video, very informative!
Joy Egwu (2 years ago)
African Americans does not have the highest incidence of colon cancer, Asians does
Candace Henley (6 months ago)
Unfortunately, you are incorrect. The Asian population does have a high rate, but they have yet to surpass the African American Community.
BTS Fan (10 months ago)
Joy Egwu excuse me? I'm Asian
Flying Droid (3 years ago)
Is it possible to get more information on the topic? Specifically I wish to know whether a combination of FOLFOX treatment with panitumumab for non-mutated KRAS colon cancer is the best that can be had?
Ruthann Amarteifio (3 years ago)
Stress a whole food plant based diet---It's a matter of life and death!!

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